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Why your privacy is our top concern
A message from the Chief Statistician of Canada

For more than 100 years, Statistics Canada has collected, analyzed and reported the data you provide us, so that – together – we can better understand ourselves and our country. The data we collect tell us where we have been as a nation, and where we are headed.

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Is my information safe and private?

Statistics Canada takes the privacy of Canadians very seriously. All information collected is anonymized. It is never possible to connect data that is made public to you or to your household.

How we address your information needs

Statistics Canada, as Canada’s trusted source of information for more than 100 years, prides itself on keeping pace with the evolving information needs of Canadians. To meet this need we will adopt new methods and approaches that are based on necessity and proportionality—two fundamental principles in Canadian law.

Why does my information need to be collected?

As Canada's central statistical office, Statistics Canada is legislated through the Statistics Act to provide statistics for Canada and its provinces and territories.

What are the laws surrounding data privacy?

Statistics Canada takes the confidentiality and privacy of Canadians very seriously. All information provided is kept confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

Trust Centre team

As part of our commitment to transparency, Statistics Canada invites you to meet our Trust Centre team.

Transparency and accountability

Statistics Canada is committed to openness and transparency. The Statistics Act makes provisions for transparent and accountable decisions on statistical matters.

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