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These online lectures present a compendium of courses and training, and represent the high level of expertise required to make a statistical agency function.

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Canada's National Economic Accounts Key Concepts – The Framework
The video describes the overall framework that constitutes Canada's national economic accounts. This online lecture discusses why a framework is needed and which framework Statistics Canada uses to report on the structure and evolution of Canada's economy.
Economic accounts 2018-02-01
Statistics Canada Training Institute – Consumer Price Index
This online lecture provides an introduction to Statistics Canada's definition and production of the Consumer Price Index, which measures the rate at which prices of goods and services purchased by Canadian consumers change, on average, over a specified period of time.
Prices and price indexes 2018-12-18
Statistics Canada Training Institute – Producer price indexes
This online tutorial will provide you with an overview to Statistics Canada's Producer Price Indexes - what they are, how they are made and what they are used for.
Prices and price indexes 2019-05-15
QGIS Demo 1 - What is GIS, and why use QGIS?
In this introductory tutorial we'll discuss what geographic information systems (GIS) are, their applications, and potential uses in your own areas of work and expertise.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 2a - Categories, Sub-Types and Properties of Spatial Data
This tutorial covers the main categories and sub-types of spatial data used in GIS, as well as three properties that make datasets spatial: map projections, datums and coordinate reference systems.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 2b - Downloading Spatial Datasets from Open Maps
This tutorial covers navigating and downloading spatial data from Canada's Open Maps platform, the integrated geospatial data archive for the federal government.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 3 - Loading and Ordering Spatial Data in QGIS
In this introductory tutorial, you'll learn to navigate QGIS's user-friendly interface, procedures to load spatial datasets in to the program from the Browser Panel and how to order vector layers of different geometry types for visualization in the Map Canvas.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 4 - Interacting with data in the Map Canvas
This QGIS tutorial demonstrates tools for interacting with spatial data in the map canvas.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 5 - Exploring the Attribute Table and Layer Properties Box of Vector Data
Following up from interacting with spatial data in the map canvas, this introductory QGIS tutorial covers additional data and available functions in the attribute table and Layer Properties box of loaded vector layers.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-17
QGIS Demo 6 - Creating Vector Data
In this QGIS tutorial you'll learn to create a new vector layer and delineate feature geometries.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-18
QGIS Demo 7 - Selecting Features by Attributes in QGIS
This QGIS tutorial covers attribute-based selection tools, which are used to query, select and subset features in a vector layer by specific criteria, conditions or values of interest within fields of the attribute table.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-18
QGIS Demo 8 - Adding Fields and Editing Feature Attributes with the Field Calculator
This QGIS tutorial introduces the Field Calculator, used to add or update fields within the attribute table and edit features.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-19
QGIS Demo 9 - Visualizing Vector Data (Part 1) – Symbology Styles
In this QGIS tutorial we’ll cover the available symbology styles and explore their application to text and numeric field types in visualizing vector layers.
Geographic information systems 2020-02-25
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