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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Dairy statistics, May 2017

The volume of yogurt produced in May was 31 763 tonnes, down 16.3% from May 2016. This decrease was mainly due to a plant closure in the summer of 2016 in Quebec, Canada's largest yogurt-producing province.

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Deliveries of major grains, June 2017

Data on major grain deliveries are now available for June.

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Oilseed crushing statistics, June 2017

Oilseed processors crushed 731 124 tonnes of canola in June. Oil production totalled 321 671 tonnes, while meal production totalled 409 823 tonnes.

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Milled wheat and wheat flour produced, May 2017

Millers milled 244 797 tonnes of wheat in May, while wheat flour production totalled 194 448 tonnes.

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Travel and tourism

Travel Survey of Residents of Canada, 2016 (final)

The number of domestic trips increased 1.1% from 2015 to 321.7 million in 2016. Total expenditures for those trips increased 4.7% to $49.7 billion.

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