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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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International trade

Canadian international merchandise trade, March 2016

Canada's exports fell 4.8% to $41.0 billion in March. Imports declined 2.4% to $44.4 billion. As a result, Canada's merchandise trade deficit with the world widened from $2.5 billion in February to a record $3.4 billion in March.

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Chain Fisher real export and import values, March 2016

The monthly chain Fisher real dollar values (reference year 2007) for Canadian international merchandise trade are now available for March.

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Export and import price indexes, March 2016

Current- and fixed-weighted export and import price indexes (2007=100) on a customs or balance of payments basis are now available based on the 2007 North American Product Classification System.

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Prices and price indexes

Canadian foreign post indexes, May 2016

Data on Canadian foreign post indexes are now available for May.

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New products

Canadian Foreign Post Indexes, May 2016

Catalogue number Catalogue number62-013-X (HTML)

Canadian International Merchandise Trade, March 2016, Vol. 70, no. 3

Catalogue number Catalogue number65-001-X (HTML | PDF)

Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database, March 2016

Catalogue number Catalogue number65F0013X (Database)

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