2008 General Social Survey

    Selected Tables on Social Engagement

    2008 General Social Survey - Selected Tables on Social Engagement

    This publication presents data tables based on the 2008 General Social Survey on the subjects of civic and political engagement, sense of belonging, and unpaid work.

    The General Social Survey (GSS) gathers data on social trends in order to monitor changes in Canadian society over time, and to provide information on specific social issues of current or emerging interest. The main purpose of the 2008 GSS was to better understand how Canadians mobilize their social networks to access resources at important periods of change in their lives. These changes include finances, employment, health, care of a sick person, death of a family member, etc. The survey collected information on topics such as changes experienced by respondents in the past 12 months, the resources they used during these events and unmet needs for help. Other topics included contact with family and friends, participation in organizations, voting, sense of belonging to Canada and unpaid care of children and seniors.

    The General Social Survey previously collected data on social networks and social participation in 2003 (Cycle 17: Social Engagement).

    For further information on methods and data quality, see the section at the end of this report.

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