Response Burden Reduction Efforts

Statistics Canada has a long history of working to reduce burden for its respondents, both businesses and individuals. We recognize that the goodwill of survey respondents is one of our most valuable assets, since it is the continued co-operation of Canadians that enables us to turn survey results into reliable information. This information enables decision-makers to work with more clarity, which, in turn, helps to provide better service to all Canadians.

Statistics Canada is taking action to make it easier for businesses to respond

Statistics Canada aims to reduce the time businesses spend responding to surveys: either by reducing the number of surveys or questions, limiting the time that a business can be part of a sample, or by using more friendly data collection methods. It is also working to better its communications tools to improve its relations with respondents.

The individual initiatives, outcomes and benefits to respondents are detailed in the following links:

Reduce Redundancy of Data Requests Across Government Departments

Communication Improvements

Administrative Burden Reduction of Statistics Canada Business Surveys

Respondent burden reduction: An on-going concern

Statistics Canada's role in reducing respondent burden is part of government-wide initiatives that have been in place since 2007. Their collective goal is to eliminate excessive regulation, unnecessary adherence to outmoded processes, and duplication.