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Questions to ask about surveys

Items to consider when determining your data needs, and beginning the development process for your survey.

Statistics Canada surveys and analysis cost-recovery overview

Statistics Canada offers its survey development, collection and analytical expertise to assist Canadian organizations with their data needs.

Who we are, what we do and who does what

From Methodologists to Analysts: Learn more about Statistics Canada's highly skilled team of professionals who will guide you throughout the process.

Getting the most out of your survey

Maximize the benefits of this consultation practice by fully assessing your organization's needs.

Need help with your survey?

It's a fact: Well-designed and appropriately executed surveys can provide the accurate information that you need in a cost-effective manner.

Here, Statistics Canada shares its extensive survey expertise with you by taking you through a series of important questions you need to ask when assessing survey proposals or using survey results.

Consider these questions to avoid survey pitfalls and costly mistakes. They shed light on the main aspects of a survey, from matching your information needs to the right kind of survey, through to interpreting the survey results.

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Learn more about Statistics Canada's custom survey services and discover how we can help you with your survey. Please contact us.