Statistics Canada surveys and analysis cost-recovery overview

Statistics Canada makes custom survey and analysis services available to Canadian organizations on a cost-recovery basis. Cost-recovery means that clients pay for the direct and indirect cost of doing the work. Custom services are not funded by the budget that Parliament allocates to Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada accepts custom work under the following conditions:

  • It is compatible with Statistics Canada's mandate
  • It is statistical in nature
  • It will not compromise Statistics Canada's reputation
  • It will not harm Statistics Canada's relationships with respondents
  • Statistics Canada has the capacity available to do the work requested and complete it on a timely basis
  • The results, or outputs, of the work are made available to all Canadians

Direct costs include salary costs for highly skilled staff to plan surveys, collect data and provide post-collection services which can include data integration, data analysis and the development of socio-economic, health and macroeconomic models. Direct costs also include non-salary costs such as telecommunications, informatics systems, travel, postage, and so on.

Indirect costs include corporate administrative services and the marginal costs associated with the benefits from using Statistics Canada's world-class statistical infrastructure.

Whether Statistics Canada meets its clients' information needs by integrating their questions into existing surveys or by designing custom surveys for them, it does so at market-competitive per unit rates. But, the extra effort to plan and deliver superior methodology, as well as to collect and process data to rigorous standards, means Statistics Canada's surveys often carry a higher price tag than surveys conducted by other organizations.

Statistics Canada is synonymous with high quality survey methods and results:

  • Larger, scientific samples
  • Superior collection follow-up and processing practices
  • Explicit methods to measure and inform on accuracy (This includes reliability indicators determined by experts in statistical methodology.)
  • Sound and documented methods

In addition, Statistics Canada delivers higher response rates, provides more usable output, communicates reliability measures and provides standardized documentation.

Statistics Canada research analysts provide objective data analysis, policy relevant socio-economic, macroeconomic, demographic and health modeling, and can undertake data integration services to shed light on emerging socio-economic and health issues.

Statistics Canada also has a facilitated access to micro data bases that are held at the Research Data Centres and the Canadian Centre for Data Development where researchers with approved projects are given access to confidential data bases to address analytical issues.

Statistics Canada's cost-recovery services provide clients with value for their money—high quality information for making strategic decisions.