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Recent changes, bugs fixes and improvements

Please note, the following changes, bug fixes and improvements have been implemented:

  • Recent changes:
    • An updated and improved way to discover geospatial data as well as related products and reference materials was launched. Access to this redesigned web portal is available via the Geography link located in the top navigation menu on the Statistics Canada website. Outcome of this redesigned is as a result of the findings from the virtual group discussions that took place in June, 2021 with geography data users.
    • Please note that Internet Explorer will no longer be supported on the Statistics Canada website.
    • On select data tables, new vector-level footnotes are available that provide direct access to detailed, context-specific definitions and documentation.
    • Ask us your question, a live agent will assist you.
    • Selected new, unpopulated fields that appeared inside the .CSV metadata file components are removed and the correction flag fields reinstated. The full table download files for tables that have been affected will be corrected in a phased approach.
    • Find information by region or area feature presents 2016 Census results for a requested geography.
    • Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are available for data tables.
    • Two new API methods have been added to our suite of Web Data Service. These calls return a JSON list of metadata for all tables in our data repository and can also be executed without parameters.

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