Census of Agriculture Toolkit

The Census of Agriculture provides community-level data on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • land use
  • crops
  • livestock
  • agricultural labour
  • machinery and equipment
  • land management practices
  • farm finances

It identifies trends and provides information on emerging issues, opportunities and challenges within the agricultural community. In the Census of Agriculture Toolkit, you will find tools and resources to help you and your organization share information about the upcoming data releases with your networks.

What's in the toolkit?

Products and resources that you can share with your online community.

Materials available include:

Social media content

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Post 1

A group of farmers are discussing in the field, using a tablet

The #CensusOfAgriculture: Community Profiles is Statistics Canada's new interactive tool which highlights the statistical profile of farm and farm operators for a specific geographic location or community. https://bit.ly/3zhUrW1 #CdnAg

Post 2

A farmer is using an electronic tablet in an agricultural field.

The 2021 #CensusOfAgriculture Mapping Tool is now available! This tool allows users to visualize data at all geographic levels. To learn more: https://bit.ly/3mop3NU #CdnAg

Post 3

Farmer with digital tablet in a wheat field

Canadian farmers have shown remarkable resilience these past few years. New data from the 2021 #CensusOfAgriculture provide new insights on farm and farm operator trends across Canada: https://bit.ly/3AQlQgq #CdnAg

Post 4

Farmer working on an agricultural farm

Statistics Canada released new data from the 2021 #CensusOfAgriculture. Learn about the adaptability of Canadian farm operators and data trends in the agriculture industry. https://bit.ly/3AQlQgq #CdnAg

Post 5

Rows of young peppers on a farm during a sunny day

New data from the 2021 #CensusOfAgriculture are now available! Discover Canada's farm count, farm types, sustainable farming practices and more. https://bit.ly/3AQlQgq #CdnAg

Web images

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2021 Census of Agriculture data are here! - www.statcan.gc.ca/en/census-agriculture

Agriculture–Population Linkage data

Farm and farm operator data

2021 Provincial and Territorial Profiles

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