2021 Census soundtrack

Every census supporter needs their soundtrack

As Canada's statistical portrait, the census is a reflection of the lives of Canadians. Listen to our playlists while you explore the 2021 Census data, and experience the different facets of Canadian culture. If these songs aren't already among your favourite tracks, we hope that you have the opportunity to discover something new as you learn about how our country has changed over the past five years.

Get comfortable, press play, and let's experience Canada's celebrated musical talent together.

For more information on the 2021 Census data, please visit the Census of Population.

2021 Census data releases

Nostalgic songs

Go back in time and get nostalgic with our selection of Canadian songs.

Nostalgic songs: Listen on Spotify

Roundabouts and corner stores

Do you feel it? Something special runs through these winding streets. Listen to Canada's trending tracks here.

Roundabouts and corner stores: Listen on Spotify

This city never sleeps

Lights. Sounds. Smells. Our cities buzz with excitement. We've curated Canada's soul, R&B and hip-hop tracks in one place.

This city never sleeps: Listen on Spotify

Backroads and rolling hills

Gear down, kick back and take the scenic route with some of Canada's best country hits.

Backroads and rolling hills: Listen on Spotify

2021 Census collection

Spark & soul

Modern pop, electronic and soul infusions from Canada's chart-toppers.

Spark & soul: Listen on Spotify

Studio sessions

Explore Canada's latest up-and-coming alternative and folk talent.

Studio sessions: Listen on Spotify

Friday night kitchen party

Turn it all the way up with Canada's current country favourites.

Friday night kitchen party: Listen on Spotify

Front row freedom

No concert? No problem. Jam out to Canada's best rock hits from the 2000's-onward.

Front row freedom: Listen on Spotify

Take the long way home

Take the trip down memory lane with highlights from Canada's 1990's and 2000's celebrated artists.

Take the long way home: Listen on Spotify

True North rap

Hard-hitting bars from coast to coast, this is Canadian rap and hip-hop.

True North rap: Listen on Spotify

Golden age

Legendary Canadian rock classics you'll be sure to recognize.

Golden age: Listen on Spotify

Francophone pride

Celebrated tracks from some of Canada's biggest French names.

Francophone pride: Listen on Spotify

Contemporary Francophone

Rising French-Canadian artists you'll want to keep an eye on.

Contemporary Francophone: Listen on Spotify

Voices of the North

A celebration of the sounds produced by Indigenous artists.

Voices of the North: Listen on Spotify

Spotlight: Contemporary Indigenous

Bringing together the best of Canada's fastest-rising Indigenous talent.

Spotlight: Contemporary Indigenous: Listen on Spotify

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