By the numbers - Holiday Season

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By the numbers - Holiday Season
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Christmas trees

1,872 - The number of Christmas tree farms in Canada in 2016. According to the 2016 Census of Agriculture, this agricultural activity is concentrated in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 32-10-0421-01 Christmas trees.


Dressing up for trick or treating and costume parties is a big part of Halloween!

5.9 Million litres - The volume of commercial eggnog sales in Canada in December 2018.

Sources: Statistics Canada, Table 32-10-0114-01 Commercial sales of milk and cream.


$9.6 billion - The amount in donations to charities claimed by Canadian taxfi¬lers in 2017.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 11-10-0130-01 Summary of charitable donors.


5.9 million - The number of poinsettias (indoor potted plants) produced in greenhouses in Canada in 2018.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 32-10-0021-01 Production of potted plants, cut ¬owers, cuttings, by variety and tree seedlings.

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