By the numbers - Summer fun 

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By the numbers: Summer fun

Description: By the numbers - Summer fun 

Fun in the water

1,169,561 km2 - Total area of freshwater in Canada.

Source: Human Activity and the Environment, 2016.

Parks and green spaces

85% - Percentage of households who visited a park or green space that was close to home* in 2017.

* “Close to home” means being within 10 minutes of home.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 38-10-0020-01, Parks and green spaces.

Bicycle adventures

13% - Percentage of people who participated in mountain biking in the 12 months prior to being surveyed.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 45-10-0030-01, Participation in outdoor activities in the past 12 months by age group, sex, current employment status, and perceived health, Canada, provinces and regions.

Summer treats

228,189,540 kg - Amount of fresh watermelon imported to Canada in 2019.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 990-0008, 8. Imports – Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit of melons.

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