Earth Day 2022... by the numbers

Earth Day 2022... by the numbers (PDF, 2.32 MB)

Earth Day 2022... by the numbers

Description: By the numbers - Earth Day 2022

On this Earth Day, we’re proud to invest in our planet by providing Canadians with accurate data about the environment that can inform actions to improve our collective well-being. With this information, we can work together to address the threat of climate change and build a more sustainable future.

Here are some tips on how you can make a difference every day.

Plant a tree

Did you know that trees remove air pollutants and benefit human health? Over one-third of Canada’s land mass is covered by boreal and temperate forest (36%).

Source: Statistics Canada. Human Activity and the Environment, 2021.

Shop with reusable bags

In 2019, 96% of Canadian households used their own bags or containers when grocery shopping. Of these households, 43% used them all the time.

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 38-10-0144-01 Single-use plastics.

Use an earth-friendly mode of transport

The total number of passenger trips taken on Canada’s urban transit networks in February 2022 was 78.6 million.

Source:strong> Statistics Canada. Table 23-10-0251-01 Passenger bus and urban transit statistics, by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (x 1,000,000).

Grow your own food

In 2019, 57% of households in Canada reported having grown fruit, herbs, vegetables or flowers for personal use in the previous 12 months.

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 38-10-0025-01 Homegrown fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Looking for more data on the environment?

Stay tuned as our Census of Environment will provide a roadmap to environmental and economic sustainability.

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