Canada Day 2022 … by the numbers

Canada Day 2022 … by the numbers (PDF, 4.34 MB)

By the numbers - Canada Day 2022

Description: By the numbers - Canada Day 2022

Every July 1, we shine a light on the people and places that make this country beautiful!

It's also an opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind us and rekindle our Canadian pride as we move forward on the road to reconciliation and a better future.

Top population growth among G7 countries, despite COVID-19

Canada's population grew at almost twice the rate of every other G7 country from 2016 to 2021, rising 5.2% to just under 37 million in 2021.

Source: Statistics Canada. Census of Population, 2021.

Toward a more sustainable future

In 2021, more than twice as many farms reported renewable energy production as in the previous census. The number of farms reporting renewable energy production rose from 10,185 in 2016 to 22,576 in 2021.

Source: Statistics Canada. Census of Agriculture, 2016 and 2021.

Pride in Canadian achievements

According to the latest General Social Survey on Social Identity, the top 3 achievements Canadians reported feeling "proud" or "very proud" of were:

  1. Canada's health care system (74%)
  2. The way democracy works in Canada (68%)
  3. Canada's Constitution (67%)

Source: Statistics Canada. General Social Survey – Social Identity, 2020

Canada's local environments lift life satisfaction

Two-thirds of Canadians reported having a high level of satisfaction with their local environment in 2021. Of these people, 64% also reported high life satisfaction.

Source: Statistics Canada. Canadian Social Survey, Wave 2, August to September 2021, Households and the Environment Survey, 2019.

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