The Holidays, 2022 … by the numbers

The Holidays, 2022 … by the numbers (PDF, 22.32 MB)

By the numbers - The Holidays, 2022

Description: By the numbers - The Holidays, 2022

Santa's list: Naughty or nice

Which list will your name be on this year? Nomatter what, we've got Santa covered:


In July 2022, over 3.8 million tonnes of coal were produced in Canada.

Source: Statistics Canada, table 25-10-0046-01 Coal, monthly production and exports.


Canadian tax filers claimed a total of $10,586,265,000 in donations to charities in 2020.

Source: Statistics Canada, table 11-10-0003-01 Tax filers with charitable donations by income.

Spending time with loved ones

Planning a trip to see family or friends this holiday season? At this time last year, the fourth quarter of 2021, over 16.8 million Canadian residents travelled in Canada and abroad forholiday, leisure or recreation purposes.

Source: Statistics Canada, table 24-10-0045-01 Travelby Canadian residents in Canada and abroad by trip purpose.

Sharing cookies and desserts

In 2021, Canada had 1.1 million tonnes of refined sugar available for consumption, which amounts to 28.64 kg per person. A staple for your holiday baking!

Source: Statistics Canada, table 32-10-0053-01 Supply and disposition of food in Canada.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

According to the 2021 Census of Agriculture, 1,364 farms in Canada reported Christmas trees grown for sale.

Source: Statistics Canada, table 32-10-0249-01 Land use, Census of Agriculture, 2021.

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