About the Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service

Looking for a dynamic space to collaborate and learn about data science? Join the new Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service (Powered by StatCan stewardship) by subscribing to our newsletter! Our vision is to create a vibrant community of data science enthusiasts and to offer a dynamic space for members to collaborate and learn about data science.

Data Science Network - Powered by StatCan Stewardship

The Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service is a new data science community that will facilitate data science capacity building and sharing of data science methods across the Government of Canada, allowing the public service as a whole to benefit from the use of automation and new data sources.

The Network users share information on training, best practices, cutting-edge projects and more.

Statistics Canada, as the country's national statistical agency and trusted source for information, is pleased to fulfill a stewardship role for this network. For over 100 years the agency has been operating as a trustworthy source of information, building on best practices and expertise for data governance, privacy, transparency, fairness and rigor. To meet the evolving information needs of Canadians, we will continue to apply that expertise to the latest data science and algorithmic developments.

Why should you join?

There are many benefits to joining the Network, including the chance to

  • engage with data scientists from across Canada to learn the latest tips and tricks
  • participate in dynamic discussions about data science advancements and challenges
  • learn about and participate in collaborative data science projects
  • share information about training, best practices and much more!

What are the benefits of the Network for Canadians?

The Network does not just benefit data scientists—it benefits all Canadians.

A strong foundation of data science in the Government of Canada means services and resources are used more efficiently and effectively through the use of leading-edge tools and methods. This allows departments to better meet the information needs of Canadians, enables policy makers to make informed decisions based on trusted, high-quality data products and supports better use of data as a strategic asset for public good.

The Network's overall mission is to build the capacity for data science across the Government of Canada and beyond.

What are the benefits of the Network for other departments?

StatCan is taking advantage of data science by combining the best of traditional statistics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to:

  • deliver faster, timelier products to Canadians
  • reduce the response burden on households and businesses
  • produce more granular and accurate statistics
  • enhance privacy and confidentiality
  • provide data integration services
  • support an agile, user-centric approach to work
  • better meet the evolving data needs of users in an entrepreneurial manner

The Network will build the capacity for data science across departments, delivering these benefits on a broader scale.

In addition to sharing resources, the Network also gives participating departments a vehicle to share knowledge and build capacity for data science together. From data sharing to best practices, a community approach creates efficiencies across programs and means less time is spent overcoming obstacles.

The Network also provides opportunities for mutually beneficial cost-sharing to help departments meet the needs of Canadians as outlined in their respective data strategies.

Who can join?

The Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service is open to anyone interested in data science, including Government of Canada employees, academics and members of other organizations. All levels of expertise are welcome.

The network is not just for data scientists! If you are a manager for data scientists, this is your chance to gain valuable insight into hiring, retaining and supporting data scientists on your team.

StatCan's role in the network

Statistics Canada is spearheading the creation of the Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service. As a trusted leader in data analytics methods, Statistics Canada has the knowledge, expertise and vision to bring the Network to life. Statistics Canada is pleased to provide stewardship for this network. As Canada's trusted, credible source of information for Canadians, the agency will continue to apply its expertise in new areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to benefit Canadians.

The agency integrates new data science methods, processes, technologies and standards with long-standing analytical expertise to provide better social and economic insights to Canadians and policy makers.

Improving the use of statistics across the Government of Canada is central to the agency's mandate. This ensures better decision making through data, along with algorithmic accountability, ethical and responsible use of methods (such as valid inference, bias, fairness, reproducibility, etc.) and the promotion of sound standards and practices.

Statistics Canada looks forward to collaborating with partners as the network continues to grow.

Creating a data science community together

Statistics Canada welcomes and encourages the participation of all Government of Canada departments and other interested partners in the Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service.

All participants can benefit from collaboration opportunities, data and resource sharing, and discussions about all things data science.

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