List of RDC active projects from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

List of RDC active projects from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Project number Project start date Project title Principal investigator Data source
3076 04-17-2012 Parenting Strategies as Influences of Teen Substance Use: An Important Area for Family Policy Zhiyong Yang GSS, NLSCY
3152 05-04-2012 Health Policy and Health inequalities in Canada: Evidence from the NPHS Amelie Quesnel-Vallee CCHS_Annual, CHMS, LISA, NPHS
3088 09-19-2012 Employment Insurance and Post-Unemployment Outcomes: How Do men and Women Fare? Stephanie C.M. Lluis-Arrignon LFS, Non-StatCan, SLID
3883 04-02-2014 La situation financière des familles québecoises Valeriu Dumitru SFS, SMARC_Reviewer
3292 05-27-2014 Traiter les données de l'Enquete sur les dépenses des ménages de 2010 Valeriu Dumitru FES, Non-StatCan, SHS, SMARC_Reviewer
3905 06-05-2014 Revenu, inégalité de revenu et faible revenu des ménages au Québec : Une revue chronologique sur 35 annees Valeriu Dumitru CIS, ERLF_SLID, SCF, SLID, SMARC_Reviewer
2799-S003 06-10-2014 Type of employment, household fiscal resiliency/precarity and life satisfaction among immigrants and the Canadian born Monica Boyd GSS_Family
4133 01-12-2015 Neighbourhood sorting and commuting choices Andrea Nicole Craig CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
4085 02-20-2015 Entrepreneurship in Canada : Business cycles and the role of institutions Raquel Fonseca Benito LFS, SCF, SLID, SSE
2272-S006 03-26-2015 The language context and language use of children of immigrants in Canada Monica Boyd CEN, NHS
2272-S007 03-26-2015 Gender the socio-economic integration of Canada's 1.5 and second generation: New insights and directions Monica Boyd CEN, NHS
4108 04-02-2015 Tendances sur l’abordabilité du logement et les besoins impérieux de logement au Canada Jason Chang CEN, CHS, CHS_T1FF, CIS, CNHS, LFS, NHS, Non-StatCan, SLID, SMARC_Reviewer
4175 05-14-2015 Social assistance participation rates and labour supply response: Longitudinal analysis of the Ontario social assistance data pilot Wayne D. Simpson OSAD
4252 05-14-2015 Understanding asset poverty and financial capability over time in Canada Jennifer Colleen Robson CFCS, LISA, SFS
4386 08-06-2015 Benchmarking the health and public transit connection in the GTHA: An analysis of survey microdata Steven Farber CCHS_Annual, CCHS_HA, CCHS_RR, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, Non-StatCan
4399 08-28-2015 A housing allowance for Canada: Cost estimates and differences between eligibles and ineligibles Marion Steele NHS, Non-StatCan, SHS
4375 08-28-2015 Mariage et union de fait : Impact du statut marital sur le bien-être des femmes Marion Goussé GSS_Time_Use, SLID
4419 09-02-2015 Advancing socio-political inclusion in Canada's diverse communities Luann Marie Good Gingrich GSS, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization
4472 10-23-2015 Gay pay in Canada: Sexual orientation and the Canadian labour market Sean Waite CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, CEN, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, LAD, NHS, PSES, SSMCAF
4443 11-27-2015 Analyse de long-terme des inégalités socio-économiques par cohorte de naissance et selon le revenu et la consommation des familles économiques: Québec et Canada 1965-2015 Pierre Lefebvre CIS, FAMEX, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Health, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, IALSS, LISA, Non-StatCan, PIAAC, PISA, SCF, SHS, SLID, YITS
4538 12-18-2015 Understanding the unmet health care needs of Aboriginal Canadians Helen Cerigo APS
4405-S001 01-12-2016 Ethnic/racial and generational variations in home ownership Monica Boyd CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
4215-S008 02-02-2016 L'écart salarial entre les mères et les femmes sans enfant au Québec Marie Mélanie Fontaine GSS_Family, LISA, PIAAC
4618 02-16-2016 Financial incentives and the labour supply of disability benefits recipients: Evidence from Canada Arezou Zaresani LFS, Non-StatCan, OSAD
4528 02-23-2016 Immigrant and non-immigrant wage differentials in Canada Danielle Lamb CEN, LFS
4686 02-29-2016 Export orientation and productivity in Canadian Food Manufacturing Getu Hailu ASML
4577 03-01-2016 Niveau de scolarité et résultats sur le marché du travail chez les enfants d'immigrants au Québec Jacques Pierre Olivier Ledent CEN, NHS
4574 03-01-2016 Estimate the burden of chronic diseases in Canada Jean-Eric Tarride APS, CCHS_Annual, CHMS, ERLF_NLSCY, NPHS, SLCDC
4592 03-21-2016 The effect of tax price on donations: Evidence from Canada Ross D. Hickey LAD
2799-S004 03-22-2016 Temporal changes in Canada's paid care work force: The role of foreign workers Monica Boyd CEN, IMDB, LFS, NHS, PRLF
4554 05-04-2016 Working-class women in the professoriate Lynn Arner AETS, ASETS, NGS, PEPS, SAEP, SED
4736 05-13-2016 Égalité et indépendance? Éclairer les enjeux de la révision de la politique familiale québécoise Benoit Laplante CEN, CIS, LFS, NHS, Non-StatCan
4639 05-26-2016 The association between child maltreatment and dating violence in Canada Douglas A. Brownridge GSS_Victimization
4640 05-26-2016 The association between child maltreatment and post separation violence in Canada Douglas A. Brownridge GSS_Victimization
4754 06-20-2016 Explaining divergence in economic trajectories following partnership dissolution Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain LISA
4777 06-28-2016 Monetary poverty in First Nations community: Low-income measures and rates among the First Nations in Canada Sajjad Taghizadeh Imani CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
4740 06-30-2016 The impact of socio-economic status on cancer risk using individual-level assessment Wasem Alsabbagh CanCHEC, MCFS, Non-StatCan
2799-S005 06-30-2016 STEM Work: The intersection of gender, race and migrant status Monica Boyd CEN, NHS, PRLF
2799-S007 06-30-2016 Language use in the work place: Trends and consequences for immigrants Monica Boyd CEN, NHS
2799-S006 06-30-2016 Multiple moves and the social and economic attainments of immigrant groups Monica Boyd CEN, GSS_Social, NHS
4829 07-18-2016 The local context of advanced and digital technology, and the impact of its use on firm performance Catherine Beaudry GIFI, SIBS
4867 07-26-2016 Immigrant Business Ownership and International Trade in Canada Loretta Fung CEEDD
4799 08-04-2016 Human capital versus signaling, disentangling the sheepskin effect Xian Zhang CEN, LFS, LISA, NHS, NLSCY, Non-StatCan, PSIS, SLID
4652 08-23-2016 Mediating place and politics Daniel Silver CCHS_Annual, CSGVP, GSS, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, NSGVP, Non-StatCan
3985-S008 08-26-2016 Understanding the gender gap in financial literacy: The role of confidence in financial matters Raquel Fonseca Benito CFCS
3985-S009 08-26-2016 Dynamics of poverty: The effect of health and civil status shocks Raquel Fonseca Benito LISA
4785 08-31-2016 Information technology and innovation in Canada: Firm-level evidence Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir WES
4915 10-12-2016 Labour Market Spillovers and Entrepreneurship on a Fine Spatial Scale Nicolas Gendron-Carrier CEEDD
4871 10-13-2016 Higher education and the mediation of the gender wage gap Anthony Jehn NGS
4931 10-14-2016 Immigrant Entrepreneur Dynamics David Green CEEDD
4869 10-18-2016 Becoming a Canadian: Immigrant integration and the politics of national identity Zhen Zhao EDS, GSS_Social, LSIC, Non-StatCan
4805 11-10-2016 The role of social determinants on the prevalence of conditions and quality of life outcomes of individuals vulnerable to acquire HIV in Canada (2011-2014): A cross-sectional analysis Viviane Dias Lima CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS
4956 12-16-2016 Estimating female labour supply responses to fiscal stimuli: Model validation using quasi-experimental methods Arezoo Banihashem CEN
4940 12-22-2016 CThe effect of charitable activity on Aboriginal and other fragile communities Michela Planatscher ACS, APS, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, PCCF
5031 01-23-2017 Intermediaries in International Trade Loretta Fung LEAP
4964 01-30-2017 Adverse childhood experiences to current inequality: Understanding pathways, resilience, and interventions Jill Furzer ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
4985 02-09-2017 Determinants of cardiovascular health in the Canadian population Sarah Singh CCHS_Annual, CHMS, Non-StatCan
5028 02-14-2017 Mapping dimensions of labour market insecurity in Ontario, 2016 Leah Faith Vosko CIS, LFS, SLID
0133-R005 03-01-2017 Self-employment in Canada: How are women faring? Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski Non-StatCan, SFS, SLID
4405-S002 03-17-2017 The legacy of the Vietnamese refugee flow for the social and economic integration of children and adults Monica Boyd CEN, IMDB, NHS
5008 03-20-2017 Workplace performance consequences of pay dispersion: The roles of incentive systems coverage and external hiring Danielle (Dorice) van Jaarsveld WES
5023 04-27-2017 Medical comorbidity in adults with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome Anne Susan Bassett CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CHMS, CVSD_DAD_NACRS, CVSD_OMHRS, Non-StatCan
5036 05-02-2017 Existence of labor market premium of being a Canadian citizen Ailin He IMDB, LAD, LFS, Non-StatCan, PRLF
5108 05-24-2017 Social class and hospitalization in Canada Jenny Godley CEN, CEN_DAD
4970 05-30-2017 An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 3: Causal effect of electronic monitoring devices Decio Coviello ICCS
4841 05-30-2017 An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 1: Duration of judicial trials and future criminal behaviour Decio Coviello ICCS
4969 05-30-2017 An economic analysis of crime recidivism in Canada: Evidence from the Integrated Criminal Court Survey data - Project 2: Can recidivism be predicted using machine learning? Decio Coviello ICCS
5069 05-30-2017 The impact of economic well-being on the health of Canadians Barry M. R. Watson CCHS_Annual, NPHS, Non-StatCan
5119 06-01-2017 Health care cost in Canada, demographics, mobility and other predictors Casey Warman CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CCR, CEN, CEN_DAD, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, IMDB, IMDB_DAD, LAD, NHS, VSD
5130 06-02-2017 Income averaging methods - Implications for equity and incentives Jean-Francois Wen SLID
5053-S001 06-12-2017 Life course transitions in northern and rural communities David Jonathan Zarifa ERLF_YITS, LISA, PCCF, PIAAC, YITS
4842 06-28-2017 Mandatory minimum sentencing: Scope and impact of the inflationary floor in Canada Jeffrey Penney ICCS
5132 07-04-2017 Affordability and the demand for early childhood education and care services in Canada Michael Krashinsky CEN, GSS_Family, LFS, NHS, SELCCA, SYC
5141 07-06-2017 Assessing progressivity and catastrophic effect of out-of-pocket payments for health care in Canada: 1997-2013 Mohammad Hajizadeh SHS
5207 07-07-2017 Risk Factors Associated with Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces Mohammad Hajizadeh SSMCAF
5111 07-12-2017 Relations entre des expositions environnementales et des variables socio-démographiques Audrey Smargiassi CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
5169 07-17-2017 Occupational associations of pancreatic and prostate cancer in the Maritimes Smriti Singh CanCHEC, Non-StatCan
5198 07-21-2017 Impact of networks on job search process of immigrants Phuong Minh Vu LSIC
3168-S002 07-21-2017 Human capital prices and quantities: Comparison of the response to regional shocks in Canada and in the United States Christopher Robinson LISA, LSIC
5213 08-01-2017 To give or not to give: How selfishness, altruism, and social pressure shape charitable giving decisions Tsvetanka Karagyozova CSGVP, GSS_GVP, Non-StatCan
5229 08-14-2017 Perception of choice and psychological adjustment in informal Canadian caregivers of individuals with chronic illnesses: Testing a modified framework of stress and coping Sabine Natassja Johnson GSS
5137 08-14-2017 Spatial and socioeconomic inequalities in cancer incidence and mortality in Canada: Evidence from Canadian Cancer Registry data Mohammad Hajizadeh CCR, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
5230 08-15-2017 The effect of Ramadan fasting on health outcomes Min Hu CEN, CanBCC, CanCHEC, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
5253 08-31-2017 Is it worth it? Postgraduate employment, earnings, and the gender wage gap: An analysis of the labourmarket outcomes of Canada's masters and doctoral graduates Sean Waite CEN, NGS, NHS
5182 09-01-2017 A different lens on understanding the nature and impact of osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions in the context of aging, sex and the relationship with comorbidities Anthony Perruccio CCHS_Annual, CCHS_HA, CCHS_RR, CHMS, CSD, NPHS, SLCDC
5233 09-06-2017 The nutrition implications of discretionarily fortified beverages Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Nutrition
5235 09-07-2017 Major depressive episodes and mortality in Canada Scott Patten CCHS_CVSD
5257 09-19-2017 Étude de l'évolution du marché de l'emploi par domaine d'études universitaires au Québec Anne Motte CEN, LFS, NHS
5187 09-27-2017 Understanding under-representation of women in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) in Canada ISMAEL YACOUB MOURIFIE NGS
5264 09-29-2017 The impact of context of exit and of reception on the mental health of migrants from Muslim countries in Canada, France, the United States, and Germany Marie-Pier Joly CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CCHS_RR, Non-StatCan
5246 09-29-2017 The employment vulnerability of recent Canadian immigrants Danielle Lamb CEN, LFS
5277 10-03-2017 The health impacts of income shocks and local inequality: Evidence from linked administrative Canadian data Maripier Isabelle CEN_DAD, LFS, NPHS, Non-StatCan, SLID
5268 10-04-2017 Association between new physical activity indexes and metabolic outcomes for Canadian adults and older adults Martin Senechal CHMS
5281 10-04-2017 Making contact: Post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces and access to services in Atlantic Canada Andrea Elizabeth Bowes CFMHS
5224 10-17-2017 Queering Canadian suburbs: LGBTQ2S place-making outside of central cities Alison Bain CEN, GSS_Social, GSS_Victimization, NHS
5211 10-17-2017 A between-country dietary analysis and policy scan: Leveraging population-level dietary intake data to inform policy Sharon I. Kirkpatrick CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
5201 10-17-2017 The impact of Canadian dietary choices on domestic and global water footprint Basak Topcu CCHS_Nutrition
5270 10-17-2017 Examining how physical activity patterns relate to health among preschoolers: A national longitudinal survey of children and youth Akinkunle Oye-Somefun NLSCY
5283 10-17-2017 Household food insecurity among pregnant women and households with children Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Annual
5278 10-18-2017 Mental health of immigrant children in Canada: Evidence from the Canadian Health Measures Survey Oluwabukola Salami CHMS
5232 10-18-2017 The nutrition implications of household food insecurity Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Nutrition
5265 10-19-2017 Sugar in solid foods and beverages: Examining relationships to gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease Kaberi Dasgupta CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
5263 10-24-2017 The dynamics of health inequalities faced by Indigenous populations in Canada: What factors account for the inequalities? Mohammad Hajizadeh APS, APS_NIS, CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CEN, NHS
5292 10-26-2017 Étude de la retraite au Canada Rafael Ignacio Silva Ramirez GSS, LISA
5311 11-06-2017 The evolution of wealth inequality in Canada between 1982 and 2014: A new perspective Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain LAD
5203-S004 11-09-2017 4) Resource allocation Laura Duncan CEN, NHS, OCHS
5203-S003 11-09-2017 3) Contextual effects Laura Duncan GSS_Victimization, NHS, OCHS
5203-S002 11-09-2017 2) Study methods Laura Duncan NHS, OCHS
5203-S005 11-09-2017 Intergenerational child maltreatment Laura Duncan NHS, OCHS
5320 11-09-2017 Impacts of EI benefit extensions on benefit duration David Gray EISV, LAD, ROE
5203-S001 11-09-2017 1) Prevalence and service use Laura Duncan CHMS, NHS, OCHS
5256 11-22-2017 All-cause and cause-specific mortality among self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual Canadians Travis James Salway CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD
5186-S003 11-23-2017 La fécondité des immigrantes au Canada : Une analyse longitudinale par catégorie d'arrivée Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga LAD, LISA
5356 12-07-2017 Longitudinal effects of income stability on skill level, development, and change in Canada: Gradient pathways by gender, age, immigration status, and household composition Ashley Pullman LISA, Non-StatCan, PIAAC
5362 12-07-2017 How are workers responding to industrial and occupational precariousness? Michael Haan EISV, LWF
5309 12-07-2017 Teen parenthood in Canada: Outcomes for teen mothers and fathers across cohorts Laura Wright GSS_Family
5128 12-07-2017 Origins of life-satisfaction in Canada Nazim Habibov CEN, GSS_Victimization, NHS, Non-StatCan
5302 12-08-2017 Socioeconomics inequalities in health and health care utilization among Canadian adults Mohammad Hajizadeh NPHS
5316 12-08-2017 Access to surgical procedures: A comparison between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations Lynn Nicole Lethbridge CCHS_CCR, CCR, CEN, CEN_DAD, CanCHEC, VSD
5298 12-13-2017 Cervical cancer screening in gender and sexual minority populations Candace Chan CCHS_Annual
5328 12-14-2017 Sexual orientation and homeownership disparities in Canada Jason G. Dean CEN, NHS
5369 12-20-2017 Les futurs familles et ménages Canadiens : Un modèle de projection par microsimulation David Pelletier CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, GSS_Family, LAD, LISA, NHS, SLID, VSD
5350 12-29-2017 End-of life health care use for children with life-threatening conditions: A national population based study Kimberley Ann Widger CVSD_DAD_NACRS
5323 01-12-2018 Adjustment costs and incentives to work: Evidence from an employment insurance program Arezou Zaresani EISV
5358 01-16-2018 Are socioeconomic inequities in dietary intake in Canada changing? A nationally representative analysis of change between 2004 and 2015 Dana Olstad CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
5390 01-24-2018 The value of self-employment experience: Human capital versus signalling Neil Douglas Lloyd LAD, LFS, Non-StatCan, SLID
5294-S001 01-31-2018 Youth and skill migration in northern and rural Ontario Michael Haan CEN, ERLF_SLID, ERLF_YITS, LFS, NHS, SLID, YITS
5294-S002 01-31-2018 Immigrant recruitment and retention Michael Haan CEN, IMDB, LAD, LFS, NHS
5485 02-05-2018 The Effect of Carbon Tax on Competitiveness: Micro-level Evidence on Employment Effect from British Columbia Philippe Kabore LEAP
5334 02-12-2018 Production de statistiques descriptives portant sur le marché du travail Québécois et Canadien Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve CEN, LFS
5222 02-23-2018 NPHS data for statistics academic research Alwell Julius Oyet NPHS
5294-S003 02-28-2018 The changing face of inequality in Canada Michael Haan CEN, CIS, LFS, NHS, SLID
5440 03-02-2018 Implications of driving cessation amongst Canada's elderly living in rural and small urban communities Kenneth Bruce Newbold CCHS_HA, CEN, GSS_Time_Use
5462 03-02-2018 Income trajectories of Canada’s immigrants, 2002-2015 Abdie Kazemipur GSS_Social, IMDB, LSIC
5466 03-02-2018 Factors help predict whether an immigrant will effectively work in an area similar to their intended occupation as declared Steven Fredrick Lehrer IMDB, LAD, LSIC, Non-StatCan
5467 03-02-2018 Mobilité et trajectoires migratoires au Canada Charles Fleury IMDB
5406 03-06-2018 Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Chloé Leclerc ICCS, Non-StatCan
5446 03-06-2018 Migration policy and gendered economic migration mows in Canada, 2003-2013 Ian Van Haren CEN, IMDB, NHS, PRLF
5498 03-07-2018 Do immigrants from regulated professions do better in the Canadian labour market? Rupa Banerjee IMDB, LSIC
5359 03-09-2018 Getting to precision in public health: Leveraging nationally representative dietary intake data to match vulnerable populations with targeted cancer prevention Dana Olstad CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, Non-StatCan
3985-S012 03-09-2018 Évolution séculaire du profil des salaires en fonction de l'âge : Une analyse comparée des marchés du travail canadien et américain Raquel Fonseca Benito LFS
5480 03-12-2018 The long-term socioeconomic integration of privately sponsored refugees in Canada Risa (Lisa) Kaida IMDB, LAD
5448 03-12-2018 Security starts at home - A case study of socio-economic inequality among older adults in Atlantic Canada, 1991 to 2016 Aila Sinikka Okkola CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHS, NHS
5531 03-16-2018 Labour Market Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions Andrey Golubov CEEDD
5478 03-19-2018 An examination of proinflammatory food consumption in a Canadian nationally representative sample Kristen Fleet CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
5482 03-20-2018 Preferential immigration of skilled immigrants and the impact on the labour market in Newfoundland and Labrador Opeyemi Olufunke Jaunty-Aidamenbor CEN, LSIC, NHS
5387 03-20-2018 Mapping the opioid epidemic in Canada - A longitudinal geospatial analysis of the impact of opioid Wasem Alsabbagh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF, CVSD_DAD_NACRS, CVSD_OMHRS, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
5364 03-29-2018 Choosing between RRSPs and TFSAs: Substitutes or complements? Jonathan Martin Farrar LAD
5424 04-05-2018 Research data center application – HEQCO Kenny Chatoor CEN, GSS_GVP, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, LISA, NAS, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, NLSCY, PIAAC, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF, RAIS, RAIS_T1FF
5398 04-06-2018 Trajectoires professionnelles des immigrants et des natifs au Canada : Une analyse centrée sur l'auto-emploi et l'entrepreneuriat hybride Achille Kwamegni Kepnou CEN, IMDB, LAD
5499 04-06-2018 Taxation and income dynamics of families: A panel study for Canada using the Longitudinal Administrative Databank (LAD) Po Tat (Terry Ansel) Yip LAD
5426 04-06-2018 Taxation and top incomes: Effects of recent reforms Michael Smart LAD, Non-StatCan
5486 04-09-2018 Trends in cardiovascular health and associations with hospitalizations and mortality for acute cardiovascular disease and stroke in Canada, 2000-2011 Sarah Singh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD
5386 04-13-2018 The associations between self-reported use of calcium supplementation and cardiovascular mortality Wasem Alsabbagh CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS
5325 04-19-2018 Health equity from the start: Elucidating pathways of child health inequalities Jennifer Jayne McGrath NLSCY
5476 04-19-2018 The effect of provincial taxes the immigrants' geographical location decision - Evidence from the Canadian census Wenshuang Yu IMDB, LAD
5534 04-19-2018 La transmission intergénérationnelle du revenu au Canada Marie Connolly CEN, IID, NHS, Non-StatCan
5452 04-27-2018 Social determinants of potentially avoidable hospitalizations for chronic diseases in a context of universal health coverage Neeru Gupta CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
5456 05-02-2018 The combined role of psychological factors and mental health disorders on risk behavior among individuals vulnerable to acquire HIV in Canada Doreen Nehumba CCHS_Annual
5584 05-08-2018 Creating a safe space for Indigenous youth in urban areas: The case of young women in Thunder Bay Chris J. Southcott APS, CEN, NHS
5422 05-08-2018 Determinants and consequences of alcohol consumption: Evidence from Canada Casey Warman CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF, CCR, CEN, CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, LAD, LFS, NCS, NHS, NPHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
5495 05-09-2018 The effect of healthcare accessibility and continuity of care on self-reported less-urgent emergency department use Alexander Fraess-Phillips CSEPHC
5537 05-11-2018 To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada Fariba Solati CEN, ERLF_LSIC, IMDB, NHS
5434 05-11-2018 The state of malignant trophoblastic disease in Canada: A study to evaluate trophoblastic cancer in Canada (Choriocarcinoma, placental site and epithelioid trophoblastic tumor) Catherine Popadiuk CCR
5603 05-14-2018 Female-Owned Exporting Businesses: Does an Immigrant Background Help or Hinder? Sui Sui SFSME
5211-S002 05-15-2018 A between-country dietary analysis and policy scan: Leveraging population-level dietary intake data to inform policy Jennifer Elizabeth Vena CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
5436 05-15-2018 The relationship between education, health and mortality in Canada Casey Warman CCHS_Annual, CEN, CanCHEC, NPHS, VSD
5570 05-15-2018 Does maintaining transnational financial ties benefit or harm immigrant mental health? Meng Yu LSIC
5602 05-16-2018 Market selection in internationalizing immigrant firms: the antecedents and consequences of a transnational entrepreneur orientation Sui Sui CEEDD
5341 05-25-2018 Parental leave benefits and seasonality of births in Canada Janice Rhoda Compton EICS, LAD, LISA, Non-StatCan
5541 05-31-2018 Trends in mortality rates among social groups in Canada Arjumand Ara Begum Siddiqi CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
5532 06-04-2018 Will the current childhood varicella vaccination programme protect or harm the immigrant population? Christina Anne Greenaway CEN, NHS
5599 06-05-2018 Earnings and employment inequality in Canada: 1997-2017 Danielle Lamb GSS, LFS
5562 06-08-2018 Use of Pap tests and mammography after the release of Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations Hai Nguyen CCHS_Annual
5559 06-08-2018 Can fitness tax credits make young adults more active? Hai Nguyen CCHS_Annual
5573 06-18-2018 Incentivizing labour: Examining the effects of WITB in Canada Kourtney Lee Koebel LAD, SLID
5612 06-19-2018 Aging among community-dwelling off-reserve Indigenous populations in Canada Laura Alison Warren CCHS_Annual
5621 06-21-2018 Does taxation induce home production? Qian Li (Leo) Ma GSS_Time_Use, SHS
5564 06-21-2018 Mental health of Canadian youth, 2012-2016 Scott Patten CCHS_Annual
5613 06-22-2018 Trouble de sante mentale et les facteurs associes à l'utilisationdes services de sante pour les immigrants au Canada Feriel Messaoui ERLF_LSIC, LSIC
5417 07-06-2018 Discrimination and immigrant adaptation Yong Wook (Wyatt) Lee LSIC
5610 07-06-2018 Distant neighbours: Social affinity and redistribution in the Canadian provinces Sophie Elizabeth Borwein CEN, LAD, NHS, Non-StatCan, SHS
5491-S001 07-12-2018 Housing, community, and health: Examining the link in urban, rural, First Nations, and Inuit communities in Canada Mylene Riva APS, NHS
5640-S001 07-13-2018 Skill competency and use among levels of education and occupations: Research Initiative on Education and Skills (RIES) Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey LISA, NGS, Non-StatCan, PIAAC
5683 07-17-2018 Impact of flooding on commuting flows across Canadian CMAs Darren Meryl Scott CEN, GSS_Time_Use, NHS
5583 07-18-2018 Modeling nutritional, environmental, and economic impacts of eliminating livestock-based protein sources from the Canadian diet Naser Ibrahim CCHS_Nutrition, FES, SHS
5617 07-20-2018 Patterns of hospitalization among household residents with or without indicators of negative mental health status Scott Patten CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD
5639 07-20-2018 Do shorter years of schooling increase incomes? Evidence from Ontario secondary school reform Aida Kazemi CEN, NHS, SLID
5653 07-23-2018 New evidence on how skills influence human capital acquisition and early labour market return to human capital Michael John Kottelenberg ERLF_LSIC, ERLF_NPHS, ERLF_SLID, ERLF_YITS, YITS
5642 07-26-2018 Patterns of victimization among different population subgroups Marcelo Luis Urquia GSS_Victimization
5447 07-26-2018 Measuring integration of disabled persons: A time use metric Wellington Clarke Wilson GSS_Time_Use
5702 07-26-2018 Understanding and modeling non-motorized travel behavior Darren Meryl Scott CEN, GSS_Time_Use, NHS
5463 07-31-2018 Labour market decisions of immigrant households Ana Maria Ferrer IMDB, LSIC
5535 08-02-2018 The impact of lack of access to two vision health coverages on utilization of healthcare providers and vision health outcomes: A cross-sectional and longitudinal study Yaping Jin CCHS_Annual, CCHS_HA, CHMS, NPHS
5669 08-02-2018 Advancing spatial inclusion in Canada's diverse communities Luann Marie Good Gingrich CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
5710 08-07-2018 Statistical discrimination by employers in wage offers for people with disabilities Robert Millard CSD, LISA, Non-StatCan, PALS, SLID
5698 08-10-2018 The intergenerational transmission of low socioeconomic status: The preventing role of early childcare and education services Sylvana Marie Côté IID, Non-StatCan
5557 08-15-2018 A decomposition of changes in Canadian wealth inequality Brant Malcolm Abbott Non-StatCan, SFS
5684 08-15-2018 House prices and marital instability: Evidence from Canada Yazhuo Pan Non-StatCan, SLID
5638 08-16-2018 Predictors of accessing health and mental health services Graham Reid OCHS
5724 08-17-2018 The legacies of Canada's foreign domestic worker and the live-in caregiver programs Monica Boyd CEN, IMDB, Non-StatCan
5729 08-17-2018 The paid work of care: Intersecting gender, nativity, and race Monica Boyd CEN, LFS
5629 08-20-2018 Association of vitamin D deficiency and risk of health deterioration among Canadian immigrants Said Abdelrazeq CHMS
5722 08-20-2018 An econometric analysis of the gender gap among professors in Canada Margaret (Maggie) Jones UCASS
5727 08-20-2018 Health outcomes and health care utilization in senior immigrants in Canada Sophiya Garasia CCHS_Annual, CEN, DAD_IMDB, IMDB
5640-S002 08-21-2018 Research Initiative on Education and Skills (RIES): Skill deficiencies among Canadians Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey AG, BCK, BCK_T1FF, CAL, CSLP, IMDB, LAD, LAD_PSIS, LAD_RAIS, LISA, NGS, PIAAC, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS, RAIS_IMDB
5691 09-05-2018 Évolution de la surqualification et de la sous-qualification en emploi au Québec de 1971 à 2016 Louis Cornelissen CEN, NHS
5690 09-05-2018 The urban and regional dynamics of Canada's shrinking middle class: Evidence, explanations and implications Sébastien Breau CEN, NHS
5715 09-06-2018 Usual intake of fish/seafood and its related nutrients, overall eating pattern and long-term health consequence in Canada Xuefeng Hu CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
5677 09-12-2018 Psychotropic medications and their association with anthropomorphic, endocrine, renal and metabolic dysfunction in the Canadian population Scott Patten CCHS_MH, CHMS
5717 09-13-2018 Diversité et conditions de travail dans le secteur privé et public Maude Boulet CEN, GSS, GSS_Family, LFS, NGS, NHS, PSES
5731 09-26-2018 Investigation of immigration-related risks for mental illness, and psychiatric hospitalizations among recent Canadian immigrants Tasneem Khan CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_MH, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, LISA
5543-S001 09-27-2018 Déterminants de l'accès à l'emploi pour les populations canado-arabes Rachad Antonius CEN, CFCS, CIS, EDS, ERLF_LSIC, ERLF_NPHS, ERLF_YITS, LFS, NGS, NHS, SLID
5555 09-28-2018 Impact of limiting blood glucose test strip coverage on healthy behaviors among non-insulin requiring diabetes patients Shweta Mital CCHS_Annual
5693 09-28-2018 Population flows and immigration Hazim Yigit Aydede CEN, NHS
5681 10-03-2018 Examining the Indigenous peoples economic well-being gap Barry M. R. Watson CIS, SLID
5810 10-22-2018 Intergenerational transmission of program participation Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs ERLF_NLSCY, ERLF_SLID, IID, LAD, NLSCY, SLID
5647 10-25-2018 Neighbourhood income segregation in Canada 1980-2010 Thomas B. King CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
5590 10-25-2018 Contextual effects on the mental health and early development of children in Ontario: A population-level study Eric Kwame Duku OCHS
5671 10-25-2018 Immigration, santé et comparaisons interprovinciales Laetitia Lebihan CCHS_Annual, LSIC, NLSCY, NPHS, SYC
5708 10-25-2018 Epidemiology of apparent treatment-resistant hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS, Non-StatCan
5751 10-30-2018 Health effects of the intergenerational transmission of capitals in Canada Gerry Veenstra LISA, Non-StatCan
5759 11-05-2018 Exploring prevalence trends and economic consequences of depression among Canadian Labour Force participants Kathleen Dobson CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, NPHS
5811 11-05-2018 Energy deprivation in everyday living: Estimating, profiling, and escaping energy poverty in Canada Zhuolin (Grace) Li HES, SHS
5718 11-05-2018 Social exclusion of Canadian family caregivers in later life Norah Christine Keating GSS
5838 11-16-2018 Labour adjustment strategies and productivity across business cycles Mark Anderson LEAP, T2_LEAP
5692 11-19-2018 The impact of full-day kindergarten reform on Maternal Labour Supply: New evidence from adminstrative data Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey LAD, Non-StatCan
5581 11-22-2018 Eating frequency and timing as a predictor of incident type 2 diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease in the Canadian Community Health Survey-Discharge Abstract Database linked dataset Leah Cahill CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
5126-S005 11-22-2018 Dietary patterns of Canadians in 2015 and 2004 cycle 2.2 across different ethnicities and its association with chronic disease - Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey nutrition component Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
5592 11-23-2018 Financial knowledge of Immigrants Benoit Dostie CEEDD, Non-StatCan
5839 11-28-2018 The micro and macro of misallocation in Canada Trevor Tombe LEAP, T2_LEAP
5829 11-29-2018 The individual and spillover effects of pension reforms Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs LAD
5652 12-04-2018 The population health and healthcare burden of poor dietary patterns and potential strategies for reducing mortality, morbidity and healthcare use in Canada Mahsa Jessri CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
5772 12-06-2018 Thriving in the city Scott Leon CCHS_Annual, CEN, NHS, SHS
5814 12-10-2018 Déterminer l'effet sur la diplomation ainsi que sur le marché du travail d'avoir augmenté l'âge légal d'abandon scolaire de 16 à 18 ans au Nouveau-Brunswick Alexandra Desgagné CEN, LFS
5788 12-10-2018 Data for socioeconomic inequalities in well-being and mental health Audrey Appiah Minta CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization
4913-S002 12-10-2018 Aboriginal geographical mobility trajectories Michael Haan APS, CEN, CanCHEC, LAD
5799 12-10-2018 Pension benefits, savings and the future of benefits in Canada Yasmine Amirkhalkhali LAD, LISA, SLID
5764 12-10-2018 Estimating recent changes in educational inequality in cancer mortality among adults in Canada: A study of four consecutive CanCHEC cohorts Diego Capurro Fernandez CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
5766 12-10-2018 Assessing the potential impact of changes in smoking on educational inequality in cancer mortality in Canadian adult population Diego Capurro Fernandez CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_T1FF
5848 12-10-2018 Impact of opt-in legislation on community well-being index of First Nations communities Azadeh Farahnakian CEN, NHS
5827 12-12-2018 Immigrant networks, occupational choice, and match quality Herbert Schuetze CEN, LSIC, Non-StatCan
5159-S001 12-20-2018 Portrait des apports nutritionnels et de la consommation alimentaire au Québec Céline Plante CCHS_Nutrition
5769 12-24-2018 Developing a Canadian youth cannabis survey to understanding changing aspects of cannabis use among young Canadians Martin J. Cooke CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CTADS, NCS
5856 12-24-2018 Care conundrum? The impacts of informal eldercare on young workers' careers sociology of work and care Christina Treleaven GSS, GSS_Care
5880 12-27-2018 The relationship between prescription opioid consumption and pharmaceutical insurance status: Evidence from Canada Karen Ugarte Bravo CCHS_Annual, NPHS
5767 01-02-2019 Diplôme universitaire et insertion sur le marché du travail : Approche statistique et compréhensive de la surqualification professionnelle Mircea Vultur CEN, LFS, NGS, NHS, PIAAC, SFS
5484-S001 01-02-2019 Impacts of evolving demography and socio-economic status on assessment of genetic risks for breast cancer David Pelletier CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, GSS_Family, NHS, VSD
5921 01-11-2019 Study on the impact of occupational radon exposure on lung cancer and cardiovascular mortality risk Paul Villeneuve CCR
5853 01-11-2019 Inequalities in mental health across urban Canada: Context, trends and methods Sharalynn Missiuna CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CEN, NHS, PCCF
5847 01-11-2019 A 10-year retrospective study of predictors of fatal opioid overdoses in Canada Anees Bahji CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_MH
5843 01-17-2019 Exploring the relationship between depression, alcohol use, and social provisions in older Ontario residents: A population-based analysis Todd Coleman CCHS_Annual
5899 01-21-2019 Child health and development at the interface of the family and social forces Emmanuelle Arpin ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
5911 01-22-2019 Misallocation of labour on First Nation reserves Fernando Martin Aragon Sanchez CEN, NHS
5750-S002 01-24-2019 Skill and education among Canadians Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey LISA, PIAAC
5750-S001 01-24-2019 Skills, equity, and the future of work Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey LISA, Non-StatCan, PIAAC
5845 01-24-2019 Imperfect information and post-secondary education enrolment: Evidence from a Canadian field experiment Laetitia Renee FTD, LAD, PSIS, RAIS
5762 01-28-2019 Children and youth with complex care needs in acute hospital settings in Canada: A population-based study using linked data Margaret Holland CEN_DAD, CanCHEC_DAD
5806-S001 01-29-2019 Handicap et discrimination sur le marché du travail Ibrahima Sory Aissatou Diallo SLID
5775 01-31-2019 Rural-urban differences in abuse against Canadian women around the time of pregnancy: A nationwide survey, 2006 Yingying Su MES, SMH
5712 02-01-2019 A spatial-temporal analysis of migration patterns of Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Sault St. Marie, North Bay Ontario, and Timmins Sean O'Hagan CEN, NHS
3955-S008 02-04-2019 An examination of Canadian Forces regular force personnel, their mental health and service use Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
5929 02-05-2019 Education and the intergenerational transmission of income in Canada Catherine Maredith Haeck IID_CEN
5890 02-05-2019 Metabolically healthy and unhealthy obesity in Canadian children and youth: Prevalence and associated factors Stefan Kuhle CHMS, Non-StatCan
5919 02-05-2019 Local area migration patterns in Canadian cities Daniel Silver CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, PCCF, VSD
5874 02-05-2019 Tobacco use and food insecurity Herbert Emery CCHS_Annual, SHS
3827-R002 02-07-2019 Volunteer opportunities and their implications on private philanthropy Forough Seifi CSGVP, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, Non-StatCan, PCCF
5941 02-19-2019 Explaining the determinants of charitable giving in Canada Justin D. Smith CEN, CSGVP, GSS, GSS_GVP, LAD, NHS, NSGVP, Non-StatCan, PCCF
5925 02-20-2019 Estimating the effect of recent increases in the minimum wage on labour market outcomes in Canada Alaleh Iray Makvandi LFS
5932 02-25-2019 Equity in healthcare utilization in Canada Mohammad Hajizadeh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
5943 02-26-2019 Relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and all-cause mortality in the Canadian population Asmita Bhattarai CCHS_CVSD, ERLF_NPHS, NPHS, VSD
4470-S004 02-26-2019 L’analyse de l’empreinte écologique des 15 régions métropolitaines canadiennes selon les catégories de dépense des ménages Chahinez Djerad SHS
5940 02-27-2019 Location of death in Canada: An updated investigation Catherine Deri Armstrong Non-StatCan, VSD
5952 02-27-2019 Understanding patterns of household expenditures for small area estimation Nicole Marie Newhouse SHS
5953 02-27-2019 Modeling household wealth and financial indicators for small area estimation Nicole Marie Newhouse SFS
5796 02-27-2019 Canadian Index for Measuring Integration (Version 2.0) Jack Jedwab CCHS_Annual, CEN, EDS, GSS_Social, GSS_Victimization, IMDB, LFS, NHS, Non-StatCan
5900 02-27-2019 The impact of providing long-term care to an elderly parent on the employment and retirement status of adult children caregivers in Canada Fatina Siblini GSS, LISA
5763 02-27-2019 Health outcomes in the turn of great recession: A comprehensive analysis Hazim Yigit Aydede CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CEN_DAD, NPHS
5966 02-28-2019 The role of socioeconomic status in determining the experience of Canadian students who delay entry into post-secondary education Stephen Sartor YITS
5312-S006 03-05-2019 Prostate cancer screening in Canada: Impact of the Canadian task for on preventative health care prostate specific antigen screening guideline Michael Haan CCHS_Annual
5312-S004 03-05-2019 Canadian regional and geographic variations in infertility: Does place matter? Michael Haan CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
5946 03-05-2019 Risk and Ownership of Startup Companies Jan Bena CEEDD, Non-StatCan
5891 03-06-2019 Accounting for potential confounders in the occupational disease surveillance system Paul Demers CCHS_Annual
5954 03-06-2019 Lung function prediction equations based on Lamda-Mu-Sigma method for all ages and evaluation of respiratory impairment in adults Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan CHMS
5956 03-06-2019 Regional labor market conditions and self-employment patterns in Canada Paul Glavin LFS
5282-S001 03-08-2019 Consumption of ultra-processed food in Canada and its association with chronic diseases: Analysis of the 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey Jean-Claude Moubarac CCHS_Nutrition
5942 03-11-2019 Financial decision-making: The influence of financial capability, stress and help seeking activities Karen Ann Duncan CFCS
5904 03-11-2019 Update of epidemiology of hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS
5907 03-12-2019 Exchange rate fluctuations and immigrants’ labour market response over the short and long run Ronit Mukherji CEN, IMDB, LSIC, NHS, Non-StatCan, SLID
5312-S003 03-12-2019 Examining cell phone use and its association with multiple forms of cancer Michael Haan CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
5955 03-13-2019 Do Canadian provincial poverty reduction strategies reduce poverty? Geranda Notten CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CIS, ERLF_SLID, SCF, SLID
6013 03-15-2019 Intentions, Financing and Growth Strategies among SMEs Nicolas Legendre Non-StatCan, SFGSME, SFSME
5800 03-15-2019 Geospatial dimensions of premature mortality and its determinants: A nationwide analysis Laura C. Rosella CCHS_CVSD, CanCHEC, Non-StatCan, PCCF, VSD
5126-S007 03-15-2019 How dietary pattern and physical fitness is associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), osteoporosis, and cancer Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition, CHMS
5186-S005 03-21-2019 Trajectoires individuelles et dynamiques de participation à la société québécoise Solene Lardoux CEN, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_T1FF, IMDB, LAD, LFS, LISA, LSIC, NHS
4518-S001 03-26-2019 Public policy and the gender gap in employment Andres Arcila Vasquez LFS, Non-StatCan
5961 03-26-2019 Disability insurance and labor force participation Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CEN, LAD, NHS, Non-StatCan, PCCF
5977-S001 03-27-2019 Family, work and income trajectories of immigrant women in Canada for SWC Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF, LISA, SLID
5977 03-27-2019 Women immigrant lifecourse trajectories Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF, LISA, SLID
6014 04-01-2019 The impact of minimum wage increases on firm productivity Lyming Huang CEEDD, LFS, Non-StatCan
5986 04-05-2019 Frailty and high-risk, non-prescription and prescription drug use in older adults Colleen Maxwell CHMS
5983 04-11-2019 L'impact du desserrement des pôles d'emplois sur les transports durables dans les grandes régions métropolitaines au Canada, 1996-2016 Benjamin Duquet CEN
5992 04-11-2019 Motivations for individual political contributions: Microdata evidence from Canada Josip Lesica LAD
5988 04-11-2019 Update to: Global gateway, local benefit? Port-Logistics in the lower mainland Peter V. Hall CEN, NHS
6010 04-16-2019 The welfare consequences of taxation with savings incentives and optimization frictions Adam Lavecchia LAD
5927 04-16-2019 Descriptive epidemiology of cannabis use prior to legalization Scott Patten CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_MH, CHSCY, OCHS
5965 04-16-2019 Correlates of attitudes towards help-seeking in Canadian Forces members Natalie Mota CFMHS
6049 04-16-2019 Parental insurance: Does the business cycle matter? Qian Li (Leo) Ma EIB, EISV, LAD
5733 04-25-2019 Health outcome consequences of deployment in the Canadian Armed Forces Mohammad Hajizadeh LASS
5974 04-25-2019 Cognitive functioning across the lifespan: The role of age, age-related life events and education Victor Kuperman LISA, PIAAC
6009 04-26-2019 Bringing the study of social class in Canada into the twenty-first century: A longitudinal analysis of nationally representative data Josh Patterson Curtis CIS, LFS, SCF, SLID
6025 04-30-2019 Household income and location: Evidence from Canadian cities Aidi Yu CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
6020 04-30-2019 Patterns and determinants of acute care hospitalization by Canadian immigrants Yanling Guo CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD
6016 05-06-2019 Commute mode and residential location choice: Estimating the value of travel time savings Andrea Nicole Craig CEN
6041 05-06-2019 Core housing need and children's mental health Jinette Comeau Non-StatCan, OCHS
6047 05-06-2019 La transition études-travail des étudiants internationaux : Le rôle des programmes d'enseignement coopératif(Coop) Ali Béjaoui NGS
5913 05-06-2019 Cardiovascular disease attributable to nutrition-related causes: Estimating future burden and evaluating nutrition policy options for maximizing population health benefit in Canada Brendan Smith CCHS_Nutrition
6007 05-14-2019 The socioeconomic health gradient in the life course in Canada Michel Grignon CCHS_Annual, GSS_Health, NPHS
6083 05-16-2019 Political integration and its determinants Zhen Zhao CEN, IMDB, LAD, PCCF
6062 05-16-2019 Heterogeneity in the fiscal externality of extending EI benefits and its Implications for the optimal potential duration of benefits Simon Quach EISV, LFS
5516-S001 05-16-2019 The role of dairy in a sustainable diet: Evidence from the 2015 CCHS-Nutrition Olivia Kathleen Auclair CCHS_Nutrition
6068 05-16-2019 Contribution of dietary supplements on shortfall nutrients among the Canadians Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
6032 05-17-2019 Comparative analysis on the economic integration of refugees in Canada and Germany Lori Wilkinson IMDB, LSIC, Non-StatCan
6099 05-17-2019 Physician earnings, labour supply and related issues Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, LFS, NHS
6101 05-17-2019 Health human resources for an aging population Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, LFS, NHS
5864 05-24-2019 Suburbanization of poverty and adverse travel behaviour outcomes in Canadian cities Jeffrey Allen CEN, CanCHEC, GSS_Time_Use, LAD, LISA, Non-StatCan
6022 05-24-2019 Understanding hospital admissions among temporary residents in Canada, 2001-2013: A focus on agricultural workers, live-in caregivers and refugee claimants Susitha Wanigaratne IMDB, IMDB_DAD
5915 05-27-2019 Assessing the validity of Canada's low-risk drinking guidelines Russell Callaghan CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS
6120 05-30-2019 Who goes where: Migration of first time undergraduate students in Canada Ebenezer Narh Non-StatCan, PSIS
6050 05-30-2019 Exploring the determinants of health inequalities in Canada in the Canadian Community Health Survey Cordell (Cory) Neudorf CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, PCCF
6053 05-30-2019 Distributional analysis of commuting times in the Greater Toronto Area Aidi Yu CEN, LFS, Non-StatCan
6118 05-31-2019 Comparing the long term effects of changes in familial socioeconomic status on the health of rural versus urban children and adolescents Alexander Levesque NLSCY
6129 06-03-2019 The long run effect of student grants IL Hwang CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, Non-StatCan, PSIS
5947 06-05-2019 Cumulative inequalities and health outcomes from mid to later life Adebiyi Germain Boco CCHS_CVSD, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, IMDB, VSD
6109 06-05-2019 La mobilité interprovinciale des diplômés sur le marché du travail et la pénurie de main d'oeuvre Marc-Antoine Dionne AG, CAL, CEN, CSLP, PSIS, RAIS
6069 06-10-2019 Investigating the impact of the Canada child benefit on labour supply, income, poverty and household spending Kory Kroft CIS, ERLF_NLSCY, LAD, LFS, NLSCY, Non-StatCan, SHS, SYC
5883 06-10-2019 Relation entre les concentrations sanguines de métaux et hormones thyroïdiennes et sexuelles Maryse Bouchard CHMS
6034 06-10-2019 The effect of individual characteristics and health behavior on hospitalization in patients with COPD disease Anat Ziv CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HA, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_OMHRS
5918 06-10-2019 How do similarities and discrepancies in parent-youth reports of youth problems relate to mental health service seeking and youths' self-esteem and friendship support? Brendan Andrade OCHS
6086 06-11-2019 Finance source, innovation, and productivity in Canadian SME’s Getu Hailu SFGSME
6111 06-12-2019 The reproductive behavior of Cuban women in the United States and Canada Michel Lopez Barrios CEN, CanBCC, NHS, VSD
5985 06-12-2019 Effect of sugar consumption on periodontal diseases: Analysis of data from"Canadian Health Measures Survey" Mario Brondani CHMS
6119 06-12-2019 Immigrant wages in the public and private sectors: How do these compare to the wages of the Canadian-born? Richard Edmund Mueller CEN
6040 06-13-2019 Investigating the predictors of arsenic levels in the Canadian population Katherine Pullella CHMS, CHMS_CCR, CHMS_CVSD
6150 06-14-2019 Taxation des boissons sucrées Krystel Poirier CEN, SHS
6071 06-17-2019 La mobilité sociale et le rôle des universités Marie Connolly PSIS, RAIS
6077 06-18-2019 The influence of peer-based victimization, relationship quality and school-belongingness on youth-reported disordered eating behaviour in Ontario Melissa Sharon Kimber OCHS
3953-R002 06-18-2019 Quality, productivity and financial performance Mark Anderson WES
6067 06-18-2019 How much movement do workers need to be healthy? Understanding work-related and non-work contributions to the movement patterns of Canadian workers and their cardiometabolic consequences Aviroop Biswas CHMS
6124 06-20-2019 Employment, education, and income for Canadians with disabilities: Analysis from the Canadian Survey on Disability Patrick Berrigan CSD
6157 06-24-2019 Link, monitor, strategize: First Nations, Inuit, Métis peoples' cancer burden in Canada Amanda Sheppard CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, VSD
6146 06-24-2019 Individual level skills, and wages Tommas Spencer Trivieri LFS, LISA
6159 06-26-2019 Comparing labour market vulnerabilities of refugees in Canada: The impacts of entry programs, arrival age and gender Monica Boyd CEN
6075 06-26-2019 Patterns of job mobility by parenthood and gender Sylvia Fuller LISA, WES
6080 06-26-2019 Financial market barriers to inclusive entrepreneurship: An empirical look at Canadian SME majority owners Marc Duhamel SFGSME
6073 06-27-2019 Tax Evasion in the Restaurant Sector: Evidence from the Introduction of Sales Recording Modules in Québec Martin Boyer CEEDD
5914 06-28-2019 Parcours matrimonial et retraite anticipée Dominic Gagnon GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF
6166 06-28-2019 Un effet de composition? Le rôle de la composition culturelle et économique des écoles secondaires fréquentés à 15 ans sur la faible diplomation à 25 ans Guillaume Gingras YITS
6137 07-03-2019 The role of human resource factors in understanding differential financing, innovation, and organizational performance outcomes, in Canada James Chowhan Non-StatCan
5726 07-03-2019 Consumption of pulse dishes by the Canadian population: Analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey (Nutrition) 2004 and 2015 Seyed Ahmadi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_RR
6037 07-04-2019 Using longitudinal immigration data to understand entrepreneurial choices of economic immigrants and refugees Laura Lam IMDB, LSIC
6006 07-04-2019 The health consequences of wildfire air pollution Patrick Baylis CEN_DAD, CVSD_OMHRS, DAD_CVSD, NACRS_CVSD, Non-StatCan
6135 07-04-2019 Field of study, income inequality occupational outcomes, and the earnings gap Casey Warman CEN, ERLF_YITS, NHS, SLID, YITS
6126 07-05-2019 Resource boom/bust and older workers: Employment and health Kevin Milligan CEN, LFS, NHS, VSD
6138 07-08-2019 Access to cannabis and social indicator microdata Kyle Robbins NCS
6130 07-11-2019 Student loan repayment in Canada Lance John Lochner CSLP, PSIS
6164 07-11-2019 Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), employment, and earnings in Canada Sean Waite GSS, GSS_Victimization
6133 07-11-2019 The causal effect of educational attainment on total fertility Harry Krashinsky CEN
6131 07-15-2019 Multivariable risk predictive algorithms for mental disorders in Canadian military population JianLi Wang CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6125 07-15-2019 A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization David Walters NCS
6134 07-16-2019 Caregiver burdens for individuals with developmental disabilities in Canada Jennifer Zwicker GSS, GSS_Care
6215 07-16-2019 Cross-sectional analyses of two possible environmental determinants of depressive symptoms at the population level in Canada Ashley Katherine Dores CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6196 07-18-2019 Examining unmet healthcare needs by immigration status among Canadian adults Dimple Bhojwani CCHS_Annual
6085 07-19-2019 Startup funding, growth and innovation Brian P. Cozzarin SFGSME
5931 07-19-2019 Personal and social factors, emerging and imminent indicators of suicide and self-harm attempts in Canada Lloyd Balbuena CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS
6123 07-19-2019 Multi-level analysis of licensing and education effects on wages within and across occupational markets Erika McDonald CEN, LFS, LMAS, NHS, Non-StatCan, SUM, SWH
6132 07-24-2019 The effect of education and skills on the wage dynamics related to job loss Harry Krashinsky LISA, SLID
6018 07-25-2019 Intergenerational effects of Indian residential school systems Solomon Geleta APS, APS_NIS
6122 07-26-2019 Travaux visant l'actualisation de la rémunération du travail de l'exploitant agricole retenue dans le cadre du programme ASRA Philip Merrigan CEN
6207 07-29-2019 Investigating the adherence and predictors of utilizing reproductive cancer screening tools among Indigenous women in Canada Asvini Keethakumar APS, APS_NIS
6148 07-30-2019 Physical activity participation in rural and urban communities in Canada Chelsea Ann Pelletier CCHS_RR
6178 07-31-2019 Intimate partner violence in Canada Michael Haan GSS_Victimization
6175 07-31-2019 Income inequality and population health in Canada and the US, 1990-2016 James (Jim) Dunn CEN, LAD, NHS, VSD
6082 08-01-2019 A counterfactual analysis of firm distributions using functional principal component analysis James Townsend LEAP, T2_LEAP
6035 08-01-2019 Gambling in Canada: A national study Carrie Leonard CCHS_MH, CCHS_RR
6199 08-02-2019 Colorectal cancer in young Canadians: Examining changes in characteristics, incidence, mortality, and survival over time Harminder Singh CCR, CEN, VSD
6214 08-02-2019 Project proposal to access the Longitudinal Immigration Database and the 2016 General Social Survey on Work and Home Sally Effie Ogoe GSS, IMDB
6112 08-06-2019 Exploring depressive symptoms as a potential moderator between pain severity and opioid misuse Onawa Labelle CCHS_Annual
6036 08-06-2019 The impact of publicly supplied health insurance on aggregate income inequality Katerina Koka LISA, NPHS
6152 08-06-2019 Population-based analysis of outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia from a provincial cancer registry and the Canadian Cancer Registry Oliver Bucher CCR
6115 08-06-2019 Prevalence and correlates of non suicidal self injury in Ontario Khrista R. A. Boylan OCHS
6245 08-06-2019 Evaluating the Information Content of the Business Outlook Survey Matthieu Verstraete BOS_NALMF
6008 08-08-2019 The effect of training on newcomer adaptation: Examining career and organizational outcomes Jieying Chen WES
6223 08-08-2019 Contextualizing cancer: Does neighbourhood ethnic density protect immigrants from cancer? Tina Luu Ly CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
6060 08-08-2019 Comparing financial protection in health care using new methods of estimating catastrophic health spending in Canada with other high-income countries Sara Michelle Allin SHS
6076 08-08-2019 The labour market effects of the Quebec family plan Michael Baker CCHS_Annual, CIS, ERLF_NLSCY, LAD, LFS, NLSCY
5320-S001 08-08-2019 Impacts of EI benefit extensions on benefit duration David Gray EISV
5982 08-14-2019 La hausse des prix de l'habitation et ses conséquences sur l'endettement, la composition des actifs et l'étailement urbain Maude Pugliese SFS
6234 08-14-2019 L'idéal de la propriété d'une maison dans les imaginaires entourant la famille : Quelles conséquences financières? Maude Pugliese SHS
5126-S009 08-14-2019 Frequency of consumption of anti-inflammatory and Mediterranean food parameters, and dietary inflammatory index in diverse Canadian Population and its association with chronic diseases Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
6213 08-16-2019 Tax reforms consequences on occupational mobility Po Tat (Terry Ansel) Yip SLID
6198 08-16-2019 Factors affecting Type 2 diabetes: A Canadian population-based analysis Amanpreet Kaur Girn CCHS_Annual
5452-S001 08-16-2019 Social determinants of potentially avoidable hospitalizations for chronic diseases in a context of universal health coverage Neeru Gupta CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
6121 08-16-2019 IMPACT: Examining the dietary impact of current and proposed food environment policies aimed at improving the nutritional quality of the Canadian food supply Mary Roberta L'Abbe CCHS_Annual, CHMS
6224 08-20-2019 Characteristics and economic outcomes of nominees through the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program Jessica Schafer IMDB, LAD
6205 08-20-2019 Investigating the relationship between childhood sport participation and adult income Thomas A. Perks ERLF_NLSCY
3914-S017 08-22-2019 Assessment of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among siblings using a sample of adolescents from Ontario Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
6249 08-22-2019 Exploring the effect of nutrition on cardiovascular disease using linked population-based dietary data and machine learning techniques Jason Morgenstern CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD
6222 08-22-2019 The analysis of gender gap in post-secondary school major choices: Determinants and wage effects Han Yu CSLP, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
6172 08-22-2019 Changes in Canadians' gambling behavior and problems: An exploration of time and context Sylvia Kairouz CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, CIUS
4905-S001 08-22-2019 Recherche sur les effets de la crise financière de 2008 sur le chômage au Canada, en se basant sur un modelé multi-états Patrick-Herve Tian LFS, SLID
6042 08-22-2019 Canada's experience with the minimum wage increases of the 2010s Jeffrey Penney LFS
6153 08-23-2019 Federal employment equity employees and perceptions of workplace harassment and discrimination: Longitudinal evidence from Public Service Employee Survey 2005 - 2017 Taoufik Said PSES
6144 08-26-2019 Household income and contraceptive use patterns among female youth Elizabeth Nethery CCHS_Annual
6253 08-28-2019 Moral injury and mental health outcomes: predictors and risk factors Anthony Nazarov CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH, CFMHS
6239 08-28-2019 Understanding the association between chronic pain characteristics and suicidality: A Canadian nationally representative study Renée El-Gabalawy CCHS_MH
6237 08-28-2019 Mining 2012 and 2017 Canadian Surveys on Disability data for predictors of disability rate and loss of income due to personal injuries Rohana Ambagaspitiya CSD
6201 08-28-2019 Gendered and racialized dimensions of the education/occupational (mis)match of immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada over time: Testing explanations and associated outcomes Naomi Lightman IMDB, LISA
6190 08-28-2019 Cooking practices, eating habits, diet-related diseases and well-being of Canadians Melissa Fernandez CCHS_RR
3955-S013 08-28-2019 Traumatic experiences, deployment and associations with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
3955-S012 08-28-2019 Predictors of attrition in a longitudinal follow-up in the Canadian military Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
3955-S014 08-28-2019 Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A nationally representative 16-Year follow-up study Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6180 08-28-2019 The effects of repealing mandatory retirement Hugh Shiplett UCASS
3955-S011 08-28-2019 A longitudinal follow-up of suicidal behaviour in the Canadian military Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
3955-S010 08-28-2019 Association of child maltreatment exposure and deployment-related traumatic events, with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
3955-S015 08-28-2019 Transition from service and mental and physical well-being in Canadian Forces veterans Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
3955-S009 08-28-2019 Course and predictors of depression in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6070 08-29-2019 Peer effects and labour supply Mamadou Yaya Diallo CEEDD, Non-StatCan
6212 08-30-2019 Employment and earnings changes related to environmental regulations and green energy Joseph Thomas Marchand CEN, LFS, NHS, Non-StatCan
6203 08-30-2019 Commerce international et marchés de l'emploi locaux au Canada: Demande d'accès au Centre interuniversitaire québécois de statistiques sociales (CIQSS) Vincent Chartray CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
6259 09-04-2019 Analyzing the career paths of Ontario's graduates Eric Amaral PSIS, RAIS
6258 09-04-2019 Correlates of mental well-being among migrant groups in Canada Branka Vujcic CCHS_Annual
6209 09-04-2019 Employment mobility and long-run earnings inequality among Canadian immigrants and native-born Canadians Phuong Minh Vu CEN, IMDB, LAD, LFS, LWF, NHS
6210 09-05-2019 Self-employment of Canadian post-secondary graduates Megan Salter PSIS, RAIS
6255 09-06-2019 L'intégration économique des réfugiés au Canada Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga CEN, IMDB, LAD
5649 09-12-2019 Stratification et inégalités sociales dans les recensements Canadiens Stéphane Alexandre Moulin CEN
6219 09-17-2019 Prevalence and determinants of child care use and needs among families in Canada Stefan Kuhle SELCCA
6107 09-17-2019 Intergenerational mobility and family size in Canada Lamis El Kattan IID
6241-S001 09-18-2019 Vie conjugale et situation économique Céline LeBourdais GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF
6063 09-18-2019 Access to surgical procedures: A comparison between provincial operative rates, remuneration and complications Lynn Nicole Lethbridge CVSD_OMHRS, DAD_CVSD, NACRS_CVSD, OMHRS_CVSD
6218 09-18-2019 Reported concussion: Time trends updated Kevin Gordon CCHS_Annual
6217 09-18-2019 Les politiques familiales du Québec évaluées à partir des trajectoires de revenus d'emploi des parents et des femmes et hommes sans enfant Catherine Maredith Haeck LISA
6267 09-18-2019 Labour market effects of mandatory retirement: Evidence from the end of Ontario’s mandatory retirement age Margaret (Maggie) Jones UCASS
6307 09-24-2019 Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequality Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6307-S001 09-24-2019 Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequlity Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6262 09-24-2019 Proportion de femmes canadiennes en âge de reproduire (18-49 ans), ayant un, deux ou trois facteurs de risque et plus de développer un diabète gestationnel Isabelle Sinclair CHMS
6256 09-24-2019 Efficiency in NGOs: Skill-transferability and economies of scale Ricard Gil NSNVO, WES
6248 09-24-2019 Strategic planning for community resilience to natural hazards: Emergency preparedness across Canadian communities Stephanie Chang SEPR
6233 09-24-2019 The relationship between anthropometric, fitness, and cardiometabolic health markers in healthy Canadian children, and in comparison to Canadian children with Congenital Heart Disease Hassan Vatanparast CHMS
6216 09-24-2019 Effects of Canadian national discourses on immigrant integration: the role of language Yvonne Chang GSS_GVP, GSS_Social
6143 09-24-2019 Trajectories of physical activity and its impact on health among Canadians Denver Mitchell Yurko Brown ERLF_NPHS, NPHS
6297 09-24-2019 Polarisation des revenus au Canada et au Québec Benoit Dostie CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
6303 09-25-2019 MDCH740 advanced epidemiology - Winter term - 2020 Scott Patten CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CHMS, ERLF_NPHS, NPHS
6305 09-27-2019 Labour supply effects William Craig Riddell BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6309-S001 09-27-2019 Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6309 09-27-2019 Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6305-S001 09-27-2019 Labour supply effects William Craig Riddell BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6236 09-27-2019 Child maltreatment and the trajectory of adult well-being among ethno-racial communities: Results from the Canadian Health Survey Barbara Lee CCHS_MH
6225-S001 09-27-2019 Earnings and income variability David Green BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
6225 09-27-2019 Earnings and income variability David Green BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6167 09-27-2019 Parental leave, gender and leadership role occupancy: Are some parents punished for taking parental leave Julian Barling WES
6276 09-30-2019 Canadian built environment and sustainable transportation project Emily Marie Louise Bardutz CEN, NHS
6304-S001 10-01-2019 Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile BCK, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, ROE
6304 10-01-2019 Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile BCK, BCK_CEN, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
5077-S001 10-01-2019 Who moves? A longitudinal study of internal migration behaviour of recent Canadian immigrants Muhammad Murshed Chowdhury IMDB, LSIC
6306-S001 10-03-2019 Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCIA, BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
6306 10-03-2019 Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6282 10-03-2019 Residential schooling and the intergenerational impact on traditional activities and culture Yasmine Amirkhalkhali APS, Non-StatCan
6300 10-03-2019 The entanglement of food insecurity, gestational diabetes mellitus, and mental health: Examining pregnancy from a syndemic perspective Sarah Marie Frances Oresnik CCHS_Annual
6246 10-07-2019 Predicting MINI-KID diagnoses using machine learning Mateusz Marian Faltyn OCHS
6240 10-07-2019 Analyse interprovinciale de l'évolution de revenu médian des ménages entre 2006 et 2016 en tenant compte des effets de structure Yves Carrière CEN
6339 10-10-2019 The changing dynamics of parenthood in Canada Lisa Ann Strohschein GSS, GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF
6273 10-10-2019 Cannabis use prevalence, characteristics, patterns and correlation with socioeconomic status among Canadian users Atefeh Noori CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
6328 10-11-2019 LGB mental health in rural Canada Matthew Stackhouse CCHS_Annual
6202 10-15-2019 Request for having access to data from the Youth in Transition Survey and the National Graduates Survey Guy Morel Kossivi Amouzou Agbe NGS, YITS
6322 10-15-2019 No longer hidden in the cracks of federalism: Data and policy insights into higher education student migration in Canada Ebenezer Narh Non-StatCan, PSIS
6325 10-17-2019 Food literacy characteristics of Canadian adolescents: Predictive factors of healthy food behaviours and body mass index (BMI) Sophia Hannah Mattioli CCHS_RR
6287 10-17-2019 Access to CCHS (annual component and rapid response) surveys for gambling research Jennifer Williams CCHS_RR
6311 10-18-2019 The characteristics of Canadians who are at different risk of having a major depressive episode JianLi Wang NPHS
6296 10-18-2019 La mobilité des revenus aux seins des ménages de la classe moyenne Marie Connolly LAD
6298 10-22-2019 La formation structurée liée à l'emploi dans un contexte de transformation numérique et de pénurie de main-d'oeuvre : État de la situation Benoit Dostie LISA
6289 10-22-2019 A program of research to assess the relations between cannabis use and key morbidity and mortality outcomes in Canada Russell Callaghan CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, PCCF
6346 10-24-2019 Disability, preconception health, and maternal outcomes Hilary Brown CCHS_DAD
6352 10-24-2019 Residential contexts and the labour market outcomes of LGB immigrants Sagi Ramaj CEN, NHS
6288 10-25-2019 L'effet des particules en suspension et le degré de réussite académique d'enfants d'âge scolaire au Canada Alex Heroux Messier NLSCY, Non-StatCan
6269 10-25-2019 Impacts of migration and sex/gender on patterns of access to primary care in Canada Joseph Mwesigwa Ssendikaddiwa CCHS_Annual
6330 10-29-2019 Studying the association between Hepatitis C virus infection and diabetes with adjustment for misclassification errors Annshirley Aba Afful CHMS
3914-S018 10-29-2019 Non-medical use of prescription pain medication in a representative sample of adolescents from Ontario, Canada Tamara Lynn Taillieu OCHS
6327 10-30-2019 Canadian muslim demographics, discrimination, civic participation, and health Sarah Shah GSS, GSS_Social, GSS_Victimization
6301 10-31-2019 L'impact de l'exposition à long terme de particules fines sur le comportement de jeunes enfants Charles-Antoine Seguin NLSCY, Non-StatCan
6292 10-31-2019 The impact of after-hours premiums on emergency department utilization: A quasi-experimental study Michael Hong CCHS_NACRS
6260 11-01-2019 Parenting and dimensions of psychopathology in children and adolescents: A sibling analysis Madison Aitken OCHS
4926-S001 11-07-2019 Residential mobility and child outcomes: The impact of childhood migration on the educational attainment and mental health outcomes of children in Canada Ashley Calhoun CEN, NHS, NLSCY
6354 11-08-2019 Schooling and labour market outcomes of Ontario students Ross Finnie PSIS, PSIS_T1FF
5282-S002 11-12-2019 Profil de consommation des aliments ultra transformés (UTF) au Canada Fabiola Yadira Chatu Ramirez CCHS_Nutrition
6372 11-14-2019 Carbon pricing and energy poverty: The effect of environmental policy on households' ability to afford energy services Blake Shaffer SHS
6365 11-14-2019 Healthy immigrant effect: A policy perspective Mahsa Athari CCHS_Annual, IMDB
6294 11-14-2019 Examining socio-demographic predictors contributing to misuse of antibiotics in Canada: Implications for policy intervention to reduce antimicrobial resistance Colin S Bowbrick CCHS_RR
6362 11-14-2019 Addressing alcohol related harms among women in Canada Kathleen Sarah Lynne Gallant CCHS_Annual
6284 11-14-2019 Sexual Orientation and Health Disparities: Evidence from the 2014 to 2018 Canadian Community Health Survey Lei Chai CCHS_Annual
6345 11-15-2019 Aging at the intersection of gender and race: Understanding the health status of and inequalities among aging black Canadian women Nicoda Robertha Foster CCHS_Annual
5537-S001 11-15-2019 To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada Fariba Solati CEN, ERLF_LSIC, IMDB, NHS
6302 11-22-2019 Identifying factors associated with high cost acute care in Canada Mengmeng Zhang CEN, HSUS, NHS
6291 11-22-2019 Santé mentale et transition à la vie adulte : portrait des trajectoires familiales, scolaires et professionnelles des jeunes adultes Alexis Hieu Truong CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
4766-S005 11-25-2019 Stage at diagnosis and cancer survival inequalities in Canada Geetanjali Datta CEN, CEN_DAD, PCCF
5406-S002 11-26-2019 Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Roxane Perrin-Plouffe ICCS
6321 11-27-2019 Substance related acute care disparities by sexual orientations: Investigating the socio-environmental determinants of risk Celine Yongqing Teo CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF
6317 11-28-2019 Exploring physical activity among recent and established immigrants in Canada El Zahraa Majed CCHS_Annual, CHMS
6136 11-28-2019 Le cumul de vulnérabilité à la violence conjugale : L'expérience des femmes handicapées, aînées et immigrantes qui appartiennent à plus d'une de ces populations Nathalie Sasseville GSS_Victimization
6341 11-28-2019 A longitudinal population-based examination of comorbid relationships between posttraumatic stress disorder and physical health conditions among military personnel Renée El-Gabalawy CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6332 11-29-2019 Homegrown Views? Exploring Immigrant and Visible Minority Perceptions of Police in Canada Se Yun Maria Jung GSS_Victimization
6312 11-29-2019 West African-born immigrants living in the census metropolitan areas of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. Patience Adamu CEN, NHS
6427 12-05-2019 Government income transfer programs: Interactions between the social assistance and employment insurance Moyosore Sogaolu LAD
6363 12-05-2019 Maternal employment and adolescent outcomes Ehsan Latif NLSCY
6355 12-05-2019 Examining the sociodemographic trends in burden of hospitalizations for influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and other acute respiratory infections in Canada Sarah Buchan CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
6326 12-05-2019 Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) benefits: Who gets the maximum? Peter Kitchen LAD
6382 12-05-2019 Short- and long-term effect of natural disasters on individuals' well-being: Evidence from Canada Philippe Kabore LAD, Non-StatCan
6386 12-05-2019 Post-stroke impairment in quality of life and association with mortality Raed Ahmad Joundi CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS
3258-S005 12-05-2019 Marriage equality or socioeconomic inequality? Exploring same-sex marriage formation in Canada between 2006 and 2016 Chih-Lan (Winnie) Yang CEN, NHS
5406-S001 12-09-2019 Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Veronique Soucy ICCS
6370 12-10-2019 Understanding the fundamental determinants of Canada's opioid crisis Alexandra Blair CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CanCHEC
6252 12-10-2019 Impact of loneliness and social isolation on health system use in older adults Rachel Deanne D'Angelo (Savage) CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HA, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, PCCF
6387 12-16-2019 Birth outcomes according to parental place of birth Marcelo Luis Urquia VSD
6350 12-16-2019 The effects of division of domestic labour and childcare supports on fertility intentions and achieved fertility in Canada Leandra Lynn Pilon GSS, GSS_Education, GSS_Family
6349 12-16-2019 Fixing the migrant mismatch: What happens when firms value immigrants differently than governments, and how can this be mitigated? Jennifer Baggs WES
6499 12-16-2019 Decomposing the Carbon Clean-Up of Canadian Manufacturing Nouri Najjar GHG_ASM_NPRI
6369 12-17-2019 Transfer pathways among Northern Ontario colleges and universities David Jonathan Zarifa PSIS, PSIS_T1FF
6347 12-17-2019 The determinants and impacts of historical treaty making in Canada Margaret (Maggie) Jones APS, CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
6367 12-20-2019 Necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship in Canada Florence Neymotin LFS
6344 12-20-2019 Understanding secular trends of mental health service use reported by youth and emerging adults in Canada Thipiga Sivayoganathan CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
6422 12-23-2019 Income dynamics, marital stability, and mortality: Continued analysis of the LAD Byron Spencer LAD
6420 12-23-2019 Work-life balance among Canadian adults: Examining the association between participation in sporting activities and job satisfaction Risa (Lisa) Kaida GSS
6418 12-23-2019 Funding liquidity and wealthy hand-to-mouth Po Tat (Terry Ansel) Yip SFS
6445 12-27-2019 Occupational segregation and the gender wage gap: New evidence from skilled trades workers in Canada Tiffany Ng RAIS
6359 12-27-2019 Survival outcomes in the U.S. vs. Canada for patients with Hodgkin lymphoma before and after brentuximab vedotin approval for relapsed/refractory Disease Gwynivere Amber Davies CCR
6428 01-06-2020 Monitoring Canada's cannabis use and procurement trends Victoria Sytsma NCS
6385 01-06-2020 Intimate partner violence in Canada: Types, risks, and consequences Amy Peirone GSS_Victimization
6221-S001 01-06-2020 Long-term employment outcomes for children on social assistance in Canada Sana Amjad ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
6452 01-06-2020 Monitoring Canada's Cannabis trends: Changes in workplace use and impaired driving over time Victoria Sytsma NCS
6407 01-07-2020 Forest Fire Exposure and Long-term Health Among Canadians Jill Korsiak CCHS_Annual, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
6423 01-10-2020 La prévalence et la gestion du diabète de type 2 au Canada de 2007 à 2017 Alexis Marcotte-Chenard CHMS
6389 01-10-2020 Essais sur les conséquences socio-économiques de la robotisation et de l'intelligence artificielle: le cas du marché du travail et des politiques publiques Mahamat Podda Abouna CEN, CIS, IMDB, LFS, LISA, SHS, SLID
3985-S017 01-10-2020 Étude de l'âge de début des prestations de RRQ et de RPC Yann J.Y. Décarie LAD, LISA
6443 01-10-2020 Family caregiver mental health and well-being: Care regimes, intersectionality and the stress process Sean David Ashley Browning GSS, GSS_Care
6378 01-14-2020 The minimum wage and employment effects in Canada: Comparing cross border pairs Margaret (Maggie) Jones LFS, Non-StatCan
6415 01-14-2020 Creating typologies of residential property owners and residential properties  in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia Aynslie Meredith Hinds CHSP
6451 01-16-2020 Portrait des jeunes NEEF chez les 18-35 ans au Quebec Achille Kwamegni Kepnou GSS, GSS_Time_Use, LFS
6403 01-16-2020 Digital Divide Dynamics at the Residential Level in Southwestern Ontario Helen Hambly CHSP
6470 01-20-2020 Hypertension awareness, treatment, and control rates in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS
6368 01-20-2020 Dynamic socioeconomic microsimulation population model Yann J.Y. Décarie CEN, GSS_Family, IMDB, LAD, LFS, LISA, NHS, Non-StatCan, SLID
6340 01-24-2020 Evaluating the Economic Outcomes and Retention of Immigrants to the Atlantic Canada Yoko Yoshida CEN, IMDB, LAD, NHS, Non-StatCan
5491-S002 01-27-2020 Quantifying and mapping energy poverty in Canada Mylene Riva CEN, CHS, CHS_T1FF, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, PCCF, SHS
6441 01-28-2020 Mental health, mortality and suicidality in the Canadian household population Scott Patten CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS
6468 01-28-2020 Language of Choice at Work, Phoenix Pay System, and Employee Departure: The Case of the Canadian Federal Public Service Christopher Allan Cooper PSES
6469 01-30-2020 Illness-induced posttraumatic stress disorder among Canadian armed forces members and veterans Renée El-Gabalawy CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6453 01-30-2020 Property type, multiple residential property ownership, and immigrant status Jason Chang CHSP
6438 01-30-2020 Secondary to postsecondary pathways and outcomes of non-traditional students David Walters CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, TDSB
6444 02-03-2020 Disentangling the causes of income segregation in Windsor, ON & determining the willingness to pay to avoid pollution Andrea Nicole Craig CEN, Non-StatCan
5784 02-03-2020 Do renters benefit from environmental improvements? Patrick Baylis CEN, NHS, UCR
6497 02-03-2020 Homeownership, housing affordability and household location Meng Li CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
5360-S004 02-07-2020 Examining the unique and combined effects of exposure to various forms of child maltreatment for disordered eating behaviour in adolescents: A commonality analysis Melissa Sharon Kimber OCHS
3985-S019 02-07-2020 Le mélange des formes de travail à l'âge de la retraite : une étude pancanadienne des trajectoires professionnelles chez les Canadiens de plus de 50 ans Raquel Fonseca Benito LAD
6405 02-07-2020 La criminalité et la victimisation au niveau du quartier: conséquences pour la santé et la qualité de vie des populations marginalisées et vulnérables Carolyn Côté-Lussier CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, GSS, GSS_Victimization, UCR
6374 02-07-2020 Entre hospices et manoirs de l'âge d'or : le « bien vieillir » au Québec, 1921-1971 Aline Charles CEN
6257 02-07-2020 The associations of lifetime hallucinogen use with indices of mental health among Canadian adults Zachary Charles Phillip Walsh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
3955-S016 02-07-2020 Association of child maltreatment exposure and deployment-related traumatic events, with physical health conditions among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel: Results from the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
4215-S012 02-07-2020 Maîtrise des compétences et marché du travail canadien Marie Mélanie Fontaine LISA, PIAAC
6480 02-10-2020 Prospective risk of adolescent headache and the impact of childhood stress in a Canadian cohort Nicole Grace Hammond NLSCY
6421 02-11-2020 Measurement error and consumption inequality in Canada Brant Malcolm Abbott FAMEX, SHS
6373 02-11-2020 Internal Migration of Immigrants and Non-immigrants in Canada: Patterns and Determinants James Townsend LAD
6512 02-11-2020 Understanding the association between child maltreatment and intimate partner violence in Canada Douglas A. Brownridge SSPPS
6459 02-12-2020 A Mosaic of Mental Health Inequities: Canadian Disparities in Perceived Racial Discrimination, Mental Wellbeing, and Care Access Bertina Lou CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
6366 02-12-2020 Understanding Canadian Marginalization and its Relationship with Health Flora I. Matheson CCHS_Annual
6017 02-12-2020 Alone stage of retirement Lori J. Curtis CCHS_Annual, CEN, SHS
6472 02-12-2020 Residential mobility, education, and the labour market outcomes of Canadian youth Ashley Calhoun CEN, ERLF_NLSCY, NHS, NLSCY, YITS
6416 02-14-2020 Overdose prevention in rural British Columbia Taylor McKinney CTADS
6408 02-14-2020 Help-Seeking behaviour in migrant Youth for non-suicidal self-injury and suicidality Zeba Khoja OCHS
6417 02-17-2020 Intimate partner violence in Canadian territories and communities: Characteristics, prevalence rates, gendered differences, risk factors, and criminal justice system responses Ryan Sandrin GSS_Victimization
6393 02-17-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Supporting and encouraging training) Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCIA
6507 02-19-2020 Illuminating indigenous economic development Margaret (Maggie) Jones CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
6394 02-19-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Basic income and indigenous outcomes) Anke Sabine Kessler BCIA
6487 02-19-2020 Provincial exams and teacher discretion in grading Kelly E. Foley BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
6474 02-20-2020 Uptake of Cancer Screening Among Indigenous People with Disabilities Anita Benoit CCHS_Annual
6333 02-20-2020 Child Multimorbidity in Ontario Shannon Vaughan Reaume OCHS
6208 02-20-2020 Estimating and Mapping Urban Differences in Health Outcomes for Adults with Chronic Disease in Canada George C. Kephart HSUS, Non-StatCan, PCCF
5570-S001 02-20-2020 Does maintaining transnational financial ties benefit or harm immigrant mental health? Meng Yu LSIC
6462 02-24-2020 Understanding the role of social-economic inequality on deaths of despair risk in a Canadian context Roman Allan Pabayo CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
6376 02-24-2020 Comparison of same-sex and different-sex couples in household bargaining power and lifestyle Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CEN, CTADS, GSS, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, NHS
6460 02-26-2020 On the causal effect of horizontal education-job matching Jason G. Dean SLID
6479 02-27-2020 Indigenous education, skills and labour market outcomes research program – Future Skills Xavier St-Denis APS, APS_NIS, CEN, NHS
6475 02-27-2020 Social Defeat Stress Model and the Canadian Social Assistance System Shannan Peck CCHS_MH
6513 03-02-2020 The long run effects of age at school entry: New evidence from administrative records from Canada Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey LAD
6481 03-02-2020 Sexual minority wage gaps from an intersectional perspective in a Canadian context Shannon Victoria Tsing-Lam Mok CCHS_T1FF, CEN, CHS, NHS
6410 03-02-2020 Income and consumption dynamics in dense metropolitan areas: inequality, poverty, and segregation in Accra, London, and Vancouver Alicia Cavanaugh CEN, NHS
6449 03-02-2020 Involuntary contacts with the criminal justice system and intersecting sites of structural violence experienced by indigenous women in Canada Amy Malorie Alberton CEN, GSS, GSS_Victimization
6517 03-04-2020 Comparaisons ciblées des caractéristiques des naissances (enfant/parent) pour plusieurs cohortes Pierre Lefebvre VSD
6390 03-04-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Earnings and income variability) David Green BCIA, Non-StatCan
6538 03-05-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lindsay Melissa Tedds BCIA
6488 03-05-2020 Evaluating the impact of student loan subsidy programs on labour supply Jean-Francois Fournel CSLP, PSIS, RAIS
6437 03-05-2020 Trends in mental health, alcohol, and smoking-related disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual adults in Canada, 2003-2018 Travis James Salway CCHS_Annual
6402 03-05-2020 How self-esteem and mastery mediate the relationship between social stressors and depression: A longitudinal study with latent growth curve analysis Yingying Su NPHS
6250 03-05-2020 Le travail salarié en contexte Inuit : analyse comparative nord-sud Magalie Quintal-Marineau APS, APS_NIS, CEN, NHS
6483 03-06-2020 Migration to Rural Canada Eddy Rempel CEN, IMDB
6464 03-06-2020 Public sector earnings in Alberta by detailed occupation: How do these compare to the private sector? Richard Edmund Mueller LFS
6455 03-06-2020 Age-Specific Labour Market Transition in Canada Pierre R. Brochu LFS
6554 03-06-2020 Folic acid supplementation before pregnancy in women experiencing food insecurity Krista Wollny CCHS_Annual
6533 03-06-2020 Investigating the influence of immigrant source country and religion on public confidence in police Sam Ghebrai GSS_Victimization
6489 03-09-2020 Social Interactions and the Demand for Professional Financial Advice Nabil Afodjo CFCS
6425 03-09-2020 Comparison of dietary pattern, key nutrients intake and biomarkers, and health outcomes among the Chinese population living in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, immigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and the general Canadian population Xuefeng Hu CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
6501 03-10-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Impact of various alternatives policies on wage setting and inequality) Nicole Marie Fortin BCIA
6342 03-10-2020 Profils de sédentarité chez les personnes âgées canadiennes René Michel Maréchal CHMS
6542 03-11-2020 Occupational Mobility in Canada: Do Downturns Matter? Florence Neymotin LFS
6503 03-11-2020 Gender wage differential in Canada Nabia Ahmed NGS
6406 03-11-2020 Residential property ownership, rental housing supply, and the distribution of housing-based wealth and income in Canada Robert Alan Walks CHSP
6551 03-13-2020 Nutrition and dental diseases: An assessment of risk factors and outcomes Jessica Lieffers CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CHMS
6550 03-13-2020 Individual and neighbourhood-level factors associated with mental health services use and unmet needs in immigrant and refugee children in Ontario Sophiya Garasia OCHS
6549 03-13-2020 Trends in maternal influenza vaccination across Canada from 2000 to 2018 Natalie Visca Scime CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD
6536 03-13-2020 Indigenous Income Inequality in Canada Taylor Noriko Paul CEN, NHS
6465 03-13-2020 Trends in occupational segregation along the lines of gender, race, and immigrant status and its impact on earning gaps from 1991 to 2016 Risa (Lisa) Kaida CEN, LFS, NHS
6343 03-13-2020 Household Formation in Canada and the United States: Insights and Implications for Canada's National Housing Strategy Michael Haan CEN, IMDB, NHS
6527 03-13-2020 The changing nature of work Oliver Loertscher CEN, LFS, NHS
6599 04-16-2020 Distribution and Characteristics of Canadian- and Foreign-born Francophones in Ontario Brian Kelvin Ray CEN, Non-StatCan
6540 04-16-2020 Assessing the Unintended Consequences of LMIA policy on Temporary Foreign Workers Sihwa Kim IMDB
6508 04-16-2020 Are day-to-day changes in air pollution and weather associated with suicide? Paul Villeneuve CanCHEC
6456 04-16-2020 Understanding Employee Engagement in the Canadian Federal Public Service Isabelle Caron PSES
4099-S003 04-16-2020 Effective human resource management in a diverse workplace Alison Marie Konrad WES
6450 04-21-2020 The Health of Immigrant Parents in Canada: The Role of Their Children's Socioeconomic Achievement in Early Adulthood Michael Haan CEN_DAD, IMDB, IMDB_DAD
6584 04-29-2020 The prevalence and determinants of multimorbidity and the effect of multimorbidity on mortality in the Canadian population Xiang Xiao CCHS_CVSD
6575 04-29-2020 Early-Onset Disability, Financial Incentives, and Educational Investments Robert Millard LISA, Non-StatCan
6577 05-14-2020 Calcul des bases économiques des villes canadiennes Magali Elise Talandier CEN
6520 05-14-2020 Dreaming of a Brighter Future? The Impact of Economic Vulnerability on University Aspirations Barry M. R. Watson NLSCY, Non-StatCan
6578 05-21-2020 Injury risks among Canadian bicycling and walking commuters in the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) Anne (Margaret) Harris CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
6564 06-01-2020 Fibromyalgia: An exploration of the sex-specific association between urinary phthalate biomarkers and fibromyalgia Ameera (Amira) Aker CHMS
6644 06-05-2020 Research on Covid-19 Audra Bowlus LFS, Non-StatCan
6607 06-11-2020 Assessing tax implications for special education recipients in British Columbia Jennifer Zwicker BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
6580 06-18-2020 Neighbourhood environments as a social determinant of physical and mental health outcomes among the community-dwelling population Neeru Gupta CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_RR, Non-StatCan
6591 06-19-2020 Does express entry change anything?: Policy change and immigrant integration outcomes in the Canadian context Rupa Banerjee IMDB
6636 06-19-2020 Gender pay gaps in the health professions: do health systems reflect the social inequalities they are meant to address? Neeru Gupta CEN, LFS, NGS
6641 06-19-2020 Take up and targeting of income transfer programs Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs LAD, Non-StatCan, OAS, PCCF
6534 06-26-2020 The impact of the minimum wage on higher education Diana Alessandrini GSS_Time_Use, SLID
6633 06-26-2020 Social and cultural norms and the elasticity of taxable income: Evidence from Canadian economic immigrants. Kuot Daniel Manyang GSS, GSS_Social, IMDB, LAD, Non-StatCan
6600 06-29-2020 The characteristics and earnings of physicians in Ontario and Canada Boris Kralj CEN
6176-S001 07-06-2020 Investigating the health differences between atheists and non-atheists in a representative Canadian sample David Speed CCHS_Annual, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_Time_Use
6516 07-08-2020 Perceptions de justice au travail Stéphane Alexandre Moulin GSS
6586 07-08-2020 Le surendettement parmi les ménages québécois Maude Pugliese CFCS, SFS
6661 07-08-2020 Differential longevity and redistribution: evidence and policy implications Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs LAD
3985-S018 07-09-2020 Intergenerational transmission of saving propensity: new insights from Canadian tax data and policy changes Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain IID, Non-StatCan
6579 07-14-2020 A renewed study on charitable giving among Canadians Tak Yan (Alan) Chan SHS
6569 07-14-2020 Examining the association between childhood adversities and risk of hospitalization among Canadian adults: a retrospective cohort study Asmita Bhattarai CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
6610 07-15-2020 Long run evolution of height and weight of Canadians Kris Inwood CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CHMS, CHS, GSS_Health, NPHS
6571 07-15-2020 Temporal trends in compliance with 24-hour movement guidelines among Canadians: Results from the Canadian Health Measures Survey Andrew Scott Rollo CHMS
6611 07-15-2020 Social Networks and Occupational Choice of Immigrants in Canada Xiner Xu CEN, IMDB, NHS
6537 07-21-2020 Estimation d'effets hétérogènes dans le projet d'autosuffisance Philip Merrigan SSP
6510 07-22-2020 The relationship between neighbourhood level and family level factors and child sleep problems Katarina Nancy Ada McKenzie CEN, OCHS, UCR
6663 07-22-2020 Intergenerational effects of parental job loss: dynamics throughout childhood James Uguccioni IID, LFS, Non-StatCan
6652 07-22-2020 Body mass index and depressive symptoms in childhood and adolescence: a family approach Florence Diane Debora Perquier OCHS
6608 07-24-2020 Informal Caregiving and Health Outcomes in Canada Samantha Skinner GSS, GSS_Care
6624 07-24-2020 The association between parental history of early adversity, youth reports of child maltreatment, proximal risk factors, and youth mental health outcomes Andrea Gonzalez OCHS
6646 07-24-2020 The impact of source country gender norms on immigrants’ post-settlement experiences in Canada Max Stick EDS, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_T1FF
6626 07-24-2020 Modelling the influence of early socio-economic background on PSE graduates' earnings in Ontario Ross Finnie PSIS
6616 07-27-2020 A longitudinal examination of the impact of neighbourhood-level effects on the economic mobility of immigrants Risa (Lisa) Kaida IMDB, Non-StatCan
6530 07-27-2020 What are the determinants of an innovative culture in public sector organizations Rohit Madan PSES
6318 07-27-2020 Muscle-bone interactions in Canadians: a national, population-based study Jinhui Ma CHMS
3865-R002 07-28-2020 Renter residential mobility through bad times and good Jason G. Dean SLID
5537-S002 07-30-2020 Female Labour Force Participation of Immigrants in Canada: The Case of Latin American and Caribbean Women Fariba Solati CEN, NHS
6668 08-04-2020 Non-conventional and transfer pathways in postsecondary education: Statistical portrait and evaluation of labour market outcomes Xavier St-Denis LISA
6541 08-13-2020 What keeps women in STEM? Can family-related policy and bargaining power play a role? Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski CEN, LFS, SLID
6596 08-13-2020 Proposal to participate in the ICARE-IMDB linked data plot project Michael Haan IMDB
6645 08-13-2020 Psychopathology in aboriginal youth living in Canada Sawayra Owais ACS, NLSCY
6637 08-13-2020 Inequality of mortality in Canada - an update Michael Baker CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
6615 08-13-2020 Explaining educational achievement among indigenous individuals: How important is a culturally-relevant curriculum and social influences? Melanie O'Gorman APS
6612 08-18-2020 Language training and the economic success of immigrants: Evidence from Canada Miguel Cardoso IMDB, LSIC
6568 08-18-2020 Composition sociodemographique et environnement social des quartiers Mathieu Philibert CEN, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, NHS
6655 08-18-2020 Le capital social comme déterminant de la santé mentale dans la population immigrante au Canada Etienne Rousseau CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
6466 08-21-2020 Air pollution and perinatal death Nusrat Jahan VSD
6653 08-31-2020 Clinical predictors of treatment-seeking for posttraumatic stress disorder among Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans Ryan Murray CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6675 09-02-2020 Do tax-free savings accounts serve as buffer-stocks for Canadians? Brant Malcolm Abbott LAD, Non-StatCan, SFS, SHS
6674 09-03-2020 The Effect of Universal Child Care on Employee Productivity and Firm Performance Sheng-Jun Xu LEAP, LWF, LWF_T2_LEAP_T1FF
6391 09-07-2020 Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Well-being and educational outcomes of children under different alternatives) Mark Bernard Stabile BCIA
6585 09-08-2020 Green Skills and Climate Policy: Evidence from British Columbia’s Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax   LFS
6436 09-08-2020 Getting more satisfied or distressed? Pan-Canadian comparison of life satisfaction and distress from 2000 to 2018: Does social support influence the trend in life satisfaction? Xiangfei Meng CCHS_Annual
6706 09-08-2020 Health effects of vaping among youth: evidence from quasi-experimental analyses Hai Nguyen CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS
6714 09-08-2020 The rise of big city hockey players and its implication for diversity in the National Hockey League Risa (Lisa) Kaida CEN, NHS
6643 09-08-2020 Struck down early? The impact of the Saskatchewan doctors strike on long run health. Stephenson Baines Strobel CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, VSD
6679 09-11-2020 Carbon footprint of Canadian self-selected diets and dietary patterns: Associations with nutrient intakes, diet quality, and demographics Olivia Kathleen Auclair CCHS_Nutrition
6595 09-15-2020 An investigation of employment-related service use and earnings among immigrants in Canada Sonja Senthanar IMDB
6671 09-15-2020 Estimating the Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure Roy Brouwer DKWP
6625 09-15-2020 Schooling and labour market outcomes of Ontario students, Phase II Ross Finnie Non-StatCan, PSIS
3955-S018 09-15-2020 Common mental disorder diagnosis and need for treatment among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel: A longitudinal analysis of the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6338-S001 09-17-2020 The differential impact of interrelated health determinants on high-risk sexual behavior, HIV testing behavior, new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses, and new HIV diagnoses among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) Viviane Dias Lima CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS
6072 09-17-2020 The Labour Market Risks of Entrepreneurship Gueorgui  T. Kambourov CEEDD
6676 09-21-2020 The socio-economic profile of food bank users and the likelihood of food bank use Martin D. Dooley CEN
6669 09-22-2020 Patterns and correlates of multimorbidity among migrants to Canada Tasneem Lalva IMDB
6471 09-24-2020 Do Home Energy Retrofit Programs Reduce Household Energy Consumption? Evidence from Canada. Samuel Faye Gamtessa HES
3955-S017 09-24-2020 Evaluating the relationship between moral injury and chronic physical illness among members of the Canadian Armed Forces Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6463 09-28-2020 Survival following ICD pulse generator replacement at end of battery life in Canada: An age and sex-based analysis Krystina Lewis-Nery CVSD_OMHRS, DAD_CVSD, NACRS_CVSD, OMHRS_CVSD
6687 09-29-2020 Investigating domestic violence in the Canadian Coroner and Medical Examiner Database (CCMED) Myrna Faye Dawson Non-StatCan
6685 09-29-2020 Multilevel analyses of child health inequalities in Canada: evidence of variability in outcomes and access by socio-economic and demographic characteristics Katholiki Georgiades CHSCY, OCHS
6544 09-30-2020 Influence des médias et réseaux sociaux sur la dynamique familiale et la fécondité des immigrantes d’Afrique sub-Saharienne au Canada Visseho Adjiwanou CEN, CIUS, GSS, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_T1FF, IMDB, LSIC, NHS
6505 09-30-2020 Understanding the health disparities among marginalized groups in the Niagara Region Celine Yongqing Teo CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS
6109-S001 09-30-2020 Modélisation des effectifs dans les secteurs de la santé et l'education Catherine Maredith Haeck CEN, PSIS, RAIS
6694 09-30-2020 Wage gaps, poverty and educational outcomes in Canada from 1931 to 1951 Jason G. Dean CEN
6686 09-30-2020 Brain drain/gain in Canada Fariba Solati CEN, ERLF_YITS, LAD, NGS, NHS, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF, YITS
6684 09-30-2020 Brain drain/gain in Atlantic Canada Fariba Solati CEN, ERLF_YITS, LAD, NGS, NHS, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF
6432 10-02-2020 Développement d'outils de planification pour le transport adapté basé sur l'utilisation des données d'enquête sur les limitations de Statistique Canada Camille Garnier CSD, HALS, PALS
6618 10-05-2020 Police-citizen relations in rural and remote communities: a comparative study Jean-Denis David GSS, GSS_Victimization, Non-StatCan
6682 10-09-2020 Financing and growth strategies among small and medium enterprises Nicolas Legendre SFGSME, SFSME
6411 10-14-2020 Balance supply of housing node of the collaborative housing research network Craig E Jones CHSP
6688 10-16-2020 Immigration to Canada, social security agreements, retirement and international mobility James Stutely IMDB, LAD
6594 10-19-2020 The role of settlement srvices and the economic integration of immigrants in Canada Mutlu Yuksel IMDB
6447 10-19-2020 Inequalities in Poverty Indicators, Mental Health Outcomes, Physical Health Outcomes, and Mortality by Sexual Orientation in Canada: An Intersectional Analysis Mostafa Shokoohi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD
6720 10-19-2020 Core housing need and mortality in Canada: a population-based retrospective cohort study Gum-Ryeong Park CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
6703 10-19-2020 An investigation of the association between access to a regular health care provider, unmet health care needs, health care usage, and well-being Margaret Holland CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CSEPHC
3955-S020 10-23-2020 Prevalence and Predictors of Anxiety Disorders in Regular Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A Nationally Representative, 16-Year Follow-up Study Lily Pankratz CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6692 10-23-2020 Understanding Inequalities in Lung Cancer Care and Outcomes in Canada Samia Qureshi CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF
6712 10-27-2020 The evolution of work in the COVID era Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, LFS, NHS
6707 10-27-2020 Dietary patterns of Canadian ethnic populations and associated risk for chronic diseases Adelaide Buadu CCHS_Nutrition
6506 10-28-2020 Migration research map of Canada David Pinelle CEN, IMDB, NHS
6648 10-28-2020 Immigrant satisfaction in Canada Frances Woolley CCHS_Annual, IMDB
6639 10-28-2020 Exposure to green space and alcohol and marijuana use Evan Ronald Wiley CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6747 11-01-2020 Urban neighbourhood walkability and its association with health-related fitness in the Canadian adult population Levi Frehlich CHMS, Non-StatCan
6634 11-02-2020 EpiOntario - greenness, environment, and health outcomes Yina Shan CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_HIST_PC, Non-StatCan
6629 11-02-2020 Use of settlement services and labour market outcomes of non-permanent migrants in urban Canada: A comparative study Marshia Tashmim Akbar IMDB
6605 11-03-2020 First Births, Employment Mobility and the Gender Gap in Economic Outcomes in Canada Dionne Pohler CCHS_Annual, CEEDD, CHMS, WES
6581 11-04-2020 The effect of depression and stress on Canadians well being Anfal Adawi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, NPHS
6638 11-04-2020 Investing in the future? Debt, mobility, and post-secondary education in Ontario Cynthia Spring IMDB, NGS, PSIS
3955-S019 11-08-2020 Prevalence and Longitudinal Risk Factors for Alcohol-Related Interactions with Police: An Analysis of the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6440 11-12-2020 Buffering the impact of childhood maltreatment on the development of major depression, generalized anxiety and suicide ideation in adolescence and adulthood: do coping strategies and social support make a difference? A sex/gender stratified analysis Dr. Carl D'Arcy CCHS_MH
6435 11-12-2020 Investigating the Cost and Correlates of a Healthy Diet in Canada Catherine Ling Mah CCHS_Nutrition
6433 11-12-2020 Effects of cigarette smoking on all-cause mortality among community-dwelling individuals with depression Dr. Carl D'Arcy CCHS_CVSD
6729 11-12-2020 Labour market transition and returns to former international and immigrant students in Canada. Peace Onyinyechi Godwin NGS
6667 11-12-2020 The intergenerational transmission of income in young adulthood : A life course perspective on the accumulation of disadvantage Xavier St-Denis IID, LISA, YITS
6498 11-16-2020 Rétention des migrants au Canada : combien repartent et qui sont-ils? Yacine Boujija IMDB
6746 11-16-2020 Relationships between sedentary time, excess sleep, poor vascular risk control, and stroke: a study of CCHS sharelink and CHMS data Raed Ahmad Joundi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF, CHMS
6704 11-16-2020 Sexual orientation and the Canadian labour market: new insights from administrative data Nicole Denier LAD
6693 11-16-2020 Examining predictors of mental health service use among youth in Ontario: a machine learning exercise Seyed Mahdis Kamali OCHS
6662 11-16-2020 Analyse des écarts de performance, de réussite et de diplomation entre filles et garçons basée sur l'analyse de jumeaux dizygotes Catherine Maredith Haeck IID
6678 11-17-2020 Controlling owners’ diversification and labor income risk insurance Jan Bena CEEDD, EIRD
6691 11-19-2020 Assessment of IRCC settlement service impacts - advanced data analytics and evaluation Taylor Shek-wai Hui IMDB
6733 11-23-2020 Entrepreneurial Choice in the Presence of Secondary Markets Zachary Mahone CEEDD, NALMF
6574 11-24-2020 Youth Delinquency and Mental Health in Ontario Alexander Luther OCHS
6780 11-24-2020 The relationship between traumatic brain injuries and the mental and physical health of active duty and veterans soldiers: results from the Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Survey Meredith Jayne Seager CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6711 11-25-2020 Social relationships and peer victimization among immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized groups: prevalence, risk and protective factors against mental health and academic problems. Irene Vitoroulis OCHS
5916 11-25-2020 Employment outcomes, post-migration lifestyles, and well-being of immigrants Eunjeong(Eugene) Kwon GSS
6776 11-30-2020 Change over time in the stability of jobs in Canada during periods of economic growth and recessions Xavier St-Denis LFS, LWF
6772 11-30-2020 Factors associated with initiating Cannabis use after legalization Vahid Ashoorion Joozdani NCS
6775 11-30-2020 Analysis of income trends in Canadian breast cancer survivors using autoregressive longitudinal models Lisa McQuarrie LSTD_CCR
6773 11-30-2020 Evaluating the impact of government-led nutrient profile models on preventable mortality and morbidity Adelia Claire Jacobs CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
6745 11-30-2020 Exploring intersectional predictors to mental healthcare access in ethnoracial and sexual orientation minority groups Siu Chong Samson Lucas Tse CCHS_Annual
6740 11-30-2020 Assessing the promise and performance of agencies in the Government of Canada Carey Doberstein PSES
6709 11-30-2020 Vaping and asthma in youths and young adults: a population-based study on the effects of vaping using the Canadian health measures survey Manha Teresa To CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CHMS, CHMS_CVSD, CHMS_DAD, Non-StatCan
6631 12-02-2020 Labour market integration: IEHP Tanvir Turin Chowdhury IMDB
6800 12-08-2020 Behavioral responses to dividend taxation in Canada: Evidence from the 2006 tax reform Ae Jin Kim LAD, SFS
3955-S022 12-14-2020 Child Maltreatment and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the Canadian Armed Forces: Risk Factors, Comorbidities, Clinical Presentations, and Functional Impairments Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6477 12-15-2020 Child benefits and consumption: Bargaining power vs labelling Krishna Pendakur SHS
6609 12-17-2020 Changes in ethnic inequality in Canada 1986 to 2021 Ravi Shankar Pendakur CEN, GSS, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, NHS
6547 12-17-2020 Employment, income, and benefits and income supports after stroke in Ontario, Canada. Patrick Kin Yee Duong LAD
6785 12-17-2020 Non-Cognitive Skills and Labour Market Outcomes in Canada Ross Finnie LISA, PIAAC
6791 12-17-2020 Recycling higher education: the labour market returns to multicredentialism Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey NGS
6819 12-21-2020 Associations between new Canadian retail food outlet access measures, diet and clinically measured health outcomes Andrew Stevenson CCHS_Nutrition, CHMS, Non-StatCan
6799 12-21-2020 Research on labour market impacts of the temporary foreign worker program Miguel Cardoso CEEDD
6710 12-22-2020 Impact of parental leave reforms on maternal labour supply and children’s long-run outcomes Katherine Maria Fairley BCK, LFS, VSD
6482 12-23-2020 Effects of insecticide exposures on obesity in Canadians Nicholas Parmand Cheta CHMS
6476 12-23-2020 Modelling government incentives for innovation in Canada Michael Baker GIFI, LFE, USPTO
6753 12-23-2020 Universite du Quebec a Montreal / Institut national de la recherche scientifique Marie Connolly LAD, PSIS, RAIS
6806 12-23-2020 Age modification of risk factors associated with depressive symptoms: testing the dual vulnerability model Aysha Lukmanji CCHS_Annual
6756 12-23-2020 Decrire les differences geographique dans la mobilite intergenerationelle au Quebec et en comprendre les determinants Marie Connolly CEN, IID
6788 12-29-2020 Contemporary survival trends of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients in Canada Md Alomgir Hossain CVSD_OMHRS
6529 01-11-2021 Analysing gender inequality in the Canadian Labour Market Patrick Vusumuzi Ndlovu GSS, LFS, LISA
5126-S010 01-18-2021 Practice of vegetarian diet in Canada and its contribution to diet quality and association with chronic disease incidence Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
6849 01-19-2021 The use of 2015 Census data and Labour Force Survey data 2015 to present to support a project on the impact of COVID-19 and COVID-19 containment strategies on socio-economic health disparities in Ontario Michael Wolfson CEN, LFS, Non-StatCan
6765 01-19-2021 Economic consequences of cancer in Canadian adolescents and young adults: a national population-based study Giancarlo Di Giuseppe CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_T1FF
6715 01-19-2021 L’endettement etudiant au Quebec: qui sont les etudiants endettes? Émile Fiset NGS
3952-R001 01-25-2021 Tax-free savings accounts: who uses them and how Adam Lavecchia LAD, Non-StatCan, SFS
6769 01-25-2021 Well-being of migrants in the labour market Risa (Lisa) Kaida CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, IMDB
6766 01-25-2021 Worker displacement and children’s human capital production Aly Farhad Somani BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, BCK_parent_CEN, CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS, ROE
6743 01-25-2021 Identifiying the optimal time to physician initial assessment in the emergency department Rahim A. Valani NACRS_CVSD
6737 01-26-2021 Immigration policy, labour market outcomes and family reunification Jennifer Frimpong LAD
6680 01-27-2021 Social determinants of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual suicidality in Canada Antony Wai Ho Chum CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CEN, NHS
6192 01-28-2021 Improved delivery of respiratory health care services using a metabolomic approach Darryl Adamko CHMS
6839 01-30-2021 Factors affecting suicidal thoughts and attempts in Indigenous people: Evidence from the APS, 2017 Anthony Elsom APS, APS_NIS
6770 02-01-2021 Top income earners and the gender divide among immigrants and natives Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CEN, LAD, Non-StatCan
6642 02-01-2021 The effect of age at immigration on refugees’ assimilation and social homogamy Zahra Espanani GSS_Social, IMDB, LSIC
6836 02-04-2021 The impact of child benefit policy on Indigenous populations’ health in Canada Min Hu APS, CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF, CEN
6840 02-04-2021 Racial inequalities in birth outcomes among immigrant women in Canada Erin Hetherington CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, VSD
6830 02-04-2021 Factors related to self-reported general and mental health, chronic conditions, and health care use among the Canadian population and vulnerable sub-populations Piotr Wilk CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition
5652-S001 02-04-2021 Association of dietary patterns with cardiovascular disease outcomes at a national level in Canada Svilena Lazarova CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_Nutrition
6767 02-04-2021 Intentions et conditions en regard à la prise de la retraite et conditions à la retraite Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve LISA
6754 02-04-2021 An analysis of the labour market for transportation workers Herbert Emery CEN, CIS, LFS, NHS
6430 02-09-2021 Portrait statistique de l’utilisation d’Internet au Québec : À partir des données de l’Enquête canadienne sur l’utilisation d’Internet 2018 Genevieve Renaud CIUS
6824 02-09-2021 Housing needs and challenges for rural and urban (off-reserve) Indigenous peoples Derek Rice APS, CCHS_Annual, CEN
6587 02-10-2021 Community profiles in New Brunswick of risk factors for alzheimer’s disease and related dementia Sandra Melissa Afonso Magalhaes CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHMS, CSD, CTADS, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, HES, HSAS, NHS
6868 02-10-2021 The social determinants shaping longitudinal mental health outcomes among visible minority immigrants across Canada Salam Zoha CCHS_Annual
6827 02-10-2021 Analysis of intimate partner violence data from the 2018 survey of safety in public and private spaces Claudia Nadine Wathen SSPPS
6822 02-10-2021 The gender, health and well-being of caregiver-employees in Canada Allison M. Williams GSS, GSS_Care
6774 02-11-2021 The impact of registered Indian status on educational attainment, employment, labour force participation, and income Drake Thomas Rushford APS, CEN
6781 02-13-2021 Les immigrants, boosters d’innovations dans les pays d’accueil ? - L’experience canadienne Nong Zhu CEEDD
6796 02-16-2021 Permanent Residence and Labor Market Outcome Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IMDB, LAD
6803 02-18-2021 Associations between race/ethnicity and diabetes-related adverse outcomes: are they explained by socioeconomic factors David John Thomas Campbell CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF
6874 02-22-2021 Stratification sociale, repartition des taches et activites culturelles au Canada Stéphane Alexandre Moulin GSS
6755 02-22-2021 Genre et reproduction sociale : etude des determinants de la mobilite sociale et leurs interactions avec la question du genre au Canada Philippe Gendron IID, LISA
6708 02-22-2021 Biopsychosocial determinants of chronic pain in Canadian military veterans Jeremiah N Buhler CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6852 02-23-2021 Homeownership and fertility in Canada Gabrielle Juteau CHS
6835 02-23-2021 Remittance practices of Iranian immigrants in Canada Leili Yousefi SIMT
6831 02-23-2021 Identifying industry, workplace and individual factors associated with risk of work-related COVID-19 infection Peter Matthew Smith CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, LFS, LISA, Non-StatCan
6821 02-23-2021 Family context and the intergenerational persistence of health inequality Andrea Willson NLSCY
6815 02-23-2021 Peer effects and program take-up Philippe D'astous CEEDD
6762 02-25-2021 Building the evidence base about economic, health, and social inequities faced by LGBTQ2 individuals in Canada Barbara (Basia) Pakula CCHS_Annual, CCHS_T1FF
6760 02-25-2021 The well-being of older immigrants in Canada: Examining the role of immigrant admission classes on life satisfaction in later life Sara Morassaei CCHS_HA
5094-S001 03-02-2021 An extension study of Future to Discover pilot project using linked administrative data Taylor Shek-wai Hui FTD, FTD_T1FF, PSIS, RAIS
6828 03-02-2021 The impact of the built environment on incidence of obesity, chronic diseases and health status in Canada Sisira Sarma CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHMS, NPHS
6778 03-02-2021 Estimating transition probabilities of overweight and obesity in the Canadian adult population Stella Lartey CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HA, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF
6725 03-02-2021 Plant-based dietary patterns and nutritional adequacy among Canadians: analysis of the 2015 CCHS-Nutrition Sarah Elizabeth Jarvis CCHS_Nutrition
6731 03-03-2021 Femmes immigrantes et planification familiale : developpement de connaissances en vue d'ameliorer l'acces aux ressources et l'adequation des pratiques Audrey Gonin CCHS_Annual
6843 03-04-2021 Investigating the relationship between environmental xenoestrogen mixtures and reproductive hormones in Canadians Annie Duchesne CHMS
3274-R001 03-05-2021 On the Effectiveness of Provincial Graduate Retention Tax Credit Programs Matthew Webb LAD, LFS, Non-StatCan, SLID
6786 03-10-2021 Crowding-in or crowding-out? Analysis of innovation government support for firms located in Canada Claudia De Fuentes CEEDD
6899 03-13-2021 Migrant Maternal and Infant Morbidity and Mortality (MMIMM) project Zoua Vang Non-StatCan
6807 03-13-2021 Effet de la pandemie de COVID-19 sur l’emploi et la sante psychologique des jeunes travailleurs quebecois Edouard Boutin LFS
6732 03-15-2021 Generation of Reference Intervals for Neurological Biomarker Analyses Cheryl Wellington CHMS
6809 03-16-2021 Indigenous housing issues and health in Canada Hee Young (Kate) Choi CEN, CHS
6905 03-22-2021 OLIP Data Partner Liaison Pilot Project Georgina Concha Chuatico CCR, CEN, CEN_DAD, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, DAD_IMDB, IMDB, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
6735 03-22-2021 Examining the impact of Quebec’s “supplement to the work premium” on low-income transitions into employment Charles Albert Plante CIS, ERLF_SLID, LAD, SCF, SLID
6044-S001 03-23-2021 Employment, education and assistive technology outcomes of Canadians with vision loss Shikha Gupta CEN
6841 03-23-2021 Understanding forced moves captured in the Canadian Housing Survey Craig E Jones CHS
6783 03-23-2021 Exploring Hispanic paradoxical and barrio advantage theories under conditions of universal health care: secondary analytic expositions of contextualized resiliencies and vulnerabilities Keren Escobar CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_HIST_PC
6867 03-25-2021 Indigenous students access to post-secondary education in British Columbia Ross Finnie BCK, BCK_T1FF, PSIS, RAIS
6736 03-25-2021 Secondary migration and economic outcomes: evidence among native and immigration children Jennifer Frimpong IMDB
6565 03-28-2021 Cannabis surveys in Canada David Hammond APS, APS_NIS, CTADS, CTNS, NCS
5345-S001 03-28-2021 La contribution prospective du sport et des loisirs actifs a l’ajustement scolaire et psycho-social de l’eleve a la maternelle jusqu’a la fin des etudes secondaires Linda Pagani NLSCY
4433-S003 03-28-2021 Les déterminants socioéconomiques des changements dans la distribution des décès selon l'âge, le sexe et la cause au Canada Vanesa Sucharczuk CanCHEC
6892 03-28-2021 Financial, labour and housing stress: Associations with mental and physical health in the Indigenous Population of Canada Helen Cerigo APS
6719-S001 03-28-2021 The relationship between cannabis use and the use of mental health care services in Canada Katerina Pappas CCHS_Annual
4200-S007-R001 03-31-2021 Does the availability of post secondary funding incentivize students to complete high school? The effectiveness of Aboriginal and First Nations related education policy in Canada Margaret (Maggie) Jones APS, CEN, Non-StatCan, UCR
6861 03-31-2021 Perte de l’avantage de sante des immigrants au Canada avec la duree de residence : le role de l’acces et de l'utilisation des soins de sante Zranwieu Rebecca Koyé Nabrissa Meango IMDB
6891 03-31-2021 Data validation: 2016 Canadian Birth Census Cohort (CanBCC) Seungmi Yang CanBCC, Non-StatCan
6878 03-31-2021 Immigrant care workers in Canada: transitions, trajectories, and intersectional inequalities Naomi Lightman IMDB
6909 03-31-2021 The places we’ll go: immigrant recruitment and retention in rural Canada Lindsay Finlay CEN, IMDB, NHS
6784 03-31-2021 Parenting, interparental conflict, and parent and child well-being in families with mixed and non-mixed ethnocultural backgrounds Hali Kil NLSCY
6782 03-31-2021 L’immigration en soutien des campagnes - Quelle attractivite? Quels effets sur la recomposition socio-demographique des territoires ruraux? Nong Zhu CEN, NHS
6734 04-08-2021 Exploring the determinants of health inequalities in vital statistics death data in Canada Charles Albert Plante CEN, CanCHEC, LAD, NHS, VSD
6730 04-11-2021 Corporate concentration, investment, and labour demand Seok Min (Terry) Moon CEEDD
6927 04-13-2021 Education, training, and income inequality in Canada Thomas Palmer WES
6881 04-14-2021 The effects of economic conditions and immigration policy changes on international students in Canada Phuong Minh Vu IMDB
6911 04-14-2021 Democratic capital? Pre-migration experience, cross-border activity, and immigrant’s naturalization and political participation in Canada Ka U Ng EDS
6863 04-14-2021 Estimating economic contribution of the digitization of work in Canada Viet Hoa Vu CEN, NHS
6848 04-14-2021 Effects of cannabis legalization on youth cannabis use Hai Nguyen CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS, NCS
6883 04-14-2021 Air pollution and mental health Nusrat Jahan CCHS_MH
6903 04-18-2021 Average tax rates in Canada Kevin Milligan LAD
6941 04-18-2021 Suicidal ideation and attempt among sexual minority and transgender youth In Canada Ian Richard Colman CHSCY
6777 04-18-2021 Short and long-term income of cancer survivors in Canada – Population-based analysis using data linkage at Statistics Canada Derived Record Depository (DRD) Lisa McQuarrie LSTD_CCR, PCCF
6928 04-19-2021 Health shocks and labour market outcomes of couple families: the role of social and supplemental insurance Sergei Filiasov CCHS_T1FF
6865 04-19-2021 Stock market effect on RRSP and TFSA net contributions Harjot Singh Mehmi LAD
6949 04-22-2021 Career readiness in the pandemic Pierre Lefebvre ERLF_YITS, YITS
6944 04-22-2021 An in-depth analysis of medical practitioner’s economic outcomes: evidence among immigrants in Canada Jennifer Frimpong LAD
6931 04-22-2021 Understanding the relationship between parental work schedules and obesity in children Jennifer Stewart CHMS, NLSCY, SYC
6923 04-22-2021 Survey sampling weight calculation: Cross-sectional weights using CLSA datasets Lauren Griffith CEN
6922 04-22-2021 A comparison of hospitalization and ambulatory care experiences of pediatric asthma patients in rural and non-rural areas of Canada Amy Klepetar CanCHEC
6932 04-22-2021 The changing relationship between parental education and children’s attainment Stephen Sartor LISA
6938 04-22-2021 Les valeurs socioéconomiques des langues au Québec (2015) Daniel Allen-Martin CEN
6935 04-27-2021 Understanding neighbourhood factors contributing to risk and resilience for child mental health among children with low income Anne Elizabeth Fuller OCHS
6908 04-27-2021 Measuring racial disparities in access to healthcare in Canada Samuel Seshadri APS, CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6901 04-27-2021 Integration au marche du travail selon le domaine d’etude des etudiants internationaux Frédérick Hallé-Rochon NGS
6886 04-27-2021 Effets des pensionnats autochtones sur la sante et le statut socio-economique Maude Laberge APS
6748 04-27-2021 Health technology use among seniors in Canada Elizabeth Wu CHSS
6933 05-03-2021 On-the-job education and economic shocks Miguel Pascuel Plotkin CSLP, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
6837 05-03-2021 Assessing exposure to air pollution and non-lung cancers in Canada Cheryl Peters CCHS_Annual, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
6666 05-06-2021 Individual and neighbourhood measures of socioeconomic deprivation, stage at diagnosis and survival among patients with colorectal cancers in Canada Laura Ellen Davis CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
6920 05-08-2021 Immigrant remittances and foreign aid: Canada and the migration/development nexus Risa (Lisa) Kaida SIMT
6876 05-08-2021 Cigarette tax evasion in Canada: implications for tobacco control Godefroy Emmanuel Guindon CCHS_Annual, CHMS, CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS
6832 05-08-2021 Housing conditions and health outcomes among the Métis population in Canada, 2017 Yanling Guo APS
6829 05-08-2021 Disparities in paid and unpaid caregiving in Canada Naomi Lightman CEN, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education
6793 05-08-2021 Air quality and heat-related health impacts of increasing greenery areas- the case study of Greater Toronto Area Jeffrey Shawn Wilson CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, VSD
6493 05-11-2021 Planning tools to inform interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations across Canada Laura C. Rosella CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, PCCF, VSD
6067-S001 05-12-2021 Using decision tree machine learning to identify worker movement typologies Aviroop Biswas CHMS
6872 05-12-2021 Education trajectories and effects on labour market outcomes of women, minorities, and members of the LGB community: evidence from the education and labour market longitudinal linkage platform (ELMLP) Michael Haan CEN, LAD, LAD_PSIS, LAD_RAIS, LFS, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, Non-StatCan, PSIS, PSIS_CEN, RAIS, RAIS_CEN
6937 05-13-2021 Urban canopy and adaptation to climate change Fabien Louis Forge LAD, Non-StatCan
6918 05-13-2021 Older workers and involuntary job loss in Canada Peta-Gay Tenesha Fairclough-Campbell LFS, LWF
6895 05-16-2021 Migration to fossil fuel producing regions in Canada Keith Kirchner LFS, Non-StatCan
6919 05-18-2021 Investigating differences in cancer incidence and outcomes between immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada: a retrospective study from 1991-2016 using Statistics Canada data Hadassah Mary Abraham CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
6897 05-18-2021 Looking for work? Understanding the unemployment transitions of women and men in Canada Tammy D. Schirle LFS, Non-StatCan
6890 05-18-2021 Canadian Uranium Workers Study Punam Pahwa NCR
3659-S001 05-18-2021 An investigation of the association between greenness and physical activity in Canada Daniel G. C. Rainham CHMS, Non-StatCan, PCCF
6947 05-18-2021 The effect of childcare cubsidies on fertility and time use Siha Lee CEN, GSS_Family, GSS_Time_Use, LAD, NHS, NLSCY
5269-S003 05-19-2021 Migration and settlement characteristics in Ontario and Quebec: Provincial and city profiles based on the 2011 NHS and census Valerie A. Preston CEN
6953 05-19-2021 Precarious lives, immigration and mental health in Canada: Temporal, intersectional, and contextual perspectives Yu Lung CEN, IMDB, LISA, NPHS
5528-S001 05-19-2021 Evaluating the utilization of federal disability supports among children and youth with disability, including neurodevelopmental disability (NDD), across Canada Jennifer Zwicker ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
6946 05-20-2021 Mesures dynamiques du mauvais appariement spatial chez les jeunes Montréalais Xavier St-Denis CEN
6847 05-20-2021 Urban Indigenous health in Surrey and Vancouver: longitudinal perspectives on health and well-being in a fast-growing population Lyana Patrick APS
3955-S024 05-27-2021 Cannabis and Mental Health among Veterans in Canada: Understanding the Role of Trauma and Impact on Help-Seeking Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6978 05-27-2021 Assessing internationally educated health professionals’ labour market integration in Southwestern Ontario Rafael S M Harun CEN
6916 05-27-2021 A descriptive analysis of Canadian armed forces members and veterans Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6900 05-27-2021 Gender-related wage gaps among health, social, and STEM professionals across the rural—urban continuum Neeru Gupta CEN
6856 05-31-2021 Determinants of Indigenous self-employment – do regional policies make a difference? Aila Sinikka Okkola APS, CEN
6670 05-31-2021 Food insecurity in Canadian cities and the role of poverty reduction policies Geranda Notten CCHS_Annual
3955-S023 06-02-2021 Coping style as a risk factor for the development of substance use disorders in active and veteran Canadian Forces members Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6912 06-02-2021 Evaluating the housing satisfaction of persons with physical disabilities in Ontario, Canada through the use of GIS Nicole Elizabeth Langdon CHS
6973 06-02-2021 Wealth inequality in Canada: an application of the capitalization method Alexander Hempel LAD, Non-StatCan, SFS
6338-S003 06-03-2021 Association between mood and/or anxiety disorders and suicidality in gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men: the role of structural, psychosocial, and behavioural determinants of health as potential mediators and moderators Viviane Dias Lima CCHS_Annual
6966 06-07-2021 Predicting perceived and unmet mental health needs in the populations JianLi Wang CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6940 06-07-2021 Unpacking the gendered dimensions of social mobility in Canada using an intersectional approach Xavier St-Denis IID, IMDB, LAD, LISA
6048-S001 06-07-2021 Longitudinal analysis of employment success rates of Ontario social assistance clients: An analysis by region Elena Draghici CAL, CEN, CSLP, IMDB, LAD, LAD_CAL, LAD_CSLP, LAD_PSIS, LAD_RAIS, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, PSIS_CEN, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS, RAIS_IMDB
6904 06-07-2021 Association of urban-rural living patterns with childhood asthma phenotypes Zhiwei Gao NLSCY
6871 06-07-2021 Une analyse longitudinale des consequences du teletravail Victor Yelverton III Haines WES
6338-S002 06-09-2021 The application of syndemic theory to compare risk profiles of younger and older gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men engaged in high-risk sexual behaviour in three major cities in Canada Viviane Dias Lima CCHS_Annual
6948 06-09-2021 Immigration to Canada from Ukraine Since 1991 Victor Satzewich IMDB
6915 06-09-2021 Dietary polyphenol intake in the Canadian population Danielle Battram CCHS_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
6851 06-10-2021 Exploring the association between food insecurity, economic participation and mental health outcomes in Aboriginal people in Canada Suvadra Datta Gupta APS
6987 06-13-2021 Wildfire smoke and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Canada Stanislav Hetalo LFS
6967 06-13-2021 Pathways to adulthood: social class differences across three cohorts of Canadian women Laura Wright GSS_Family
6993 06-14-2021 Newcomers’ housing experiences in Atlantic Canada Aila Sinikka Okkola CEN, CHS
6977 06-14-2021 The Canada Child Benefit and Maternal and Child Health Mark Bernard Stabile CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CCHS_T1FF, LAD
6997 06-20-2021 Au-delà de l'exil : parcours des réfugiés au Québec depuis 1980 Charles Fleury CEN, IMDB
7002 06-20-2021 Gender disparities in the labour market? Examining the COVID-19 pandemic Lindsay Melissa Tedds LFS
6888 06-20-2021 Intersectional analysis of experiences of violence in the Canadian population Greta Bauer SSPPS
6846 06-20-2021 Educational attainment and employment outcomes in northern and southern Canada: highlighted inequalities Analucia Vucic CEN
6980 06-21-2021 L’effet de la pollution atmosphérique sur le rendement académique des enfants d’âge pré-scolaire au Canada Ana Catherina Ismachowiez Mamber NLSCY
5316-S001 06-27-2021 Access to surgical procedures: a comparison between visible minority and non-visible minority populations Lynn Nicole Lethbridge CCR, CEN, CEN_DAD, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, VSD
6990 06-27-2021 La mobilité économique et les déterminants de santé, de bien-être et de développement du jeune durant l’enfance au Canada Anne-Charlotte Latour ERLF_NLSCY, IID, LAD, NLSCY, NLSCY_T1FF
6071-S001 06-27-2021 La mobilité sociale et le rôle des universités Lucie Raymond-Brousseau PSIS, RAIS
6984 06-27-2021 The Epidemiology of Perceived and Unmet Mental Health Needs in Canadian Youth Maryse Gad CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6956 06-27-2021 Postpartum depression and anxiety among young mothers in Canada Angela Chang SMH
6910 06-27-2021 Health and healthcare access among immigrants in the Peel region of Ontario Michael Haan CCHS_DAD, CEN, DAD_IMDB, GSS_Victimization, IMDB, LAD
6929 06-27-2021 Monetizing the value of family caregiving in Canada Janet E. Fast GSS, GSS_Care, Non-StatCan
6986 06-29-2021 The Heterogeneous impacts of Canadian income transfer policies Fraser Summerfield LISA
6939 06-29-2021 Patterns of mortality and cancer incidence among adults who live near Canadian nuclear power plants: A population-based longitudinal study of CanCHEC participants between 1991 and 2016 Daniel G. C. Rainham CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, Non-StatCan, VSD
6280-S001 06-30-2021 Labour Market Outcomes of NBCC graduates Herbert Emery PSIS, PSIS_T1FF, RAIS
7025 06-30-2021 The Health of Canadian Atheists in the 2015 General Social Survey David Speed GSS_Time_Use
7004 06-30-2021 Associating child maltreatment with postseparation violence in Canada, 2019 Douglas A. Brownridge GSS, GSS_Victimization
6930 06-30-2021 Gauging the potential of occupational pluralism in rural Canada Elena Draghici CEN, EISV, IMDB, LAD, LFS, Non-StatCan
6751 06-30-2021 Investissement dans les innovations, croissance de la productivite totale des facteurs et commerce international des PME manufacturieres quebecoises Lota Dabio Tamini SFGSME
7018 07-06-2021 Determinants and multigenerational effects of family ruptures Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IID, LAD
6996 07-06-2021 Return migration patterns of graduates from New Brunswick high schools Herbert Emery PSIS, RAIS
6969 07-06-2021 The use of home care services among older Canadian immigrants Mamta Vaswani CCHS_Annual
6965 07-06-2021 The prevalence and impact of co-op programs and second degrees among recent cohorts of graduates with special focus on immigrants Christopher N. Ferrall NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS
6936 07-06-2021 Peer effects at work and parental leave: Why is papa not more involved? Fabian Lange CEEDD, Non-StatCan
6862 07-06-2021 Etude du lien entre les experiences de combat, la blessure morale et le trouble de stress post-traumatique chez les militaires canadiens Audrey-Ann Blais-Cote CAFVMHS
7008 07-07-2021 Caractérisation du premier quintile de revenus au Canada et identification de corrélations entre ces caractéristiques et la mobilité sociale intergénérationnelle Loic Courtemanche IID
7014 07-07-2021 Ontario Credential Landscape Taylor Shek-wai Hui LAD_RAIS, PSIS
6790 07-07-2021 Immigrant Self-Employment Benoit Dostie CEEDD
5183-R001 07-11-2021 Divided communities: Income inequality's impact on Canadians health Megan Wylie CCHS_Annual, CEN, NHS
6882 07-11-2021 Mental health of female entrepreneurs in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin CCHS_T1FF
6982 07-13-2021 An econometric analysis of the Canada Child Benefit on the overall wellbeing of Canadian families Rebekah Howlett CCHS_Annual
6971 07-13-2021 The impact of British Columbia's international post-graduate project on science talent in Canada Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs BCK, BCK_T1FF, IMDB, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB
6921 07-13-2021 People, Places, Policies and Prospects: Affordable Rental Housing for Those in Greatest Need Catherine Jo-Anne Leviten-Reid CHS, CHS_T1FF
6963 07-15-2021 Identifying Mental Health Issues in Canadian Immigrants Sahej Kaur CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6945 07-15-2021 The impact of financial aid on educational choices and the financial health of recent graduates Annabel Sophie Thornton NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS
7029 07-21-2021 Le rôle des inégalités de patrimoine dans la mobilité intergénérationnelle au Québec et au Canada Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain IID, LAD
7007 07-21-2021 Simulations de taxation optimale sur des données fiscales canadiennes Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant CEN, CIS, LAD, LFS
7005 07-21-2021 Comparaison interprovinciale des programmes d’aide financière aux études du Canada Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant CEN, CIS
6960 07-21-2021 La sécurité de la population québécoise Marie-Andrée Gravel GSS, GSS_Victimization, SSPPS
7038 07-26-2021 The impact of refundable tax credits and benefits on low-income households Steven Ryan BCIA, LAD, LFS, SSP
7028 07-26-2021 Physical activity and mental healthcare utilization among Canadian adolescents and young adults: A longitudinal study utilizing record linkage Mina Fahim CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS
7015 07-26-2021 Food insecurity, mental health service use, and medical healthcare: Investigating the potential moderating effects of race/ethnicity Allyson Patricia Jane Lamont CCHS_Annual
6812-S001 07-26-2021 Course request - advanced topics in health economics Zichun Zhao CCHS_Annual
6902 07-28-2021 Entrepreneurship education and career outcomes Creso Domiciano Sa NGS
6801 07-28-2021 An exploration of survey data on digital inclusion in Canada Catherine Middleton CIUS, SHS
6864 07-30-2021 The geography of gender gaps in education and earnings Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, PSIS_CEN
6914 08-03-2021 Vaccine hesitancy in Canada Naomi Marie Schellenberg CNICS
6985 08-04-2021 Exploring inequalities in having a regular primary health care provider: an intersectionality approach using multilevel analysis of individual heterogeneity and discriminatory accuracy Jennifer Wei He CCHS_Annual, PCCF
6711-S001 08-05-2021 Individual, societal and family factors and Black youths' mental health Irene Vitoroulis OCHS
7022 08-09-2021 Taxation of capital gains: equity and efficiency Michael Smart LAD
7031 08-10-2021 Updated epidemiology of hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS
6744 08-10-2021 Contextual moderation effects in multilevel modeling: a critical review of sociological research on suicidal diathesis Tay Jeong NLSCY
7006 08-11-2021 Estimating associations between long-term exposure to PM2.5 oxidative potential and composition and chronic health outcomes in Toronto and Montreal Susannah  Mcquarrie Ripley CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CEN, CanCHEC
6854-S001 08-12-2021 Immigrant-owned businesses: earning and career trajectories Mark Freel CEEDD, Non-StatCan
6854 08-12-2021 Immigrant-owned businesses: Financing practices Anoosheh Rostamkalaei CEEDD, Non-StatCan
7077 08-13-2021 The relationship between childhood victimization and dating violence in Canada: an analysis of the general social survey cycle 34, 2019 Denae Easton GSS
6942 08-13-2021 From student to immigrant: the labour market integration of former international students in Canada Rupa Banerjee CEEDD, NALMF, TEC
6979 08-16-2021 Job-induced stressors, social integration and mental health of immigrant workers in Canada Lori Jane Masil Pasaraba IMDB
7017 08-18-2021 Comparing degree pathways graduate degree holders take through higher education: exploring patterns and early career outcomes Jessica Megan Nelson NGS
7072 08-20-2021 Evaluating inequalities in cause-related mortality using multiple causes of death Paul Adrian Peters CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
7086 08-20-2021 International Migration Responses to Tax Incentives and Public Policies Adam Lavecchia IMDB, LAD
7027 08-20-2021 Canadian biotechnology firms and innovation performance Brian P. Cozzarin Non-StatCan
7024 08-20-2021 Mental health services use among CAF members and Veterans Anthony Nazarov CAFVMHS
6968 08-20-2021 Examination of Rural Health Inequities Paul Adrian Peters CCHS_Annual
6438-S001 08-23-2021 Secondary to postsecondary pathways and outcomes of non-traditional students David Walters CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, TDSB
6958 08-23-2021 A view of cardiovascular health through a sex and gender lens: comparing and expanding the evidence from high-income to low-and middle-income countries Rubee Dev CCHS_Annual
7073 08-25-2021 Understanding, predicting, and preventing mortality from deaths of despair in Canada: a population-based approach Calvin Yip CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF, CFCS, NHS, VSD
7009 08-25-2021 Zooming in monetary policy transmission in Canada Maxime Alexandre Leroux BRM
7001 08-25-2021 Immigrant children’s sense of community belonging and well-being Allison Leanage CCHS_MH
6950 08-25-2021 Sorting, Matching and Urban Inequality Guangbin Hong CEEDD, Non-StatCan
6125-S001 08-29-2021 A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization Meghan Andrea Wrathall NCS
7044 08-29-2021 Immigration and frictions in the labour market; How does immigration affect the labour market dynamics in North America Alisaleh Shariati CEN, CIS, LFS, SLID
6125-S002 08-29-2021 ”Evaluating the Impact of Cannabis Legalization  in Canada on Risk-Taking Behaviours Nicholas Cristiano NCS
7058 08-29-2021 Family relationships and educational choices during COVID-19 recession and how it differs from previous recessions Xiaoxue Li LFS, Non-StatCan
7034 08-29-2021 Risks and protective factors influencing maternal mental health Lua Samimi SMH
7019 08-29-2021 Family or individual taxation: how does the choice of unit for taxes and benefits affect gender equality in Canada? Antoine Genest-Grégoire GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF, LAD, Non-StatCan
7011 08-29-2021 Descriptive epidemiology of perceived and unmet mental health needs in immigrants in Canada Rola Hashem CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
6943 08-29-2021 Trust and relationships in Credence goods market Christi-Anna Durodola ERLF_NPHS, GSS_Social, NPHS
6906 08-29-2021 Impact of high-tech industrial policy on local labour market Alexandre Lehoux CEEDD
6994 08-30-2021 Understanding predictors of First Nation health, economic participation, and wellbeing: an analysis of the 2017 aboriginal peoples survey Elaine Catherine Toombs APS
6983 08-30-2021 Exploring differential mortality in Canada’s Indigenous populations Leora Courtney-Wolfman CCHS_CVSD, Non-StatCan, VSD
7080 08-31-2021 Immigrating in a Recession: Long-Term Effects on the Economic Integration of Immigrant Families Nicolas Gendron-Carrier IMDB, LAD
7094 09-02-2021 COVID-19 and the reallocation of labour in Canada Pierre R. Brochu LFS
7067 09-02-2021 Modélisation du risque de campylobactériose au Canada via différentes sources d’exposition d’origine alimentaire et environnementales Vanessa Gabriele-Rivet CCHS_Annual
7039 09-03-2021 Stunted growth: the role of financial frictions in the lifecycle of firms Oliver Loertscher BRM
7046 09-09-2021 Évolution de la distribution de la productivité des entreprises québécoises Benoit Dostie CEEDD
7053 09-09-2021 Older couple labour participation and retirement during Covid-19: is it different from other recessions? Jing Cui LFS
7040 09-09-2021 Understanding the consequences of entrepreneurship as an episodic phenomenon Mark Freel LISA
6974 09-09-2021 The gender gap in caregiving and its consequences Natalia Vigezzi CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_T1FF, GSS_Care, LAD
6879 09-09-2021 Are experiences of discrimination contributing to the mental health status of Canada's diverse urban population? Responding to the call from the federal government's 2019-2022 anti-racism strategy Newsha Melody Mahinpey CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
6879 09-09-2021 Are experiences of discrimination contributing to the mental health status of Canada's diverse urban population? Responding to the call from the federal government's 2019-2022 anti-racism strategy Afia Amoako CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
7042 09-10-2021 How LGBTQ perceptions of neighbourhood safety and cohesion impact health Berenica Vejvoda GSS
7036 09-10-2021 Social networking and immigrants’ labour market outcomes. Sejin Ahn IMDB
7061 09-14-2021 Volunteering behaviours of Canadian atheists David Speed GSS
6998 09-14-2021 A comprehensive socioeconomic vulnerability index (SoVI) to inform socially equitable flood risk management policy Liton Chakraborty APS, CEN, CIS
7104 09-15-2021 Unequal ageing Tammy D. Schirle CCHS_Annual, CEN, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, NHS
7081 09-15-2021 Economic and demographic analysis of the Canadian medical/physician sector Boris Kralj CEN, LFS, NGS
7055 09-15-2021 Transportation habits among different generations of Canadian immigrants: An exploration of commuting mode choice Shaila Jamal CEN
7048 09-15-2021 Inequality in the arts: an examination of the role of cultural policy in shaping artists’ income Bradley Cooper CEN, NHS
7041 09-15-2021 LGB Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: New Data and New Insights Sean Waite CCHS_Annual, CCHS_T1FF
7020 09-15-2021 A national study of subjective wellbeing and its impact on population health and health systems Laura C. Rosella CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, GSS, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization
7012 09-15-2021 The farmer’s cost of selling food as crops or as commodities in Canada Sabrina Rimouche SHS
6885 09-15-2021 Headache in Canadian children Tamara Pringsheim CHSCY
6884 09-15-2021 The short and long-run effects of pre-school and K-12 education programs in British Columbia Jane Friesen BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS
6877 09-15-2021 Understanding disparities in substance-use related crisis across sexual orientations in Canada Antony Wai Ho Chum CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CEN
5013-R001 09-17-2021 Interprovincial differences in enrollment rates in academic math Kelly E. Foley YITS
7088 09-23-2021 Equitable Cities for Nature and People Emma Hudgins CCHS_Annual, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, PCCF
7076 09-23-2021 Parental leave policies and labour market outcomes Casey Warman CEN, LAD, NHS
7057 09-23-2021 Education pathways and inequality Kelly E. Foley BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, LAD, LAD_PSIS, LAD_RAIS, PSIS, PSIS_CEN, RAIS, RAIS_CEN
7051 09-24-2021 Post-pubertal experiences as a mediator of the relationship between early pubertal timing and depressive symptoms in young adults Annie Duchesne NLSCY
7114 09-27-2021 Gender gaps in savings and retirement preparedness across cohorts and the lifecycle Steven Fredrick Lehrer LAD
7069 09-27-2021 Effects of adverse health events on labour market outcomes: evidence from linked Canadian data Casey Warman CEN, HSUS, LAD, NHS
7062 09-27-2021 The impact of early childhood education policies on the school-readiness of low-income children: A comparative case study analysis of Quebec and Ontario Paige LaPierre NLSCY
7116 09-28-2021 How parental leave is bridging sex specialty home-related work gap Farouk Awal EICS, LAD
7054 09-28-2021 Intra-City Occupational Heat Stress Modelling Using a GIS-based Approach Sukanya Sharma CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_RR, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_NACRS
6787 09-29-2021 Generating ‘Geospatient’ Theory: Ontario healthcare in the context of continuous rurality and northern measures Robert Charles Barnett CEN, CanCHEC, Non-StatCan
7089 10-04-2021 Stock performance and investor risk aversion: evidence from Canadian household insurance spending Chengbo Fu SHS
7068 10-05-2021 Labour mobility costs, trade and the dynamics of gender inequality Leandro Freylejer CEN, LAD
7106 10-05-2021 Land use restriction and housing affordability: Evidence from the Southern Ontario Greenbelt Aidi Yu CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
7087 10-08-2021 Tri-Agency talent Program: labour market outcomes of successful applicants, unsuccessful applicants, and non-applicant Ross Finnie Non-StatCan
6962 10-08-2021 Economic determinants of demand for legal and illicit recreational cannabis in Canada Angele Poirier NCS, SHS
7091 10-08-2021 The effect of parental chronic illness on children's mental health Ian Richard Colman NLSCY
6850 10-08-2021 Long term outcomes of the MINCOME experiment Krishna Pendakur IID
6812-S002 10-08-2021 Course request - advanced topics in health economics: will drinking leads to higher earnings? Yihong Bai CCHS_Annual, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, NPHS
7026 10-14-2021 A Canadian study examining the role of precarious labour in the intersection of immigration and crime Parvinder Hira-Friesen GSS_Victimization, LFS
6988 10-14-2021 An econometric analysis of entrepreneurial entry John Lester CEEDD
6689 10-14-2021 The current state of research-based career pathways for Indigenous people Cordelia Roxanne Sheppard APS
7117 10-15-2021 Inégalités de réussite, que nous disent les données PISA 2000 à 2018 Nishat Rahman Khan PISA
5805-S001 10-15-2021 Quantifying local economic spillovers between firms and workers Nathaniel Baum-Snow CEEDD
7078 10-18-2021 Alcohol deregulation and the future burden of alcohol consumption and harms in Ontario Brendan Smith CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF, CEN, NHS
7045 10-18-2021 Economic and health outcomes for LGBTQ people: Evidence from Canada Casey Warman CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, HSUS, LAD, NHS, VSD
3955-S025 10-18-2021 Illicit and prescription drug misuse among Canadian Armed Forces Veterans Essence Isabelle Perera CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
6991 10-18-2021 A longitudinal assessment of maintenance and new onset of chronic pain conditions in Canadian military personnel with and without PTSD Gordon Asmundson CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
7050 10-19-2021 Le coût économique du décrochage scolaire Guy Lacroix LISA
3985-S022 10-19-2021 La participation des mères monoparentales et le marché du travail: déterminants socio économiques et discrimination Antony Duplan LISA
6823 10-19-2021 The role of networks in immigrants’ job quality Natalia Vigezzi CEEDD
6999 10-22-2021 The Effect of Retirement on Mental and Physical Well-being of the Elderly Population in Canada Ida Ferrara CCHS_HA
6659 10-22-2021 Trajectoires de travailleurs étrangers temporaires au Canada Charles Fleury CEEDD
7125 10-26-2021 Addressing household food insecurity in Canada: learning from the COVID-19 pandemic Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Annual, CIS
7010 10-27-2021 Lien entre le stress et l'alimentation pendant la grossesse Hana Amrane CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition
6438-S002 10-28-2021 Promoting access across education, skills, and employment pathways David Jonathan Zarifa CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, TDSB
7097 11-01-2021 Le programme de garderies universelles du Québec augmente-t-il l'assurance conjugale? Marc-Antoine Laflamme LFS, NLSCY, SLID
7093-S001 11-01-2021 The impact of politics and policies on cities’ resilience: A multi-scalar approach Jesse Andrew Sutton LFS, NALMF, Non-StatCan
7093 11-01-2021 Regional Economic Resilience in Canada: A Multi-scalar Approach Jesse Andrew Sutton LFS, NALMF, Non-StatCan
6913 11-03-2021 The long run outcomes of immigrant children: evidence from Canada Natalia Vigezzi IMDB
7059 11-05-2021 Residential mobility, housing, and neighborhood outcomes among Canadian households Meryn Severson Mason CHS
7100 11-05-2021 Analysis of the effects of COVID-19 and mental health amongst Canadians Scott Patten CCHS_Annual, CTNS, SCMH
7137 11-08-2021 The association between policies enabling pharmacists to administer influenza vaccines and vaccination rate in Canada. A pan-Canadian repeated cross-sectional study Wasem Alsabbagh CCHS_Annual
7124 11-08-2021 Gender inequalities of income in the top percentile in Canada Yao Pan LAD
6636-S001 11-08-2021 Gender pay gaps in the health professions: do health systems reflect the social inequalities they are meant to address? Adrienne Gulliver CEN
6582 11-10-2021 Parental leave policies in Canada: The impacts on female labour supply and wages XingFei Liu LFS
7132 11-15-2021 Economic and mortality effects of health shocks Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CVSD_DAD_NACRS, CVSD_OMHRS, DAD_IMDB, LAD
7169 11-17-2021 ECON 861, Queen’s University Course type 1 – full semester course with student Yasmine Amirkhalkhali CCHS_Annual, CEN, ERLF_NPHS, LSIC, NGS, NLSCY, WES, YITS
7155 11-17-2021 Family functioning, self-harm related disclosure and help-seeking behaviours Nicole Grace Hammond OCHS
7037 11-17-2021 The economic benefits of french ability and use in Ontario Stephanie Arnott CEN
7149 11-18-2021 The Impacts of Neighbourhood Characteristics and Public Transit Connectivity on Well-Being Andrea Nicole Craig CHS
7122 11-18-2021 Joint and survivor life expectancy in Canada Janice Rhoda Compton CEN, LAD, NHS, VSD
7108 11-18-2021 Mental health of emergent adults with type 1 diabetes in Canada: aggregated national survey, 2009 to 2019 Rachel R. Jewell CCHS_Annual, CHSS
7173 11-22-2021 Wealth, Housing, and Social Class in Canada Michelle Maroto SFS
7133 11-22-2021 Educational expansion and skill usage from 1986 to the present Jonathan Brownstein Horowitz CEN, NHS
7056 11-22-2021 Title a user-friendly weighted estimation method: testing applications using crowdsourced data Rabiul Islam ICHCWIPC
7172 11-23-2021 Citizenship Acquisition and Immigrants' Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from Canadian Immigrants. Kuot Daniel Manyang IMDB, LAD
7102 11-23-2021 Evaluation and geographical comparison of the impact of cardiovascular risk factors on population attributable fractions (PAFs) and lifetime risks (LTRs) to assess cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden globally Mohammad Shofiqul Islam CHMS, CHMS_CCR, CHMS_CVSD, CHMS_DAD
7093-S002 11-29-2021 The Effect of Firm Entry on Workers' Income in Canada Jesse Andrew Sutton BRM, CIS, LAD, LFS
7129 11-30-2021 Perinatal complications and outcomes in female survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer Miranda Marie Benaoudia CCR, CEN, IMDB, LSTD_CCR
6593 12-01-2021 The association between employment-related services and personal income: Ae long-term interventions better than short-term interventions? Lin Fang IMDB
7140 12-01-2021 How the pandemic affected intra-household labour force decisions and mental health Mohammad Iqbal Hossain CERB_LFS, LFS
7185 12-01-2021 The impact of conflict on health and labor market integration of refugees Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IMDB, IMDB_DAD, LAD, Non-StatCan
7105 12-01-2021 Trajectories of BC early childhood education students for the evaluation of the early care and learning recruitment & retention strategy Ashley Pullman BCK, PSIS, RAIS
7095 12-01-2021 Association between fluoride and inflammation in Canadian individuals Julia Riddell CHMS
7153 12-03-2021 Indigenous Post-Secondary Attainment in Ontario: Current Status and Economic Returns Natalie Snow APS, CEN
7142 12-03-2021 Seeking an equitable recovery: Evaluating the Influence of gender, race, and education on the duration of unemployment using behavioral models Mohamed Magdy Elsayed Gad Abdelhady CERB_LFS, EICS, EISV, EISV_LFS, LFS
7107 12-03-2021 Confidence in police in Canada Isadora Borges Monroy DCS, GSS, Non-StatCan
7131 12-08-2021 Different Types of Dwellings across Canada Abigail Chaya Meza CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
7165 12-08-2021 Concevoir la planification démocratique de l'économie à partir de la couverture des besoins de base Simon Tremblay-Pepin CIS
7170 12-09-2021 Who enrolls in post-secondary education during recessions? Kelly E. Foley BCK, BCK_T1FF, CSLP, ERLF_NLSCY, LAD, LAD_CSLP, LAD_PSIS, LFS, NLSCY, PSIS
7143 12-09-2021 The impact of gender peer compositions on STEM participation Yu Wang BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, CSLP, PSIS, RAIS
7130 12-09-2021 Wages and Profits, Workers and Owners: Evidence for Canada Since 2001 Peter Morrow CEEDD
7090 12-09-2021 Investigating the effects of EI programs on post-unemployment outcomes and fiscal redistribution Jeffrey Hicks BCK, EISV, LWF, LWF_EISV
5899-S001 12-09-2021 Child health and development at the interface of the family and social forces Emmanuelle Arpin NLSCY
7178 12-13-2021 Comparing the subjective well-being of transgender and cisgender groups using data from the 2019/2020 CCHS David Speed CCHS_Annual
6891-S001 12-13-2021 Data validation: 2016 Canadian Birth Census Cohort (CanBCC) Melia Alcantara CanBCC, Non-StatCan
7136 12-15-2021 Physical Activity among Immigrant and Non – Immigrant Youth: Findings from the Ontario Child Health Study Shamini Selvakumar OCHS
7005-S001 12-15-2021 Comparaison interprovinciale des programmes d’aide financière aux études du Canada avec des sous-profils Camille Fortier-Martineau CIS
7134 12-17-2021 Évaluation de la validité externe et interne de l’étude EnCORE Adrien Saucier CEN, Non-StatCan
7079 12-17-2021 Impact of age and comorbidity on colorectal cancer screening and screening outcomes among elderly NL population Kazeem Adefemi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCR
7152 12-21-2021 Examining trends in STI testing and contraception use in immigrant and racialized people living in Canada Erin Brennand CCHS_Annual
7200 12-22-2021 Inequalities in alcohol consumption among Canadian young adults Stephanie M Sersli CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
7098-S002 12-23-2021 CHSC 7634 - Research Data Centre (RDC) Research Method: Fall 2021 Joykrishna Sarkar CCHS_Annual
7139 12-23-2021 Vaping in Canada: investigating the geographic distribution and sociodemographic correlates of e-cigarette use Daniel Corsi CADS, CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHSCY, CTADS, CTNS
7099 12-23-2021 Impact of traumatic spinal cord injury on work and earnings Christopher Witiw LAD
7098-S001 12-23-2021 CHSC 7634 - Research Data Centre (RDC) Research Method: Fall 2021 Samuel Quan CCHS_Annual
7201 12-30-2021 Classes professionnelles, qualité de l’emploi, syndicalisme et immigration au Québec et au Canada (2014-2021) Paul-André Lapointe LFS
7150 12-30-2021 Does the cost barrier to contraception differentially affect racialized and indigenous women? An intersectional quantitative investigation Nina Catherine Lamberti CCHS_Annual
7144 12-30-2021 Effect of socioeconomic and demographic factors on cancer incidence, mortality, survival, and care pathways Dr Eduardo Franco CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, VSD
6842 12-30-2021 Substance use indicators in Canada David Hammond CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
7148 01-07-2022 A study of surrey school leaving and student success Ashley Pullman BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
7166 01-07-2022 Worker Flows and Local Labour Markets Kyle Yen-Zi Phong LFS, LWF
7151 01-07-2022 Do healthcare workers who worked in direct contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 and identify as visible minorities have worse general health outcomes than those not identifying as visible minorities in Canada during the year of 2020 Peter Yassa ICHCWIPC
7126 01-07-2022 COVID-19 and the gender employment gap among parents of young children Yue Qian LFS
7123 01-07-2022 The Economic Effects of Vancouver Rapid Transit Expansion Ian Litner Herzog CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan
7223 01-10-2022 Patterns of labour market instability across Canada Nicole Denier LFS
7230 01-11-2022 Survival model with an application to lung cancer data Shamsia Sobhan CCHS_Annual, VSD
7207 01-11-2022 The influence around you: exploring the effects of neighborhoods on academic and postgraduate outcomes of Toronto college students Daniel Corral LAD_CSLP, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF
7154 01-11-2022 Evaluating high resource health system users in rural Canada Paul Adrian Peters CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, VSD
7176 01-13-2022 Advanced Topics in Health Economics Michel Grignon CCHS_Annual, CEN, CVSD_OMHRS, ERLF_NPHS, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, LFS, NHS
7194 01-17-2022 Intégration régionale de travailleurs (im)migrants sous interdiction de changer d’employeur au pays : impact salarial sur les autres employés au sein des occupations affectée Tchénagnon Armand Djossou LFS
7163 01-17-2022 Socioeconomic impact of work-related concussion in Canada Nathan Curry (William) Campbell CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF
7210 01-19-2022 Making the most of Canada’s “natural laboratory”: advancing difference-in-differences methods for unpoolable data Nichole Elaine Austin CCHS_Annual
7218 01-19-2022 Examining the relationship between ethnicity, disability status, and earnings for post-secondary graduates Yea Na Kim NGS
7206 01-19-2022 Laïcité and Religious Configurations in Canada: Towards a Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Immigration and Secularization on Patterns of Secularism, 1971-2021 Jacob Legault-Leclair CEN, NHS
7147 01-19-2022 The effect of macroprudential restrictions on homebuyer behavior: a Canadian perspective Ashiqul Haq Chowdhury SFS
7146 01-19-2022 A comparison of eating trends and food carbon footprint of young adults in Canada between 2004 and 2015 Sadaf Mollaei CCHS_Nutrition
7003 01-19-2022 Queer rights to the city Ryan Stillwagon CCHS_Annual
3955-S026 01-21-2022 Sex Differences in Early Release from the Canadian Armed Forces and Challenging Transitions  to Civilian Life: Results from a Nationally Representative, 16-year Follow-Up Study Essence Isabelle Perera CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
7195 01-24-2022 Community-level estimation of smoking behaviour prevalence in Nova Scotia Daniel G. C. Rainham CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
7183 01-24-2022 Tendances dans la prévalence de la suicidalité au Canada de 2010 à 2021 chez les adolescents de 12-17 ans Marie-Claude Geoffroy CCHS_Annual
7211 01-26-2022 Division of chores in Canadian religious groups David Speed GSS_Family
7209 01-26-2022 Rural-Urban Differences in  Avoidable Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions in Ontario, Canada between 2000 and 2017 Natalie Anne Pallisco CCHS_DAD, CCHS_T1FF
7199 01-26-2022 Examining temporal trends in the co-occurrence of substance use and psychological distress among Canadians from 2003 to 2018 Jillian Halladay CCHS_Annual
7145 01-26-2022 Trajectories of differential inclusion of migrant care workers in Canada Jana Mara Aglaya Borras IMDB
5387-S001 01-30-2022 Examining the association between surgical procedures and opioid-related mortality Wasem Alsabbagh CVSD_DAD_NACRS, DAD_CVSD, Non-StatCan
7221 01-30-2022 Corporate Innovation Inequality and Investment Slowdown Brian P. Cozzarin Non-StatCan
7238 02-01-2022 Mapping of Sterilized Indigenous and Non-indigenous Women across Canada Nabila Zaman CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS
7247 02-01-2022 An Empirical Investigation of the Match Quality Between Applicants and University Programs in Ontario. Angela Lynn Zheng PSIS
7237 02-01-2022 Effects of COVID-19 economic crisis on the task share of the Canadian workforce Brett Zeleznik LFS
7171 02-01-2022 Understanding Educational Impacts: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills William Craig Riddell IALS, IALSS, PIAAC
7120 02-01-2022 The Dementia Prevention Initiative: Epidemiology of Dementia, Cerebro- and Cardiovascular Related Disorders in Canada Sarah Singh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCR, CEN, CHMS, CHMS_CVSD, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, VSD
4230-R002 02-01-2022 Migration and psychological distress of Chinese Canadian immigrants: Examining the role of social support and psychological resources in the stress process Fei-Ju Yang CCHS_Annual, GSS_Social, IMDB
7197 02-02-2022 Disparités socioéconomiques de la mortalité associée à la pollution de l'air Renata Topalova CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD
7110 02-02-2022 The intergenerational transmission of health in Canada Anders Holm GSS_Family
7228 02-03-2022 Using longitudinal data to comprehend the structural determinants of housing demands in the Metro Vancouver Region Aaron Licker CEN, CHS, IMDB, LAD
7242 02-09-2022 Portrait statistique de l’utilisation d’Internet au Québec à partir des données de l’Enquête canadienne sur l’utilisation d’Internet Genevieve Renaud CIUS, CSD
7263 02-11-2022 Universal Child Care and the Impact on Parenting Behaviors Michael John Kottelenberg NLSCY
7192 02-14-2022 The role of urban public space for the social well-being of Canadian adolescents in the time of COVID-19 and social media Kiana Javaheri CCHS_Annual
7236 02-14-2022 The Longitudinal Health Outcomes of Underemployed Immigrants in Canada Takuya Shibayama LISA
7269 02-16-2022 ˜The war was all around us: A historical analysis of Canadian war veterans according to the 1951 and 1971 censuses Risa (Lisa) Kaida CEN
7244 02-16-2022 Scale-ups and Canada's Innovation Policy Suite: Usage and Impacts Ryan Kelly BR, GIFI, LFE, Non-StatCan, RDCI
7216 02-16-2022 Analyse de l'efficacité-coût du Crédit d’impôt pour la prolongation de carrière Samy Gallienne LISA
7204 02-16-2022 Combining paid work and care work: factors that support employed caregivers Janet E. Fast GSS_Care
7193 02-16-2022 The effect of fields of study on the waiting time to employment: evidence from the National Graduate Survey of Canada Komin Qiyomiddin NGS
7128 02-16-2022 Digital Workers and Firms in Canada Alexander Thomas Whalley ABERDEEN, CEEDD, CEEDD_PSIS, CEN, PSIS
3914-S013-R001 02-16-2022 The relationships between experiences of child maltreatment and bullying victimization and mental disorders, physical health conditions, and suicidalityamong adolescents in Ontario Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) OCHS
7256 02-16-2022 A Different Kind of Phobia: Exploring the Impacts of and Initial Interventions Against Islamophobia Zeinab Fawzi Ramadan GSS
7262 02-17-2022 Primary Prevention of Substance Use and STI Related Cancers in Gender Minority People of Canada Ace Ying Fa Chan CCHS_Annual
7156 02-17-2022 The relationship between perceived mental health and food insecurity levels Joanna Dos Santos CCHS_Annual
7187 02-22-2022 To estimate the effect of the Fair Pharmacare program change implemented in 2019 on cost related nonadherence to prescription medications Michael Robert Law CCHS_Annual
7231 02-23-2022 La contribution des politiques québécoises à la qualité de l'emploi et la satisfaction au travail des mères: une comparaison Québec-Ontario Marianne Del Vecchio GSS
7098-S003 02-23-2022 Social Determinants of Condom Use: Evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) Viktoriya Vasylkiv CCHS_Annual
6677 02-23-2022 Early French Immersion and Socioeconomic Segregation Marc-Antoine Chatelain BCK, BCK_T1FF
7234 03-01-2022 L’orientation sexuelle « discordante » / « concordante » comme prédicteur de la santé mentale globale : Rôle du niveau de stress quotidien perçu et du soutien social Andreanne Leclerc CCHS_Annual
7227 03-01-2022 An investigation into the relationship between childhood asthma and mental health conditions Joshua Allan Lawson CHMS, CHSCY
7281 03-03-2022 The effects of labor force characteristics on voter turnout Yuhan (Luyao) Wang LFS
7275 03-04-2022 Humanities students at work: the effect of post-secondary education on employment outcomes Victor Kuperman NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS
7127 03-09-2022 Temporary foreign workers who become permanent residents in Canada - recent trends and patterns of transition Yuchen Li IMDB
7257 03-14-2022 Structural changes in the Canadian labour market in response to downturns in the energy sector; evidence from the oil price shock Rebecca Anne Frost LFS
7250 03-14-2022 L'impact des politiques publiques sur la dynamique de la scolarisation et du décrochage scolaire : une application au Canada Bernard Fortin YITS
7246 03-14-2022 Prevalence of COVID-19 infection rates in small-area levels in Canada Mahmoud Torabi CCAHS
7119 03-14-2022 Trends in family structure according to rural/urban status Shelley Dawn Clark CEN, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family
7112 03-14-2022 Canada's "New" international mobility program: charting differential inclusion in the transformation of temporary migrant labour Leah Faith Vosko CEEDD
7282 03-14-2022 Higher education student migration in Canada: migration, SES and labour force outcomes Ebenezer Narh PSIS
7240 03-15-2022 Labour Market Performance of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada Md Ashfaq Uddin Khan IMDB, LFE
7220 03-15-2022 Daycare Access and Women's Socioeconomic Outcomes Sylvain Dessy CEN, CIS, LAD, NGS, SLID
7169-S007 03-15-2022 Effects of extreme temperatures on weekly hours worked in Canada Pippa Maple Kathleen Alma O'Brien LFS
7232 03-17-2022 Portrait des minorités visibles sur le marché du travail au Québec Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve CEN
7305 03-18-2022 Canadian Dairy Food Consumption and Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease and Osteoporosis Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
7279 03-18-2022 Les populations aînées francophones en situation minoritaire : conditions de vie, états de santé et expériences de soins en contexte linguistique minoritaire Louise Bouchard CCHS_Annual, CEN
7253 03-18-2022 Housing insecurity and its effect on physical and mental health in the Canadian rental market Omnia Mostafa Mahmoud Lotfy CHS, CHS_T1FF
7294 03-18-2022 Developing Population-Based Risk Tools to Predict and Reduce Premature Mortality in Canadian Cities Lief Pagalan CCHS_CVSD, CHMS, VSD
7233 03-22-2022 Access to Healthcare for Black Canadians Oluwabukola Salami CCHS_Annual
7252 03-23-2022 Immigration, gender, and sexuality: new data, new intersections, and new insights Sean Waite CEN, IMDB, LAD
7169-S004 03-23-2022 Contextualizing the polarization of the Canadian labour market Stefan Fassler LFS
7160 03-25-2022 Visible minorities and prevalence of chronic diseases in Canadians Ramez John Gadelrab Salama CCHS_Annual
6817 03-27-2022 Does childhood residential mobility and mental health impact the labour market trajectories of Canadian youth? A life course approach using administrative data Ashley Calhoun ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
5308-R001 03-28-2022 Paid family leave, fertility and labour market outcomes Qiongda Zhao LAD, VSD
7258 03-28-2022 The burden of cost-related non-adherence to prescription medications in Canada Mary A De Vera CCHS_Annual, SAHCPDP
5166-R001 03-28-2022 Employment Probability of South Asian Second Generation immigrants in Canada Shantanu Debbarman CEN
7278 03-28-2022 Post-Secondary Fields of Study and Occupation Matching in Canada Nicholas Manuel CEN, NHS
3985-S024 03-28-2022 Modélisation de l’évolution de l’état de santé et de la mortalité des Canadiens Yann J.Y. Décarie CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, ERLF_NPHS, NHS
3985-S023 03-28-2022 Analyse et modélisation de l’évolution du patrimoine et des revenus des Canadiens dans les années 2000 Yann J.Y. Décarie CEN, LAD, LFS, NHS, SFS
7157-S001 03-30-2022 Investigating online grocery shopping and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada Ali Abdul Hussein CIUS
6926 04-01-2022 The effect of urbanicity on fertility: evidence from refugees to Canada Richard Uhrig CEN, IMDB
5422-S001 04-13-2022 Determinants and consequences of alcohol consumption: Evidence from Canada Zihao Sheng CCHS_Annual, CEN, CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS, CanCHEC, LAD, LFS, NPHS
7306 04-19-2022 Dietary patterns, food security and diet quality of off-reserve Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and their association with obesity and diabetes Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
7310 04-20-2022 Effet de l'âge à l'arrivée des immigrants de génération 1.5 sur la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu Anne Mei (Hongyan) Le Bourdais-Coffey CEN, IID, NHS
10023 04-24-2022 Utilization of the disability tax credit: longitudinal income trends for the disabled in Canada Jennifer Zwicker CSD_T1FF
10241 04-25-2022 Utilization of the disability tax credit: longitudinal income trends for the disabled in Canada Jennifer Zwicker CSD_T1FF
7157 04-25-2022 Investigating online grocery shopping and income earning behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin CIUS
7317 04-26-2022 Black children and youth with disabilities and their families in Canada De-Lawrence Lamptey CHSCY
7176-S002 04-26-2022 advanced topics in health economics: will drinking leads to higher earnings? Jaimin Jethva SHS
7176-S001 04-26-2022 The State of the Healthy Immigrant Effect in Canada Candace Milinkovic CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, IMDB
10012 04-26-2022 Differential impacts of Covid-19 and food insecurity in Canada Kyle Michael William Allen CCHS_Annual
10033 05-03-2022 Eating frequency and timing as a predictor of incident type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Canadian Community Health Survey-Discharge Abstract Database linked dataset Leah Cahill CCHS_Nutrition
7215 05-04-2022 Predictors of adjustment to life after service among Canadian military veterans Mark Beauchamp LASS
10219 05-06-2022 Mobilizing Justice Matthew Palm CEN, CHS, GSS_Time_Use
7254 05-06-2022 Charting Pathways to Resilience in Mental Health among Young Adults during COVID-19 Lars Hallstrom CCHS_Annual, SCMH
10038 05-06-2022 Mobilizing Justice Steven Farber CEN, CHS, GSS_Family, GSS_Time_Use
10007 05-06-2022 The Longer-Term Impact of Working While on Claim Activity on Employment Patterns David Gray EISV
7276 05-06-2022 Exposure to PFAS among Canadian Children and its Determinants Meng-Shan Tsai CHMS
7243 05-06-2022 Supports for Student Learning Program Research Series: Barriers faced by Students with Disabilities Gillian Parekh CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_T1FF, TDSB
7320 05-11-2022 Trends in absolute and relative gaps and gradients in intake of ultra-processed foods among a nationally representative sample of adults and children living in Canada between 2004 and 2015 according to indicators of socioeconomic position Dana Olstad CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_T1FF
10051 05-11-2022 The Intersection of Gender, Immigrant Status and ethnic visibility in predicting career outcomes for immigrant engineers in Canada Alla Konnikov CEN
10018 05-11-2022 La baisse de la fécondité au Québec et au Canada depuis la crise financière de 2008. Le rôle des intentions, de leur réalisation et des mesures de politique familiale Benoit Laplante LAD
7096 05-11-2022 Optimal student loans policies Ming Xu CSLP, NLSCY, YITS
6808 05-11-2022 “What happened to you?”: The disablement of youth across socioeconomic indicators Ameil Jesus Joseph LISA, SLID
10010 05-11-2022 Hockey Babies: The impact of NHL results on short-term fertility spikes and birth weight in Canada Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CanBCC, VSD
10003 05-12-2022 The effect of gentrification-induced displacements on income trajectory Pierre-Loup Beauregard CEN, LAD, NHS
7285 05-12-2022 Diabetes in a time of COVID: Understanding impacts of material deprivation and other social factors on direct and indirect pandemic effects on persons with diabetes Kaberi Dasgupta CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
7213 05-12-2022 Exploring spatio-temporal patterning of food insecurity within the island of Montreal: model-based small area estimation using the Canadian Community Health Surveys Hiroshi Mamiya CCHS_Annual
10027 05-17-2022 The Financial Choices of Entrepreneurs (Lottery) Philippe D'astous CEEDD, LFE
7266 05-17-2022 Religion, spirituality and secularity among millennials: the generation shaping Canadian trends Sarah Kay Wilkins-Laflamme CSGVP, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_Health, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, NSGVP
7121 05-17-2022 An evaluation of health and environmental impacts associated with hydropower developments as they relate to affected Indigenous communities in Canada Gerald Beta APS, CanCHEC
7296 05-18-2022 Challenges of the GIG economy : an Alberta case study Dmitry Alekseev LFS
10043 05-19-2022 The Effect of Native-Born and Immigrant Length of Residence on the Prevalence of Chronic Disease in Canada Xiyang Liu CCHS_Annual
10063 05-20-2022 Mental Health of Immigrant Children in Canada: Evidence From the Canadian Health Measures Survey Oluwabukola Salami CHMS
10013 05-20-2022 Examining the Fit of the Three Step Theory (3ST) of Suicide in Individuals with Epilepsy Sara Oczak-Arsic SLNCC
10002 05-20-2022 Impacts of active transport infrastructure on transport choices and health outcomes Nicholas Rivers CEN, NHS
7308 05-23-2022 The effect of decriminalizing prostitution and criminalizing the purchase of sex on the incidence of sex crimes Samia Mehazabeen Islam UCR
10036 05-23-2022 Longitudinal study of resource reliant communities' development outcomes Stephanie Grout CEN
7312 05-31-2022 Gendered Dimensions of Migration from India: International Students from India to Canada Neil Amber Judge IMDB
10029 05-31-2022 Politiques publiques, emploi et santé Laetitia Lebihan CCHS_Annual, LSIC, NLSCY, NPHS, SYC
10054 05-31-2022 École d’été « ?pilote? » du CIQSS en reproductibilité de la recherche et défi de réplication Marie Connolly APS, APS_NIS, CEEDD, CEN, CSLP, IMDB, LAD, LFS, NHS, PALS
10057 06-02-2022 ---Investigating educational and labour market outcomes of postsecondary students Trisha Kathleen Einmann NGS
10034 06-03-2022 Barriers to physical activity participation among youth living in urban and rural Canadian communities Taru Manyanga CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
10021 06-07-2022 The internal migration decisions of parents and its effect on investments in children Yeow Chong Goh LAD
7286 06-07-2022 Vieillir et prendre sa place dans la diversité de son quartier. Mieux comprendre et intervenir sur les dynamiques d’exclusion des quartiers pour les aînés d’ici et d’ailleurs Sébastien Lord CEN, IMDB, NHS
10059 06-07-2022 Economic performance of immigrants in Canada Guy Lacroix IMDB, LFS, LSIC
10055 06-08-2022 Understanding the role of social-economic inequality on deaths of despair in a Canadian context Roman Allan Pabayo CCHS_Annual
10024 06-08-2022 Prevalence and correlates of suicidal behaviours in Canadian adolescents: income poverty, food insecurity, and victimisation Francis (Frank) Elgar CHSCY
10045 06-08-2022 Paternal Leave, Child Development, and Parental Well-Being: Evidence from Canadian Families Yelyzaveta (Lisa) Barkova NLSCY
10067 06-08-2022 The association between social-economic inequality on deaths of despair rates in a Canadian context-An ecological study Roman Allan Pabayo VSD
10004 06-10-2022 Intergenerational Persistence of Social Assistance Receipt: Pathways of Risk and Resilience Jinette Comeau NLSCY
10046 06-10-2022 Estimating the Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure Khusro Mir DKWP
10035 06-10-2022 The implications of “gig” work for older Canadians Andrew McGee LWF
7321 06-13-2022 Effects of Conversion-Therapy Bans in Canada Hai Nguyen CCHS_Annual
10053 06-15-2022 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Opioid Epidemic from a Canadian Rural, Remote, and Northern Perspective Amy Crandall CPSS-COVID19, CVSD_T1FF, PCCF
10044 06-20-2022 Immigration Networks: Implications for Productivity, Human Capital Accumulation and Labour Allocation Luke Christopher Rawling IMDB, LAD, LFS, LSIC
7307 06-22-2022 Reporting on progress in cancer control in Canada Sharon Fung CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CCR, CCR, LAD, LSTD_CCR, VSD
10025 06-22-2022 Adaptation et santé mentale lors de la transition à l'âge adulte: Évolution et déterminants avant, pendant et après la COVID-19 Veronique Dupéré LISA
10074 07-07-2022 Mental health, discrimination, and social capital during Covid-19 Yihong Bai CCAHS, CVCS
7260 07-07-2022 Transition of international student graduates from temporary residence status to permanent residence status and settlement Isaac Mpinda IMDB, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS, RAIS_IMDB
10011 07-07-2022 Substance use among transgender and non-binary people in Canada Gioi Minh Tran CTADS
5269-S004 07-07-2022 Civic diasporic organizations, cyberspace and superdiverse locales: Bangladeshis in Toronto Tahmid Rouf CEN
10006 07-07-2022 Data analysis of the employment and immigration pathways of British Columbia’s international students Sandra Schinnerl IMDB, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS_IMDB
7118 07-07-2022 Les pratiques linguistiques des immigrants de l'Afrique francophone au Canada Richard Marcoux CEN, NHS
10058 07-07-2022 Emergency Department Visits for Substance Addiction and Their Consequences: A Saskatchewan Population-based Retrospective Cohort Study Charles Albert Plante NHS
10107 07-12-2022 The Longitudinal Effects of Disability Types on Incomes and EmploymentThe Longitudinal Effects of Disability Types on Incomes and Employment Robert Millard LISA
7261 07-14-2022 Entre perceptions et réalité : une étude mixte sur les enjeux de cohabitation sociale à Moncton Véronique Chadillon-Farinacci GSS, GSS_Victimization
10042 07-18-2022 Business strategy, innovation and technology management Nilesh Saraf WES
6658 07-18-2022 Do firms in Canada exploit all of their wage-setting power? Leonard Goff NALMF
10137 07-19-2022 Commute Mode and Residential Location Choice: Estimating the Impacts of a Rapid Transportation Expansion in Vancouver Andrea Nicole Craig CEN, NHS
10080 07-22-2022 Shifting Towards Sustainable Food Consumption in Canada: Understanding Drivers’ Impacts Basak Topcu CCHS_Nutrition
10072 07-22-2022 Mental health, discrimination, and social capital during Covid-19 Kathleen Mullrooney BCK, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, CCHS_Annual, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF, RAIS
10066 07-22-2022 Understanding Mental Health Burden and Mental Health Service Utilization among Sexual Minority Men through Multiple Secondary Data Christoffer Dharma CCHS_Annual, CEN
10022 07-25-2022 What Drives Urban Segregation? Evidence from Canadian Movers Pablo Valenzuela Casasempere LAD
10048 07-29-2022 ---Brain waste? Job-education mismatch of immigrants in Canada Fabiana Nicole Rosado Zambrano CEN, IMDB
10094 08-04-2022 Forced separation of Indigenous women and children: How the carceral system in Canada is contributing to the Millenial Scoop Nicole McNair GSS_Victimization
10056 08-04-2022 Mortality and business cycles in Canada Jennifer Lynn Forde-Watling VSD
7300 08-05-2022 Quantifying and Understanding the Evolution of Competition in the Canadian Business Landscape Matthew Osborne CEEDD
10097 08-05-2022 Understanding housing suitability through a GBA+ lens Alina McKay CHS, CHS
7265 08-08-2022 Graduating in a recession and labour market scarring Jeffrey Penney PSIS, RAIS
10075 08-10-2022 The impact of retirement income programs on health and health equity among Canadian seniors Mohammad Hajizadeh CCHS_Annual, CHMS
10095 08-11-2022 A Welfare Analysis of Childcare Policy: Lessons from a Large Childcare Reform in Canada Pierre-Loup Beauregard LFS
10093 08-11-2022 Longitudinal analyses of cardiovascular disease mortality and life expectancy of nuclear energy workers in the Canadian National Dose Registry Paul Villeneuve CCR, NCR, VSD
10138 08-16-2022 Tax incentives, market power, and labour Demand: Evidence from small business deductions Seok Min (Terry) Moon CEEDD
10108 08-19-2022 Leverage responses to carbon taxes Mahesh Acharya BRM
7264 08-19-2022 The impact of preterm birth on socioeconomic and educational outcomes of children and families Petros Pechlivanoglou CCHS_T1FF, CEN, EISV, PSIS, VSD
10174 08-23-2022 Self-Employment and Gig Work After Job Loss: Evidence on Financial Outcomes Philippe D'astous CVCS
10173 08-23-2022 Atheism and healthy lifestyles David Speed GSS
10172 08-23-2022 Atheism and resiliency David Speed GSS
10161 08-23-2022 What affects employers' provision of non-wage benefits? Tianjiao (Joy) Tong WES
10184 08-29-2022 Understanding the roles of human capital and search in earnings growth over the life cycle Audra Bowlus LISA
7287 08-29-2022 Market Concentration in Canada Anubha Agarwal CEEDD, Non-StatCan
7235 08-29-2022 Graduating in recessions: different labour market effects by gender Diva Vladimirova Astinova CESP, CESP_T1FF, EISV, LAD, PSIS, PSIS_EISV, PSIS_IMDB
10169 08-29-2022 Determinants of Cardiovascular Health in the Canadian Population Sarah Singh CCHS_Annual, CHMS
10147 08-29-2022 Mental Health Services Use Among those with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Data from two population-based studies Seana Semchishen CCHS_MH, OCHS
10141 08-29-2022 Public Health Funding and Flu Vaccine Coverage in Ontario, Canada Jo Lin Chew CCHS_Annual
10126 08-29-2022 Payday lending Regulation and its Impact on Food Security in Canada Ashiqul Haq Chowdhury CCHS_Annual, CCHS_T1FF
10104 08-29-2022 Access to orthopaedic surgical care: demographic and geographic impacts on utilization rates of knee and hip arthroplasty Bernard Burgesson CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
10166 08-30-2022 Mental health needs and use in Canada’s Black population: A cross-sectional study Mercedes Forde-Sobers CCHS_Annual
7319 08-31-2022 The Other Side of the China Syndrome: Examining the Consumption Effects of Chinese Imports Before and After Covid-19 Xiao Lu SHS
10149 08-31-2022 The role of drug insurance in reducing the impact of income inequality on children’s health Ekaterina Bezrukova CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, NLSCY, NPHS
10190 09-02-2022 Understanding the labour market outcomes of university and college non-completers Herbert Emery PSIS, RAIS
10201 09-02-2022 Aboriginal participation in Canadian Forest industry : measuring labour supply, access and success Dieter Kuhnke CEN, LFS, NHS, SMARC_Reviewer
10208 09-07-2022 Original: Comparison of same-sex and different-sex couples in household bargaining power and lifestyle; Suproject: Sexual Orientation, Overeduation and Earnings Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CEN, NHS
10133 09-07-2022 Sociodemographic risk factors for incident status epilepticus Rebecca Couper CanCHEC
10117 09-07-2022 Gentrifications et pauvreté au cours du temps dans l'île de Montréal Akoua Ella Félicie Djo NHS
10050 09-08-2022 Rapport social de handicap : capacitisme et travail Jean-François Filiatrault CSD_T1FF
10068 09-12-2022 More than just a Helping Hand? Domestic Caregiver Programs and Female Labour Supply in Canada Zihao Sheng CEN, LAD, NHS
10132 09-12-2022 Illicit drug use and unmet healthcare needs in Ontario: An exploratory study Christopher Russell CCHS_Annual
10130 09-12-2022 It’s Always Sunny in Ontario: The Effects of Wage Disclosure on Salaries Katerina Gribbin CEN, LWF
10175 09-12-2022 Understanding the nature and impact of osteoarthritis and other arthritis/musculoskeletal conditions in the Canadian population Anthony Perruccio CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, CHMS, CSD, NPHS, SLCDC
10084 09-14-2022 Understanding the mechanisms of the Future to Discover project Oyu-Erdene Buyandelger FTD, FTD_T1FF, PSIS, RAIS
10069 09-19-2022 Mobilité géographique et transmission intergénérationnelle du revenu au Québec Marie Connolly IID
7182 09-19-2022 Environmental Regulations and Manufacturing Clean-up: The Role of Abatement Technologies Meghdad Rahimian GHG_ASM_NPRI
10223 09-21-2022 The Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants Chen-Hong (Harrison) Chang CEN, IID, LAD
10202 09-21-2022 The long term effects of alcohol exposure in-utero: Evidence from Prohibition in Canada Mohamed Magdy Elsayed Gad Abdelhady CEN
10070 09-21-2022 Are innovative regions more unequal? New evidence on the geography of innovation and inequality in Canada Saman Rais-Ghasem CCHS_Annual, CEN, LAD, NHS
10121 09-21-2022 Disability and Employment in Canada Lisa-Lee Newell CSD
10047 09-27-2022 Investigating regional trends in electronic cigarette consumption in Canada and identifying geographical characteristics associated with high consumption Aya Mitani CEN, CTADS, CTNS
10205 09-29-2022 The Effect of High School Duration on Educational Attainment, Labor Market Outcomes and Social Mobility Andrei Munteanu CEN, LAD, NHS, NLSCY, SLID
7322 09-29-2022 Economic cost of gender-based violence in Canada Sujata Mishra GSS
10213 09-30-2022 RDC Research Methods Course CHSC 7634 and 7636 Shahin Shooshtari APS, CCAHS, CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CHMS, CHSCY, CSD, DCS, LSIC, NPHS, SMH
10200 09-30-2022 Examining The Economic Well-Being Gap between Immigrants and Canadian-born Adults Deepty Sarder CEN
10228 09-30-2022 Predicting perceived and unmet mental health needs in the populations Fangda (Frank) Cui CCHS_Annual
7292 09-30-2022 Mortality in Canada’s neighbourhoods and rural communities before and after the pandemic Charles Albert Plante CEN, CanCHEC, LAD, PCCF, VSD
10008 10-03-2022 Heterogeneity in returns to scale and wealth inequality Serdar Ozkan CEEDD
10096 10-05-2022 Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Smoking Behavior in Canada Sekeun Yu CHMS
10188 10-05-2022 Educational Expansion, Immigration, and the Transformation of Stratification Sagi Ramaj CEN, NHS
7251 10-13-2022 Evaluation of the RBC Future Launch Program Ana Maria Ferrer LFS
10226 10-17-2022 The impact of government subsidies in college savings accounts on children's long-term outcomes: evidence from Canadian administrative data Laetitia Renee BCK, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, CESP, CESP_T1FF, CSLP, LAD, LAD_CSLP, LAD_PSIS, LAD_RAIS, PSIS, RAIS, SAEP
10206 10-17-2022 The Impact of After-School Care on Maternal Labour Market Outcomes Laetitia Renee LAD, SLID
10195 10-17-2022 Wellbeing at the Nexus of Animal Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence: A Study of Canadian Adults Allison Gray SSPPS
10249 10-17-2022 Labour Market Differences Across Generations of Immigrants in Canada Shannon Victoria Tsing-Lam Mok CEN, IMDB
10106 10-18-2022 A longitudinal examination of mental disorder trajectory on suicidal behaviours in the Canadian Armed Forces Essence Isabelle Perera CFMHS
10240 10-18-2022 The spatial dimension of trust in Canadian metropolises Fernando Calderon Figueroa GSS_GVP
7174 10-18-2022 Producer Heterogeneity: Implications for Climate Policy Sihui Ong ASML, GIFI
10171 10-24-2022 Exploring residential property market characteristics and inequalities in Ottawa Anzo Anh Nguyen LISA
10224 10-24-2022 Entrepreneurship: labor income shocks, family, and gender Valentina Rutigliano CEEDD
10197 10-26-2022 Modelling the Impact of Government-Led Nutrient Profile Models on Preventable Mortality and Morbidity Burden, and Healthcare Use Mahsa Jessri CCHS_Nutrition
10191 10-27-2022 Exploring Healthcare Services, Usage, and Outcomes in Urban Canada Sharalynn Missiuna VSD
10247 10-28-2022 The Registered Apprenticeship System in Canada: Trends and Current Issues. Priscilla-Marie Fisher AG, CAL, RAIS, RAIS_CEN, RAIS_T1FF
10163 11-02-2022 Gender Equity and Work-life Balance in Canada James Chowhan GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family
10269 11-02-2022 Accessing Providers for Co-Occurring Disorders in Children and Adolescents Grace Golden OCHS
10189 11-07-2022 Family Structure and Housing Vulnerability across Four Decades Hee Young (Kate) Choi CEN, CHS, NHS
10144 11-07-2022 The Canada Workers Benefit and the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants Alexander Maclellan IMDB, LAD
10259 11-07-2022 Immigrant Homeownership and Admission Category Xiaoxi Wang CEN
10105 11-07-2022 Modélisation mathématique des maladies liées au VPH au Canada Mélanie Drolet CCHS_Annual, CCR
10275 11-07-2022 Economic performance of immigrants in Canada Guy Lacroix LFS
10185 11-08-2022 Examining the Longitudinal Associations between Adjustment to Civilian Life and Indices of Behavioural and Psychological Health among Canadian Military Veterans Katy Hill MacEachern LASS
10204 11-08-2022 The labour market impact of COVID-19 on Canadian cities James Townsend LFS
10273 11-08-2022 Explaining a 20-year decline in intimate partner violence victimization in Canada Alexandra Lysova GSS_Victimization
10248 11-09-2022 Exploring where Canadians work and live and their association with active transportation Aviroop Biswas CanCHEC
7268 11-15-2022 Households’ decision on parental leave and gender pay gap Safoura Moeeni CEEDD, LAD
10156 11-15-2022 Disordered eating behaviours among youth and its impact on BMI Jayson Habib CHSCY
10257 11-17-2022 The Impact of International Students on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes of Domestic Students Yu Wang BCK_T1FF, CEN, CSLP, PSIS_CEN, RAIS
7314 11-21-2022 Inequities and employment outcomes for sexual minorities in Canada: garnering insights from the General Social Survey and Canadian Community Health Survey Lori Ross CCHS_T1FF, GSS_Care
10262 11-21-2022 Sociodemographic Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening Participation Rates Kazeem Adefemi CCHS_Annual, CHSS
7074 11-22-2022 Inequalities in Unmet Healthcare Need in Canada: A Repeated-Cross-sectional Analysis Shehzad Ali CCHS_Annual
10305 11-22-2022 Moving for Money? The Spatial Determinants of Inequality Michael Haan CEN, LAD
10286 11-24-2022 The impacts of implementing alternative policy within the Canada Student Loans Program Evan Sauve BCK, BCK_T1FF, CESP, CESP_T1FF, LAD, LAD_CSLP, LAD_PSIS
10304 11-29-2022 The Early Drivers of Success: Primary school grades across boys and girls and the prospects for future labour market success Michael Haan BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, CEN, IMDB, PSIS_CEN, PSIS_IMDB
10267 11-29-2022 Les coûts négligés des produits ultra-transformés sur l’économie, l’environnement et les politiques alimentaires au Canada Sabrina Rimouche SHS
10265 11-29-2022 The Family Gap in Canada Marie Connolly LAD, LISA
10198 12-02-2022 Pollution atmosphérique et asthme au Nouveau-Brunswick : Modélisation par équations structurelles Francis Lissanga CCHS_Annual
7277 12-02-2022 Myth or Reality? Examining Parent-Child Income Assistance Use in Ontario, Canada Tracey Carrier MCCSS
7064 12-02-2022 Temporal trends in inequalities in the uptake of cancer screening in Canada Seth F. Kadish CCHS_Annual
10111 12-02-2022 Investigating dietary and health inequities across intersectional subgroups of adults in Canada Natalie Doan CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_T1FF, CEN
10297 12-06-2022 Gender norm and inequality: the case of married females’ surname choices Siha Lee GSS_Education, GSS_GVP, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, LISA, NLSCY
10244 12-07-2022 CANCER PREVENTION POTENTIAL IN ATLANTIC CANADA : Informing local actions on lifestyle, equity and risk Nathalie St-Jacques CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition, CCHS_RR
10231 12-13-2022 Immigration and Robotization Xiner Xu CEEDD, CEN
10316 12-13-2022 Cross sectional evaluation of screening rates for colorectal cancer across Canada Kazeem Adefemi CCHS_Annual, CCR, PCCF
10272 12-13-2022 The Long Run Effects of the Early Retirement Provisions of the Canadian Public Pension System Michael Baker LAD
10315 12-21-2022 Examining the Co-occurrence Between Smoking Status and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage  Consumption Among Off-Reserve Indigenous and Food-Insecure Populations Mya Kidson CCHS_Annual
10313 12-21-2022 The Effects of Prenatal and Parenting Support Programs on Mothers’ Postpartum Mental Health He Zhu SMH
10312 12-21-2022 Exploring the association between addictive behavior and depression among Manitobans aged 12 and over. MD Aslam Hossain CCHS_Annual
10143 12-21-2022 Corporate Taxes and Firm Behaviour Sencer Karademir CEEDD
6660 12-21-2022 Moral Hazard in Consumer Credit Markets: Evidence from Canadian Bankruptcy Regulation Barry Scholnick CEEDD
10341 01-04-2023 Minimum wages and health in Canada Yihong Bai LISA
10292 01-04-2023 Province -Specific Prevalence and Factors Associated with Canadian Cannabis Use Before and After Cannabis Act. 2 Amendment Ghader Dargahi Abbasabad NCS
10209 01-08-2023 The economic costs of childhood disadvantage in Canada Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain LISA
10354 01-11-2023 Does access to finance moderate the relationship between past growth and expected growth? Mark Freel SFGSME
7291 01-16-2023 Towards the Canadian Exposome: Exploration of multi-exposures to environmental chemicals in the Canadian Health Measures Survey Vikki Ho CHMS, CHMS_CCR
10300 01-16-2023 Cultural Connectedness: A Key to Resilience, Repairing the Wounded Spirit Erin White APS
10268 01-16-2023 GaitWay: Algorithms predicting adverse health outcomes in multimorbid populations Amy Teh-Mei Hsu CHMS, VSD
10331 01-19-2023 An Analysis of Labour Market Integration of Visible Minorities in Canada Shantanu Debbarman CEN
10278 01-23-2023 A Pan-Canadian Study of Physical-Mental Comorbidity in Children Mark Anthony Ferro CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CHSCY
10261 01-23-2023 Labour market participation, socio-economic inequalities and cancer care in Canada Tiffanie Perrault CCHS_CEN, CCHS_T1FF
10343 01-24-2023 Validation of Canadian Lung Function Reference Data Jinhui Ma CHMS
10317 01-24-2023 Identifying Social Determinants of Melanoma Incidence and Diagnosis Julia Heron CCR
10376 01-27-2023 Does BMI Alone Present as a Risk Factor for Type II Diabetes? Samuel Seshadri CHMS
10340 01-27-2023 The intergenerational and distributional impacts of public pensions Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IID, LAD
10176 01-31-2023 Patent Transfers, Firms Growth, and Worker Earnings Seok Min (Terry) Moon CEEDD
10154 02-03-2023 Homelessness in Small-Mid sized Ontario Cities William O'Grady CHS
10145 02-03-2023 L’impact de la Réforme globale du Programme des travailleurs étrangers temporaires de 2014 sur l’emploi des immigrants temporaires, l’emploi des natifs et les salaires Étienne Lalé CEEDD, LFS
10276 02-03-2023 Explaining Income and Education Gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous People Kevin Mongeon BCK, BCK_T1FF, CEN, LAD, NGS
10373 02-07-2023 A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey (NCS): User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization Greggory Cullen NCS
10332 02-07-2023 Social determinants of waiting time and perceived quality of care in Canada: findings from the Canadian Community Health Survey Bill Le CCHS_Annual
10290 02-07-2023 Prevalence of Health Care Access and Use Indicators by Gender Todd Coleman CCHS_Annual
10136 02-07-2023 Estimating the potential health care cost-savings from a flax-based treatment for hypertension Luc Clair CHMS, UCASS
10110 02-08-2023 Understanding the outcomes and interprovincial variation in the care of persons presenting to Canadian emergency departments with mental health and substance use concerns. David Barbic CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
10236 02-08-2023 Retail food environment and dietary outcomes among First Nations and general Canadians, and its implication to population health outcomes. Xuefeng Hu CCHS_Nutrition, CCR, CEN, CHMS, CanCHEC, VSD
10230 02-08-2023 Comprendre les changements sociaux à l'origine des tendances temporelles en matière de bien-être et santé mentale chez les jeunes adultes entre les provinces canadiennes Thierry Gagné CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, SCMH
10115 02-08-2023 Health status and union dissolution among middle-aged and older Canadians Margaret Penning LISA
10041 02-09-2023 Understanding the economic and nutritional costs of food purchasing behaviours in Canada Mary Roberta L'Abbe SHS
10359 02-13-2023 Skill growth in post-secondary education Qian Liu BCK, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF
10348 02-13-2023 ECON 861 Winter 2023, Queen’s University Course type 1 – full semester course with student research papers Yasmine Amirkhalkhali LSIC, NGS, NLSCY, YITS
10207 02-14-2023 Labour markets and traditional economic activity in Arctic and sub-Arctic Canada Sara Enns CEN, NHS
10339 02-14-2023 Impacts sanitaires des particules fines atmosphériques au QuébecImpacts sanitaires des particules fines atmosphériques au Québec Martin Resua Rojas CEN, CanCHEC
10329 02-14-2023 Universal child care and immigrant women’s labor supply and health outcomes Haizhen Mou CanCHEC
10289 02-14-2023 Recul des gains d'espérance de vie au Canada depuis 2010 Nadine Ouellette VSD
10192 02-15-2023 Child Penalty in Canada Decio Coviello CEEDD
10403 02-20-2023 Spousal victimization and violence in Muslim populations in Canada Farah Islam GSS, GSS_Victimization
10378 02-20-2023 Research Methods; MAEC6698 and MAEC6699 (Major Research Paper) Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CEN, GSS_Family, LFS, NHS
10360 02-20-2023 An update of the Canadian job stability evidence Xiaoxue Li LFS
10358 02-20-2023 A comparison of datasets to study mobility across municipalities in Canada Michael Haan CEN, IMDB, LAD_AG, PCCF
10335 02-20-2023 Fertility Intentions and Disability in Canada: Physical and Mental Health Disabilities as Barriers to Parenthood Leah Houseman GSS_Family
10306 02-20-2023 Diversity of Muslim Experiences in Canada Abdie Kazemipur IMDB, LSIC
10139 02-20-2023 Working from home Tammy D. Schirle LFS
10282 02-20-2023 Social connection and mental health among residents of different housing tenures, including cooperatives Julie Howe CHS
10239 02-21-2023 Towards Net-Zero Energy Communities (NZECs): A Holistic Modelling and Analysis Framework to Guide Building Design and Operation. Elie Azar HES
10355 02-21-2023 Tax policy for health care and disability expenses Lennox Arthur Sweetman LAD
10323 02-21-2023 L’insertion économique des immigrants diplômés universitaires au Québec selon l’origine nationale et le genre Karamba Touré IMDB
10308 02-21-2023 Morbidity and mortality associated with socioeconomic characteristics and baseline nutrition, physical and mental health and health behaviors using linked data Esme R. Fuller-Thomson CCHS_Annual
10365 02-22-2023 Effects of physical and non-physical extracurricular activities on the self-concept of adolescents Saad Waqas CHSCY
10134 02-22-2023 Oxford DSPI PhD Thesis: Do Universities Promote Social Mobility in Canada? Louis Tusz BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, LAD_PSIS, LISA, PSIS
10389 02-26-2023 Canadian Residential Schools & Diabetes: A Correlational Study Sherrie Bellegarde APS
10319 02-26-2023 Exploring the impacts of air pollution and greenness on mortality among patients with cancer Gloria Ho CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_T1FF, CEN
10311 02-26-2023 Health Impacts of Climate Change and Air Pollution Exposures on Immigrant Populations in Alberta Brooke Sidney CCHS_Annual
10415 03-01-2023 Indigenous and non-indigenous income distributions over the last 100 years in Canada Donna L. Feir (Waagenaar) CEN, NHS
10295 03-01-2023 Proposal to Examine Changes of Subjective Well-being in Canada, and to Create a Regularly Updated Monitor of Happiness for Canadian Urban Neighbourhoods and Communities Haifang Huang CCHS_Annual, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use
10366 03-06-2023 Mechanisms and drivers of intergenerational mobility in Canada Xavier St-Denis CEN, IID, LAD, LISA
10437 03-09-2023 Sexual orientation and homeownership disparities in Canada Jason G. Dean CEN, NHS
10353 03-10-2023 Système de sélection des immigrants, assimilation salariale et éducation des natifs dans les démocraties avancées. Livingstone Boko CEN
10338 03-10-2023 Analyse économique des exemptions des droits de scolarité des étudiants étrangers au Québec Guy Lacroix PSIS_IMDB
10451 03-13-2023 Religion, gender and ethnicity among Millennials Sarah Kay Wilkins-Laflamme GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, GSS_Health, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization
10390 03-15-2023 Does Having A Chronic Condition Impact Income Growth Overtime? An Analysis from a Gendered and Racial Lens of Canadians Anna Hardie NPHS, WES
10326 03-15-2023 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on classroom peer effects: evidence from British Columbian schools Nabil Afodjo BCK
10344 03-20-2023 The Relationship Between Housing Conditions and Wellbeing for Older Adults in Rural Canada Bavisha Thurairajah CHS
10419 03-23-2023 Evaluation of the representativity of the CARTaGENE study by comparing with Canadian census data Rado Ramasy Razafindratovo CEN
10391 03-23-2023 The economic returns to a PhD: A Canada-US comparison Harry Benjamin CEN, IMDB, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS_IMDB
10372 03-24-2023 Rates of Trans and Gender Nonconforming Identity in Autistic Youth Compared to Neurotypical and ADHD Samples in the Same Data Set Michaela Williams CHSCY
10212 03-26-2023 Income trajectories and well-being in older adulthood (Canada Research Chair in Policies and Health Inequalities) Amelie Quesnel-Vallee LISA
10421 03-26-2023 Snacking patterns and associations with diet quality and weight status among children in Canada Claire Nora Tugault-Lafleur CCHS_Nutrition
10382 03-27-2023 Coming out in Canada: An empirical analysis of transgender openness and wage inequality in Canada in 2021 Donna L. Feir (Waagenaar) CEN
10434 03-29-2023 Understanding Canada’s labour market responses to international trade Peter Morrow LEAP, LWF
10371 03-29-2023 What is the role of firms in explaining age-earnings differentials in Canada? Benoit Dostie CEEDD
10357 03-29-2023 Association between asthma, COPD and asthma and COPD overlap and mortality in the Canadian population Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan CCHS_Annual
10264 03-29-2023 Job Ladders in Canada Fabian Lange CEEDD
10468 04-02-2023 Investigating Health-Income Gradients for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians Hayley Touchburn APS
10464 04-02-2023 Crowding-in or crowding-out? Analysis of innovation government support for firms located in Canada Claudia De Fuentes CEEDD
10450 04-02-2023 Barriers to mobility and misallocation: the case of Canada’s First Nations Fernando Martin Aragon Sanchez CEN, IID, NHS
10334 04-02-2023 Modern family change in Canada: fertility declines since the Great Recession Yue Teng CEN, GSS_Family, NHS
10350 04-03-2023 Clustering of inflammatory bowel disease in Canada: Epidemiology and Impacts of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Michael Haan CCHS_Annual, CEN, CanCHEC, IMDB
10399 04-05-2023 COVID-19 and food firm dynamics Alain Mutabazi NALMF
10377 04-05-2023 Accessing Data to Develop An Indigenous Value-Based Approach to Environmental Health Risk Assessment Diana Lewis APS, CEN, CHSCY, CHSS, CanCHEC, NHS, SLCDC, SLNCC, SMH
10449 04-14-2023 Summer School Bootcamp in Administrative Data Analysis (BADA) Xavier St-Denis IMDB, LAD, NLSCY, YITS
10426 04-14-2023 Revisiting the long-term effects of attending a residential school: an empirical analysis of the health, cultural and educational impacts. Donna L. Feir (Waagenaar) APS, CEN
10328 04-14-2023 Why do immigrants tend to earn less than non-immigrants? Stephen Tino CEEDD, IMDB
10476 04-19-2023 Sex and age differences in socioeconomic inequities in alcohol use and attributable mortality Alessandra Teresa Andreacchi CCHS_Annual, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
10416 04-20-2023 La classe moyenne au Canada : définitions, portrait et évolution. Geoffroy Boucher SCF
10406 04-20-2023 Labor market effects of mandatory retirement policies in Canada Benoit Dostie CEEDD
10456 04-24-2023 Post-secondary schooling and retention of international students to their province of study Andrienne  Shanika Ferguson PSIS, RAIS
10503 04-24-2023 Health Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization among Young Adults in Canada Qichen Zhang CCHS_Annual
10465 04-27-2023 Analysis of Labour Markets for the Canadian Electricity and Renewable Energy Sectors Gabrielle Dark CEN, LFS
10453 04-27-2023 Monetary Returns to Specialization in Medicine James Stutely CEN, NGS
10485 04-28-2023 The physician shortage in Canada Martin Farnham CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition
10408 04-28-2023 Wider health impacts of COVID-19 on accessibility and utilization of care: an analysis of the CCHS, 2015-2021 Mehdi Ammi CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition
10407 04-28-2023 Work, retire, and life: how Canadians spend their older years Kevin Milligan LAD
10397 04-28-2023 Prescription opioid use and misuse among reproductive-aged women: evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey Andi Leigh Camden CCHS_Annual
10494 05-01-2023 The effects of financial aid on educational and labour market outcomes Qian Liu CSLP, PSIS
10471 05-03-2023 Valuing neighbourhood amenities using revealed preference Pierre-Loup Beauregard CEN, CHSP, CHS_T1FF, LAD
10388 05-03-2023 Examining the regional heterogeneity of the positive mental health of Canadian immigrants Iqbal Ahmed Chowdhury CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
10285 05-03-2023 Assessing the value of blood donor data for public health surveillance Alton Russell CCAHS, CEN, CHMS, CVCS
10510 05-03-2023 Extractive Industry and Inequality in the Arctic Chris J. Southcott CEN
10466 05-05-2023 Health and wellbeing of children and youth Sarah Woodruff Atkinson CHSCY
10392 05-05-2023 Impact of Uncertainty on Two-Tiered Labour Markets Enchuan Shao BRM, SLID, WES
10504 05-05-2023 The population-level effects of herpes zoster vaccination in Ontario Stephenson Baines Strobel CHSS
10395 05-09-2023 Determinants and consequences of child marriage in North America Kaya Van Roost GSS_Family
10488 05-10-2023 K-12 School Funding Reform in British Columbia: Education and Labour Market Outcomes Alexia Maria Olaizola BCK, BCK_T1FF, CSLP, EISV, IID, LAD, LAD_CSLP
10481 05-10-2023 Gender, racial, and immigrant pay gaps in Canadian medicine Boris Kralj CEN, IID, LFS
10470 05-10-2023 The Impacts of Incentives for Apprenticeship Training Steven Ryan LAD, LAD_RAIS, PSIS, RAIS
10479 05-11-2023 Minimum Wage, Employment, and Wage Subsidy Programs: Evidence from Canada Ratzanyel Daniel Rincon Vargas LFS
10386 05-11-2023 Nunavut Inuit Sustainable Housing Index (NISHI) Jack Jedwab APS, CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHS, CHSP, GSS, GSS_Social, GSS_Victimization, SHS
10118 05-11-2023 Unions and Technology Adoption Dafne Murillo Lopez CEEDD
10327 05-15-2023 How do the business cycles influence the human capital investment decisions of Canadian high school graduates? Mahmut Ablay BCK, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS, PSIS_CEN, PSIS_T1FF
10523 05-15-2023 Investigating differences in cancer-specific mortality between immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada from 1992-2015 using Statistics Canada data Robert Anton Olson CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
10458 05-16-2023 Air pollution, income inequality, and suicide mortality Brian Steele CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
10461 05-17-2023 Is cannabis consumption a motivating factor for post-secondary enrollment? Busayo Aduloju PSIS
10513 05-17-2023 Applying the Gelberg-Andersen Behavioural Model for Vulnerable Populations Visna Rampersad SLCDC
10535 05-19-2023 Coast capital income project Michael Haan CEN, LAD
10498 05-19-2023 Longitudinal assessment of the effects of neighborhood deprivation and inequality on psychological distress and mental disorders among Canadian adults Vandad Sharifi Senejani LISA
10283 05-24-2023 Caractériser et quantifier les interactions entre les coûts de transport et d’habitation dans la région de Montréal Mathilde Zanolini CEN, SHS
10447 05-26-2023 How Effective is Tax Incentive in Encouraging MNEs’ Subsequent Investment in Host Country? Evidence from Canadian Microdata Shiqi Xu BRM
10436 05-26-2023 Type and State Dependence of Job Finding Rates in Canada Fabian Lange LFS
10531 05-26-2023 Returns to human capital by religious affiliation in Canada Ather Akbari CEN, NHS
10522 05-26-2023 Impact of Medicare on long-term health outcomes Mohammad Hajizadeh CCHS_Annual, NPHS
10253 05-26-2023 A study on the quality of administrative datasets to compare the fertility of immigrants with that of natives. Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga CEN, IMDB
10383 05-31-2023 The Educational Choices, Labour Market Behaviour and Immigration Prospects of International Students Saul Schwartz IMDB, LAD, LAD_PSIS, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB
10379 05-31-2023 Skills, Education and Intergenerational Mobility in Canada Laetitia Renee PSIS, RAIS
10529 05-31-2023 Earning gap between natives and immigrants in Canada Yani Zhang CEN, IMDB
10401 06-05-2023 Are temporary workplace closures disruptive? A talent management outlook in small and medium enterprises Victor Yelverton III Haines SFGSME
10521 06-07-2023 Evaluating the socioeconomic inequities in primary care utilization after the implementation of team-based care Mohammad Hajizadeh CCHS_Annual
10499 06-07-2023 Evaluating the Effects of FTAs on Firms’ Trade Expansion and Portfolio Yanling Wang BRM
10533 06-11-2023 Regions competing for talent: Higher education student migration in Canada Anthony Abbot Sangmen PSIS
10333 06-12-2023 Green production and investments: how Canadian firms respond to environmental policies Oliver Loertscher CEEDD
10370 06-14-2023 Mapping existing and future air quality in oil and gas Martin Lavoie CEN, CanCHEC
10557 06-14-2023 Consommation d’aliments ultra-transformés chez les communautés ethnoculturelles et les nouveaux arrivants au Canada Sara Jovovic CCHS_Nutrition
10519 06-15-2023 Le logement au Québec Frédérique Lagacé CHS
7248 06-16-2023 The apprenticeship pathway: skilled trades and immigrant integration in Canada Tingting Zhang IMDB, LAD, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_IMDB
10463 06-22-2023 Resource Sector Shocks and Labour Market Spillovers Through Migration and Bargaining Jean-William P. Laliberté CEEDD, PSIS
10568 06-22-2023 Intersectional inequality in the Canadian labour market Nicole Denier CEN, NHS
10552 06-22-2023 Distribution of labour in Canada: A competing destination analysis for immigrant and Canadian-born postsecondary graduates Isaac Mpinda CEN, IMDB, LAD, PSIS, RAIS
10467 06-26-2023 The Geography of Gender Gaps in Education and Earnings Jean-William P. Laliberté CEEDD, PSIS
10342 06-26-2023 The influence of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in Canadian adults: a two-wave longitudinal nationwide data Yingying Su SCMH
10577 06-26-2023 Characterizing intra-individual variation in energy intake and associations with diet quality Natalie Diane Riediger CCHS_Nutrition
10569 06-26-2023 Income-Based Inequalities in Household Spending on Health Services Excluded from the Canadian Public Insurance Programs Emmanuelle Arpin SHS
10545 06-26-2023 Search Frictions and Sector Networks: Evidence from Canada Étienne Latulippe LFS
10536 06-26-2023 The impact of socio-economic status on cancer risk using individual-level assessment Wasem Alsabbagh CCR, CanCHEC, VSD
10528 06-26-2023 The effect of school rank on short and long term outcomes in British Columbia Justin D. Smith BCK, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS
10526 06-26-2023 The role of parental education in children’s schooling outcomes: how does it differ for Indigenous students? Christine Neill BCK, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS
10491 06-27-2023 Skilled Immigrants in Canada: Performance analysis for major fields of study. Mohammad Huda CEN, IMDB, NHS
10422 06-27-2023 Do innovation boxes stimulate R&D spending? Yiannis Kipouros BRM
10368 06-27-2023 New perspectives on educational mobility in Canada Xavier St-Denis CEN, NHS, PSIS
10487 06-29-2023 Age at immigration Félix Lupien CEN, IID, IMDB, LAD, NHS
10346 06-29-2023 The GTA Inclusive Communities Index Anh Nguyen CCHS_Annual, CEN, GSS_Social, NHS
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