List of all RDC projects within the last 12 months

RDC projects from July 2021 – June 2022 inclusively
Project Number Project Start Date Project Title Principal Investigator Data Source E Data Source F
6969 07-06-2021 The use of home care services among older Canadian immigrants Mamta Vaswani CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6996 07-06-2021 Return migration patterns of graduates from New Brunswick high schools Herbert Emery PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
6936 07-06-2021 Peer effects at work and parental leave: Why is papa not more involved? Fabian Lange CEEDD, Non-StatCan BDCEE, Non-StatCan
7018 07-06-2021 Determinants and multigenerational effects of family ruptures Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IID, LAD BDMIR, DAL
6862 07-06-2021 Etude du lien entre les experiences de combat, la blessure morale et le trouble de stress post-traumatique chez les militaires canadiens Audrey-Ann Blais-Cote CAFVMHS ESSMFACM
6965 07-06-2021 The prevalence and impact of co-op programs and second degrees among recent cohorts of graduates with special focus on immigrants Christopher N. Ferrall NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7014 07-07-2021 Ontario Credential Landscape Taylor Shek-wai Hui LAD_RAIS, PSIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF DAL_SIAI, SIEP, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7008 07-07-2021 Caractérisation du premier quintile de revenus au Canada et identification de corrélations entre ces caractéristiques et la mobilité sociale intergénérationnelle Loic Courtemanche IID BDMIR
6790 07-07-2021 Immigrant Self-Employment Benoit Dostie CEEDD BDCEE
6882 07-11-2021 Mental health of female entrepreneurs in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin CCHS_T1FF ESCC_FFT1
5183-R001 07-11-2021 Divided communities: Income inequality's impact on Canadians health Megan Wylie CCHS_Annual, CEN, NHS ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ENM
6971 07-13-2021 The impact of British Columbia's international post-graduate project on science talent in Canada Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs BCK, BCK_T1FF, IMDB, PSIS, PSIS_IMDB, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF CBK, CBK_FFT1, BDIM, SIEP, SIEP_BDIM, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
6982 07-13-2021 An econometric analysis of the Canada Child Benefit on the overall wellbeing of Canadian families Rebekah Howlett CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6921 07-13-2021 People, places, policies and prospects: affordable rental housing for those in greatest need Catherine Jo-Anne Leviten-Reid CHS, CHS_T1FF ECL, ECL_FFT1
6963 07-15-2021 Identifying Mental Health Issues in Canadian Immigrants Sahej Kaur CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
6945 07-15-2021 The impact of financial aid on educational choices and the financial health of recent graduates Annabel Sophie Thornton NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7029 07-21-2021 Le rôle des inégalités de patrimoine dans la mobilité intergénérationnelle au Québec et au Canada Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain IID, LAD BDMIR, DAL
7005 07-21-2021 Comparaison interprovinciale des programmes d'aide financière aux études du Canada Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant CEN, CIS REC, ECR
7007 07-21-2021 Simulations de taxation optimale sur des données fiscales canadiennes Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant CEN, CIS, LAD, LFS REC, ECR, DAL, EPA
6960 07-21-2021 La sécurité de la population québécoise Marie-Andrée Gravel GSS, GSS_Victimization, SSPPS ESG, ESG_Victime, ESEPP
7028 07-26-2021 Physical activity and mental healthcare utilization among Canadian adolescents and young adults: A longitudinal study utilizing record linkage Mina Fahim CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_SIOSM
7015 07-26-2021 Food insecurity, mental health service use, and medical healthcare: Investigating the potential moderating effects of race/ethnicity Allyson Patricia Jane Lamont CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6812-S001 07-26-2021 Course request - advanced topics in health economics Zichun Zhao CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7038 07-26-2021 The impact of refundable tax credits and benefits on low-income households Steven Ryan BCIA, LAD, LFS, SSP CBAR, DAL, EPA, PA
6801 07-28-2021 An exploration of survey data on digital inclusion in Canada Catherine Middleton CIUS, SHS ECUI, EDM
6902 07-28-2021 Entrepreneurship education and career outcomes Creso Domiciano Sa NGS END
6864 07-30-2021 The geography of gender gaps in education and earnings Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, PSIS_CEN, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_FFT1, REC, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIEP_REC, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
6914 08-03-2021 Vaccine hesitancy in Canada Naomi Marie Schellenberg CNICS ECVNE
6985 08-04-2021 Exploring inequalities in having a regular primary health care provider: an intersectionality approach using multilevel analysis of individual heterogeneity and discriminatory accuracy Jennifer Wei He CCHS_Annual, PCCF ESCC_Annuelle, FCCP
6711-S001 08-05-2021 Individual, societal and family factors and Black youths' mental health Irene Vitoroulis OCHS ESJO
7022 08-09-2021 Taxation of capital gains: equity and efficiency Michael Smart LAD DAL
6744 08-10-2021 Contextual moderation effects in multilevel modeling: a critical review of sociological research on suicidal diathesis Tay Jeong NLSCY ELNEJ
7031 08-10-2021 Updated epidemiology of hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS ECMS
6975 08-10-2021 Innovating for inclusive & equitable post-secondary education: a pathway to realizing the SDGs Melanie Panitch CSD ECI
7006 08-11-2021 Estimating associations between long-term exposure to PM2.5 oxidative potential and composition and chronic health outcomes in Toronto and Montreal Susannah Mcquarrie Ripley CCHS_Annual, CCHS_DAD, CEN, CanCHEC ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_BDCP, REC, SCERCan
6854 08-12-2021 Immigrant-owned businesses: Financing practices Anoosheh Rostamkalaei CEEDD, Non-StatCan BDCEE, Non-StatCan
6854-S001 08-12-2021 Immigrant-owned businesses: earning and career trajectories Mark Freel CEEDD, Non-StatCan BDCEE, Non-StatCan
7077 08-13-2021 The relationship between childhood victimization and dating violence in Canada: an analysis of the general social survey cycle 34, 2019 Denae Easton GSS ESG
6942 08-13-2021 From student to immigrant: the labour market integration of former international students in Canada Rupa Banerjee CEEDD BDCEE
6979 08-16-2021 Job-induced stressors, social integration and mental health of immigrant workers in Canada Lori Jane Masil Pasaraba IMDB BDIM
7017 08-18-2021 Comparing degree pathways graduate degree holders take through higher education: exploring patterns and early career outcomes Jessica Megan Nelson NGS END
7027 08-20-2021 Canadian biotechnology firms and innovation performance Brian P. Cozzarin Non-StatCan Non-StatCan
7024 08-20-2021 Mental health services use among CAF members and Veterans Anthony Nazarov CAFVMHS ESSMFACM
6968 08-20-2021 Examination of Rural Health Inequities Paul Adrian Peters CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7086 08-20-2021 International Migration Responses to Tax Incentives and Public Policies Adam Lavecchia IMDB, LAD BDIM, DAL
7072 08-20-2021 Evaluating inequalities in cause-related mortality using multiple causes of death Paul Adrian Peters CEN, CanCHEC, VSD REC, SCERCan, SEC
6958 08-23-2021 A view of cardiovascular health through a sex and gender lens: comparing and expanding the evidence from high-income to low-and middle-income countries Rubee Dev CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6438-S001 08-23-2021 Secondary to postsecondary pathways and outcomes of non-traditional students David Walters CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF, TDSB PCPE, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1, CSDT
7073 08-25-2021 Understanding, predicting, and preventing mortality from deaths of despair in Canada: a population-based approach Calvin Yip CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF, VSD ESCC_REC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_FFT1, SEC
7009 08-25-2021 Zooming in monetary policy transmission in Canada Maxime Alexandre Leroux BRM GRA
6950 08-25-2021 Sorting, Matching and Urban Inequality Guangbin Hong CEEDD, Non-StatCan BDCEE, Non-StatCan
7001 08-25-2021 Immigrant children's sense of community belonging and well-being Allison Leanage CCHS_MH ESCC_SM
7034 08-29-2021 Risks and protective factors influencing maternal mental health Lua Samimi SMH ESM
6125-S002 08-29-2021 "Evaluating the Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Canada on Risk-Taking Behaviours Nicholas Cristiano NCS ENC
7058 08-29-2021 Family relationships and educational choices during COVID-19 recession and how it differs from previous recessions Xiaoxue Li LFS, Non-StatCan EPA, Non-StatCan
6906 08-29-2021 Impact of high-tech industrial policy on local labour market Alexandre Lehoux CEEDD BDCEE
6125-S001 08-29-2021 A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization Meghan Andrea Wrathall NCS ENC
7044 08-29-2021 Immigration and frictions in the labour market; How does immigration affect the labour market dynamics in North America Alisaleh Shariati CEN, CIS, LFS, SLID REC, ECR, EPA, EDTR
7011 08-29-2021 Descriptive epidemiology of perceived and unmet mental health needs in immigrants in Canada Rola Hashem CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
7019 08-29-2021 Family or individual taxation: how does the choice of unit for taxes and benefits affect gender equality in Canada? Antoine Genest-Grégoire GSS_Family, GSS_T1FF, LAD, Non-StatCan ESG_Famille, ESG_FFT1, DAL, Non-StatCan
6869 08-29-2021 Immigrant womens adherence to and perceptions of cervical cancer screening and prevention in Ontario, Canada Martin J. Cooke CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6943 08-29-2021 Trust and relationships in Credence goods market Christi-Anna Durodola ERLF_NPHS, GSS_Social, NPHS EPFL_ENSP, ESG_Sociale, ENSP
6983 08-30-2021 Exploring differential mortality in Canada's Indigenous populations Leora Courtney-Wolfman CCHS_CVSD, Non-StatCan, VSD ESCC_BCDECD, Non-StatCan, SEC
6994 08-30-2021 Understanding predictors of First Nation health, economic participation, and wellbeing: an analysis of the 2017 aboriginal peoples survey Elaine Catherine Toombs APS EAPA
7080 08-31-2021 Immigrating in a Recession: Long-Term Effects on the Economic Integration of Immigrant Families Nicolas Gendron-Carrier IMDB, LAD BDIM, DAL
7067 09-02-2021 Modélisation du risque de campylobactériose au Canada via différentes sources d'exposition d'origine alimentaire et environnementales Vanessa Gabriele-Rivet CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7094 09-02-2021 COVID-19 and the reallocation of labour in Canada Pierre R. Brochu LFS EPA
7039 09-03-2021 Stunted growth: the role of financial frictions in the lifecycle of firms Oliver Loertscher BRM GRA
6974 09-09-2021 The gender gap in caregiving and its consequences Natalia Vigezzi CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_T1FF, GSS_Care, LAD ESCC_RCC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_FFT1, ESG_Soin, DAL
6879 09-09-2021 Are experiences of discrimination contributing to the mental health status of Canada's diverse urban population? Responding to the call from the federal government's 2019-2022 anti-racism strategy Newsha Melody Mahinpey CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RR
7053 09-09-2021 Older couple labour participation and retirement during Covid-19: is it different from other recessions? Jing Cui LFS EPA
7046 09-09-2021 Évolution de la distribution de la productivité des entreprises québécoises Benoit Dostie CEEDD BDCEE
7040 09-09-2021 Understanding the consequences of entrepreneurship as an episodic phenomenon Mark Freel LISA ELIA
7036 09-10-2021 Social networking and immigrants' labour market outcomes. Sejin Ahn IMDB BDIM
7042 09-10-2021 How LGBTQ perceptions of neighbourhood safety and cohesion impact health Berenica Vejvoda GSS ESG
6998 09-14-2021 A comprehensive socioeconomic vulnerability index (SoVI) to inform socially equitable flood risk management policy Liton Chakraborty APS, CEN, CIS EAPA, REC, ECR
7061 09-14-2021 Volunteering behaviours of Canadian atheists David Speed GSS ESG
7041 09-15-2021 LGB Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: New Data and New Insights Sean Waite CCHS_Annual, CCHS_T1FF ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_FFT1
6884 09-15-2021 The short and long-run effects of pre-school and K-12 education programs in British Columbia Jane Friesen BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_FFT1, REC, SIEP
7104 09-15-2021 Unequal ageing Tammy D. Schirle CCHS_Annual, CEN, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, NHS ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes, ENM
7012 09-15-2021 The farmer's cost of selling food as crops or as commodities in Canada Sabrina Rimouche SHS EDM
7081 09-15-2021 Economic and demographic analysis of the Canadian medical/physician sector Boris Kralj CEN, LFS, NGS REC, EPA, END
6877 09-15-2021 Understanding disparities in substance-use related crisis across sexual orientations in Canada Antony Wai Ho Chum CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CEN ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_SIOSM, REC
6885 09-15-2021 Headache in Canadian children Tamara Pringsheim CHSCY ECSEJ
7055 09-15-2021 Transportation habits among different generations of Canadian immigrants: An exploration of commuting mode choice Shaila Jamal CEN REC
7020 09-15-2021 A national study of subjective wellbeing and its impact on population health and health systems Laura C. Rosella CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, GSS, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_REC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESG, ESG_Etudes, ESG_Famille, ESG_Sociale, ESG_Emploi_Temps, ESG_Victime
7048 09-15-2021 Inequality in the arts: an examination of the role of cultural policy in shaping artists' income Bradley Cooper CEN, NHS REC, ENM
5013-R001 09-17-2021 Interprovincial differences in enrollment rates in academic math Kelly E. Foley YITS EJET
7088 09-23-2021 Equitable Cities for Nature and People Emma Hudgins CCHS_Annual, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, PCCF ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SM, FCCP
7076 09-23-2021 Parental leave policies and labour market outcomes Casey Warman CEN, LAD, NHS REC, DAL, ENM
7051 09-24-2021 Post-pubertal experiences as a mediator of the relationship between early pubertal timing and depressive symptoms in young adults Annie Duchesne NLSCY ELNEJ
7069 09-27-2021 Effects of adverse health events on labour market outcomes: evidence from linked Canadian data Casey Warman CEN, HSUS, LAD, NHS REC, GUSS, DAL, ENM
7062 09-27-2021 The impact of early childhood education policies on the school-readiness of low-income children: A comparative case study analysis of Quebec and Ontario Paige LaPierre NLSCY ELNEJ
7114 09-27-2021 Gender gaps in savings and retirement preparedness across cohorts and the lifecycle Steven Fredrick Lehrer LAD DAL
7116 09-28-2021 How parental leave is bridging sex specialty home-related work gap Farouk Awal EICS, LAD ECAE, DAL
7054 09-28-2021 Intra-City Occupational Heat Stress Modelling Using a GIS-based Approach Sukanya Sharma CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_RR, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_NACRS ESCC_REC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_RR, SCERCan, SCERCan_SNISA
6787 09-29-2021 Generating 'Geospatient' Theory: Ontario healthcare in the context of continuous rurality and northern measures Robert Charles Barnett CEN, CanCHEC, Non-StatCan REC, SCERCan, Non-StatCan
7089 10-04-2021 Stock performance and investor risk aversion: evidence from Canadian household insurance spending Chengbo Fu SHS EDM
7068 10-05-2021 Labour mobility costs, trade and the dynamics of gender inequality Leandro Freylejer LAD DAL
7106 10-05-2021 Land use restriction and housing affordability: Evidence from the Southern Ontario Greenbelt Aidi Yu CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan REC, ENM, Non-StatCan
6850 10-08-2021 Long term outcomes of the MINCOME experiment Krishna Pendakur IID BDMIR
7091 10-08-2021 The effect of parental chronic illness on children's mental health Ian Richard Colman NLSCY ELNEJ
4935 10-08-2021 Firm-Level Impacts of Market-Based Environmental Policies and Energy Prices Brett Dolter    
6962 10-08-2021 Economic determinants of demand for legal and illicit recreational cannabis in Canada Angele Poirier NCS, SHS ENC, EDM
7087 10-08-2021 Tri-Agency talent Program: labour market outcomes of successful applicants, unsuccessful applicants, and non-applicant Ross Finnie Non-StatCan Non-StatCan
6812-S002 10-08-2021 Course request - advanced topics in health economics: will drinking leads to higher earnings? Yihong Bai CCHS_Annual, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, NPHS ESCC_Annuelle, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Famille, ESG_Sociale, ESG_Emploi_Temps, ESG_Victime, ENSP
7026 10-14-2021 A Canadian study examining the role of precarious labour in the intersection of immigration and crime Parvinder Hira-Friesen GSS_Victimization, LFS ESG_Victime, EPA
6689 10-14-2021 The current state of research-based career pathways for Indigenous people Cordelia Roxanne Sheppard APS EAPA
7117 10-15-2021 Inégalités de réussite, que nous disent les données PISA 2000 à 2018 Nishat Rahman Khan PISA PISA
5805-S001 10-15-2021 Quantifying local economic spillovers between firms and workers Nathaniel Baum-Snow CEEDD BDCEE
7078 10-18-2021 Alcohol deregulation and the future burden of alcohol consumption and harms in Ontario Brendan Smith CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCHS_T1FF, CEN, NHS ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_REC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_SIOSM, ESCC_FFT1, REC, ENM
3955-S025 10-18-2021 Illicit and prescription drug misuse among Canadian Armed Forces Veterans Essence Isabelle Perera CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
6991 10-18-2021 A longitudinal assessment of maintenance and new onset of chronic pain conditions in Canadian military personnel with and without PTSD Gordon Asmundson CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
6823 10-19-2021 The role of networks in immigrants' job quality Natalia Vigezzi CEEDD BDCEE
7050 10-19-2021 Le coût économique du décrochage scolaire Guy Lacroix LISA ELIA
3985-S022 10-19-2021 La participation des mères monoparentales et le marché du travail: déterminants socio économiques et discrimination Antony Duplan LISA ELIA
6659 10-22-2021 Trajectoires de travailleurs étrangers temporaires au Canada Charles Fleury CEEDD BDCEE
6999 10-22-2021 The Effect of Retirement on Mental and Physical Well-being of the Elderly Population in Canada Ida Ferrara CCHS_HA ESCC_VS
7125 10-26-2021 Addressing household food insecurity in Canada: learning from the COVID-19 pandemic Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Annual, CERB_CIS, CIS ESCC_Annuelle, PCU_ECR, ECR
7010 10-27-2021 Lien entre le stress et l'alimentation pendant la grossesse Hana Amrane CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_Nutrition
6438-S002 10-28-2021 Promoting access across education, skills, and employment pathways David Jonathan Zarifa CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF, TDSB PCPE, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1, CSDT
7097 11-01-2021 Le programme de garderies universelles du Québec augmente-t-il l'assurance conjugale? Marc-Antoine Laflamme LFS, NLSCY, SLID EPA, ELNEJ, EDTR
7093-S001 11-01-2021 The impact of politics and policies on cities' resilience: A multi-scalar approach Jesse Andrew Sutton LFS, NALMF, Non-StatCan EPA, FMLCN, Non-StatCan
7093 11-01-2021 Regional Economic Resilience in Canada: A Multi-scalar Approach Jesse Andrew Sutton LFS, NALMF, Non-StatCan EPA, FMLCN, Non-StatCan
6913 11-03-2021 The long run outcomes of immigrant children: evidence from Canada Natalia Vigezzi IMDB BDIM
7059 11-05-2021 Residential mobility, housing, and neighborhood outcomes among Canadian households Meryn Severson Mason CHS ECL
7100 11-05-2021 Analysis of the effects of COVID-19 and mental health amongst Canadians Scott Patten CCHS_Annual, CTNS, SCMH ESCC_Annuelle, ECTN, ECSM
7137 11-08-2021 The association between policies enabling pharmacists to administer influenza vaccines and vaccination rate in Canada. A pan-Canadian repeated cross-sectional study Wasem Alsabbagh CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6636-S001 11-08-2021 Gender pay gaps in the health professions: do health systems reflect the social inequalities they are meant to address? Adrienne Gulliver CEN REC
7124 11-08-2021 Gender inequalities of income in the top percentile in Canada Yao Pan LAD DAL
6582 11-10-2021 Parental leave policies in Canada: The impacts on female labour supply and wages XingFei Liu LFS EPA
7132 11-15-2021 Economic and mortality effects of health shocks Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CVSD_DAD_NACRS, CVSD_OMHRS, DAD_IMDB, LAD BCDECD_BDCP_SNISA, BCDECD_SIOSM, BDCP_BDIM, DAL
7169 11-17-2021 ECON 861, Queen's University Course type 1 – full semester course with student Yasmine Amirkhalkhali CCHS_Annual, CEN, ERLF_NPHS, LSIC, NGS, NLSCY, WES, YITS ESCC_Annuelle, REC, EPFL_ENSP, ELIC, END, ELNEJ, EMTE, EJET
7155 11-17-2021 Family functioning, self-harm related disclosure and help-seeking behaviours Nicole Grace Hammond OCHS ESJO
7037 11-17-2021 The economic benefits of french ability and use in Ontario Stephanie Arnott CEN REC
7149 11-18-2021 The Impacts of Neighbourhood Characteristics and Public Transit Connectivity on Well-Being Andrea Nicole Craig CHS ECL
7122 11-18-2021 Joint and survivor life expectancy in Canada Janice Rhoda Compton CEN, LAD, NHS, VSD REC, DAL, ENM, SEC
7108 11-18-2021 Mental health of emergent adults with type 1 diabetes in Canada: aggregated national survey, 2009 to 2019 Rachel R. Jewell CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7133 11-22-2021 Educational expansion and skill usage from 1986 to the present Jonathan Brownstein Horowitz CEN, NHS REC, ENM
7056 11-22-2021 Title a user-friendly weighted estimation method: testing applications using crowdsourced data Rabiul Islam ICHCWIPC RCTSPCI
7173 11-22-2021 Wealth, Housing, and Social Class in Canada Michelle Maroto SFS ESF
7172 11-23-2021 Citizenship Acquisition and Immigrants' Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from Canadian Immigrants. Kuot Daniel Manyang IMDB, LAD BDIM, DAL
7102 11-23-2021 Evaluation and geographical comparison of the impact of cardiovascular risk factors on population attributable fractions (PAFs) and lifetime risks (LTRs) to assess cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden globally Mohammad Shofiqul Islam CHMS, CHMS_CCR, CHMS_CVSD, CHMS_DAD ECMS, ECMS_RCC, ECMS_BCDECD, ECMS_BDCP
7093-S002 11-29-2021 The Effect of Firm Entry on Workers' Income in Canada Jesse Andrew Sutton BRM, CIS, LAD, LFS GRA, ECR, DAL, EPA
7129 11-30-2021 Perinatal complications and outcomes in female survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer Miranda Marie Benaoudia CCR_IARC, CEN, IMDB, LSTD_CCR RCC_CIRC, REC, BDIM, CDSD - RCC
7185 12-01-2021 The impact of conflict on health and labor market integration of refugees Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs IMDB, IMDB_DAD, LAD, Non-StatCan BDIM, BDIM_BDCP, DAL, Non-StatCan
7140 12-01-2021 How the pandemic affected intra-household labour force decisions and mental health Mohammad Iqbal Hossain CERB_LFS, LFS PCU_EPA, EPA
7105 12-01-2021 Trajectories of BC early childhood education students for the evaluation of the early care and learning recruitment & retention strategy Ricardo Meilman Lomaz Cohn BCK, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF CBK, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7095 12-01-2021 Association between fluoride and inflammation in Canadian individuals Julia Riddell CHMS ECMS
7142 12-03-2021 Seeking an equitable recovery: Evaluating the Influence of gender, race, and education on the duration of unemployment using behavioral models Mohamed Magdy Elsayed Gad Abdelhady CERB_LFS, EICS, EISV, EISV_LFS, LFS PCU_EPA, ECAE, PVAE, PVAE_EPA, EPA
7107 12-03-2021 Confidence in police in Canada Isadora Borges Monroy DCS, GSS, Non-StatCan CSD, ESG, Non-StatCan
7153 12-03-2021 Indigenous Post-Secondary Attainment in Ontario: Current Status and Economic Returns Natalie Snow APS, CEN EAPA, REC
7165 12-08-2021 Concevoir la planification démocratique de l'économie à partir de la couverture des besoins de base Simon Tremblay-Pepin CIS ECR
7131 12-08-2021 Different Types of Dwellings across Canada Abigail Chaya Meza CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan REC, ENM, Non-StatCan
7170 12-09-2021 Who enrolls in post-secondary education during recessions? Kelly E. Foley BCK, BCK_T1FF, CSLP, ERLF_NLSCY, LAD, LAD_CSLP, LAD_PSIS, LFS, NLSCY, PSIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF CBK, CBK_FFT1, PCPE, EPFL_ELNEJ, DAL, DAL_PCPE, DAL_SIEP, EPA, ELNEJ, SIEP, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7143 12-09-2021 The impact of gender peer compositions on STEM participation Yu Wang BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_T1FF, CEN, CSLP, PSIS, RAIS CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_FFT1, REC, PCPE, SIEP, SIAI
7130 12-09-2021 Wages and Profits, Workers and Owners: Evidence for Canada Since 2001 Peter Morrow CEEDD BDCEE
5899-S001 12-09-2021 Child health and development at the interface of the family and social forces Emmanuelle Arpin NLSCY ELNEJ
7090 12-09-2021 Investigating the effects of EI programs on post-unemployment outcomes and fiscal redistribution Jeffrey Hicks BCK, EISV, LWF, LWF_EISV CBK, PVAE, FDLMO, FDLMO_PVAE
7178 12-13-2021 Comparing the subjective well-being of transgender and cisgender groups using data from the 2019/2020 CCHS David Speed CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6891-S001 12-13-2021 Data validation: 2016 Canadian Birth Census Cohort (CanBCC) Melia Alcantara CanBCC, Non-StatCan CCanNR, Non-StatCan
7136 12-15-2021 Physical Activity among Immigrant and Non – Immigrant Youth: Findings from the Ontario Child Health Study Shamini Selvakumar OCHS ESJO
7005-S001 12-15-2021 Comparaison interprovinciale des programmes d'aide financière aux études du Canada avec des sous-profils Camille Fortier-Martineau CIS ECR
7134 12-17-2021 Évaluation de la validité externe et interne de l'étude EnCORE Adrien Saucier CEN, Non-StatCan REC, Non-StatCan
7079 12-17-2021 Impact of age and comorbidity on colorectal cancer screening and screening outcomes among elderly NL population Kazeem Adefemi CCHS_CCR, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCR_IARC ESCC_RCC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, RCC_CIRC
7152 12-21-2021 Examining trends in STI testing and contraception use in immigrant and racialized people living in Canada Erin Brennand CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7200 12-22-2021 Inequalities in alcohol consumption among Canadian young adults Stephanie M Sersli CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
7139 12-23-2021 Vaping in Canada: investigating the geographic distribution and sociodemographic correlates of e-cigarette use Daniel Corsi CADS, CCHS_Annual, CEN, CHSCY, CTADS, CTNS ECAD, ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ECSEJ, ECTAD, ECTN
7099 12-23-2021 Impact of traumatic spinal cord injury on work and earnings Christopher Witiw LAD DAL
7098-S002 12-23-2021 CHSC 7634 - Research Data Centre (RDC) Research Method: Fall 2021 Joykrishna Sarkar CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7098-S001 12-23-2021 CHSC 7634 - Research Data Centre (RDC) Research Method: Fall 2021 Samuel Quan CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7201 12-30-2021 Classes professionnelles, qualité de l'emploi, syndicalisme et immigration au Québec et au Canada (2014-2021) Paul-André Lapointe LFS EPA
7150 12-30-2021 Does the cost barrier to contraception differentially affect racialized and indigenous women? An intersectional quantitative investigation Nina Catherine Lamberti CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7144 12-30-2021 Effect of socioeconomic and demographic factors on cancer incidence, mortality, survival, and care pathways Dr Eduardo Franco CCR_SEER, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, VSD RCC_SEER, REC, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, ENM, SEC
6842 12-30-2021 Substance use indicators in Canada David Hammond CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RR
7166 01-07-2022 Worker Flows and Local Labour Markets Kyle Yen-Zi Phong LFS, LWF EPA, FDLMO
7151 01-07-2022 Do healthcare workers who worked in direct contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 and identify as visible minorities have worse general health outcomes than those not identifying as visible minorities in Canada during the year of 2020 Peter Yassa ICHCWIPC RCTSPCI
7148 01-07-2022 A study of surrey school leaving and student success Ashley Pullman BCK, BCK_CEN, BCK_ELMLP_ROE, BCK_T1FF, CEN, PSIS, RAIS CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_PLEMT_RE, CBK_FFT1, REC, SIEP, SIAI
7126 01-07-2022 COVID-19 and the gender employment gap among parents of young children Yue Qian LFS EPA
7123 01-07-2022 The Economic Effects of Vancouver Rapid Transit Expansion Ian Litner Herzog CEN, NHS, Non-StatCan REC, ENM, Non-StatCan
7223 01-10-2022 Patterns of labour market instability across Canada Nicole Geneviève Denier LFS EPA
7230 01-11-2022 Survival model with an application to lung cancer data Shamsia Sobhan VSD SEC
7207 01-11-2022 The influence around you: exploring the effects of neighborhoods on academic and postgraduate outcomes of Toronto college students Daniel Corral LAD_CSLP, PSIS, PSIS_T1FF DAL_PCPE, SIEP, SIEP_FFT1
7176 01-13-2022 Advanced Topics in Health Economics   CCHS_Annual, CEN, CVSD_OMHRS, ERLF_NPHS, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Family, GSS_GVP, LFS, NHS ESCC_Annuelle, REC, BCDECD_SIOSM, EPFL_ENSP, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Famille, ESG_DBP, EPA, ENM
7194 01-17-2022 Intégration régionale de travailleurs (im)migrants sous interdiction de changer d'employeur au pays : impact salarial sur les autres employés au sein des occupations affectée Tchénagnon Armand Djossou LFS EPA
7163 01-17-2022 Socioeconomic impact of work-related concussion in Canada Nathan Curry (William) Campbell CCHS_CEN, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_T1FF ESCC_REC, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_FFT1
7147 01-19-2022 The effect of macroprudential restrictions on homebuyer behavior: a Canadian perspective Ashiqul Haq Chowdhury SFS ESF
7146 01-19-2022 A comparison of eating trends and food carbon footprint of young adults in Canada between 2004 and 2015 Sadaf Mollaei CCHS_Nutrition ESCC_Nutrition
7003 01-19-2022 Queer rights to the city Ryan Stillwagon CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7218 01-19-2022 Examining the relationship between ethnicity, disability status, and earnings for post-secondary graduates Yea Na Kim NGS END
7210 01-19-2022 Making the most of Canada's "natural laboratory": advancing difference-in-differences methods for unpoolable data Nichole Elaine Austin CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7206 01-19-2022 Laïcité and Religious Configurations in Canada: Towards a Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Immigration and Secularization on Patterns of Secularism, 1971-2021 Jacob Legault-LeClair CEN, NHS REC, ENM
3955-S026 01-21-2022 Sex Differences in Early Release from the Canadian Armed Forces and Challenging Transitions to Civilian Life: Results from a Nationally Representative, 16-year Follow-Up Study Essence Isabelle Perera CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
7195 01-24-2022 Community-level estimation of smoking behaviour prevalence in Nova Scotia Daniel G. C. Rainham CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RR
7183 01-24-2022 Tendances dans la prévalence de la suicidalité au Canada de 2010 à 2021 chez les adolescents de 12-17 ans Marie-Claude Geoffroy CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7199 01-26-2022 Examining temporal trends in the co-occurrence of substance use and psychological distress among Canadians from 2003 to 2018 Jillian Halladay CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7145 01-26-2022 Trajectories of differential inclusion of migrant care workers in Canada Jana Mara Aglaya Borras IMDB BDIM
7211 01-26-2022 Division of chores in Canadian religious groups David Speed GSS_Family ESG_Famille
7209 01-26-2022 Rural-Urban Differences in Avoidable Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions in Ontario, Canada between 2000 and 2017 Natalie Anne Pallisco CCHS_DAD, CCHS_T1FF ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_FFT1
5387-S001 01-30-2022 Examining the association between surgical procedures and opioid-related mortality Wasem Alsabbagh CVSD_DAD_NACRS, DAD_CVSD, Non-StatCan BCDECD_BDCP_SNISA, BDCP_BCDECD, Non-StatCan
7221 01-30-2022 Corporate Innovation Inequality and Investment Slowdown Brian P. Cozzarin Non-StatCan Non-StatCan
7237 02-01-2022 Effects of COVID-19 economic crisis on the task share of the Canadian workforce Brett Zeleznik LFS EPA
7171 02-01-2022 Understanding Educational Impacts: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills William Craig Riddell IALS, IALSS, PIAAC EIAA, EIACA, PEICA
4230-R002 02-01-2022 Migration and psychological distress of Chinese Canadian immigrants: Examining the role of social support and psychological resources in the stress process Fei-Ju Yang CCHS_Annual, GSS_Social, IMDB ESCC_Annuelle, ESG_Sociale, BDIM
7120 02-01-2022 The Dementia Prevention Initiative: Epidemiology of Dementia, Cerebro- and Cardiovascular Related Disorders in Canada Sarah Singh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_MH, CCHS_NACRS, CCHS_OMHRS, CCR_IARC, CEN, CHMS, CHMS_CVSD, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, VSD ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SM, ESCC_SNISA, ESCC_SIOSM, RCC_CIRC, REC, ECMS, ECMS_BCDECD, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, SEC
7247 02-01-2022 An Empirical Investigation of the Match Quality Between Applicants and University Programs in Ontario. Angela Lynn Zheng PSIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF SIEP, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7238 02-01-2022 Mapping of Sterilized Indigenous and Non-indigenous Women across Canada Nabila Zaman CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS REC, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, ENM
7197 02-02-2022 Disparités socioéconomiques de la mortalité associée à la pollution de l'air Renata Topalova CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NHS, Non-StatCan, VSD RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, ENM, Non-StatCan, SEC
7110 02-02-2022 The intergenerational transmission of health in Canada Anders Holm GSS_Family ESG_Famille
7228 02-03-2022 Using longitudinal data to comprehend the structural determinants of housing demands in the Metro Vancouver Region Aaron Licker CEN, CHS, IMDB, LAD REC, ECL, BDIM, DAL
7242 02-09-2022 Portrait statistique de l'utilisation d'Internet au Québec à partir des données de l'Enquête canadienne sur l'utilisation d'Internet Genevieve Renaud CIUS, CSD ECUI, ECI
7263 02-11-2022 Universal Child Care and the Impact on Parenting Behaviors Michael John Kottelenberg NLSCY ELNEJ
7192 02-14-2022 The role of urban public space for the social well-being of Canadian adolescents in the time of COVID-19 and social media Kiana Javaheri CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7236 02-14-2022 The Longitudinal Health Outcomes of Underemployed Immigrants in Canada Takuya Shibayama LISA ELIA
7193 02-16-2022 The effect of fields of study on the waiting time to employment: evidence from the National Graduate Survey of Canada Komin Qiyomiddin NGS END
7164 02-16-2022 Review of Specific Health Behaviours for Individuals Aged 15+ Working from Home Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: 2020 - 2021. Andrew Neil James Doma CPSS-COVID19 SEPC-COVID19
3914-S013-R001 02-16-2022 The relationships between experiences of child maltreatment and bullying victimization and mental disorders, physical health conditions, and suicidalityamong adolescents in Ontario Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) OCHS ESJO
7128 02-16-2022 Digital Workers and Firms in Canada Alexander Thomas Whalley ABERDEEN, CEEDD, CEEDD_PSIS, CEN, PSIS ABERDEEN, BDCEE, BDCEE_SIEP, REC, SIEP
7269 02-16-2022 ˜The war was all around us: A historical analysis of Canadian war veterans according to the 1951 and 1971 censuses Risa (Lisa) Kaida CEN REC
7256 02-16-2022 A Different Kind of Phobia: Exploring the Impacts of and Initial Interventions Against Islamophobia Zeinab Fawzi Ramadan GSS ESG
7244 02-16-2022 Scale-ups and Canada's Innovation Policy Suite: Usage and Impacts Ryan Kelly BR, GIFI, LFE, Non-StatCan, RDCI RE, IGRF, EFC, Non-StatCan, RDIC
7216 02-16-2022 Analyse de l'efficacité-coût du Crédit d'impôt pour la prolongation de carrière Samy Gallienne LISA ELIA
7204 02-16-2022 Combining paid work and care work: factors that support employed caregivers Janet E. Fast GSS_Care ESG_Soin
7156 02-17-2022 The relationship between perceived mental health and food insecurity levels Joanna Dos Santos CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7262 02-17-2022 Primary Prevention of Substance Use and STI Related Cancers in Gender Minority People of Canada Ace Ying Fa Chan CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7187 02-22-2022 To estimate the effect of the Fair Pharmacare program change implemented in 2019 on cost related nonadherence to prescription medications Michael Robert Law CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6677 02-23-2022 Early French Immersion and Socioeconomic Segregation Marc-Antoine Chatelain BCK CBK
7098-S003 02-23-2022 Social Determinants of Condom Use: Evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) Viktoriya Vasylkiv CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7231 02-23-2022 La contribution des politiques québécoises à la qualité de l'emploi et la satisfaction au travail des mères : une comparaison Québec-Ontario Marianne Del Vecchio GSS ESG
7234 03-01-2022 L'orientation sexuelle « discordante » / « concordante » comme prédicteur de la santé mentale globale : Rôle du niveau de stress quotidien perçu et du soutien social Andreanne Leclerc CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7227 03-01-2022 An investigation into the relationship between childhood asthma and mental health conditions Joshua Allan Lawson CHMS, CHSCY ECMS, ECSEJ
7281 03-03-2022 The effects of labor force characteristics on voter turnout Yuhan (Luyao) Wang LFS EPA
7275 03-04-2022 Humanities students at work: the effect of post-secondary education on employment outcomes Victor Kuperman NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7127 03-09-2022 Temporary foreign workers who become permanent residents in Canada - recent trends and patterns of transition Yuchen Li IMDB BDIM
7119 03-14-2022 Trends in family structure according to rural/urban status Shelley Dawn Clark CEN, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family REC, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes, ESG_Famille
7112 03-14-2022 Canada's "New" international mobility program: charting differential inclusion in the transformation of temporary migrant labour Leah Faith Vosko CEEDD BDCEE
7282 03-14-2022 Higher education student migration in Canada: migration, SES and labour force outcomes Ebenezer Narh PSIS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF SIEP, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
7257 03-14-2022 Structural changes in the Canadian labour market in response to downturns in the energy sector; evidence from the oil price shock Rebecca Anne Frost LFS EPA
7250 03-14-2022 L'impact des politiques publiques sur la dynamique de la scolarisation et du décrochage scolaire : une application au Canada Bernard Fortin YITS EJET
7246 03-14-2022 Prevalence of COVID-19 infection rates in small-area levels in Canada Mahmoud Torabi CCAHS ECSAC
7169-S007 03-15-2022 Effects of extreme temperatures on weekly hours worked in Canada Pippa Maple Kathleen Alma O'Brien LFS EPA
7240 03-15-2022 Labour Market Performance of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada Md Ashfaq Uddin Khan IMDB, LFE BDIM, EFC
7220 03-15-2022 Daycare Access and Women's Socioeconomic Outcomes Sylvain Dessy CEN, CIS, LAD, SLID REC, ECR, DAL, EDTR
7232 03-17-2022 Portrait des minorités visibles sur le marché du travail au Québec Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve CEN REC
7305 03-18-2022 Canadian Dairy Food Consumption and Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease and Osteoporosis Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition ESCC_Nutrition
7294 03-18-2022 Developing Population-Based Risk Tools to Predict and Reduce Premature Mortality in Canadian Cities Lief Pagalan CCHS_CVSD, VSD ESCC_BCDECD, SEC
7279 03-18-2022 Les populations aînées francophones en situation minoritaire : conditions de vie, états de santé et expériences de soins en contexte linguistique minoritaire Louise Bouchard CCHS_Annual, CEN ESCC_Annuelle, REC
7253 03-18-2022 Housing insecurity and its effect on physical and mental health in the Canadian rental market Omnia Mostafa Mahmoud Lotfy CHS, CHS_T1FF ECL, ECL_FFT1
7233 03-22-2022 Access to Healthcare for Black Canadians Oluwabukola Salami CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7169-S004 03-23-2022 Contextualizing the polarization of the Canadian labour market Stefan Fassler LFS EPA
7252 03-23-2022 Immigration, gender, and sexuality: new data, new intersections, and new insights Sean Waite CEN, IMDB, LAD REC, BDIM, DAL
7160 03-25-2022 Visible minorities and prevalence of chronic diseases in Canadians Ramez John Gadelrab Salama CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
6817 03-27-2022 Does childhood residential mobility and mental health impact the labour market trajectories of Canadian youth? A life course approach using administrative data Ashley Calhoun ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY EPFL_ELNEJ, ELNEJ
5308-R001 03-28-2022 Paid family leave, fertility and labour market outcomes Qiongda Zhao LAD, VSD DAL, SEC
5166-R001 03-28-2022 Employment Probability of South Asian Second Generation immigrants in Canada Shantanu Debbarman CEN REC
7278 03-28-2022 Post-Secondary Fields of Study and Occupation Matching in Canada Nicholas Manuel CEN, NHS REC, ENM
7258 03-28-2022 The burden of cost-related non-adherence to prescription medications in Canada Mary A De Vera CCHS_Annual, SAHCPDP ESCC_Annuelle, EASSPPP
3985-S024 03-28-2022 Modélisation de l'évolution de l'état de santé et de la mortalité des Canadiens Yann J.Y. Décarie CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD, CCHS_DAD, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_NACRS, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, ERLF_NPHS ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_BCDECD, ESCC_BDCP, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SNISA, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, EPFL_ENSP
3985-S023 03-28-2022 Analyse et modélisation de l'évolution du patrimoine et des revenus des Canadiens dans les années 2000 Yann J.Y. Décarie CEN, LAD, NHS, SFS REC, DAL, ENM, ESF
7157-S001 03-30-2022 Investigating online grocery shopping and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada Ali Abdul Hussein CIUS ECUI
6926 04-01-2022 The effect of urbanicity on fertility: evidence from refugees to Canada Richard Uhrig CEN REC
5422-S001 04-13-2022 Determinants and consequences of alcohol consumption: Evidence from Canada Zihao Sheng CCHS_Annual, CTADS, CTNS, CTUMS, LFS, NPHS ESCC_Annuelle, ECTAD, ECTN, ESUTC, EPA, ENSP
7306 04-19-2022 Dietary patterns, food security and diet quality of off-reserve Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and their association with obesity and diabetes Hassan Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition ESCC_Nutrition
7310 04-20-2022 Effet de l'âge à l'arrivée des immigrants de génération 1.5 sur la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu Anne Mei (Hongyan) Le Bourdais-Coffey IID BDMIR
10023 04-24-2022 Utilization of the disability tax credit: longitudinal income trends for the disabled in Canada Jennifer Zwicker CSD_T1FF ECI_FFT1
7157 04-25-2022 Investigating online grocery shopping and income earning behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin CIUS ECUI
7317 04-26-2022 Black children and youth with disabilities and their families in Canada De-Lawrence Lamptey CHSCY ECSEJ
7176-S002 04-26-2022 advanced topics in health economics: will drinking leads to higher earnings? Jaimin Jethva SHS EDM
7176-S001 04-26-2022 The State of the Healthy Immigrant Effect in Canada Candace Milinkovic CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, IMDB ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_SM, BDIM
10012 04-26-2022 Differential impacts of Covid-19 and food insecurity in Canada Kyle Michael William Allen CCHS_Annual, CCHS_CVSD ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_BCDECD
7215 05-04-2022 Predictors of adjustment to life after service among Canadian military veterans Mark Beauchamp LASS EVAS
10037 05-06-2022 Predicting perceived and unmet mental health needs Rohith Perike CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
10007 05-06-2022 The Longer-Term Impact of Working While on Claim Activity on Employment Patterns David Gray EISV PVAE
7276 05-06-2022 Exposure to PFAS among Canadian Children and its Determinants Meng-Shan Tsai CHMS ECMS
10038 05-06-2022 Mobilizing Justice Steven Farber CEN, CHS, GSS_Family, GSS_Time_Use REC, ECL, ESG_Famille, ESG_Emploi_Temps
7243 05-06-2022 Supports for Student Learning Program Research Series: Barriers faced by Students with Disabilities Gillian Parekh CSLP, NGS, NGS_ELMLP, PSIS, RAIS, RAIS_T1FF, TDSB PCPE, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, SIAI_FFT1, CSDT
10051 05-11-2022 The Intersection of Gender, Immigrant Status and ethnic visibility in predicting career outcomes for immigrant engineers in Canada Alla Konnikov CEN REC
7320 05-11-2022 Trends in absolute and relative gaps and gradients in intake of ultra-processed foods among a nationally representative sample of adults and children living in Canada between 2004 and 2015 according to indicators of socioeconomic position Dana Olstad CCHS_Nutrition ESCC_Nutrition
10018 05-11-2022 La baisse de la fécondité au Québec et au Canada depuis la crise financière de 2008. Le rôle des intentions, de leur réalisation et des mesures de politique familiale Benoit Laplante LAD DAL
6808 05-11-2022 "What happened to you?": The disablement of youth across socioeconomic indicators Ameil Jesus Joseph CSD, LISA, SLID ECI, ELIA, EDTR
7096 05-11-2022 Optimal student loans policies Ming Xu CSLP, NLSCY, YITS PCPE, ELNEJ, EJET
10010 05-11-2022 Hockey Babies: The impact of NHL results on short-term fertility spikes and birth weight in Canada Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CanBCC, VSD CCanNR, SEC
7285 05-12-2022 Diabetes in a time of COVID: Understanding impacts of material deprivation and other social factors on direct and indirect pandemic effects on persons with diabetes Kaberi Dasgupta CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC, CanCHEC_DAD, CanCHEC_NACRS, NACRS_CVSD, VSD RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SCERCan_BDCP, SCERCan_SNISA, SNISA_BCDECD, SEC
7213 05-12-2022 Exploring spatio-temporal patterning of food insecurity within the island of Montreal: model-based small area estimation using the Canadian Community Health Surveys Hiroshi Mamiya CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
7266 05-17-2022 Religion, spirituality and secularity among millennials: the generation shaping Canadian trends Sarah Kay Wilkins-Laflamme CSGVP, GSS, GSS_Care, GSS_Education, GSS_Family, GSS_Health, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use, GSS_Victimization, NSGVP ECDBP, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes, ESG_Famille, ESG_Sante, ESG_Sociale, ESG_Emploi_Temps, ESG_Victime, ENDBP
7296 05-18-2022 Challenges of the GIG economy : an Alberta case study Dmitry Alekseev LFS EPA
10043 05-19-2022 The Effect of Native-Born and Immigrant Length of Residence on the Prevalence of Chronic Disease in Canada Xiyang Liu CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
10013 05-20-2022 Examining the Fit of the Three Step Theory (3ST) of Suicide in Individuals with Epilepsy Sara Oczak-Arsic SLNCC EPPNC
10002 05-20-2022 Impacts of active transport infrastructure on transport choices and health outcomes Nicholas Rivers CEN, NHS REC, ENM
10036 05-23-2022 Longitudinal study of resource reliant communities' development outcomes Stephanie Grout CEN REC
7308 05-23-2022 The effect of decriminalizing prostitution and criminalizing the purchase of sex on the incidence of sex crimes Samia Mehazabeen Islam UCR DUC
10029 05-31-2022 Politiques publiques, emploi et santé Laetitia Lebihan CCHS_Annual, LSIC, NLSCY, NPHS, SYC ESCC_Annuelle, ELIC, ELNEJ, ENSP, EJC
10054 05-31-2022 École d'été « pilote » du CIQSS en reproductibilité de la recherche et défi de réplication Marie Connolly APS, APS_NIS, CEEDD, CEN, CSLP, IMDB, LAD, LFS, NHS, PALS EAPA, EAPA_NIS, BDCEE, REC, PCPE, BDIM, DAL, EPA, ENM, EPLA
7312 05-31-2022 Gendered Dimensions of Migration from India: International Students from India to Canada Neil Amber Judge IMDB BDIM
10057 06-02-2022 ---Investigating educational and labour market outcomes of postsecondary students Trisha Kathleen Einmann NGS, RAIS_PSIS_T1FF END, SIAI_SIEP_FFT1
10034 06-03-2022 Barriers to physical activity participation among youth living in urban and rural Canadian communities Taru Manyanga CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RR
10021 06-07-2022 The internal migration decisions of parents and its effect on investments in children Yeow Chong Goh LAD DAL
10059 06-07-2022 Economic performance of immigrants in Canada Guy Lacroix IMDB, LFS, LSIC BDIM, EPA, ELIC
7286 06-07-2022 Vieillir et prendre sa place dans la diversité de son quartier. Mieux comprendre et intervenir sur les dynamiques d'exclusion des quartiers pour les aînés d'ici et d'ailleurs Sébastien Lord CEN, IMDB, NHS REC, BDIM, ENM
10055 06-08-2022 Understanding the role of social-economic inequality on deaths of despair in a Canadian context Roman Allan Pabayo CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
10024 06-08-2022 Prevalence and correlates of suicidal behaviours in Canadian adolescents: income poverty, food insecurity, and victimisation Francis (Frank) Elgar CHSCY ECSEJ
10067 06-08-2022 The association between social-economic inequality on deaths of despair rates in a Canadian context-An ecological study Roman Allan Pabayo VSD SEC
10045 06-08-2022 Paternal Leave, Child Development, and Parental Well-Being: Evidence from Canadian Families Yelyzaveta Barkova NLSCY ELNEJ
10004 06-10-2022 Intergenerational Persistence of Social Assistance Receipt: Pathways of Risk and Resilience Jinette Comeau NLSCY_T1FF ELNEJ_FFT1
10046 06-10-2022 Estimating the Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure Khusro Mir DKWP EUTEP
7321 06-13-2022 Effects of Conversion-Therapy Bans in Canada Hai Nguyen CCHS_Annual ESCC_Annuelle
10035 06-13-2022 The implications of "gig" work for older Canadians Andrew McGee LWF FDLMO
10044 06-20-2022 Immigration Networks: Implications for Productivity, Human Capital Accumulation and Labour Allocation Luke Christopher Rawling IMDB, LAD, LFS, LSIC BDIM, DAL, EPA, ELIC
10025 06-22-2022 Adaptation et santé mentale lors de la transition à l'âge adulte: Évolution et déterminants avant, pendant et après la COVID-19 Veronique Dupéré LISA ELIA
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