Liste de tous les projets des CDR réalisés au cours des 12 derniers mois

Projets des CDR de otobre 2020 - septembre 2021 inclusivement
Titre du contract Chercheur principal Enquête
Développement d'outils de planification pour le transport adapté basé sur l'utilisation des données d'enquête sur les limitations de Statistique Canada Camille Garnier ECI, ESLA, EPLA
Evaluating the relationship between moral injury and chronic physical illness among members of the Canadian Armed Forces Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Police-citizen relations in rural and remote communities: a comparative study Jean-Denis David ESG_Victime
Balance supply of housing node of the collaborative housing research network Paul Kershaw PSLC
Inequalities in Poverty Indicators, Mental Health Outcomes, Physical Health Outcomes, and Mortality by Sexual Orientation in Canada: An Intersectional Analysis Mostafa Shokoohi ESCC_Annuelle
Core housing need and mortality in Canada: a population-based retrospective cohort study Gum-Ryeong Park RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SEC
An investigation of the association between access to a regular health care provider, unmet health care needs, health care usage, and well-being Margaret Holland ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SIOSM, ECESSP
Understanding Inequalities in Lung Cancer Care and Outcomes in Canada Samia Qureshi ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SIOSM, ESCC_FFT1
Prevalence and Predictors of Anxiety Disorders in Regular Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A Nationally Representative, 16-Year Follow-up Study Lily Pankratz ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
The evolution of work in the COVID era Lennox Arthur Sweetman REC, EPA
Dietary patterns of Canadian ethnic populations and associated risk for chronic diseases Adelaide Buadu ESCC_Nutrition
Immigrant satisfaction in Canada Frances Woolley ESCC_Annuelle
Exposure to green space and alcohol and marijuana use Evan Wiley ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
Urban neighbourhood walkability and its association with health-related fitness in the Canadian adult population Levi Frehlich ECMS, Non-StatCan
Prevalence of flu vaccinations among persons diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease Tawnya Hansen ESCC_Annuelle
EpiOntario - greenness, environment, and health outcomes Yina Shan ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_HIST_PC, Non-StatCan
First Births, Employment Mobility and the Gender Gap in Economic Outcomes in Canada Dionne Pohler BDCEE, EMTE
The effect of depression and stress on Canadians well being Anfal Adawi ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_SM, ESCC_SIOSM, ENSP
Investing in the future? Debt, mobility, and post-secondary education in Ontario Cynthia Spring END
Investigating the Cost and Correlates of a Healthy Diet in Canada Catherine Mah ESCC_Nutrition
Buffering the impact of childhood maltreatment on the development of major depression, generalized anxiety and suicide ideation in adolescence and adulthood: do coping strategies and social support make a difference? A sex/gender stratified analysis Kenneth Carl D'Arcy ESCC_SM
The intergenerational transmission of income in young adulthood: A life course perspective on the accumulation of disadvantage Xavier St-Denis BDMIR, ELIA, EJET
Labour market transition and returns to former international and immigrant students in Canada. Peace John Onyinyechi END
Prevalence and Longitudinal Risk Factors for Alcohol-Related Interactions with Police: An Analysis of the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Application to the Research Data Centre (RDC) to analyse 2012 and 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) data John Charles Herbert Emery ECI
Examining predictors of mental health service use among youth in Ontario: a machine learning exercise Seyed Mahdis Kamali ESJO
Relationships between sedentary time, excess sleep, poor vascular risk control, and stroke: a study of CCHS sharelink and CHMS data Raed Ahmad Joundi ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_FFT1, ECMS
Analyse des écarts de performance, de réussite et de diplomation entre filles et garçons basée sur l'analyse de jumeaux dizygotes Catherine Maredith Haeck BDMIR
Entrepreneurial Choice in the Presence of Secondary Markets Zachary Mahone BDCEE, FMLCN
Choosing to work in agriculture Peter Joel Slade REC, ECR, EDTR
Youth Delinquency and Mental Health in Ontario Alex Luther ESJO
The relationship between traumatic brain injuries and the mental and physical health of active duty and veterans soldiers: results from the Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Survey Meredith Jayne Seager ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Military sexual trauma and associations with demographic variables, mental disorders, and physical health conditions in service members and veterans: results from the Canadian armed forces members and veterans mental health follow-up survey (CAFVMHS) Natalie Mota ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Employment outcomes, post-migration lifestyles, and well-being of immigrants Eunjeong(Eugene) Kwon ESG
Social relationships and peer victimization among immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized groups: prevalence, risk and protective factors against mental health and academic problems. Irene Vitoroulis ESJO
Assessing the promise and performance of agencies in the Government of Canada Carey Doberstein SAFF
Evaluating the impact of government-led nutrient profile models on preventable mortality and morbidity Adelia Claire Jacobs ESCC_Nutrition, Non-StatCan
Factors associated with initiating Cannabis use after legalization Vahid Ashoorion ENC
Change over time in the stability of jobs in Canada during periods of economic growth and recessions Xavier St-Denis EPA, FDLMO
Exploring intersectional predictors to mental healthcare access in ethnoracial and sexual orientation minority groups Samson Tse ESCC_Annuelle
Vaping and asthma in youths and young adults: a population-based study on the effects of vaping using the Canadian health measures survey Teresa To ESCC_SIOSM, ECMS
Analysis of income trends in Canadian breast cancer survivors using autoregressive longitudinal models Lisa McQuarrie CDSD - RCC
Participation sociale des personnes ayant des incapacites dans la dynamique de developpement regional inclusif : une etude portant sur la caracterisation du territoire de la municipalite regionale de comte (MRC) de Portneuf Guillaume Rodrigue ESCC_Annuelle, ECI
Behavioral responses to dividend taxation in Canada: Evidence from the 2006 tax reform Ae Jin Kim ESF
Child Maltreatment and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the Canadian Armed Forces: Risk Factors, Comorbidities, Clinical Presentations, and Functional Impairments Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Child benefits and consumption: Bargaining power vs labelling Krishna Pendakur EDM
Changes in ethnic inequality in Canada 1986 to 2021 Ravi Shankar Pendakur REC, ESG_Famille
Non-Cognitive Skills and Labour Market Outcomes in Canada Ross Finnie ELIA, PEICA
Recycling higher education: the labour market returns to multicredentialism Elizabeth (Beth) Dhuey END
Associations between new Canadian retail food outlet access measures, diet and clinically measured health outcomes Andrew Stevenson ESCC_Nutrition, ECMS, Non-StatCan
Impact of parental leave reforms on maternal labour supply and children's long-run outcomes Katherine Maria Fairley CBK, EPA, SEC
Modelling government incentives for innovation in Canada Michael Baker IGRF, EFC, OBEU
Age modification of risk factors associated with depressive symptoms: testing the dual vulnerability model Aysha Lukmanji ESCC_Annuelle
Universite du Quebec a Montreal / Institut national de la recherche scientifique Marie Connolly SIEP, SIAI
Decrire les differences geographique dans la mobilite intergenerationelle au Quebec et en comprendre les determinants Marie Connolly BDMIR
Effects of insecticide exposures on obesity in Canadians Nicholas Cheta ECMS
Analysing gender inequality in the Canadian Labour Market Patrick Ndlovu ESG, EPA, ELIA
Practice of vegetarian diet in Canada and its contribution to diet quality and association with chronic disease incidence Hassanali Vatanparast ESCC_Nutrition
L'endettement etudiant au Quebec: qui sont les etudiants endettes? Émile Fiset END
Economic consequences of cancer in Canadian adolescents and young adults: a national population-based study Giancarlo Di Giuseppe ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_FFT1
The use of 2015 Census data and Labour Force Survey data 2015 to present to support a project on the impact of COVID-19 and COVID-19 containment strategies on socio-economic health disparities in Ontario Michael Wolfson REC, EPA, Non-StatCan
Identifiying the optimal time to physician initial assessment in the emergency department Rahim A. Valani SNISA_BCDECD
Well-being of migrants in the labour market Risa (Lisa) Kaida ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_SM
Worker displacement and children's human capital production Aly Farhad Somani CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_PLEMT_RE, CBK_FFT1, REC, SIEP, SIAI, RE
Tax-free savings accounts: who uses them and how Adam Lavecchia Non-StatCan, ESF
Social determinants of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual suicidality in Canada Antony Chum ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SIOSM, REC
Improved delivery of respiratory health care services using a metabolomic approach Darryl Adamko ECMS
Factors affecting suicidal thoughts and attempts in Indigenous people: Evidence from the APS, 2017 Anthony Elsom EAPA, EAPA_NIS
The effect of age at immigration on refugees' assimilation and social homogamy Zahra Espanani ESG_Sociale, ELIC
Top income earners and the gender divide among immigrants and natives Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs REC, Non-StatCan
The impact of child benefit policy on Indigenous populations' health in Canada Min Hu EAPA, ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SM, ESCC_SIOSM, ESCC_FFT1, REC
Racial inequalities in birth outcomes among immigrant women in Canada Erin Hetherington REC
An analysis of the labour market for transportation workers John Charles Herbert Emery REC, ECR, EPA
Factors related to self-reported general and mental health, chronic conditions, and health care use among the Canadian population and vulnerable sub-populations Piotr Wilk ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_Nutrition
Intentions et conditions en regard à la prise de la retraite et conditions à la retraite Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve ELIA
Association of dietary patterns with cardiovascular disease outcomes at a national level in Canada Svilena Lazarova ESCC_Nutrition
Portrait statistique de l'utilisation d'Internet au Québec : À partir des données de l'Enquête canadienne sur l'utilisation d'Internet 2018 Genevieve Renaud ECUI
Housing needs and challenges for rural and urban (off-reserve) Indigenous peoples Derek Rice EAPA, ESCC_Annuelle, REC
The gender, health and well-being of caregiver-employees in Canada Allison M. Williams ESG, ESG_Soin
The social determinants shaping longitudinal mental health outcomes among visible minority immigrants across Canada Salam Zoha ESCC_Annuelle
Community profiles in New Brunswick of risk factors for alzheimer's disease and related dementia James Ted McDonald ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ECMS, ECI, ECTAD, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes, EME, EASS
Analysis of intimate partner violence data from the 2018 survey of safety in public and private spaces Nadine Wathen ESEPP
The impact of registered Indian status on educational attainment, employment, labour force participation, and income Drake Thomas Rushford EAPA, REC
Les immigrants, boosters d'innovations dans les pays d'accueil? - L'experience canadienne Nong Zhu BDCEE
Improving access to training opportunities for women in precarious work Katherine Chan ELIA
Associations between race/ethnicity and diabetes-related adverse outcomes: are they explained by socioeconomic factors David Campbell ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_FFT1
Genre et reproduction sociale : etude des determinants de la mobilite sociale et leurs interactions avec la question du genre au Canada Philippe Gendron BDMIR, ELIA
Biopsychosocial determinants of chronic pain in Canadian military veterans Jeremiah N Buhler ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Stratification sociale, repartition des taches et activites culturelles au Canada Stéphane Alexandre Moulin ESG
Peer effects and program take-up Philippe D'astous BDCEE
Remittance practices of Iranian immigrants in Canada Leili Yousefi ETFI
Identifying industry, workplace and individual factors associated with risk of work-related COVID-19 infection Peter Matthew Smith SEPC-COVID19, EPA, Non-StatCan
Family context and the intergenerational persistence of health inequality Andrea Edith Willson ELNEJ
Homeownership and fertility in Canada Gabrielle Juteau ECL
Building the evidence base about economic, health, and social inequities faced by LGBTQ2 individuals in Canada Barbara (Basia) Pakula ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_FFT1
The well-being of older immigrants in Canada: Examining the role of immigrant admission classes on life satisfaction in later life Sara Morassaei ESCC_VS
Estimating transition probabilities of overweight and obesity in the Canadian adult population Stella Lartey ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RCC, ESCC_REC, ESCC_VS, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SM, ESCC_Nutrition, ESCC_SIOSM, ESCC_FFT1
Plant-based dietary patterns and nutritional adequacy among Canadians: analysis of the 2015 CCHS-Nutrition Sarah Jarvis ESCC_Nutrition
The impact of the built environment on incidence of obesity, chronic diseases and health status in Canada Sisira Sarma ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ECMS, ENSP
An extension study of Future to Discover pilot project using linked administrative data Taylor Shek-wai Hui UAD, UAD_FFT1, SIEP, SIAI
Femmes immigrantes et planification familiale : developpement de connaissances en vue d'ameliorer l'acces aux ressources et l'adequation des pratiques Audrey Gonin ESCC_Annuelle
Investigating the relationship between environmental xenoestrogen mixtures and reproductive hormones in Canadians Annie Duchesne ECMS
On the Effectiveness of Provincial Graduate Retention Tax Credit Programs Matthew Daniel Webb EPA, Non-StatCan, EDTR
Crowding-in or crowding-out? Analysis of innovation government support for firms located in Canada Claudia De Fuentes BDCEE
Effet de la pandemie de COVID-19 sur l'emploi et la sante psychologique des jeunes travailleurs quebecois Edouard Boutin EPA
Generation of Reference Intervals for Neurological Biomarker Analyses Cheryl Wellington ECMS
Indigenous housing issues and health in Canada Hee Young (Kate) Choi ECL
Examining the impact of Quebec's "supplement to the work premium" on low-income transitions into employment Charles Albert Plante ECR, EPFL_EDTR, EFC, EDTR
OLIP Data Partner Liaison Pilot Project Georgina Concha Chuatico RCC_CIRC, REC, SEC
Understanding forced moves captured in the Canadian Housing Survey Craig E Jones ECL
Exploring Hispanic paradoxical and barrio advantage theories under conditions of universal health care: secondary analytic expositions of contextualized resiliencies and vulnerabilities Keren Escobar ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC
Employment, education and assistive technology outcomes of Canadians with vision loss Shikha Gupta REC, ECI
Indigenous students access to post-secondary education in British Columbia Ross Finnie CBK, CBK_FFT1, SIEP, SIAI
Cannabis surveys in Canada David Hammond EAPA, ECTAD, ENC
La contribution prospective du sport et des loisirs actifs a l'ajustement scolaire et psycho-social de l'eleve a la maternelle jusqu'a la fin des etudes secondaires Linda Pagani ELNEJ
The relationship between cannabis use and the use of mental health care services in Canada Katerina Pappas ESCC_Annuelle
Financial, labour and housing stress: Associations with mental and physical health in the Indigenous Population of Canada Helen Cerigo EAPA
Les déterminants socioéconomiques des changements dans la distribution des décès selon l'âge, le sexe et la cause au Canada Vanesa Sucharczuk SCERCan
L'immigration en soutien des campagnes - Quelle attractivite? Quels effets sur la recomposition socio-demographique des territoires ruraux? Nong Zhu REC
Parenting, interparental conflict, and parent and child well-being in families with mixed and non-mixed ethnocultural backgrounds Hali Kil ELNEJ
Does the availability of post secondary funding incentivize students to complete high school? The effectiveness of Aboriginal and First Nations related education policy in Canada Margaret Jones EAPA, REC, Non-StatCan
Data validation: 2016 Canadian Birth Census Cohort (CanBCC) Seungmi Yang CCanNR, Non-StatCan
The places we'll go: immigrant recruitment and retention in rural Canada Lindsay Finlay REC
Exploring the determinants of health inequalities in vital statistics death data in Canada Charles Albert Plante REC, SCERCan, SEC
Corporate concentration, investment, and labour demand Terry (Seok Min) Moon BDCEE
Education, training, and income inequality in Canada Thomas Palmer EMTE
Effects of cannabis legalization on youth cannabis use Van Hai Nguyen ECTAD, ECTN, ESUTC, ENC
Democratic capital? Pre-migration experience, cross-border activity, and immigrant's naturalization and political participation in Canada Ka U Ng EDE
Estimating economic contribution of the digitization of work in Canada Viet Hoa Vu REC
Air pollution and mental health Nusrat Jahan ESCC_SM
Short and long-term income of cancer survivors in Canada – Population-based analysis using data linkage at Statistics Canada Derived Record Depository (DRD) Lisa McQuarrie CDSD - RCC, FCCP
Suicidal ideation and attempt among sexual minority and transgender youth In Canada Ian Richard Colman ECSEJ
A comparison of datasets to study mobility in New Brunswick Michael Haan REC
Health shocks and labour market outcomes of couple families: the role of social and supplemental insurance Sergei Filiasov ESCC_RCC, ESCC_FFT1
Understanding the relationship between parental work schedules and obesity in children Jennifer Marine Stewart ECMS, ELNEJ, EJC
Les valeurs socioéconomiques des langues au Québec (2015) Daniel Allen-Martin REC
Survey sampling weight calculation: Cross-sectional weights using CLSA datasets Lauren Griffith REC
A comparison of hospitalization and ambulatory care experiences of pediatric asthma patients in rural and non-rural areas of Canada Amy Marie Klepetar SCERCan
The changing relationship between parental education and children's attainment Stephen Sartor ELIA
Career readiness in the pandemic Pierre Lefebvre EPFL_EJET, EJET
Health technology use among seniors in Canada Elizabeth Wu ECSA
Effets des pensionnats autochtones sur la sante et le statut socio-economique Maude Laberge EAPA
Understanding neighbourhood factors contributing to risk and resilience for child mental health among children with low income Anne Fuller ESJO
Integration au marche du travail selon le domaine d'etude des etudiants internationaux Frédérick Hallé-Rochon END
Measuring racial disparities in access to healthcare in Canada Samuel K. C. Seshadri EAPA, ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
Assessing exposure to air pollution and non-lung cancers in Canada Cheryl Peters ESCC_Annuelle, RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SEC
On-the-job education and economic shocks Pascuel Plotkin Non-StatCan, SIEP, SIAI
Individual and neighbourhood measures of socioeconomic deprivation, stage at diagnosis and survival among patients with colorectal cancers in Canada Laura Davis RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, Non-StatCan, SEC
Disparities in paid and unpaid caregiving in Canada Naomi Anna Lightman ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes
Air quality and heat-related health impacts of increasing greenery areas- the case study of Greater Toronto Area Jeffrey Wilson RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SEC
Housing conditions and health outcomes among the Métis population in Canada, 2017 Yanling Guo EAPA
Cigarette tax evasion in Canada: implications for tobacco control Godefroy Emmanuel Guindon ESCC_Annuelle, ECMS, ECTAD, ECTN, ESUTC
Immigrant remittances and foreign aid: Canada and the migration/development nexus Risa (Lisa) Kaida ETFI
Planning tools to inform interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations across Canada Laura C. Rosella ESCC_HIST_PC, FCCP, SEC
Are girls from Asian immigrant families more stressed from school than their peers? A sensitivity analysis of racial and gender differences in children's well-being Barry M. R. Watson ESCC_Annuelle, ESG_Etudes, ESG_Famille, ESG_Emploi_Temps, ELNEJ
Education trajectories and effects on labour market outcomes of women, minorities, and members of the LGB community: evidence from the education and labour market longitudinal linkage platform (ELMLP) Michael Haan REC, DAL_SIEP, DAL_SIAI, EPA, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIEP_REC, SIAI, SIAI_REC
Using decision tree machine learning to identify worker movement typologies Aviroop Biswas ECMS
Older workers and involuntary job loss in Canada Peta-Gay Fairclough-Campbell EPA, FDLMO
Urban canopy and adaptation to climate change Fabien Forge Non-StatCan
Migration to fossil fuel producing regions in Canada Keith Kirchner EPA, Non-StatCan
The effect of childcare cubsidies on fertility and time use Siha Lee ESG_Famille, ESG_Emploi_Temps, ELNEJ
An investigation of the association between greenness and physical activity in Canada Daniel G. C. Rainham ECMS, Non-StatCan, FCCP
Investigating differences in cancer incidence and outcomes between immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada: a retrospective study from 1991-2016 using Statistics Canada data Haddassah Mary Abraham RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SEC
Canadian Uranium Workers Study Punam Pahwa FDN
Looking for work? Understanding the unemployment transitions of women and men in Canada Tammy D. Schirle EPA
Evaluating the utilization of federal disability supports among children and youth with disability, including neurodevelopmental disability (NDD), across Canada Jennifer Zwicker EPFL_ELNEJ, ELNEJ
Precarious lives, immigration and mental health in Canada: Temporal, intersectional, and contextual perspectives Yu Lung REC, ENSP
Migration and settlement characteristics in Ontario and Quebec: Provincial and city profiles based on the 2011 NHS and census Valerie A. Preston REC
Urban Indigenous health in Surrey and Vancouver: longitudinal perspectives on health and well-being in a fast-growing population Lyana Patrick EAPA
Mesures dynamiques du mauvais appariement spatial chez les jeunes Montréalais Xavier St-Denis REC
Assessing internationally educated health professionals' labour market integration in Southwestern Ontario Rafael S M Harun REC
Gender-related wage gaps among health, social, and STEM professionals across the rural—urban continuum Neeru Gupta REC
A descriptive analysis of Canadian armed forces members and veterans Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Cannabis and Mental Health among Veterans in Canada: Understanding the Role of Trauma and Impact on Help-Seeking Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Food insecurity in Canadian cities and the role of poverty reduction policies Gertruda Notten ESCC_Annuelle
Determinants of Indigenous self-employment – do regional policies make a difference? Aila Sinikka Okkola EAPA, REC
Coping style as a risk factor for the development of substance use disorders in active and veteran Canadian Forces members Shay-Lee Bolton ESSMFACM, ESCC_SM
Evaluating the housing satisfaction of persons with physical disabilities in Ontario, Canada through the use of GIS Nicole Langdon ECL
Wealth inequality in Canada: an application of the capitalization method Alexander Hempel Non-StatCan, ESF
Association between mood and/or anxiety disorders and suicidality in gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men: the role of structural, psychosocial, and behavioural determinants of health as potential mediators and moderators Viviane Dias Lima ESCC_Annuelle
Une analyse longitudinale des consequences du teletravail Victor Yelverton III Haines EMTE
Predicting perceived and unmet mental health needs in the populations JianLi Wang ESCC_Annuelle
Unpacking the gendered dimensions of social mobility in Canada using an intersectional approach Xavier St-Denis BDMIR, ELIA
Association of urban-rural living patterns with childhood asthma phenotypes Zhiwei Gao ELNEJ
Longitudinal analysis of employment success rates of Ontario social assistance clients: An analysis by region Elena Hillman PCA, REC, PCPE, DAL_PCA, DAL_PCPE, DAL_SIEP, DAL_SIAI, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIEP_REC, SIEP_BDIM, SIAI, SIAI_BDIM
The application of syndemic theory to compare risk profiles of younger and older gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men engaged in high-risk sexual behaviour in three major cities in Canada Viviane Dias Lima ESCC_Annuelle
Dietary polyphenol intake in the Canadian population Danielle Battram ESCC_Nutrition
Exploring the association between food insecurity, economic participation and mental health outcomes in Aboriginal people in Canada Suvadra Gupta EAPA
Wildfire smoke and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Canada Stanislav Hetalo EPA
Pathways to adulthood: social class differences across three cohorts of Canadian women Laura Wright ESG_Famille
Newcomers' housing experiences in Atlantic Canada Aila Sinikka Okkola REC, ECL
The Canada Child Benefit and Maternal and Child Health Mark Bernard Stabile ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_FFT1
Educational attainment and employment outcomes in northern and southern Canada: highlighted inequalities Analucia Vucic REC
Au-delà de l'exil : parcours des réfugiés au Québec depuis 1980 Charles Fleury REC
Gender disparities in the labour market? Examining the COVID-19 pandemic Lindsay Melissa Tedds EPA
Intersectional analysis of experiences of violence in the Canadian population Greta Bauer ESEPP
L'effet de la pollution atmosphérique sur le rendement académique des enfants d'âge pré-scolaire au Canada Ana Catherina Ismachowiez Mamber ELNEJ
The Epidemiology of Perceived and Unmet Mental Health Needs in Canadian Youth Maryse Gad ESCC_Annuelle, Non-StatCan
Access to surgical procedures: a comparison between visible minority and non-visible minority populations Lynn Nicole Lethbridge RCC_CIRC, REC, SCERCan, SEC
Monetizing the value of family caregiving in Canada Janet E. Fast ESG, ESG_Soin
La mobilité économique et les déterminants de santé, de bien-être et de développement du jeune durant l'enfance au Canada Anne-Charlotte Latour EPFL_ELNEJ, ELNEJ
Postpartum depression and anxiety among young mothers in Canada Angela Chang ESM
Health and healthcare access among immigrants in the Peel region of Ontario Michael Haan REC, ESG_Victime
La mobilité sociale et le rôle des universités Lucie Raymond-Brousseau SIEP, SIAI
Patterns of mortality and cancer incidence among adults who live near Canadian nuclear power plants: A population-based longitudinal study of CanCHEC participants between 1991 and 2016 Paul Villeneuve SCERCan
The Heterogeneous impacts of Canadian income transfer policies Fraser Summerfield ELIA
Investissement dans les innovations, croissance de la productivite totale des facteurs et commerce international des PME manufacturieres quebecoises Lota Dabio Tamini EFCPME
The Health of Canadian Atheists in the 2015 General Social Survey David Speed ESG_Emploi_Temps
Gauging the potential of occupational pluralism in rural Canada Elena Draghici REC, PVAE, EPA, Non-StatCan
Associating child maltreatment with postseparation violence in Canada, 2019 Douglas A. Brownridge ESG, ESG_Victime
Labour Market Outcomes of NBCC graduates John Charles Herbert Emery SIEP, SIAI
Etude du lien entre les experiences de combat, la blessure morale et le trouble de stress post-traumatique chez les militaires canadiens Audrey-Ann Blais-Cote ESSMFACM
Peer effects at work and parental leave: Why is papa not more involved? Fabian Lange BDCEE, Non-StatCan
Determinants and multigenerational effects of family ruptures Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs BDMIR
The prevalence and impact of co-op programs and second degrees among recent cohorts of graduates with special focus on immigrants Dai Ou (Melanie) Yin END, END_PLEMT
The use of home care services among older Canadian immigrants Mamta Vaswani ESCC_Annuelle
Immigrant Self-Employment Benoit Dostie BDCEE
Caractérisation du premier quintile de revenus au Canada et identification de corrélations entre ces caractéristiques et la mobilité sociale intergénérationnelle Loic Courtemanche BDMIR
Ontario Credential Landscape Taylor Shek-wai Hui DAL_SIAI, SIEP
Mental health of female entrepreneurs in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin ESCC_FFT1
Divided communities: Income inequality's impact on Canadians health Megan Wylie ESCC_Annuelle, REC
People, places, policies and prospects: affordable rental housing for those in greatest need Catherine Leviten-Reid ECL
The impact of British Columbia's international post-graduate project on science talent in Canada Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CBK, CBK_FFT1, SIEP, SIEP_BDIM
An econometric analysis of the Canada Child Benefit on the overall wellbeing of Canadian families Rebekah Howlett ESCC_Annuelle
The impact of financial aid on educational choices and the financial health of recent graduates Annabel Thornton END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI
Identifying Mental Health Issues in Canadian Immigrants Sahej Kaur ESCC_Annuelle
Relationship between lifetime traumatic events, mental disorders and suicidal behaviours in Canadian military personnel Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESMFC
Le rôle des inégalités de patrimoine dans la mobilité intergénérationnelle au Québec et au Canada Gaelle Alexandra Simard-Duplain BDMIR
Comparaison interprovinciale des programmes d'aide financière aux études du Canada Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant REC, ECR
Simulations de taxation optimale sur des données fiscales canadiennes Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant REC, ECR, EPA
La sécurité de la population québécoise Marie-Andrée Gravel ESG, ESG_Victime
Course request - advanced topics in health economics Zichun Zhao ESCC_Annuelle
Physical activity and mental healthcare utilization among Canadian adolescents and young adults: A longitudinal study utilizing record linkage Mina Fahim ESCC_SIOSM
Food insecurity, mental health service use, and medical healthcare: Investigating the potential moderating effects of race/ethnicity Allyson Lamont ESCC_Annuelle
The impact of refundable tax credits and benefits on low-income households Steven Ryan EPA
An exploration of survey data on digital inclusion in Canada Catherine Middleton ECUI, EDM
Entrepreneurship education and career outcomes Creso Sa END
The geography of gender gaps in education and earnings Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_FFT1, REC, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIEP_REC
Vaccine hesitancy in Canada Naomi Schellenberg ECVNE
Exploring inequalities in having a regular primary health care provider: an intersectionality approach using multilevel analysis of individual heterogeneity and discriminatory accuracy Jennifer Wei He ESCC_Annuelle, FCCP
Exploring inequalities in having a regular primary health care provider: an intersectionality approach using multilevel analysis of individual heterogeneity and discriminatory accuracy Jennifer He ESCC_Annuelle, FCCP
Individual, societal and family factors and Black youths' mental health Irene Vitoroulis ESJO
Contextual moderation effects in multilevel modeling: a critical review of sociological research on suicidal diathesis Tay Jeong ELNEJ
Updated epidemiology of hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung ECMS
Innovating for inclusive & equitable post-secondary education: a pathway to realizing the SDGs Melanie Panitch ECI
Estimating associations between long-term exposure to PM2.5 oxidative potential and composition and chronic health outcomes in Toronto and Montreal Susannah Ripley ESCC_Annuelle, REC, SCERCan
Immigrant-owned businesses: Financing practices Seyedeh Anoosheh Rostamkalaei BDCEE
Immigrant-owned businesses: earning and career trajectories Mark Freel BDCEE
From student to immigrant: the labour market integration of former international students in Canada Rupa Banerjee BDCEE
The relationship between childhood victimization and dating violence in Canada: an analysis of the general social survey cycle 34, 2019 Denae Easton ESG
Comparing degree pathways graduate degree holders take through higher education: exploring patterns and early career outcomes Jessica Megan Nelson END
Examination of Rural Health Inequities Paul Adrian Peters ESCC_Annuelle
Evaluating inequalities in cause-related mortality using multiple causes of death Paul Adrian Peters REC, SCERCan, SEC
Mental health services use among CAF members and Veterans Anthony Nazarov ESSMFACM
Canadian biotechnology firms and innovation performance Brian P. Cozzarin Non-StatCan
A view of cardiovascular health through a sex and gender lens: comparing and expanding the evidence from high-income to low-and middle-income countries Rubee Dev ESCC_Annuelle
Secondary to postsecondary pathways and outcomes of non-traditional students David Walters PCPE, END, END_PLEMT, SIEP, SIAI, CSDT
Immigrant children's sense of community belonging and well-being Allison Leanage ESCC_SM
Zooming in monetary policy transmission in Canada Maxime Leroux GRA
Sorting, Matching and Urban Inequality Guangbin Hong BDCEE
Understanding, predicting, and preventing mortality from deaths of despair in Canada: a population-based approach Calvin Yip ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_FFT1
Immigrant womens adherence to and perceptions of cervical cancer screening and prevention in Ontario, Canada Martin J. Cooke ESCC_Annuelle
Trust and relationships in Credence goods market Christi-Anna Durodola EPFL_ENSP, ESG_Sociale, ENSP
Descriptive epidemiology of perceived and unmet mental health needs in immigrants in Canada Rola Hashem ESCC_Annuelle
Family relationships and educational choices during COVID-19 recession and how it differs from previous recessions Xiaoxue Li EPA
Family or individual taxation: how does the choice of unit for taxes and benefits affect gender equality in Canada? Antoine Genest-Grégoire ESG_Famille
Risks and protective factors influencing maternal mental health Lua Samimi ESM
Impact of high-tech industrial policy on local labour market Alexandre Lehoux BDCEE
Immigration and frictions in the labour market; How does immigration affect the labour market dynamics in North America Alisaleh Shariati REC, ECR, EPA, EDTR
A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization Meghan Andrea Wrathall ENC
Evaluating the Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Canada on Risk-Taking Behaviours Nicholas Cristiano ENC
Exploring differential mortality in Canada's Indigenous populations Leora Courtney-Wolfman Non-StatCan, SEC
Understanding predictors of First Nation health, economic participation, and wellbeing: an analysis of the 2017 aboriginal peoples survey Elaine Toombs EAPA
COVID-19 and the reallocation of labour in Canada Pierre R. Brochu EPA
Modélisation du risque de campylobactériose au Canada via différentes sources d'exposition d'origine alimentaire et environnementales Vanessa Gabriele-Rivet ESCC_Annuelle
Stunted growth: the role of financial frictions in the lifecycle of firms Oliver Loertscher GRA
Understanding the consequences of entrepreneurship as an episodic phenomenon Mark Freel ELIA
Older couple labour participation and retirement during Covid-19: is it different from other recessions? Jing Cui EPA
Évolution de la distribution de la productivité des entreprises québécoises Benoit Dostie BDCEE
Are experiences of discrimination contributing to the mental health status of Canada's diverse urban population? Responding to the call from the federal government's 2019-2022 anti-racism strategy Newsha Mahinpey ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_RR
The gender gap in caregiving and its consequences Natalia Vigezzi ESCC_RCC, ESCC_FFT1, ESG_Soin
How LGBTQ perceptions of neighbourhood safety and cohesion impact health Berenica Vejvoda ESG
Volunteering behaviours of Canadian atheists David Speed ESG
A comprehensive socioeconomic vulnerability index (SoVI) to inform socially equitable flood risk management policy Liton Chakraborty EAPA, REC, ECR
Understanding disparities in substance-use related crisis across sexual orientations in Canada Antony Wai Ho Chum ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SIOSM, REC
Transportation habits among different generations of Canadian immigrants: An exploration of commuting mode choice Shaila Jamal REC
Economic and demographic analysis of the Canadian medical/physician sector Boris Kralj REC, END
The farmer's cost of selling food as crops or as commodities in Canada Sabrina Rimouche EDM
Inequality in the arts: an examination of the role of cultural policy in shaping artists' income Bradley Cooper REC
Headache in Canadian children Tamara Pringsheim ECSEJ
The short and long-run effects of pre-school and K-12 education programs in British Columbia Jane Friesen CBK, CBK_REC, CBK_FFT1, REC, SIEP
Unequal ageing Tammy D. Schirle ESCC_Annuelle, REC, ESG, ESG_Soin, ESG_Etudes
A national study of subjective wellbeing and its impact on population health and health systems Laura C. Rosella ESCC_REC, ESCC_HIST_PC
LGB Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: New Data and New Insights Sean Waite ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_FFT1
Interprovincial differences in enrollment rates in academic math Kelly E. Foley EJET
Equitable Cities for Nature and People Emma Hudgins ESCC_Annuelle, ESCC_HIST_PC, ESCC_SM
Parental leave policies and labour market outcomes Casey R. Warman REC
Education pathways and inequality Kelly E. Foley CBK, CBK_FFT1, REC, DAL_SIEP, DAL_SIAI, SIEP, SIAI
Post-pubertal experiences as a mediator of the relationship between early pubertal timing and depressive symptoms in young adults Annie Duchesne ELNEJ
The impact of early childhood education policies on the school-readiness of low-income children: A comparative case study analysis of Quebec and Ontario Paige LaPierre ELNEJ
How parental leave is bridging sex specialty home-related work gap Farouk Awal ECAE
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