Health Template - A framework for the collection and analysis of health information

The Health Template software is not a simulation model but an interactive exposition of a model or framework for the collection, organization and analysis of health information. It was developed in 1991 as part of the National Task Force on Health Information. The Task Force concluded that changes are required in organizational structures to achieve coordination and cooperation among the wide spectrum of health constituencies, and to establish standard concepts and methods in areas such as longitudinal follow-up, record linkage, and costing. The current need is for a carefully structured, well-defined and mutually agreed-to set of classifications. The Template seeks to provide a vision for health information, an idealized comprehensive conceptual structure. The main reason society should invest in health information is to improve the population's health. To this end, improved health information should be driven by two key objectives: broadening and deepening understanding of the determinants of health, and informing public policy. The Template has also been motivated as an aid in planning Canada's health information systems to meet these objectives. The Template thus sketches a response to the basic ills diagnosed in Canada's health information system, as well the connections among health information, health goals, public policy, and fundamental research on the determinants of population health.

The Health Template file is a self-extracting .zip file which, when executed, will expand into the eleven files which constitute the full package. Once expanded, the readme.txt file contains a product description as well as installation instructions.

Download the Health Template.

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