Video - Census: Partners using our data, Part 3

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Census: Partners using our data, Part 3 - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Census: Partners using our data, Part 3")

Denise Amyot: The Canadian Census is an incredibly useful tool.

Monique Forster: The data collected through the Census process is an essential planning tool as it provides us with important information about trends and changes in society.

Sara Austin: This year we're going to be working with Statistics Canada and the Census data to put together our next Raising Canada Report on the Top Ten [risk] of Childhood. And brining forward evidence based policy solutions to measurably improve the lives of children. Addressing issues ranging from food insecurity to housing, protection from violence, their physical and mental health and so much more.

Denise Amyot: Having sound data like this is critical for associations like ours, and for our members as well.

Monique Forster: Important decisions regarding our ongoing programs and our upcoming projects are informed by the data provided by the Census results.

Denise Amyot: Census data regularly guides decisions that shape the future of post-secondary education.

Monique Forster: Business, governments, and community organizations base important decisions about employment, school, public transportation, and hospitals on the information provided by the Census results.

Sara Austin: So, thank you so much to Statistics Canada for your commitment to harnessing data.

(The words "Your census, your stories: Canada's portrait." appear onscreen.)