Video - 2023 Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth (CHSCY)

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CHSCY: Canadian Health survey on Children and Youth - Video transcript

Hey! Statistics Canada needs your help.

(Onscreen text: "Hey! Statistics Canada needs your help.")

Heads up children and youth!

(Onscreen text: "Heads up children and youth!")

Do you play sports? Do you use social media? How is school going? Do you ever feel stressed?

These are just some of the questions on the 2023 Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth.

(Onscreen text: "2023 Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth.")

Answering these questions will help improve your life and the lives of children and youth in Canada.

Now parents and guardians!

(Onscreen text: "Now parents and guardians!")

Please encourage your children to participate in this survey — it’s very important! Their answers help us gain a better understanding of their well-being and what can be done to make improvements to their lives.

(Onscreen text: "Better understanding")

(Onscreen text: "Make improvements")

To do this, we'll gather information on their physical and mental health, screen time, time spent in school along with extracurricular activities, suicidal thoughts, substance use and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.

(Onscreen text: "Suicidal thoughts," "Substance use," and "COVID-19")

(Onscreen text: "?")

Worried about confidentiality? Don’t be. Your privacy is important to us and your children’s responses stay with us.

(Onscreen animation of a padlock being locked.)

To find out how Statistics Canada keeps your information confidential, visit us at www dot statcan dot gc dot ca forward slash en forward slash trust.

(Onscreen text: "")

Completing the survey is simple! Use the secure access code on your invitation letter to begin the electronic questionnaire.

Thank you for your participation!

(Onscreen text: "Thank you for your participation!")

(The Statistics Canada signature is on screen.)

(The Canada wordmark is on screen.)