Video - Introduction to the Canadian Survey on Disability, American Sign Language

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Introduction to the Canadian Survey on Disability, American Sign Language - Video transcript

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Introduction to the Canadian Survey on Disability, American Sign Language

The Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) is currently being conducted by Statistics Canada and is repeated every 5 years following the Census of Population.

The CSD is a nation-wide survey that provides information about Canadian youth and adults whose everyday activities are limited due to a long-term condition or health-related problem.

The survey collects information on a range of disability types and their severity with questions related to health, employment and education. For 2022, content has been expanded to include several new themes including food security, social isolation, accessibility barriers, homelessness, gender diversity, sexual orientation, cannabis use and COVID-19.

What are the benefits of participating in this survey?

By participating in the CSD you will directly help Statistics Canada draw a portrait of the lived experiences, unique challenges, and barriers faced by persons whose everyday activities may be limited because of a long-term condition or health-related problem. The information you provide is valuable to a wide range of data users, including governments, associations for persons with disabilities and researchers working in the field of disability. Your answers help inform decisions, plans and evaluation for a variety of social and economic programs and services designed for persons with disabilities across Canada. In particular, information on adults with disabilities is essential for the operation of Canada’s Employment Equity Program, serving as a benchmark for many employers on whether they are meeting employment equity targets for under-represented groups, including persons with disabilities.

The CSD is also used by income support programs such as the Disability Tax Credit and the Registered Disability Savings Plan.

What does participating in the survey involve?

To participate in this survey, please follow the instructions found in the letter that was mailed to you. You can complete the questionnaire at a time that is convenient for you either over the Internet or by phone with a Statistics Canada interviewer.

If you use an operator-assisted relay service, you can call us during regular business hours. You do not need to authorize the operator to contact us.

If you have lost or misplaced your invitation letter or need assistance completing the survey, contact 1-833-977-8287 (TTY: 1-866-753-7083).

How was I selected to participate in this survey?

You were randomly selected to participate in the CSD. Your selection was based on responses that either you or someone in your household provided to the Activities of Daily Living question found on the 2021 Census of Population, long form questionnaire.

More specifically, that you “Sometimes,” “Often,” or “Always” had difficulty with one or more of the following:

  • Seeing,
  • hearing,
  • walking,
  • using stairs,
  • using your hands or fingers or doing other physical activities,
  • learning, remembering or concentrating.

Or had any of the following:

  • Emotional, psychological or mental health conditions.

Or another health problem or long-term condition.

Can I choose not to participate in the survey?

While we would greatly appreciate your participation, the CSD is voluntary.

However, your participation is very important and will help Statistics Canada provide reliable and essential data that can have a direct impact on helping Canadians living with a disability participate more fully in society.

Your information is unique and cannot be replaced by someone else’s. It is important that the survey questions be answered by you as the selected respondent or by someone who knows you well and can answer on your behalf.

Will my data be linked and shared?

Data from the CSD may be linked to other administrative or survey sources such as the census. This helps reduce the number of questions we need to ask on the CSD.

Personal identifiers and data on individuals will not be shared or released outside Statistics Canada.

How will my data be kept private and confidential?

Responses to this survey are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, which guarantees that all of your personal information will remain confidential and secure.

To find out more about the measures in place to safeguard the confidentiality of your information, visit Statistics Canada's Trust Centre.

Where can I find more information about the Canadian Survey on Disability?

For more information about the Canadian Survey on Disability, including frequently asked questions, questionnaires, definitions, confidentiality and data linkages, please visit the CSD Information for Survey Participants page.

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