Meeting of the UN Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators

Catalogue number: Catalogue number: 11-629-x

Issue number: 2017008

Release date: November 1, 2017
Meeting of the UN Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators - Transcript

Description of visuals

(The logo of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals on a white background appears on screen.)

(Text on screen: On March 28-31, 2017, Statistics Canada hosted the fifth meeting of the United Nations Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) in Ottawa, Canada.)

(The camera pans right to left showing the conference center in Ottawa. Then a shot of the parliament buildings are shown. The Canadian, Ontario and various other flags outside the conference are shown as the camera pans downwards. The conference center is shown again with downtown Ottawa and the parliament are seen in the background.)

(The scene transitions to the conference center interior and the camera moves towards a painted canoe finally stopping on the text “Ottawa Canada’s Capital” written on the side.)

With the support of Statistics Canada we have been able to improve our products. And I am hoping that we will continue to receive the support of Statistics Canada; it is much appreciated.

(The camera pans out from behind a chair to reveal the conference room now empty. The front of the room, the mics and the speakers’ laptops are shown. The scene changes and pans left to right as attendees begin to arrive. The scene changes to show a full conference room full of people as the conference as about to begin. An interviewee Leesha Delatie-Budair is shown briefly on screen as she speaks about the conference.)

(Text on screen: The IAEG-SDGs was established to develop an indicator framework for the monitoring of the goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development at the global level.)

(The camera pans down from the ceiling revealing the full conference room with the speakers at the front of the room. The camera now shows a close up of the panel listening to a speaker at the podium. The scene shows a new speaker take the podium from the crowd’s perspective.)

(Text on screen: The meeting was attended by approximately 170 participants, including representatives and observers from 34 countries, many regional and international organizations, academia and the private sector.)

(The camera shows a close up from the side of the panel as the speaker begins his address. As Mr. Arora speaks the camera changes angles around the room showing the other speakers and the crowd.)

(Text on screen: Mr. Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, welcomed participants to Canada. Mr. Arora emphasized the commitment of Canada to the development of the global indicator framework and the leadership role of the National Statistical Offices in reporting on the SDGs.)

(The camera pans left to right showing the crowd applauding as Mr. Arora end his speech.)

Statistics Canada is a member of the Inter-agency and expert group on SDG indicators so they’ve… they really bring a lot of experience. They have been very active members of the group, they contributed to the discussion and I think what they bring really is the way they work throughout the national statistical system in Canada, so they bring really the views of all the experts when they contributed to the discussion on the specific indicators, which was very valuable.

(The entrance hall of the conference center is shown as the shot pans to the left being revealed from behind a plant. The first interview of Ms. Francesca Perucci starts in the entrance hall as Ms. Perucci continues her interview the scene changes to show some attendees taking notes in the conference room.)

Also, I think the participants in the group also had experience with having a dialogue with other stakeholders, which was also very helpful because not necessarily all countries have that experience, so that was very valuable.

(A panning shot shows the attendees conversing in the conference room. The attendees are now shown working on their laptops as the camera focus from far to close. The scene returns back to Ms. Perucci as she finishes her interview.)

(An Ultralight airplane is on display in the entrance hall and is seen as the camera pans upwards. The scene returns to the front of the conference room showing the speakers seats and microphones. The camera slowly pans upwards as two attendees are having a discussion at their seats.)

The United States Statistical Office has a wonderful relationship with Statistics Canada. We are an observer to the Inter-agency Expert Group on SDG's and without our close collaboration with Statistics Canada we would not have been able to be as engaged in the process of selecting indicators, refining them and communicating to our own stakeholders about the overall progress for the SDG's. I can't say enough about how much I value our relationship.

(The Second interview begins with Ms. Jennifer Park in the entrance hall. The camera pans upward revealing a poster detailing the conference location and date. The scene changes to inside the conference room with a view of the crowd listening to a speaker. Ms. Jennifer Park returns to the screen as her interview ends.)

(Two people are seen conversing in the conference room at a close up camera angle. The camera shows a close up of a name card on a long table, there are people in the background but they are out of focus.)

So STATIN has a very long history of working with Statistics Canada, we've worked on a number of projects and we've been supported by a number of things. We've been getting support on a number of initiatives. But the most significant one that we have completed to date is the communications and media preparation and training that is something that has proved immensely useful, it has improved our entire approach to how we communicate information and how we reach out to the media.

(The third interview with Leesha Delatie-Budair begins also in the entrance hall of the conference center. Ms. Perucci is at the podium and speaking with the panel at the front of the room. The camera pans along the rows of tables and chairs focusing on an attendee working on a laptop.)

To begin with, we are twenty-seven members from different countries with different backgrounds and perspectives and for that we need persons and institutions that can provide enough input to have to strike a balance, so that we can come to an agreement that is what the task of the group is and in that sense the participation of Statistics Canada in particular of Cara Williams has been very important in bringing together these differences and making proposals that make the work move forward.

(The third interview of Mr. Enrique Ordaz in the entrance hall begins. Mr. Ordaz is seen addressing the attendees at the podium in the conference room. As Mr. Ordaz gives his speech the attendees are shown taking notes on their laptops and notepads, the scene then returns to Mr. Ordaz’s interview.)

Statistics Canada and Cara Williams have been very present during the whole process as you know we are very many different countries who are working to this together and it is not only about the statistics that we are doing for a long time but is also about developing new types of statistics, reaching out to different types of institutions and in order to be able to do that we need to coordinate both between statistical offices and between countries.

(The final interview begins with Ms. Viveka Palm at the entrance hall. The camera pans upwards from behind a table revealing the conference room as some attendees are making their way to their seats. The attendees are shown taking notes and working on laptops from a side angle as the camera shifts its focus from close to far. Ms. Palm returns to the screen as she finishes her interview.)

And Canadians are famous for being friendly and positive with a very positive attitude I think we had a very good proof of that.

(The camera pans left to right showing the flags outside the conference center blowing in the wind. The Conference center with traffic passing by with the Parliament buildings are seen in the background. The conference room is shown as the camera pans left to right, attendees are seen discussing with one another. The conference room is shown again as the camera pans downward behind a table and fades to black.)

(The logo of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals on a white background appears on screen then fades to black and the Canada logo appears on screen.)

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