Social Data Linkage Environment (SDLE)

Expanding data potential

The Social Data Linkage Environment (SDLE) at Statistics Canada promotes the innovative use of existing administrative and survey data to address important research questions and inform socio-economic policy through record linkage.

The SDLE expands the potential of data integration across multiple domains, such as health, justice, education and income, through the creation of linked analytical data files without the need to collect additional data from Canadians.

Protecting personal information

Statistics Canada takes your confidentiality very seriously. Under the Statistics Act, all information provided to Statistics Canada is kept confidential, and used only for statistical purposes.

Statistics Canada ensures the privacy and confidentiality and data security of all our programs. In addition to consulting with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Statistics Canada conducted a privacy impact assessment to address any potential issues relating to confidentiality or security with the work being undertaken through the SDLE.