North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 1997

Changes from November 1999 to December 2000

Only a few minor changes have occurred in NAICS Canada 1997 since November 1999, as follows:

Reprocessing of Mining Residues in NAICS Canada

Standards Division was asked to rule on the classification of magnesium extraction from mining residues. One example of this type of activity for coal (Culm bank recovery, anthracite (except on a contract basis), is classified in NAICS Canada, 212114 Bituminous Coal Mining. It was agreed that extraction of magnesium from mining residue be classified to NAICS Canada 212299 All Other Metal Ore Mining.

New national detail for NAICS Canada -- 112 Animal Production
112390 Other Poultry Production is being replaced by:
112391 Combination Poultry and Egg Production, and
112399 All Other Poultry Production
New national detail for NAICS Canada -- 52691 Open-End Investment Funds
526910 Open-End Investment Funds is being replaced by:
526911 Equity Funds - Canadian
526912 Equity Funds - Foreign
526913 Mortgage Funds
526914 Money Market Funds
526915 Bond and Income / Dividend Funds - Canadian
526916 Bond and Income / Dividend Funds - Foreign
526917 Balanced Funds / Asset Allocation Funds
526919 Other Open-Ended Funds

These changes will be added into the HTML version of the manual on our website. They will show up in the hardcopy and CD version of the manual with the 2002 revision to NAICS Canada.