Types of changes in the classification, including Codes, Titles and Classification Items (Based on GSIM)

GSIM Category Code GSIM Category Description
RC - REAL CHANGE Real change stands for changes in meaning, whether or not accompanied by changes in naming (title or definition) and/or coding.
RC1 - DELETION A classification item expires, while its denotation reduces to zero; it does not proceed as (part of the) denotation of one or more other (existing) classification items.
RC2 - CREATION The mirror image of deletion: a classification item emerges, while its denotation is not (part of) the denotation of one or more existing classification items.
RC3.1 - Merger Two or more classification items expire, while their denotations proceed in one emerging classification item.
RC3.2 - Take-over A classification item expires, while its denotation proceeds as part of the denotation of another item, which continues its existence.
RC4.1 - Breakdown The mirror image of merger: a classification item expires, while its denotation is distributed over and proceeds in two or more emerging classification items.
RC4.2 - Split off The mirror image of take-over: a classification item continues to exist, while part of its denotation moves to another (emerging) classification item.
RC5 - TRANSFER Part of the denotation of an item moves to another (existing) item.

  1. More than one classification item may be involved in the relationship between the old and new structure.
  2. "Transfer" can also be applied at higher levels of a classification. In such cases the part of the denotation that moves (to another (existing) item) corresponds to an item at the lower level.
VC - VIRTUAL CHANGE Virtual change stands for changes in coding and/or naming (title or definition), while the meaning remains the same.
VC1 - CODE CHANGE A classification item expires, while its denotation proceeds as the denotation of an emerging classification item.
VC2 - NAME CHANGE The name (title or definition) of a classification item changes, while its denotation remains the same. Changes which "merely" intend to enhance the clarity or quality of a title and/or definition, or further operationalise them on the basis of situations encountered in practice, do not affect the meaning of a classification item.
NC- NOTIFICATION CHANGE A classification item stays while changes are made at lower levels without change in scope.
GENERAL NOTE Deletion and creation may result in border changes. Combination, decomposition and transfer do result in border changes. Code change and name change do not result in border changes.


Adaptation of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM)

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