Labour Market and Socioeconomic Indicators (LMSI)

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The purpose of this survey is to identify changing dynamics within the Canadian labour market, and measure important socioeconomic indicators. Gathering data on topics such as type of employment, quality of employment, support payments and unmet health care needs will allow policy makers to address these trends.

Your information may also be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes. In addition, information from partially completed or unsaved questionnaires may be retained and used.

Collection period:
  • July 2024: Sunday, July 21 to Tuesday, August 6, 2024
  • August 2024: Sunday, August 18 to Tuesday, September 3, 2024
  • September 2024: Sunday, September 22 to Tuesday, October 7, 2024
  • October 2024: Sunday, October 20 to Tuesday, November 4, 2024
  • November 2024: Sunday, November 17 to Tuesday, December 2, 2024
  • December 2024: Sunday, December 14 to Tuesday, December 23, 2024
Collection methods:
Electronic questionnaire and telephone interview
Survey participation:
  • Block Information Confidentiality


    Data are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter S-19. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

  • Block Information on Record linkage

    Record linkage

    To enhance the data from this survey and to reduce the reporting burden, Statistics Canada will combine the information you provide with information from personal tax data. Statistics Canada may also combine the information you provide with other survey or administrative data sources.

  • Block Information on Topics covered in the survey

    Topics covered in the survey

    The surveys in this series ask questions on topics such as

    • types of employment
    • quality of employment
    • support payments
    • disabilities
    • unmet health care needs
  • Block Information on Published data

    Published data

    To see results from the Canadian Social Survey (CSS), please click on the following links:

    • Data: You will find tables, profiles of a community or region, thematic maps, public use microdata files, and data visualization tools.
    • Analysis: You will have direct access to Stats in brief (e.g., releases from The Daily, fact sheets), articles and reports, and journals and periodicals.
  • Block Information on Survey-specific questions

    Survey-specific questions

    What is the Labour Market and Socio-economic Indicators Survey?

    The Labour Market and Socio-economic Indicators Survey is a supplement to the Labour Force Survey. This survey collects data about labour, support payments, and unmet health care needs. The information collected will be used to complement the Labour Force Survey in order to monitor the economic well-being of individuals and families.

    Why is the Labour Market and Socio-economic Indicators Survey important?

    The Labour Market and Socio-economic Indicators Survey will be used by governments to plan important programs such as Employment Insurance. By taking part in this survey, you help paint a complete and accurate picture of Canada's workforce.

    Where and how will the survey be conducted?

    The Labour Market and Socio-economic Indicators Survey will be conducted online and by telephone.

    What type of questions will the survey ask?

    Statistics Canada has enhanced the Labour Force Survey program with a new series of supplementary surveys. During a respondents last month of Labour Force Survey, respondents will be asked a set of additional questions related labour, support payments, and unmet health care needs.

    How will you safeguard the confidentiality of my information?

    As with all Statistics Canada surveys, any information provided will remain confidential pursuant to the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada takes the privacy of Canadians very seriously. Published data can never identify you or your household.

    To find out more about the measures in place to safeguard the confidentiality of your information, visit Statistics Canada's Trust Centre.

    Where can I get more information about the survey?

    If you need more information or require assistance in the completion of the questionnaire, call our toll-free telephone line at 1-877-949-9492.

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