Quality Control Methods for Survey Operations (Course code 0445)


To provide an operational overview of the methods of quality control.

Benefits to participants

This course in an excerpt of the “Statistical Methods for Quality Control” STC#0446, where most of the theoretical aspects have been removed. The focus of this course is to discuss the practical methods of quality control that are available for survey operations within a broader framework of quality assurance and management. Statistical and non-statistical methods for quality control and assurance will be discussed. This will include planning, acceptance sampling, acceptance control, process control, as well as various quality tools for achieving quality improvements. The course will involve the practical application of concepts through the use of case studies and group workshops each day.

Target population

Professional and technical employees who wish to have an operational overview of the methods and concepts of quality control available for survey operations without the emphasis of theoretical foundations.

People wishing for a more theoretical introduction to quality control should refer to the course "Statistical Methods for Quality Control" STC#0446.

Course outline

  • Planning for Quality
  • Principles of Quality Control
  • Acceptance Sampling Techniques
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Administration of Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement Methods & Tools

Duration: 2 days

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