Statistical Methods for Quality Control (Course code 0446)


To provide an overview of the concepts of statistical quality control (SQC).

Benefits to participants

The course will discuss the methods of statistical quality control within a broader framework of quality assurance and management. The course will define the various aspects of quality and address the issues of planning for quality as they relate to survey operations and processes. Statistical methods for quality control will be discussed. These include acceptance sampling, statistical process control and Schilling's acceptance control strategy for the efficient administration of SQC. The use and application of various quality tools such as Pareto analysis, cause & effect diagrams, flow charting, etc., for generating quality improvements will also be addressed. The course will involve the practical application of concepts through the use of case studies and group workshops each day.

Target population

Professionals who wish to have an overview of the concepts of statistical quality control (SQC).

This course is mathematical in nature and will contain some theoretical formulas and statistical concepts. People wishing for a more practical introduction to quality control should refer to the course "Quality Control Methods for Survey Operations" STC#0445.

Course outline

  • Planning for Quality
  • Principles of Statistical Quality Control
  • Acceptance Sampling Techniques
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Administration of Statistical Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement Methods & Tools


A general knowledge of basic statistics is required.

Duration: 3 days (include group workshops each day)

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