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As Canada's national statistical organization, Statistics Canada is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to help all Canadians develop their data literacy skills. The goal is to provide learners with information on the basic concepts and skills with regard to a range of data literacy topics.

The training is aimed at those who are new to data or those who have some experience with data but may need a refresher or want to expand their knowledge. We invite you to check out our Learning catalogue to learn more about our offerings including a great collection of short videos. Be sure to check back regularly as we will be continuing to release new training.

What is data literacy?

Data literacy is the ability to derive meaningful information from data. It focuses on the competencies involved in working with data including the knowledge and skills to read, analyze, interpret, visualize and communicate data as well as understand the use of data in decision-making.

Data literacy also means having the knowledge and skills to be a good data steward including the ability to assess the quality of data, protect and secure data, and their responsible and ethical use.

Data literacy competencies

Data literacy competencies are the knowledge and skills you need to effectively work with data.

Data journey

The data journey represents the key stages of the data process starting with finding and exploring data through to telling the data story.

Learning catalogue

Check out the data literacy training available from Statistics Canada.

Learning path

Use this guide to help you navigate your data literacy journey.

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