Canadian Centre for Energy Information external stakeholder meeting - June 3, 2020

Meeting summary: Key points and action items

External stakeholders

  • Colleen d'Entremont, Atlantica Centre for Energy
  • Samantha Morton, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Bruce Lourie, Ivey Foundation
  • Ericka Wicks, QUEST
  • Sarah Petrevan, Clean Energy Canada
  • Saad Sarfraz, Canadian Gas Association
  • Channa Perera, Canadian Electricity Association


Meeting with potential participants of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI) External Advisory Body to discuss CCEI program objectives and the role of a supporting advisory body in meeting those goals.

Theme 1: Engagement

Participants were pleased with the work that has been done to date, and thought we are headed in the right direction. Questions were raised regarding identification of the various key audiences of the CCEI, as well as the extent of engagement at the community level.

Action item

  • Include a discussion on the CCEI's engagement strategy during the July 2020 inaugural External Advisory Committee meeting.

Theme 2: Initial priority areas that members raised

Participants identified the following preliminary 'data priorities'/'issues' as part of the conversation:

  • Timeliness of data availability (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions data)
  • Balance needed in terms of how data is communicated (timeliness of raw data versus reports and infographics)
  • Data sets are becoming less detailed over time (e.g., national data sets no longer available by province/region)
  • Importance of the narrative (story behind the data), and enabling cross analysis of the data
  • Confidentiality of data by default
  • Establishing consistency and reducing duplication in data

Action item

  • CCEI team to compile a preliminary list of priorities based on previous engagement with stakeholders and early feedback from advisory body to initiate an early discussion at the July 2020 inaugural External Advisory Committee meeting (and follow-up discussion in September 2020).

Forward agenda: Inaugural CCEI External Advisory Committee meeting in late July

  • Finalizing Terms of Reference and Discussion on Committee Roles/Deliverables
  • CCEI Presentation and discussion on Engagement and Communications Strategies
  • CCEI Presentation and discussion on Early Priorities (as we see them) and feedback from Committee
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