External advisory committee (EAC)

Co-chair: Peter Webster
Associate University Librarian, Information Technology
Saint Mary's University
Telephone: 902-420-5507
Email: peter.webster@smu.ca

Co-chair: Gilbert Bede
Systems, Data and GIS Librarian
Okanagan College
Telephone: 250-762-5445 x4751
Email: gbede@okanagan.bc.ca

Senior Library Administrator: Carol Shepstone
Ryerson University
Telephone: 403-440-6134
Email: cshepstone@ryerson.ca

Atlantic region

Siobhan Hanratty
Data/GIS Librarian
University of New Brunswick
Telephone: 506-451-6803
Email: hanratty@unb.ca

Quebec region

Alex Guindon
GIS and Data Services Librarian
Concordia University
Telephone: 514-848-2424 x7754
Email: alex.guindon@concordia.ca

Nathalie Vachon
Data Librarian
Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Telephone: 514-499-4079
Email: nathalie_vachon@ucs.inrs.ca

Ontario region

Elizabeth Hill
Data Librarian
Western University
Telephone: 519-661-2111 x85049
Email: ethill@uwo.ca

Claire Wollen
Librarian, Pilon School of Business
Sheridan College
Telephone: 905-845-9430 x5193
Email: claire.wollen@sheridancollege.ca

Western region

James Doiron
Research Data Management Services Coordinator
University of Alberta
Telephone: 780-492-5212
Email: james.doiron@ualberta.ca

Non-academic members

Geneviève Jourdain
Chief, Microdata Access Division
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-889-1941
Email: genevieve.jourdain@canada.ca

Nancy Hofmann
Director, Microdata Access Division
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-299-1726
Email: nancy.hofmann@canada.ca

Heidi Ertl
Assistant Director, Consumer Prices Division
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-951-3390
Email: heidi.ertl@canada.ca

Glen Hohlmann
Assistant Director
Census operations Division
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-325-7866
Email: glen.hohlmann@canada.ca

Cory Chobanik
Assistant Director, Office of Privacy Management and Information Coordination
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-697-2974
Email: cory.chobanik@canada.ca

Ex-officio members

S. Martin Taylor
Executive Director, Canadian Research Data Centre Network
University of Victoria
Telephone: 905-973-7849
Email: smt@uvic.ca

Jeff Moon
Director, Portage
Queen's University
Telephone: 613-533-6000 x77992
Email: moonj@queensu.ca

Jacqueline Tebbens
Unit Head, Microdata Access Division
Statistics Canada
Telephone: 613-291-4353
Email: jacqueline.tebbens@canada.ca

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