List of all RDC projects within the last 12 months

RDC projects from January 2019 - December 2019 inclusively
Contract Title Principal Investigator Data Cycle
A 10-year retrospective study of predictors of fatal opioid overdoses in Canada Anees Bahji CCHS
A comparison of datasets to study mobility in New Brunswick Michael Haan CEN, IMDB, LAD
A counterfactual analysis of firm distributions using functional principal component analysis James Townsend LEAP
A longitudinal follow-up of suicidal behaviour in the Canadian military Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
A longitudinal population-based examination of comorbid relationships between posttraumatic stress disorder and physical health conditions among military personnel Renée El-Gabalawy CAFVMHS, CCHS
A machine learning approach to improving immigrant outcomes and economic returns for Canada Jens Hainmueller IMDB
A microeconomic discrete-continuous choice model of time use and expenditure for the Greater Toronto Area Jason Hawkins GSS, Other-Non-StatCan, SHS
A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization David Walters NCS
A profile of the working poor in Canada Jason Gupta CEN
A program of research to assess the relations between cannabis use and key morbidity and mortality outcomes in Canada Russell Callaghan CCHS, PCCF+
A spatial-temporal analysis of migration patterns of Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Sault St. Marie, North Bay Ontario, and Timmins Sean O'Hagan CEN, NHS
Abolition des conditions d'accès à la rente de retraite dès l'âge de 60 du Régime de Rentes du Québec (RRQ) : Une analyse des effets sur la participation au marché du travail et sur les décisions de retraite des travailleurs expérimentés Québécois Jeiel-Onel Junior Mezil CIS
Access to cannabis and social indicator microdata Kyle Robbins NCS
Access to CCHS (annual component and rapid response) surveys for gambling research Jennifer Williams CCHS
Access to healthcare by public transport and car across Canada: An evaluation of the relationship between spatial accessibility and unmet healthcare needs Ahmed El-Geneidy CCHS
Access to surgical procedures: A comparison between provincial operative rates, remuneration and complications Lynn Nicole Lethbridge DAD, NACRS, OMHRS
Accounting for potential confounders in the occupational disease surveillance system Paul Demers CCHS
Addressing alcohol related harms among women in Canada Kathleen Sarah Lynne Gallant CCHS
Advance topics in health economics ECON/HRM 791 Lennox Arthur Sweetman CCHS, CEN, CVSD, DAD, LFS, NACRS, NHS, OMHRS
Advanced topics in health economics Lennox Arthur Sweetman APS, CCHS, CEN, LFS, NHS, NPHS
Aging at the intersection of gender and race: Understanding the health status of and inequalities among aging black Canadian women Nicoda Foster CCHS
An examination of Canadian Forces regular force personnel, their mental health and service use Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
An intersectional understanding of cumulative disadvantage: How gendered aspects of disability in education shape labor market outcomes David Pettinicchio CSD
Analyse de l'évolution de la richesse au Canada : Une approche intergénérationnelle Ghyslain Laurendeau SFS
Analyse interprovinciale de l'évolution de revenu médian des ménages entre 2006 et 2016 en tenant compte des effets de structure Yves Carrière CEN
Analysis of linked esdc – Statistics Canada administrative data to be conducted for the evaluation of the Canada Education Savings Program Donna Smith CESP, LAD
Analyzing the career paths of Ontario's graduates Eric Amaral PSIS, RAIS
Application for confidential SLID for doing research proposal Rameh Rezazadeh Mehrjou SLID
Are refugees' health conditions different from those of the Canadian born population and other comparable migrant groups? Evidence from the CCHS and the IMDB linked data Tahsina Akhter CCHS, IMDB
Assessing the protein quality of the Canadian diet Diana Sanchez-Hernandez CCHS
Assessing the validity of Canada's low-risk drinking guidelines Russell Callaghan CCHS
Assessment of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among siblings using a sample of adolescents from Ontario Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
Association between food insecurity and psychiatric diagnoses among youth in Ontario Allison MacNeil OCHS
Association between having a regular health care provider and antibiotic use among Canadians Maria Boulos CCHS
Association of child maltreatment exposure and deployment-related traumatic events, with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
Associations between diet quality and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and mortality: A nationally-representative study Michelle Aktary CCHS
Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Behavioral response to capital gains taxation Alisa Tazhitdinova LAD
Benchmarking for the evaluation of the early care and learning recruitment and retention strategy Taylor Shek-wai Hui CEN, LFS, NHS
Birth outcomes according to parental place of birth Marcelo Luis Urquia VSBD
Bringing the study of social class in Canada into the twenty-first century: A longitudinal analysis of nationally representative data Josh Patterson Curtis CIS, LFS, SCF, SLID
Broadening perspectives on male victims and perpetrators of spousal homicides and homicide-suicides Alexandra Lysova HS
Canada's experience with the minimum wage increases of the 2010s Jeffrey Penney LFS
Canadian built environment and sustainable transportation project Emily Marie Louise Bardutz CEN, NHS
Canadian Index for Measuring Integration (Version 2.0) Jack Jedwab CCHS, CEN, EDS, GSS, NHS
Canadian muslim demographics, discrimination, civic participation, and health Sarah Shah GSS
Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) benefits: Who gets the maximum? Peter Kitchen LAD
Canadian regional and geographic variations in infertility: Does place matter? Michael Haan CCHS
Canadian urban wage gaps and the determinants Sadjad Kalhor CEN, LFS, NHS, Other-Non-StatCan
Cannabis use prevalence, characteristics, patterns and correlation with socioeconomic status among Canadian users Atefeh Noori CCHS
Carbon pricing and energy poverty: The effect of environmental policy on households' ability to afford energy services Blake Shaffer SHS
Caregiver burdens for individuals with developmental disabilities in Canada Craig Scott GSS
Cervical cancer screening in Canada Geetanjali Datta CCHS
Changes in Canadians' gambling behavior and problems: An exploration of time and context Sylvia Kairouz CCHS
Characteristics and economic outcomes of nominees through the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program Jessica Schafer IMDB, LAD
Characteristics of adults who return to education and training, and understanding the barriers to adult learning Taylor Shek-wai Hui LISA
Characteristics of and trends in seasonal employment in the different employment insurance economic regions Russell Sharpe LFS
Characteristics of families without Registered Education Savings Plans or other Savings for PSE: Results from the Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning and Longitudinal International study of adults Joe Iacampo LISA, SAEP
Charting the sources of Brexit: Lessons for Canadian-UK relations Krzysztof Pelc CEN, NHS
Child health and development at the interface of the family and social forces Emmanuelle arpin ERLF, NLSCY
Child maltreatment and the trajectory of adult well-being among ethno-racial communities: Results from the Canadian Health Survey Barbara Lee CCHS
Child marriage in Canada Alissa Koski CEN
Children and youth with complex care needs in acute hospital settings in Canada: A population-based study using linked data Margaret Holland CEN
CHSC 7610/7620 - T09/T02: Research Data Centre (RDC) Research methods parts A & B Shahin Shooshtari CCHS, CHMS, GSS, IMDB, NLSCY, NPHS, SLCDC
Cognitive functioning across the lifespan: The role of age, age-related life events and education Victor Kuperman LISA, PIAAC
Colorectal cancer in young Canadians: Examining changes in characteristics, incidence, mortality, and survival over time Harminder Singh CCR, CVSD
Comment augmenter les rendements de la formation pour les travailleurs âgés? Benoit Dostie WES
Commerce international et marchés de l'emploi locaux au Canada: Demande d'accès au Centre interuniversitaire québécois de statistiques sociales (CIQSS) Vincent Chartray CEN, NHS
Commute mode and residential location choice: Estimating the value of travel time savings Andrea Nicole Craig CEN
Comparaison entre un rappel de 24 heures mené par un interviewer et un rappel de 24 heures autocomplété sur le Web : Une analyse transversale d'enquêtes québécoises Didier Brassard CCHS
Comparative analysis on the economic integration of refugees in Canada and Germany Lori Anne Wilkinson IMDB, LSIC, Other-Non-StatCan
Comparing financial protection in health care using new methods of estimating catastrophic health spending in Canada with other high-income countries Sara Michelle Allin SHS
Comparing labour market vulnerabilities of refugees in Canada: The impacts of entry programs, arrival age and gender Monica Boyd CEN
Comparing the long term effects of changes in familial socioeconomic status on the health of rural versus urban children and adolescents Alexander Levesque NLSCY
Congruence of high involvement work practices Danielle (Dorice) van Jaarsveld WES
Consumer demand for energy efficient appliances Branko Boskovic CEN
Consumption of pulse dishes by the Canadian population: Analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey (Nutrition) 2004 and 2015 Seyed Ahmadi CCHS
Consumption of ultra-processed food in Canada and its association with chronic diseases: Analysis of the 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey Jean-Claude Moubarac CCHS
Consumption patterns of mixed dishes containing red meat and non-meat dishes among Canadians: Canadian Community Health Survey nutrition component 2015 Hassanali Vatanparast CCHS
Contextualizing cancer: Does neighbourhood ethnic density protect immigrants from cancer? Tina Thanh Tram Luu Ly CCR, CVSD, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
Contribution of dietary supplements on shortfall nutrients among the Canadians Hassanali Vatanparast CCHS
Cooking practices, eating habits, diet-related diseases and well-being of Canadians Melissa Fernandez CCHS
Core housing need and children's mental health Jinette Comeau OCHS, Other-Non-StatCan
Correlates and patterns of opioid use in Canada: Sources of opioids and relationship to use patterns and impact on health Kate Battista CTADS, SOA
Correlates of attitudes towards help-seeking in Canadian Forces members Natalie Mota CFMHS
Correlates of mental well-being among migrant groups in Canada Branka Vujcic CCHS
Course and predictors of depression in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A nationally representative 16-Year follow-up study Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
Cross-sectional analyses of two possible environmental determinants of depressive symptoms at the population level in Canada Ashley Katherine Dores CCHS, Other-Non-StatCan
Cultural determinants of marriage and divorce: Evidence from Canadian immigrants Anke Sabine Kessler CEN, EDS, GSS, LSIC
Cumulative inequalities and health outcomes from mid to later life Adebiyi Germain Boco CCHS, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, IMDB, VSD
Descriptive epidemiology of cannabis use prior to legalization Scott Patten CCHS, CHSCY, OCHS
Determinants of police behaviour towards Canadian citizens and its influence on confidence in the police Jason Carmichael GSS
Diabetes-related complications in Canada: The epidemiological and economic burden of diabetes complications and cost-effectiveness of community-based interventions Mohsen Yaghoubi Kalaterahman SLCDC
Diplôme universitaire et insertion sur le marché du travail : Approche statistique et compréhensive de la surqualification professionnelle Mircea Vultur CEN, LFS, NGS, NHS, PIAAC
Disability insurance and labor force participation Stephan Staubli Muehlenbachs LAD, PCCF+
Disability, preconception health, and maternal outcomes Hilary Brown CCHS
Distribution of catastrophic out of pocket prescription drug expenses in Canada Faith Ocran SHS
Distributional analysis of commuting times in the Greater Toronto Area Aidi Yu CEN
Do Canadian provincial poverty reduction strategies reduce poverty? Gertruda Notten CCHS, CIS, ERLF, SCF, SLID
Does access to finance moderate the relationship between past growth and expected growth Mark Freel Other-Non-StatCan, SFGSME
Does cigarette tax affect smokers' mental health: An empirical study of Canadian smokers Jiajun Chen CCHS, Other-Non-StatCan
Does workplace stress moderate the relationship between socioeconomic status and chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease and type II Diabetes Noor-Ul (Huda) Huda CCHS
Earnings and income variability David Alan Green CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Earnings and income variability David Alan Green CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
ECON 882 Yasmine Amirkhalkhali CCHS, CEN, LSIC, NGS, NLSCY, NPHS, WES, YITS
Education and employment outcomes for persons with disabilities Matthew Stock CSD
Education and the intergenerational transmission of income in Canada Catherine Maredith Haeck IID
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile CEN, NHS, Other-Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Effect of sugar consumption on periodontal diseases: Analysis of data from "Canadian Health Measures Survey" Mario Brondani CHMS
Effect on older Chinese immigrants in Canada Xiaojun Deng CCHS
Effectiveness of Canadian refugee policies and programs in improving the labour participation, earnings of refugees, and financial self-reliance Christopher Robinson IMDB, LSIC, Other-Non-StatCan
Effects of Canadian national discourses on immigrant integration: the role of language Yvonne Chang GSS
Efficiency in NGOs: Skill-transferability and economies of scale Ricard Gil NSNVO, WES
Electronic money transfer methods: Are there geographical differences among Canadian residents born in Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries? Zacharie Tsala Dimbuene SIMT
Emploi des personnes en incapacité Elfried Toba CSD, SLID
Employment and earnings changes related to environmental regulations and green energy Joseph Thomas Marchand CEN, LFS, NHS, Other-Non-StatCan
Employment mobility and long-run earnings inequality among Canadian immigrants and native-born Canadians Phuong Minh Vu CEN, IMDB, LAD, LFS, LWF, NHS
Employment, education and assistive technology outcomes of Canadians with vision loss Christine Robbins ASETS, CEN, CSD, GSS
Employment, education, and income for Canadians with disabilities: Analysis from the Canadian Survey on Disability Patrick Berrigan CSD
Energy conservation behaviour on display: Household yard work in Canada Lisa Seiler HES
Equity in healthcare utilization in Canada Mohammad Hajizadeh CCHS
Estimating the effect of recent increases in the minimum wage on labour market outcomes in Canada Alaleh Iray Makvandi LFS
Estimating the prevalence, trends, and correlates of multimorbidity in Canada Piotr Wilk CCHS
Estimating the relationship between child care attendance and pathway to successful adulthood: Do effects of early child care extend to postsecondary education? Benoit-Paul Hébert ERLF
Estimating the work potential of Canada Pension Plan Disability Beneficiaries in support of the evaluation of the program Sofia Mehta CSD
établissement et mobilités des réfugiés vietnamiens admis au Canada, 1980-2015 Guillaume Haemmerli IMDB
étude comparative sur le revenu d'emploi des personnes nées au Québec (Canada) et des personnes immigrantes selon la profession – recensements de 2016 et de 2006 Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve CEN
Etudier l'impact de l'intensité du temps passé en garderie sur le développement cognitif de l'enfant Laetitia Lebihan NLSCY
évaluation du mauvais appariement spatial entre les lieux de résidence et d'emploi dans la région métropolitaine de Montréal en 2016 Philippe Apparicio CEN, NHS
Evaluation of the guaranteed income supplement program using 2006 and 2016 census of Canada data Richard Demarco CEN
Evaluation of the health and financial impact of a sugary drink tax: A lifetable modelling study Kai-Erh Kao CCHS, CEN, CHMS, CanCHEC, VSD
évolution du niveau de vie des ménages québécois de 1976 à 2016 Pierre-Olivier Pare CEN
Examining cancer screening rates and the associated factors among off-reserve Indigenous People in Canada, and by province Soroush Kian (Khoeiniha) APS
Examining cell phone use and its association with multiple forms of cancer Michael Haan CCHS, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
Examining internet use among Canadians with developmental disability Faraz Asadpour CSD
Examining socio-demographic predictors contributing to misuse of antibiotics in Canada: Implications for policy intervention to reduce antimicrobial resistance Colin S Bowbrick CCHS
Examining the relationship between unmet healthcare needs and health care utilization by immigration status Dimple Bhojwani CCHS
Examining the sociodemographic trends in burden of hospitalizations for influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and other acute respiratory infections in Canada Sarah Buchan CCHS, CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
Examining unmet healthcare needs by immigration status among Canadian adults Dimple Bhojwani CCHS
Exchange rate fluctuations and immigrants' labour market response over the short and long run Ronit Mukherji CEN, IMDB, LSIC, NHS, Other-Non-StatCan, SLID
Explaining the determinants of charitable giving in Canada Justin D. Smith CEN, CSGVP, GSS, LAD, NHS, NSGVP, Other-Non-StatCan, PCCF+
Exploring depressive symptoms as a potential moderator between pain severity and opioid misuse Onawa Labelle OCHS
Exploring differences in adherence of preventive breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings in lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual women Todd Coleman CCHS
Exploring factors related to health care inequalities in Canada Piotr Wilk CCHS
Exploring long-term environmental exposures as epilepsy risk factors: A large, population-based retrospective cohort study Tresah Clara Marie Antaya CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, VSD
Exploring physical activity among recent and established immigrants in Canada El Zahraa Majed CCHS, CHMS
Exploring predictors of intensity of cannabis use among Canadians: A population level analysis Jessica Francis LaChance NCS
Exploring the determinants of health inequalities in Canada in the Canadian Community Health Survey Cordell (Cory) Neudorf CCHS, CEN, NHS, PCCF+
Exploring the effect of nutrition on cardiovascular disease using linked population-based dietary data and machine learning techniques Jason Morgenstern CCHS
Exploring the effects of Quebec's legislation "An act to bolster tobacco control" on social inequalities of smoking Kathleen Frohlich CCHS
Exploring the relationship between depression, alcohol use, and social provisions in older Ontario residents: A population-based analysis Todd Coleman CCHS
Exploring the relationship between diabetes and physical activity behaviours Jane Evelyn Hacquoil Booth CHMS
Factors affecting the work cessation decision Sid Ali Amedah SFS
Factors affecting Type 2 diabetes: A Canadian population-based analysis AMANPREET KAUR GIRN CCHS
Family, work and income trajectories of immigrant women in Canada for SWC Kathleen Kenny Rybczynski T1FF, GSS, SLID
Federal employment equity employees and perceptions of workplace harassment and discrimination: Longitudinal evidence from Public Service Employee Survey 2005 - 2017 Taoufik Said PSES
Field of study, income inequality occupational outcomes, and the earnings gap Casey R. Warman CEN, ERLF, NHS, SLID, YITS
Finance source, innovation, and productivity in Canadian SME's Getu Hailu SFGSME
Financial decision-making: The influence of financial capability, stress and help seeking activities Karen Ann Duncan CFCS
Financial literacy and financial performance in Canada: Evidence from linked survey-administrative data Pierre-Carl Michaud FCEID, Other-Non-StatCan
Financial market barriers to inclusive entrepreneurship: An empirical look at Canadian SME majority owners Marc Duhamel SFGSME
Financial security of indigenous older adults Jason Adams APS
Fixing the migrant mismatch: What happens when firms value immigrants differently than governments, and how can this be mitigated? Jennifer Baggs WES
Fluoride exposure and sleep and hormonal outcomes in a Canadian cohort Christine Till CHMS
Fluoride exposure in formula - fed infants and behavioural outcomes in children Holly Echlin CHMS
Food literacy characteristics of Canadian adolescents: Predictive factors of healthy food behaviours and body mass index (BMI) Sophia Hannah Mattioli CCHS
Frailty and high-risk, non-prescription and prescription drug use in older adults Colleen Maxwell CHMS
Frequency of consumption of anti-inflammatory and Mediterranean food parameters, and dietary inflammatory index in diverse Canadian Population and its association with chronic diseases Hassanali Vatanparast CCHS
Funding liquidity and wealthy hand-to-mouth Po Tat (Terry Ansel) Yip SFS
Gambling in Canada: A national study Carrie Leonard CCHS
Gender/sex differences in the relationship between psychosocial work stress and disease Peter John Matthew Smith CCHS, NPHS
Gendered and racialized dimensions of the education/occupational (mis)match of immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada over time: Testing explanations and associated outcomes Naomi Anna Lightman LISA
Geospatial dimensions of premature mortality and its determinants: A nationwide analysis Emmalin Buajitti CCHS, CanCHEC, Other-Non-StatCan, PCCF+, VSD
Government income transfer programs: Interactions between the social assistance and employment insurance Moyosore Sogaolu LAD
Graduate course on quantitative methods using longitudinal survey data Olesya Falenchuk LSIC, NLSCY, NPHS, SLID, WES
Handicap et discrimination sur le marché du travail Ibrahima Diallo SLID
Health human resources for an aging population Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, LFS, NHS
Health outcome consequences of deployment in the Canadian Armed Forces Mohammad Hajizadeh LASS
Health outcomes in the turn of great recession: A comprehensive analysis Hazim Yigit Aydede CCHS, CEN, DAD, NPHS
Healthy cities, healthy people: Exploring longitudinal exposure to environmental risk factors Piotr Wilk CCHS
Healthy immigrant effect: A policy perspective Mahsa Athari CCHS, IMDB
Helping Ontario's small centres attract and retain newcomers Victoria Esses CEN, IMDB, NHS
Heterogeneity in the fiscal externality of extending EI benefits and its Implications for the optimal potential duration of benefits Simon Quach EISV, LFS
Household income and contraceptive use patterns among female youth Elizabeth Nethery CCHS
Household income and location: Evidence from Canadian cities Meng Li CEN, NHS
Housing tenure and the risk of crime Heather A. P. Rollwagen GSS
How did changes in child benefits affect consumption Krishna Pendakur Other-Non-StatCan, SHS
How dietary pattern and physical fitness is associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), osteoporosis, and cancer Hassanali Vatanparast CHMS
How do households spend carbon tax rebates? Nicholas Rivers SHS
How do modern treaties and opt-in arrangements affects incomes and income inequality in indigenous communities? Ravi Shankar Pendakur CEN, NHS
How do similarities and discrepancies in parent-youth reports of youth problems relate to mental health service seeking and youths' self-esteem and friendship support? Brendan Andrade OCHS
How has the reported time spent by households on mobility and social interaction changed due to carbon pricing? Darcy Reynard GSS
How much movement do workers need to be healthy? Understanding work-related and non-work contributions to the movement patterns of Canadian workers and their cardiometabolic consequences Aviroop Biswas CHMS
Identification des sources d'inégalités dans la qualité des apports nutrtionnels chez les adultes canadiens : Une comparaison entre les francophones vivant en contexte linguistique minoritaire et les anglophones Lise Dubois CCHS
Identifying factors associated with high cost acute care in Canada Mengmeng Zhang HSUS
Identifying internet non-use among indigenous older adults in Canada Asvini Keethakumar APS
Immigrant health and economic outcomes Glenda Babe DAD, IMDB
Immigrant wages in the public and private sectors: How do these compare to the wages of the Canadian-born? Richard Edmund Mueller CEN
Impact of administrative position on lifetime earnings Stanko Dimitrov Other-Non-StatCan, UCASS
Impact of child maltreatment on adolescent substance use, mental health, and justice involvement: A hierarchical analysis of the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
Impact of loneliness and social isolation on health system use in older adults Rachel Savage CCHS, PCCF+
Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequality Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequlity Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
IMPACT: Examining the dietary impact of current and proposed food environment policies aimed at improving the nutritional quality of the Canadian food supply Anthea Christoforou CCHS, CHMS
Impacts of EI benefit extensions on benefit duration David Gray EISV
Impacts of evolving demography and socio-economic status on assessment of genetic risks for breast cancer David Pelletier CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, GSS, NHS, VSBD, VSD
Impacts of migration and sex/gender on patterns of access to primary care in Canada Joseph Mwesigwa Ssendikaddiwa CCHS
Imperfect information and post-secondary education enrolment: Evidence from a Canadian field experiment Laetitia Renee FTD, PSIS
Improved delivery of respiratory health care services using a metabolomic approach Erica Carleton NPHS
Income distribution in STEM occupations: a gender based an analysis Nina Ahmed CEN, LFS, NHS
Income dynamics, marital stability, and mortality: Continued analysis of the LAD Byron Spencer LAD
Income inequality among the Canadian elderly population - Census 2016 Jennifer Halliday CEN
Income inequality and population health in Canada and the US, 1990-2016 James (Jim) Dunn CEN, LAD, NHS, VSD
Indigenous and non-indigenous usage of child care services: Results from the survey on early learning and child care arrangements Jason Adams SELCCA
Indigenous people and educational attainment in Canada: Results from the 2017 aboriginal people survey (APS) Joe Iacampo APS
Individual level skills, and wages Tommas Spencer Trivieri LISA
Inequalities in mental health across urban Canada: Context, trends and methods Sharalynn Missiuna CCHS, CEN, NHS, PCCF+
Intergenerational effects of Indian residential school systems Solomon Geleta APS
Intergenerational mobility and family size in Canada Lamis El Kattan IID
Intersections of sexual orientation missing data and language preference in the Canadian Community Health Survey: Spotlight on the English-speaking women and men in Quebec Pascal Doray-Demers CCHS
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), employment, and earnings in Canada Sean Waite GSS
Intimate partner violence in Canada Michael Haan GSS
Investigating the adherence and predictors of utilizing reproductive cancer screening tools among Indigenous women in Canada Asvini Keethakumar APS
Investigating the criminal justice response to intimate partner violence in Canada Myrna Faye Dawson UCR
Investigating the economic outcomes of privately sponsored married female refugees Ramsha Jaweed LSIC
Investigating the health differences between atheists and non-atheists in a representative Canadian sample David Speed CCHS
Investigating the impact of the Canada child benefit on labour supply, income, poverty and household spending Kory Kroft CIS,LAD, LFS, Other-Non-StatCan, SHS
Investigating the predictors of arsenic levels in the Canadian population Katherine Pullella CHMS
Investigating the relationship between childhood sport participation and adult income Thomas A. Perks ERLF
Investigating the relationship between sport participation and delinquent behaviour among Canadian child and youth Thomas A. Perks NLSCY
Investigation variations in CVD hospitalizations across Canada cardiovascular risk and disease Sarah Singh CCHS
Journey to work in large urban areas: Evidence from the Census of Population 1996, 2006, 2016 Ruben Mercado CEN
L'analyse de l'empreinte écologique des 15 régions métropolitaines canadiennes selon les catégories de dépense des ménages Chahinez Djerad SHS
L'espérance de vie sans incapacité chez les autochtones vivant en communauté au Canada Rafael Ignacio Silva Ramirez CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, Other-Non-StatCan, VSD
La formation structurée liée à l'emploi dans un contexte de transformation numérique et de pénurie de main-d'oeuvre : État de la situation Benoit Dostie LISA
La hausse des prix de l'habitation et ses conséquences sur l'endettement, la composition des actifs et l'étailement urbain Maude Pugliese SFS
La mobilité des revenus aux seins des ménages de la classe moyenne Marie Connolly LAD
La mobilité interprovinciale des diplômés sur le marché du travail et la pénurie de main d'oeuvre Marc-Antoine Dionne CEN, PSIS, RAIS
La mobilité sociale et le rôle des universités Marie Connolly PSIS, RAIS
La transition études-travail des étudiants internationaux : Le rôle des programmes d'enseignement coopératif(Coop) Ali Béjaoui NGS
Labor market and mobility outcomes for immigrants to New Brunswick Philip Stewart Leonard IMDB, LSIC
Labor market and mobility outcomes for PSE and apprenticeship graduates in New Brunswick Philip Stewart Leonard PSIS, RAIS
Labour market earnings of university graduates by immigrant status Andrew Ogilvie NGS, PSIS
Labour market effects of mandatory retirement: Evidence from the end of Ontario's mandatory retirement age Margaret Jones UCASS
Labour market prospects for immigrant Canadians Aram Abdelrahman CEN, NHS
Labour supply effects W. Craig Riddell CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Labour supply effects W. Craig Riddell CEN, NHS, PSIS, RAIS
Le cumul de vulnérabilité à la violence conjugale : L'expérience des femmes handicapées, aînées et immigrantes qui appartiennent à plus d'une de ces populations Nathalie Sasseville GSS
Le profil des personnes âgées à faible revenu Hélène Roberge CIS
L'effet de la légalisation du cannabis sur les distributeurs de drogue de Québec Yanick Charette CEN, GSS
L'effet des particules en suspension et le degré de réussite académique d'enfants d'âge scolaire au Canada Alex Heroux Messier NLSCY, Other-Non-StatCan
Les déterminants de la décision de réclamer les prestations du régime de rente du Québec/régime de pension du Canada à 60 ans: Une analyse comparative entre les deux régimes Maxime Juckenack-Mellinger LISA
Les politiques familiales du Québec évaluées à partir des trajectoires de revenus d'emploi des parents et des femmes et hommes sans enfant Catherine Maredith Haeck LISA
Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Veronique Soucy ICCS
Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Roxane Perrin-Plouffe ICCS
Les travailleurs contre les machines : L'impact du salaire minimum sur les emplois automatisables Christian Landry LFS, Other-Non-StatCan
LGB mental health in rural Canada Matthew Stackhouse CCHS
L'idéal de la propriété d'une maison dans les imaginaires entourant la famille : Quelles conséquences financières? Maude Pugliese SHS
L'impact de l'exposition à long terme de particules fines sur le comportement de jeunes enfants Charles-Antoine Seguin NLSCY
L'impact du desserrement des pôles d'emplois sur les transports durables dans les grandes régions métropolitaines au Canada, 1996-2016 Benjamin Duquet CEN
Link, monitor, strategize: First Nations, Inuit, Métis peoples' cancer burden in Canada Amanda Sheppard CCR, CEN, CanCHEC, NHS, VSD
L'intégration économique des réfugiés au Canada Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga CEN, IMDB, LAD
L'investissement dans les compétences professionnelles rapporte-t-il? Marius Vigne LISA
Literacy and self-rated mental health: Analysis of the longitudinal and international study of adults (LISA) Emma MacDonald LISA
Local area migration patterns in Canadian cities Daniel Silver CanCHEC, PCCF+
Location of death in Canada: An updated investigation Catherine Deri Armstrong Other-Non-StatCan, VSD
Longitudinal analysis of employment success rates of Ontario social assistance clients: An analysis by region Elena Hillman LAD, Other-Non-StatCan
Long-term SES and health of Canadian seniors Courtney Abbott NPHS
Looking beyond the racial lens: Using critical race theory to examine racialized and white youths' perceptions of police Kanika Wortley (Samuels) GSS
Lung function prediction equations based on Lamda-Mu-Sigma method for all ages and evaluation of respiratory impairment in adults Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan CHMS
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Metabolically healthy and unhealthy obesity in Canadian children and youth: Prevalence and associated factors Stefan Kuhle CHMS, Other-Non-StatCan
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Migration and psychological distress of Chinese Canadian immigrants: Examining the role of social support and psychological resources in the stress process Fei-Ju Yang CCHS, GSS
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Modeling household wealth and financial indicators for small area estimation Siyue Tian SFS
Monopsony in the Canadian labour market Andrew Ogilvie LFS
Moral injury and mental health outcomes: predictors and risk factors Anthony Nazarov CAFVMHS, CCHS
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Multilevel modelling of health inequalities at the intersection of multiple social identities in Canada Carla Ickert CCHS
Multivariable risk predictive algorithms for mental disorders in Canadian military population JianLi Wang CAFVMHS, CCHS
Multivariate finite mixture group-based trajectory model with application to mental health studies Yanzhao Cheng NLSCY
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Necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship in Canada Florence Neymotin LFS
Negative social interactions affect the relationship between sexual orientation and mental health for Canadians Caitlin Barry CCHS
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NOC revision 2021 Louis-David Coté CEN
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Parcours matrimonial et retraite anticipée Dominic Gagnon T1FF, GSS
Parental alienation in divorced families Samantha Gauthier GSS
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Personal and social factors, emerging and imminent indicators of suicide and self-harm attempts in Canada Lloyd Balbuena CCHS
Phase 2 of the evaluation of the Canada apprentice loan using Linked Registered Apprentice Information System data and Employment and Social Development Canada Administrative data Vincent Paquet RAIS, Other-Non-StatCan
Physical activity participation in rural and urban communities in Canada Chelsea Ann Pelletier CCHS
Physician earnings, labour supply and related issues Lennox Arthur Sweetman CEN, LFS, NHS
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Political integration and its determinants Zhen Zhao CEN, IMDB, LAD, PCCF+
Population-based analysis of outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia from a provincial cancer registry and the Canadian Cancer Registry Laura Tapley CCR, CVSD
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Prevalence and risk factors for excess weight gain in pregnancy: A population-based study in Canada Jamie Laura Benham CCHS
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Project proposal to access the Longitudinal Immigration Database and the 2016 General Social Survey on Work and Home Sally Effie Ogoe GSS, IMDB
Promoting voice and intervention to end workplace sexual misconduct Chelsie Smith SSMCAF
Proportion de femmes canadiennes en âge de reproduire (18-49 ans), ayant un, deux ou trois facteurs de risque et plus de développer un diabète gestationnel Isabelle Sinclair CHMS
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Public policy and the gender gap in employment Andres Arcila Vasquez LFS, Other-Non-StatCan
Quality, productivity and financial performance Mark Anderson WES
Quantifying lost tax revenue: Comparing BC's speculation and vacancy tax to the housing affordability fund, and quantifying the transition from agriculture to estate Andrea Nicole Craig CHSP
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Regional economic integration of immigrants in Canada Ather Akbari CEN
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Renter residential mobility through bad times and good Jason G. Dean LFS
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Request for having access to data from the Youth in Transition Survey and the National Graduates Survey Guy Morel Kossivi Amouzou Agbe NGS, YITS
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Show me the money: Remittance channel substitution and understanding "formal" finance gaps Samuel MacIsaac Other-Non-StatCan, SIMT
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Social support and symptoms of depression among Canadians Eric Andrew Keim NPHS
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Stage at diagnosis and cancer survival inequalities in Canada Geetanjali Datta CCR, CVSD, CEN, PCCF+
Startup funding, growth and innovation Brian P. Cozzarin SFGSME
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Stocks and flows of health human resources in Canada L. Arthur Sweetman CCHS, CEN, NHS, NPHS
Strategic planning for community resilience to natural hazards: Emergency preparedness across Canadian communities Stephanie Chang SEPR
Stratification et inégalités sociales dans les recensements Canadiens Stéphane Alexandre Moulin CEN
Student loan repayment in Canada Lance John Lochner CSLP, PSIS, RAIS
Study on the impact of occupational radon exposure on lung cancer and cardiovascular mortality risk Paul Villeneuve CCR
Studying the association between Hepatitis C virus infection and diabetes with adjustment for misclassification errors Annshirley Afful CHMS
Substance related acute care disparities by sexual orientations: Investigating the socio-environmental determinants of risk Celine Teo CCHS
Supplement intake of one-carbon nutrients and vitamin D in women of childbearing years Xuewei Lu CCHS
Surgery delays and cancellations in Canada Renée El-Gabalawy CCHS
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Tax reforms consequences on occupational mobility Po Tat Yip SLID
Taxation des boissons sucrées Krystel Poirier CEN, SHS
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The changing dynamics of parenthood in Canada Lisa Ann Strohschein T1FF, GSS
The characteristics of Canadians who are at different risk of having a major depressive episode JianLi Wang NPHS
The determinants and impacts of historical treaty making in Canada Margaret Jones APS, CEN
The digital economy's contribution to the Canadian labour market Carolyn Carswell-Freestone DES, LFS
The effect of Aboriginals' educational outcomes and traditional activities on their income and happiness Min Hu APS, IALSS, PIAAC
The effect of alcohol intake and fruit and vegetable consumption on the risk of cataracts Yuguang Kang NPHS
The effect of education and skills on the wage dynamics related to job loss Harry Krashinsky LISA, SLID
The effect of individual characteristics and health behavior on hospitalization in patients with COPD disease Anat Ziv CCHS
The effect of socio-geographical factors on a more precise assessment of frailty measurements Ismael Foroughi CCHS, DAD, NACRS, OMHRS
The effect of training on newcomer adaptation: Examining career and organizational outcomes Jieying Chen WES
The effects of bicycle helmet laws on helmet use, bicycling behaviour, overall physical activity and role model effects: Quasi experimental evidence from Canada Casey Warman CCHS, NPHS, PCCF+
The effects of division of domestic labour and childcare supports on fertility intentions and achieved fertility in Canada Leandra Pilon GSS
The effects of repealing mandatory retirement Hugh Shiplett UCASS
The entanglement of food insecurity, gestational diabetes mellitus, and mental health: Examining pregnancy from a syndemic perspective Sarah Oresnik CCHS
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The prevalence of colorectal cancer screening in Canada: A cross-sectional analysis Robert Sutherland CCHS
The relationship between anthropometric, fitness, and cardiometabolic health markers in healthy Canadian children, and in comparison to Canadian children with congenital heart disease Hassanali Vatanparast CHMS
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The relationship between physical activity and emotional intelligence Marie Gabour NLSCY
The reproductive behavior of Cuban women in the United States and Canada Michel Lopez Barrios CEN, NHS, VSBD
The role of dairy in a sustainable diet: Evidence from the 2015 CCHS-Nutrition Olivia Kathleen Auclair CCHS
The role of human resource factors in understanding differential financing, innovation, and organizational performance outcomes, in Canada James Chowhan Other-Non-StatCan
The role of socioeconomic status in determining the experience of Canadian students who delay entry into post-secondary education Stephen Sartor YITS
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The socioeconomic health gradient in the life course in Canada Michel Grignon CCHS, NPHS
The welfare consequences of taxation with savings incentives and optimization frictions Adam Lavecchia LAD
To what extent are adults who participated in the 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey representative of the 2005 Canadian adult population? Daniel Cousineau Short CCHS, CEN, CanCHEC, Other-Non-StatCan
To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada Fariba Solati CEN, ERLF, IMDB, NHS
Tobacco use and food insecurity John Charles Herbert Emery CCHS
Trajectoires individuelles et dynamiques de participation à la société québécoise Solene Lardoux T1FF, CEN, GSS, IMDB, LAD, LFS, LSIC, NHS
Trajectories of cognitive function in the Canadian elderly population Yifu Liao NPHS
Trajectories of physical activity and its impact on health among Canadians Denver Mitchell Yurko Brown ERLF, NPHS
Transfer pathways among Northern Ontario colleges and universities David Jonathan Zarifa PSIS
Transition from service and mental and physical well-being in Canadian Forces veterans Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
Traumatic experiences, deployment and associations with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS
Travaux visant l'actualisation de la rémunération du travail de l'exploitant agricole retenue dans le cadre du programme ASRA Philip Merrigan CEN
Typologies of child maltreatment and peer bullying victimization, and their associations with adolescent substance use: A latent class analysis Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
Un effet de composition? Le rôle de la composition culturelle et économique des écoles secondaires fréquentés à 15 ans sur la faible diplomation à 25 ans Guillaume Gingras YITS
Understanding hospital admissions among temporary residents in Canada, 2001-2013: A focus on agricultural workers, live-in caregivers and refugee claimants Susitha Wanigaratne IMDB
Understanding patterns of household expenditures for small area estimation Siyue Tian SHS
Understanding secular trends of mental health service use reported by youth and emerging adults in Canada Thipiga Sivayoganathan CCHS
Understanding the association between chronic pain characteristics and suicidality: A Canadian nationally representative study Renée El-Gabalawy CCHS
Understanding the fundamental determinants of Canada's opioid crisis Alexandra Blair CCHS
Understanding the structure and field of political participation: An analysis of changes in Canada from 2003 to 2013 Rachel McLay GSS
Update of epidemiology of hypertension in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS
Update to: Global gateway, local benefit? Port-Logistics in the lower mainland Peter V. Hall CEN, NHS
Updating cancer survival by neighbourhood income Paul Adrian Peters CEN, NHS, Other-Non-StatCan, VSD
Urban indigenous migrants in Canada: Receipt of health care and social environment Jenan Kaori Seko Williams APS
Using engel's law to estimate CPI bias and to construct CPI's specific to locations and population sub-groups John Charles Herbert Emery CCHS, SHS
Using longitudinal immigration data to understand entrepreneurial choices of economic immigrants and refugees Laura Lam IMDB, LSIC
Variability of diastolic and systolic blood pressure measurements in Canadian population: Data from Canadian Health Measures Survey Aleksandra Pruszynska CHMS
Vie conjugale et situation économique Céline LeBourdais T1FF, GSS
Volunteer opportunities and their implications on private philanthropy Forough Seifi CSGV, GSS, Other-Non-StatCan, PCCF+
Volunteer opportunities and their implications on private philanthropy Forough Seifi CSGVP, GSS, Other-Non-StatCan, PCCF+
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