List of all RDC projects within the last 12 months

RDC projects from January 2020 - December 2020 inclusively
Contract Title Principal Investigator Data Cycle
Consumption of pulse dishes by the Canadian population: Analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey (Nutrition) 2004 and 2015 Seyed Ahmadi CCHS_Nutrition
L'effet de la légalisation du cannabis sur les distributeurs de drogue de Québec Yanick Charette CEN, GSS_Victimization
Stratification et inégalités sociales dans les recensements Canadiens Stéphane Alexandre Moulin CEN
Earnings and income variability David Alan Green BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Earnings and income variability David Alan Green BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
Labour supply effects W. Craig Riddell BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Labour supply effects W. Craig Riddell BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequality Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Impact of various alternative policies on wage setting and inequlity Thomas Paul Joseph Lemieux BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Basic income and indigenous outcomes Anke Sabine Kessler BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile BCK12, BCK12_CEN, CEN, PSIS, RAIS
Education related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia Mark Bernard Stabile BCK12, BCK12_CEN, BCK12_CEN_CRA, CEN, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
No longer hidden in the cracks of federalism: Data and policy insights into higher education student migration in Canada Ebenezer Narh PSIS
MDCH740 advanced epidemiology - Winter term - 2020 Scott Patten CCHS_Annual, CHMS, ERLF_NPHS, NPHS
CHSC 7610/7620 - T09/T02: Research Data Centre (RDC) Research methods parts A & B Shahin Shooshtari CCHS_Annual, CHMS, GSS, GSS_Victimization, NLSCY, NPHS, SLCDC
Phase 2 of the evaluation of the Canada apprentice loan using Linked Registered Apprentice Information System data and Employment and Social Development Canada Administrative data Vincent Paquet Non-StatCan, RAIS, RAIS_CAL_AG_EI
Labour market and mobility outcomes for PSE and apprenticeship graduates in New Brunswick Philip Stewart Leonard PSIS, RAIS
Colorectal cancer in young Canadians: Examining changes in characteristics, incidence, mortality, and survival over time Harminder Singh CCR_IARC
Vie conjugale et situation économique Céline LeBourdais GSS_Family
Emploi des personnes en incapacité Elfried Toba CSD, SLID
Frequency of consumption of anti-inflammatory and Mediterranean food parameters, and dietary inflammatory index in diverse Canadian Population and its association with chronic diseases Hassanali Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
Assessment of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among siblings using a sample of adolescents from Ontario Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
Course and predictors of depression in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Association of child maltreatment exposure and deployment-related traumatic events, with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
A longitudinal follow-up of suicidal behaviour in the Canadian military Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Predictors of attrition in a longitudinal follow-up in the Canadian military Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Traumatic experiences, deployment and associations with mental disorders in the Canadian Forces: Results from the Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS) Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder in regular force members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A nationally representative 16-Year follow-up study Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Transition from service and mental and physical well-being in Canadian Forces veterans Shay-Lee Bolton CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Portrait statistique des personnes avec incapacités au Québec: Données tirées de l'Enquête canadienne sur l'incapacité 2017 Jasline Flores CSD
Étude comparative sur le revenu d'emploi des personnes nées au Québec (Canada) et des personnes immigrantes selon la profession – recensements de 2016 et de 2006 Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve CEN
Diabetes-related complications in Canada: The epidemiological and economic burden of diabetes complications and cost-effectiveness of community-based interventions Mohsen Yaghoubi Kalaterahman SLCDC
Resource boom/bust and older workers: Employment and health Kevin Scott Milligan CEN, LFS
Household income and contraceptive use patterns among female youth Elizabeth Nethery CCHS_Annual
The effects of repealing mandatory retirement Hugh Shiplett UCASS
Child maltreatment and the trajectory of adult well-being among ethno-racial communities: Results from the Canadian Health Survey Barbara Lee CCHS_MH
Strategic planning for community resilience to natural hazards: Emergency preparedness across Canadian communities Stephanie Chang SEPR
Impacts of EI benefit extensions on benefit duration David Gray EISV
Does access to finance moderate the relationship between past growth and expected growth Mark Freel Non-StatCan, SFGSME
Intergenerational mobility and family size in Canada Lamis El Kattan IID
Multivariable risk predictive algorithms for mental disorders in Canadian military population JianLi Wang CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Access to cannabis and social indicator microdata Kyle Robbins NCS
Federal employment equity employees and perceptions of workplace harassment and discrimination: Longitudinal evidence from Public Service Employee Survey 2005 - 2017 Taoufik Said PSES
Show me the money: Remittance channel substitution and understanding "formal" finance gaps Samuel MacIsaac Non-StatCan, SIMT
The characteristics of Canadians who are at different risk of having a major depressive episode JianLi Wang NPHS
Field of study, income inequality occupational outcomes, and the earnings gap Casey R. Warman CEN, SLID, YITS
Understanding the structure and field of political participation: An analysis of changes in Canada from 2003 to 2013 Rachel McLay GSS_Social
Reported concussion: Time trends updated Kevin Gordon CCHS_Annual
Prevalence and determinants of child care use and needs among families in Canada Stefan Kuhle SELCCA
The labour market outcomes of immigrants to Canada based on their post-secondary field of study Nicholas Manuel CEN, Non-StatCan
A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization David Walters NCS
Request for having access to data from the Youth in Transition Survey and the National Graduates Survey Guy Morel Kossivi Amouzou Agbe NGS, YITS
Investigating the relationship between childhood sport participation and adult income Thomas A. Perks ERLF_NLSCY
Access to CCHS (annual component and rapid response) surveys for gambling research Jennifer Williams CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Mieux comprendre le rôle des caractéristiques socioéconomiques dans les inégalités sociales liées au tabagisme des jeunes adultes Thierry Gagné NPHS
Application for confidential SLID for doing research proposal Rameh Rezazadeh Mehrjou SLID
Travaux visant l'actualisation de la rémunération du travail de l'exploitant agricole retenue dans le cadre du programme ASRA Philip Merrigan CEN
Effects of Canadian national discourses on immigrant integration: the role of language Yvonne Chang GSS_GVP, GSS_Social
L'idéal de la propriété d'une maison dans les imaginaires entourant la famille : Quelles conséquences financières? Maude Pugliese SHS
L'intégration économique des réfugiés au Canada Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga CEN
The impact of publicly supplied health insurance on aggregate income inequality Katerina Koka NPHS
Prevalence and correlates of non suicidal self injury in Ontario Khrista R. A. Boylan OCHS
The role of human resource factors in understanding differential financing, innovation, and organizational performance outcomes, in Canada James Chowhan Non-StatCan
Trajectories of physical activity and its impact on health among Canadians Denver Mitchell Yurko Brown ERLF_NPHS, NPHS
The relationship between physical activity and emotional intelligence Marie Gabour NLSCY
Income inequality and population health in Canada and the US, 1990-2016 James (Jim) Dunn CEN
Tax reforms consequences on occupational mobility Po Tat Yip SLID
Predicting MINI-KID diagnoses using machine learning Mateusz Faltyn OCHS
Moral injury and mental health outcomes: predictors and risk factors Anthony Nazarov CAFVMHS, CCHS_MH
Analyzing the career paths of Ontario's graduates Eric Amaral PSIS, RAIS
Cannabis use prevalence, characteristics, patterns and correlation with socioeconomic status among Canadian users Atefeh Noori CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
The entanglement of food insecurity, gestational diabetes mellitus, and mental health: Examining pregnancy from a syndemic perspective Sarah Oresnik CCHS_Annual
Recherche sur les effets de la crise financière de 2008 sur le chômage au Canada, en se basant sur un modelé multi-états Patrick-Herve Tian LFS, SLID
Intersections of sexual orientation missing data and language preference in the Canadian Community Health Survey: Spotlight on the English-speaking women and men in Quebec Pascal Doray-Demers CCHS_Annual
L'investissement dans les compétences professionnelles rapporte-t-il? Marius Vigne LISA
Changes in Canadians' gambling behavior and problems: An exploration of time and context Sylvia Kairouz CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Commerce international et marchés de l'emploi locaux au Canada: Demande d'accès au Centre interuniversitaire québécois de statistiques sociales (CIQSS) Vincent Chartray CEN, Non-StatCan
Analyse interprovinciale de l'évolution de revenu médian des ménages entre 2006 et 2016 en tenant compte des effets de structure Yves Carrière CEN
Polarisation des revenus au Canada et au Québec Benoit Dostie CEN, Non-StatCan
La formation structurée liée à l'emploi dans un contexte de transformation numérique et de pénurie de main-d'oeuvre : État de la situation Benoit Dostie LISA
Gambling in Canada: A national study Carrie Leonard CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Caregiver burdens for individuals with developmental disabilities in Canada Craig Scott GSS
Gendered and racialized dimensions of the education/occupational (mis)match of immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada over time: Testing explanations and associated outcomes Naomi Anna Lightman LISA
Cross-sectional analyses of two possible environmental determinants of depressive symptoms at the population level in Canada Ashley Katherine Dores CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
Mining 2012 and 2017 Canadian Surveys on Disability data for predictors of disability rate and loss of income due to personal injuries Rohana Ambagaspitiya CSD
Parental leave, gender and leadership role occupancy: Are some parents punished for taking parental leave Julian Barling WES
Effect on older Chinese immigrants in Canada Xiaojun Deng CCHS_Annual
Efficiency in NGOs: Skill-transferability and economies of scale Ricard Gil NSNVO, WES
Residential schooling and the intergenerational impact on traditional activities and culture Yasmine Amirkhalkhali APS, Non-StatCan
Factors affecting Type 2 diabetes: A Canadian population-based analysis AMANPREET KAUR GIRN CCHS_Annual
Self-employment of Canadian post-secondary graduates Megan Salter PSIS, RAIS
Canadian built environment and sustainable transportation project Emily Marie Louise Bardutz CEN
Using longitudinal immigration data to understand entrepreneurial choices of economic immigrants and refugees Laura Lam LSIC
Personal and social factors, emerging and imminent indicators of suicide and self-harm attempts in Canada Lloyd Balbuena CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_OMHRS
Intergenerational effects of Indian residential school systems Solomon Geleta APS, APS_NIS
Comparing financial protection in health care using new methods of estimating catastrophic health spending in Canada with other high-income countries Sara Michelle Allin SHS
The relationship between anthropometric, fitness, and cardiometabolic health markers in healthy Canadian children, and in comparison to Canadian children with Congenital Heart Disease Hassanali Vatanparast CHMS
Startup funding, growth and innovation Brian P. Cozzarin SFGSME
Canada's experience with the minimum wage increases of the 2010s Jeffrey Penney LFS
Cooking practices, eating habits, diet-related diseases and well-being of Canadians Melissa Fernandez CCHS_RR
Employment and earnings changes related to environmental regulations and green energy Joseph Thomas Marchand CEN, LFS, Non-StatCan
The changing dynamics of parenthood in Canada Lisa Ann Strohschein GSS, GSS_Family
Who moves? A longitudinal study of internal migration behaviour of recent Canadian immigrants Muhammad Murshed Chowdhury LSIC
Using engel's law to estimate CPI bias and to construct CPI's specific to locations and population sub-groups John Charles Herbert Emery CCHS_Annual, SHS
Social determinants of potentially avoidable hospitalizations for chronic diseases in a context of universal health coverage Neeru Gupta CCHS_Annual, CCHS_Nutrition
Social stigma of obesity and chronic diseases Neeru Gupta CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Investigating the health differences between atheists and non-atheists in a representative Canadian sample David Speed CCHS_Annual
Physical activity participation in rural and urban communities in Canada Chelsea Ann Pelletier CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Food literacy characteristics of Canadian adolescents: Predictive factors of healthy food behaviours and body mass index (BMI) Sophia Hannah Mattioli CCHS_RR
Etudier l'impact de l'intensité du temps passé en garderie sur le développement cognitif de l'enfant Laetitia Lebihan NLSCY
La hausse des prix de l'habitation et ses conséquences sur l'endettement, la composition des actifs et l'étailement urbain Maude Pugliese SFS
Évaluation du mauvais appariement spatial entre les lieux de résidence et d'emploi dans la région métropolitaine de Montréal en 2016 Philippe Apparicio CEN
Les politiques familiales du Québec évaluées à partir des trajectoires de revenus d'emploi des parents et des femmes et hommes sans enfant Catherine Maredith Haeck LISA
Proportion de femmes canadiennes en âge de reproduire (18-49 ans), ayant un, deux ou trois facteurs de risque et plus de développer un diabète gestationnel Isabelle Sinclair CHMS
The labour market effects of the Quebec family plan Michael Baker ERLF_NLSCY, LFS, NLSCY
Measured: Measuring the effects of free sugars reduction strategies in Canada Jodi Bernstein CCHS_Annual
IMPACT: Examining the dietary impact of current and proposed food environment policies aimed at improving the nutritional quality of the Canadian food supply Anthea Christoforou CCHS_Annual, CHMS
The effect of education and skills on the wage dynamics related to job loss Harry Krashinsky LISA, SLID
The causal effect of educational attainment on total fertility Harry Krashinsky CEN
Macro environment and household food insecurity Valerie Tarasuk CCHS_Annual, Non-StatCan
Social trust and heterogeneity: The case of Canada Fikremariam Gedefaw CEN, GSS_Social
Student loan repayment in Canada Lance John Lochner CSLP, PSIS
Youth social media use and self - perceived mental health Chantal Elizabeth Singh GSS_Social
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), employment, and earnings in Canada Sean Waite GSS_Victimization
Exploring long-term environmental exposures as epilepsy risk factors: A large, population-based retrospective cohort study Tresah Clara Marie Antaya CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC
Intimate partner violence in Canada Michael Haan GSS_Victimization
Prematurity, socioeconomic status, and childhood asthma: A Canadian cohort study Crystal McLeod CHMS
Employment mobility and long-run earnings inequality among Canadian immigrants and native-born Canadians Phuong Minh Vu CEN, LFS, LWF
The analysis of gender gap in post-secondary school major choices: Determinants and wage effects Han Yu CSLP, Non-StatCan, PSIS, RAIS
Contextualizing cancer: Does neighbourhood ethnic density protect immigrants from cancer? Tina Thanh Tram Luu Ly CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC
Correlates of mental well-being among migrant groups in Canada Branka Vujcic CCHS_Annual
The effect of alcohol intake and fruit and vegetable consumption on the risk of cataracts Yuguang Kang NPHS
LGB mental health in rural Canada Matthew Stackhouse CCHS_Annual
Labour market effects of mandatory retirement: Evidence from the end of Ontario's mandatory retirement age Margaret Jones UCASS
Canadian urban wage gaps and the determinants Sadjad Kalhor CEN, LFS, Non-StatCan
Examining cancer screening rates and the associated factors among off-reserve Indigenous People in Canada, and by province Soroush Kian (Khoeiniha) APS
Examining internet use among Canadians with developmental disability Faraz Asadpour CSD
The effect of training on newcomer adaptation: Examining career and organizational outcomes Jieying Chen WES
A counterfactual analysis of firm distributions using functional principal component analysis James Townsend LEAP
Examining unmet healthcare needs by immigration status among Canadian adults Dimple Bhojwani CCHS_Annual
Project proposal to access the Longitudinal Immigration Database and the 2016 General Social Survey on Work and Home Sally Effie Ogoe GSS
Understanding the association between chronic pain characteristics and suicidality: A Canadian nationally representative study Renée El-Gabalawy CCHS_MH
Exploring depressive symptoms as a potential moderator between pain severity and opioid misuse Onawa Labelle CCHS_Annual
Multi-level analysis of licensing and education effects on wages within and across occupational markets Erika McDonald CEN, LFS, LMAS, Non-StatCan, SUM, SWH
Fluoride exposure in formula - fed infants and behavioural outcomes in children Holly Echlin CHMS
Investigating the adherence and predictors of utilizing reproductive cancer screening tools among Indigenous women in Canada Asvini Keethakumar APS, APS_NIS
Fluoride exposure and sleep and hormonal outcomes in a Canadian cohort Christine Till CHMS
Association between having a regular health care provider and antibiotic use among Canadians Maria Boulos CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
Identifying internet non-use among Indigenous older adults in Canada Asvini Keethakumar APS
Stage at diagnosis and cancer survival inequalities in Canada Geetanjali Datta CEN, PCCF
Do renters benefit from environmental improvements? Patrick Baylis CEN
Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Earnings and income variability) David Alan Green BCIA
Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Supporting and encouraging training) Lennox Arthur Sweetman BCIA
Income related outcomes of a basic income policy for British Columbia (Basic income and indigenous outcomes) Anke Sabine Kessler BCIA
Monitoring Canada's Cannabis trends: Changes in workplace use and impaired driving over time Victoria Sytsma NCS
Property type, multiple residential property ownership, and immigrant status Jason Chang CHSP
Association between food insecurity and psychiatric diagnoses among youth in Ontario Allison MacNeil OCHS
Substance related acute care disparities by sexual orientations: Investigating the socio-environmental determinants of risk Celine Yongqing Teo CCHS_HIST_PC
Substance related acute care disparities by sexual orientations: Investigating the socio-environmental determinants of risk Celine Teo CCHS_HIST_PC
Exploring physical activity among recent and established immigrants in Canada El Zahraa Majed CCHS_Annual, CHMS
Pathways to Financial Well-being in Later Life Choong Kim GSS, GSS_Care
Impact of child maltreatment on adolescent substance use, mental health, and justice involvement: A hierarchical analysis of the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study Samantha Salmon (Mills) OCHS
Exploring predictors of intensity of cannabis use among Canadians: A population level analysis Jessica Francis LaChance NCS
Examining Consumer Behavior within The Canadian Cannabis Carter Joshua Hirschberg NCS, PCCF
Examining Consumer Behavior within The Canadian Cannabis Carter Hirschberg NCS, PCCF
Advance topics in health economics ECON/HRM 791 Lennox Arthur Sweetman CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CEN, LFS, SLID
ECON 882 Yasmine Amirkhalkhali CCHS_Annual, CEN, LSIC, NGS, NLSCY, NPHS, WES, YITS
Long-term employment outcomes for children on social assistance in Canada Sana Amjad ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
Characteristics of adults who return to education and training, and understanding the barriers to adult learning Taylor Shek-wai Hui LISA
Dynamic socioeconomic microsimulation population model Yann J.Y. Décarie CEN, GSS_Family, LFS, LISA
Portrait des jeunes NEEF chez les 18-35 ans au Quebec Achille Kwamegni Kepnou CCHS_Annual, GSS, GSS_Time_Use, LFS
Monitoring Canada's cannabis use and procurement trends Victoria Sytsma NCS
Labour market and mobility outcomes for immigrants to New Brunswick Philip Stewart Leonard LSIC
Schooling and labour market outcomes of Ontario students Ross Finnie PSIS
Transfer pathways among Northern Ontario colleges and universities David Jonathan Zarifa PSIS
Quantifying and mapping energy poverty in Canada Mylene Riva CEN
Examining the unique and combined effects of exposure to various forms of child maltreatment for disordered eating behaviour in adolescents: A commonality analysis Melissa Sharon Kimber OCHS
Étude de l'âge de début des prestations de RRQ et de RPC Yann J.Y. Décarie LISA
Non-medical use of prescription pain medication in a representative sample of adolescents from Ontario, Canada Tamara Lynn Taillieu OCHS
The associations of lifetime hallucinogen use with indices of mental health among Canadian adults Zachary Walsh CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
Santé mentale et transition à la vie adulte : portrait des trajectoires familiales, scolaires et professionnelles des jeunes adultes Alexis Truong CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
Necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship in Canada Florence Neymotin LFS
Comparison of dietary pattern, key nutrients intake and biomarkers, and health outcomes among the Chinese population living in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, immigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and the general Canadian population Xuefeng Hu CCHS_Nutrition
Occupational segregation and the gender wage gap: New evidence from skilled trades workers in Canada Tiffany Ng RAIS
Age-Specific Labour Market Transition in Canada Pierre R. Brochu LFS
Measuring the Long-Term Effects of Methylmercury Exposure on Education Outcomes in First Nations Communities Lauren Giandomenico CEN, Non-StatCan
Language of Choice at Work, Phoenix Pay System, and Employee Departure: The Case of the Canadian Federal Public Service Christopher Allan Cooper PSES
Estimating and Mapping Urban Differences in Health Outcomes for Adults with Chronic Disease in Canada George C. Kephart HSUS, PCCF
Evaluating the Economic Outcomes and Retention of Immigrants to the Atlantic Canada Yoko Yoshida CEN
Comparison of same-sex and different-sex couples in household bargaining power and lifestyle Maryam Esmaeilpour Dilmaghani CEN, GSS, GSS_Social, GSS_Time_Use
Understanding Employee Engagement in the Canadian Federal Public Service Isabelle Caron PSES
Digital Divide Dynamics at the Residential Level in Southwestern Ontario Helen Hambly CHSP
Le cumul de vulnérabilité à la violence conjugale : L'expérience des femmes handicapées, aînées et immigrantes qui appartiennent à plus d'une de ces populations Nathalie Sasseville GSS_Victimization
Entre hospices et manoirs de l'âge d'or : le « bien vieillir » au Québec, 1921-1971 Aline Charles CEN
Public sector earnings in Alberta by detailed occupation: How do these compare to the private sector? Richard Edmund Mueller LFS
Marriage equality or socioeconomic inequality? Exploring same-sex marriage formation in Canada between 2006 and 2016 Chih-Lan (Winnie) Yang CEN
Le travail salarié en contexte Inuit : analyse comparative nord-sud Magalie Quintal-Marineau APS, APS_NIS, CEN
Forest Fire Exposure and Long-term Health Among Canadians Jill Korsiak CCHS_Annual, CCR_SEER, CEN, CanCHEC
Income and consumption dynamics in dense metropolitan areas: inequality, poverty, and segregation in Accra, London, and Vancouver Alicia Cavanaugh CEN
Stocks and flows of health human resources in Canada L. Arthur Sweetman CCHS_Annual, CEN, NPHS
Parenting and dimensions of psychopathology in children and adolescents: A sibling analysis Madison Aitken OCHS
Identifying factors associated with high cost acute care in Canada Mengmeng Zhang CEN, HSUS
Aging at the intersection of gender and race: Understanding the health status of and inequalities among aging black Canadian women Nicoda Foster CCHS_Annual
Help-Seeking behaviour in migrant Youth for non-suicidal self-injury and suicidality Zeba Khoja OCHS
Counterfactually speaking: Will the homes owned by non-residents/non-Canadians be valued less if owned by Canadians? Murtaza Haider CHSP
Funding liquidity and wealthy hand-to-mouth Po Tat (Terry Ansel) Yip SFS
Work-life balance among Canadian adults: Examining the association between participation in sporting activities and job satisfaction Peter Kitchen GSS
On the causal effect of horizontal education-job matching Jason G. Dean SLID
Trends in occupational segregation along the lines of gender, race, and immigrant status and its impact on earning gaps from 1991 to 2016 Risa (Lisa) Kaida CEN, LFS
Profil de consommation des aliments ultra transformés (UTF) au Canada Fabiola Chatu Ramirez CCHS_Nutrition
Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Veronique Soucy ACCS, ICCS
Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Roxane Perrin-Plouffe ACCS, ICCS
The effects of division of domestic labour and childcare supports on fertility intentions and achieved fertility in Canada Leandra Pilon GSS, GSS_Family
Maternal employment and adolescent outcomes Ehsan Latif NLSCY
Carbon pricing and energy poverty: The effect of environmental policy on households' ability to afford energy services Blake Shaffer SHS
Hypertension awareness, treatment, and control rates in Canada Alexander Leung CHMS
Measurement error and consumption inequality in Canada Brant Malcolm Abbott FAMEX, SHS
Consumption Patterns of red meat and non-meat items including mixed dishes containing meat, non-meat and alternative meat among Canadians: Canadian Community Health Survey nutrition component 2015 Hassanali Vatanparast CCHS_Nutrition
Impacts of migration and sex/gender on patterns of access to primary care in Canada Joseph Mwesigwa Ssendikaddiwa CCHS_Annual
Examining socio-demographic predictors contributing to misuse of antibiotics in Canada: Implications for policy intervention to reduce antimicrobial resistance Colin S Bowbrick CCHS_RR
Addressing alcohol related harms among women in Canada Kathleen Sarah Lynne Gallant CCHS_Annual
Healthy immigrant effect: A policy perspective Mahsa Athari CCHS_Annual
Overdose prevention in rural British Columbia Taylor McKinney CTADS
Intimate partner violence in Canadian territories and communities: Characteristics, prevalence rates, gendered differences, risk factors, and criminal justice system responses Ryan Sandrin GSS_Victimization
Trends in mental health, alcohol, and smoking-related disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual adults in Canada, 2003-2018 Travis James Salway CCHS_Annual
L'effet des particules en suspension et le degré de réussite académique d'enfants d'âge scolaire au Canada Alex Heroux Messier NLSCY, Non-StatCan
L'impact de l'exposition à long terme de particules fines sur le comportement de jeunes enfants Charles-Antoine Seguin NLSCY, Non-StatCan
Profils de sédentarité chez les personnes âgées canadiennes René Maréchal CHMS
Essais sur les conséquences socio-économiques de la robotisation et de l'intelligence artificielle: le cas du marché du travail et des politiques publiques Mahamat Podda Abouna CIS, LFS, LISA, SHS, SLID
La prévalence et la gestion du diabète de type 2 au Canada de 2007 à 2017 Alexis Marcotte-Chenard CHMS
Improved delivery of respiratory health care services using a metabolomic approach Erica Carleton NPHS
Studying the association between Hepatitis C virus infection and diabetes with adjustment for misclassification errors Annshirley Afful CHMS
How self-esteem and mastery mediate the relationship between social stressors and depression: A longitudinal study with latent growth curve analysis Yingying Su NPHS
Alone stage of retirement Lori J. Curtis CCHS_Annual, CEN
Child Multimorbidity in Ontario Shannon Reaume OCHS
Social Defeat Stress Model and the Canadian Social Assistance System Shannan Peck CCHS_MH
Understanding the role of social-economic inequality on deaths of despair risk in a Canadian context Roman Allan Pabayo CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC
Residential mobility and child outcomes: The impact of childhood migration on the educational attainment and mental health outcomes of children in Canada Ashley Calhoun CEN, NLSCY
To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada Fariba Solati CEN, LSIC
The effect of socio-geographical factors on a more precise assessment of frailty measurements Ismael Foroughi CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_OMHRS
Negative social interactions affect the relationship between sexual orientation and mental health for Canadians Caitlin Barry CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH, CCHS_OMHRS
Residential mobility, education, and the labour market outcomes of Canadian youth Ashley Calhoun CEN, ERLF_NLSCY, NLSCY
A program of research to assess the relations between cannabis use and key morbidity and mortality outcomes in Canada Russell Callaghan CCHS_OMHRS, PCCF
Les comportements suicidaires chez les médecins canadiens Laura-Maude Ares CCHS_Annual
La criminalité et la victimisation au niveau du quartier: conséquences pour la santé et la qualité de vie des populations marginalisées et vulnérables Carolyn Côté-Lussier CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR, GSS, GSS_Victimization
Worker displacement, skills, and specific job tasks across Canadian business cycles Fraser Summerfield LFS, Non-StatCan, SLID
Impact of loneliness and social isolation on health system use in older adults Rachel Savage CCHS_HA, CCHS_HIST_PC, CCHS_OMHRS, PCCF
Sexual Orientation and Health Disparities: Evidence from the 2014 to 2018 Canadian Community Health Survey Lei Chai CCHS_Annual
Canadian muslim demographics, discrimination, civic participation, and health Sarah Shah GSS, GSS_Social, GSS_Victimization
Residential contexts and the labour market outcomes of LGB immigrants Sagi Ramaj CEN
Examining the sociodemographic trends in burden of hospitalizations for influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and other acute respiratory infections in Canada Sarah Buchan CCHS_OMHRS, CCR_IARC, CEN, CanCHEC
Understanding Canadian Marginalization and its Relationship with Health Flora I. Matheson CCHS_Annual
Understanding the fundamental determinants of Canada's opioid crisis Alexandra Blair CCHS_Annual, CanCHEC
Residential property ownership, rental housing supply, and the distribution of housing-based wealth and income in Canada Robert Alan Walks CHSP
Uptake of Cancer Screening Among Indigenous People with Disabilities Anita Benoit CCHS_Annual
Household Formation in Canada and the United States: Insights and Implications for Canada's National Housing Strategy Michael Haan CEN
Understanding secular trends of mental health service use reported by youth and emerging adults in Canada Thipiga Sivayoganathan CCHS_Annual, CCHS_MH
A Mosaic of Mental Health Inequities: Canadian Disparities in Perceived Racial Discrimination, Mental Wellbeing, and Care Access Bertina Lou CCHS_Annual, CCHS_RR
The determinants and impacts of historical treaty making in Canada Margaret Jones APS, CEN, Non-StatCan
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Research on Covid-19 David Alan Green ROE, SFS
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