The research activities conducted in the RDCs result in several types of products including theses, working papers, and journal articles. You can find more information on these products from the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) website publications page: CRDCN publications.

RDC users also present their results at scientific events such as the RDC network conferences (see below). Some researchers may also present their findings at other Upcoming conferences organized by Statistics Canada.

RDC Network Conferences

In order to promote the research activities that are conducted in the RDC, a series of annual conferences has been initiated since 2003. This provides the RDC users with an opportunity to present their findings to a large audience in their field of study. Each annual conference is based on a particular topic and will focus on certain social surveys hosted in the RDC. The presentations are generally made by researchers using the RDC, including graduate students.

A list of these conferences is available and a link to their respective Web sites. The sites generally present the program and the list of participants, and in some cases presentations can be downloaded. The location of the conference varies each year and the event is organized by the local RDC.

On an annual basis, Statistics Canada organizes a series of conferences associated with the use of social statistics. These scientific events are held in Ottawa and cover a variety of topics. Such conferences are an opportunity to present the research conducted in the RDC program.

Here is a list of the main conferences related to the RDC program:

  • Socio-economic Conference
  • Methodology Symposium
  • Conference on the Evolving Workplace
  • Health Statistics Data Users Conference

You can find more information on these Statistics Canada conferences by accessing the following Web page:

Upcoming Conferences

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