Workshops, training and conferences

Statistics Canada develops and delivers quality workshops, conferences and training that provide valuable information on relevant and current statistical topics and applications.

Online lectures

These Online lectures enhance the statistical literary of businesses, governments and Canadians, and provide learners with a better understanding of the wide range of official statistics at the agency, how they are produced, and how they can be used for improved decision making.


The Workshop series of courses on survey methodology and analysis is offered at Statistics Canada's regional offices around the country.

For more information on workshops, please contact us.


Statistics Canada's Statistical Consultation Group offers statistical training services to government departments and agencies, public and private sector institutions, in Canada and abroad.

The Statistics Canada Training Institute offers training courses in Ottawa on the full range of activities required to make a statistical agency function.


Statistics Canada organizes conferences to bring together analysts, researchers, planners, and policy- and decision-makers to network, share insights and discuss topics of interest.

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