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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) represents changes in prices as experienced by Canadian consumers. It measures price change by comparing, through time, the cost of a fixed basket of goods and services.

The goods and services in the CPI basket are divided into 8 major components: Food; Shelter; Household operations, furnishings and equipment; Clothing and footwear; Transportation; Health and personal care; Recreation, education and reading, and Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and recreational cannabis. CPI data are published at various levels of geography including Canada, the ten provinces, Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Iqaluit, and select cities.

Consumer Price Index Data Visualization Tool

Consumer Price Index Data Visualization Tool

The Consumer Price Index Data Visualization Tool is an interactive dashboard that provides access to current and historical Consumer Price Index (CPI) data in a dynamic and customizable format.

CPI News

Next release

The Consumer Price Index for October will be released on November 18.

COVID-19 and the Consumer Price Index

Statistics Canada continues to monitor the impacts of the novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) on Canada's Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In September, measures remained in place across much of the country to restrict gatherings and the movement of people. In-person field collection continued to be conducted via telephone or Internet for health and safety reasons, supplementing prices collected via web scraping, transaction data and administrative data. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on product availability in the month of September 2020, select sub-components of the Consumer Price Index received temporary special imputations.

Goods and services in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which were not available to consumers in September due to COVID-19 restrictions received special treatments, effectively removing their impact on the monthly CPI. The following sub-indexes were imputed from the monthly change in the All-items index: travel tours, components of spectator entertainment, and recreational services.

Consistent with previous months affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, prices for suspended flights are excluded from the September CPI calculation because passengers were ultimately unable to consume them. As a result, select sub-components of the air transportation index were imputed from the parent index.
Where prices were missing due to high levels of out-of-stock products or the temporary closure of businesses, they were imputed with the average price movement of available prices for those items.

A document entitled "Technical Supplement for the September 2020 Consumer Price Index" is available in the Prices Analytical Series (62F0014M) publication, with further details on the imputations used to compile the September 2020 CPI.

New data tables reflecting consumption patterns during the pandemic

Using various sources of expenditure data, Statistics Canada, in partnership with the Bank of Canada, calculated adjusted consumer expenditure basket weights and an adjusted price index reflecting shifts in consumption patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore these data in the new tables, Monthly adjusted price index, provisional and Monthly adjusted consumer expenditure basket weights.

Cellular services index

The cellular services index is now published in data table 18-10-0004-01.

An overview of Canada's Consumer Price Index (CPI)

An Overview of Canada's CPI - thumbnail

The video "An overview of Canada's Consumer Price Index" provides an overview of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). It defines the CPI and looks at what it measures and how it is used.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Your Experience of Price Change

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Your Experience of Price Change - thumbnail

The video "The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Your Experience of Price Change" explains how and why the price change reported by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) may vary from the prices Canadians see on the shelves. It tells the story of Joe and Izzy, and how they each perceive price change as compared with the CPI.

Statistics Canada Training Institute – Consumer Price Index

Statistics Canada Training Institute – Consumer Price Index

The online lecture "Canada Training Institute – Consumer Price Index" provides an introduction to Statistics Canada's definition and production of the Consumer Price Index, which measures the rate at which prices of goods and services purchased by Canadian consumers change, on average, over a specified period of time.


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