Choosing a career isn’t easy: What do the numbers say?

Are you young and a bit lost given the wide range of choices available to you? Do you wonder what you should study to be successful? You’re not alone.

Here’s what Statistics Canada data reveals about you:

Postsecondary education interests you more than ever

Are you 19 years old? Did you know that 24% of people your age go to college? If you’re 21, you could be among the 5% of young people in an apprenticeship program aiming to work in a manual job, or among the 36% who go to university to satisfy their thirst for knowledge in the fields they love.Footnote 1

Some fields appeal to you more than others

A lot has changed in 20 years, and the choice of field of study is no exception. In university, fewer young people are enrolling in humanities and education. The more popular fields today are health for women, and engineering and architecture for men.Footnote 2

Today, fewer women study to become a hairdresser, esthetician or early childhood educator than 10 years ago. However, more women are enrolling in a program to work in food services or as electricians.Footnote 3

You sometimes change paths along the way

As the old adage says, “Only a fool never changes his mind”. If you’re thinking about going back to school or changing careers, you’re like the nearly one in four university graduatesFootnote 4 who did the same. And among those who recently began an apprenticeship to work in a trade, 17% already had a college diploma and just over 5% had a university degree.Footnote 5

As you can see, Statistics Canada surveys are useful in tracking your path to keep all Canadians informed and help them in their own life choices.

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