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Statistics Canada is conducting a census test to evaluate new and modified questions, along with collection procedures and tools, in preparation for the 2021 Census of Population.

The census paints a portrait of Canada’s population and the places where we live. It provides high-quality information for communities across the country and is used to plan services that support employment, education and health care.

By law, your household must complete a 2019 Census Test questionnaire. Your answers are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act and will be kept strictly confidential.

Statistics Canada employs a number of mechanisms to manage the response burden on Canadians by using existing administrative data sources, such as immigration records and personal income tax and benefit data. For more information, please visit our website, at www.census.gc.ca/about.

The information that you provide will be used by Statistics Canada for statistical purposes.

Statistics Canada is currently testing the use of text messaging as an additional way to reach respondents. As a result, selected participants may receive text messages inviting them to visit our website to complete a census test questionnaire. This will help ensure we have high participant rates for the 2019 Census Test, which will allow us to make informed decisions concerning the 2021 Census.


Collection periods:
From May 6 to June 28, 2019
Collection methods:
Electronic questionnaire, paper questionnaire (mail-out and mail-back, enumerator-lead), and telephone and personal interviews
Survey participation:
Mandatory under the Statistics Act
  • Block Information Confidentiality


    Data are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter S-19. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

    By law, Statistics Canada is prohibited from releasing any information it collects that could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent, or as permitted by the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada will use the information from this survey for statistical purposes only.

  • Block Information on Record linkage

    Record linkage

    To enhance the data from this survey and reduce response burden, Statistics Canada will combine the information provided with data from immigration records, and personal income tax and benefit data. Statistics Canada may also combine the information provided with data from other surveys or administrative sources.

  • Block Information on Topics covered in the survey

    Topics covered in the survey

    The survey asks questions about

    • demographics
    • family composition
    • languages
    • veterans
    • language of instruction
    • general health
    • activities of daily living
    • sociocultural information
    • languages other than English and French
    • mobility
    • place of birth of parents
    • education
    • labour market activities
    • languages at work
    • journey to work
    • income and
    • housing.
  • For more information about this survey (questionnaires, definitions, data sources and methods used): survey number 3901
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