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Statistics Canada's commitment to serving Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic

As we all move forward in these uncharted times, Statistics Canada continues to monitor and respond to the needs of Canadians for reliable statistics. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused on mission-critical surveys and accelerated data collection and dissemination. We are gradually bringing back other surveys that will allow us to respond to an ongoing demand for data. To find out which surveys are being conducted, please refer to the List of surveys in collection.

In addition, Statistic Canada is maintaining other data collection projects through various means, including crowdsourcing, to find out how Canadians are coping. This will help to provide updated data on the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period. This data will help to steer government decisions on a number of important issues for Canadians, from child and elder care to finances and mental health.

With support from organizations such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Statistics Canada is launching a second iteration of the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions to produce timely, high-quality data in order to measure and understand the repercussions of the pandemic on businesses and to orient their decision making on efforts to recover.

We thank all Canadians who continue to respond to our call and to provide insight on how they are faring. We would also like to thank the businesses that continue to inform us on their situation. Finally, we appreciate the trust you place in us to protect your information and to provide leaders with the data they need in order to orient the important decisions that will affect us all.

COVID-19: A data perspective

COVID-19: A data perspective - Explore key economic trends and social challenges that arise as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

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Some Statistics Canada surveys can be completed online. If you have been invited, via email or mail, to participate in an online survey, complete the following steps to log in to the survey.

Step 1: Visit the electronic questionnaire portal and select Start my survey.

Step 2: Enter your secure access code.

Step 3: Complete the survey.

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(TTY: 1-800-363-7629)
Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Eastern time

If you use an operator-assisted relay service, you can call us during regular business hours. You do not need to authorize the operator to contact us.


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