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August 18 to 29, 2014

This list is compiled for planning purposes only. Release dates may change. The list may also be updated periodically online. Consult the Media Room on Statistics Canada's website (www.statcan.gc.ca) for updates. Releases are published in The Daily each working day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. For information, contact Media Relations at 613-951-4636, or at mediahotline@statcan.gc.ca.
August 18

Canada's international transactions in securities, June 2014

(Éric Simard, 613-951-1864)

August 19

Industrial research and development characteristics, 2014 (intentions)

(Charlene Lonmo, 613-951-6617)

Travel between Canada and other countries, June 2014

(Frances Kremarik, 613-951-4240)

August 20

Wholesale trade, June 2014

(Rhonda Tsang, 613-951-0418)

Study: Net worth of the household sector: A Canada–United States comparison, 1970 to 2012

(Cindy Renaud, 613-951-5132)

The report uses data from the Canadian National Balance Sheet Accounts and the Flow of Funds Accounts published by the U.S. Federal Reserve to examine the changing dynamics in household net worth in the two countries across a variety of economic measures.

Health Reports

(Client Services, 613-951-1746)

August 21

Employment Insurance, June 2014

(Dominique Pérusse, 613-951-4064)

Production of principal field crops, July 2014

(Yves Gilbert, 613-951-2577)

August 22

Consumer Price Index, July 2014

(Michèle Lanoue, 613-951-9606)

Retail trade, June 2014

(Kimberley Evans, 613-951-0502)

August 26

Quarterly financial statistics for enterprises, second quarter 2014

(David Sabourin, 613-951-3735)

August 28

Payroll employment, earnings and hours, June 2014

(Jeannine Usalcas, 613-951-4720)

Canada's balance of international payments, second quarter 2014

(Client Services, 613-951-1855)

August 29

Canadian economic accounts, second quarter 2014

(Anne-Marie Bridger, 613-951-5342)

Gross domestic product by industry, June 2014

(Anne-Marie Bridger, 613-951-5342)

Industrial product and raw materials price indexes, July 2014

(Client Services, 613-951-4367)

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