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September 15 to 26, 2014

This list is compiled for planning purposes only. Release dates may change. The list may also be updated periodically online. Consult the Media Room on Statistics Canada's website (www.statcan.gc.ca) for updates. Releases are published in The Daily each working day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. For information, contact Media Relations at 613-951-4636, or at mediahotline@statcan.gc.ca.
September 16

Monthly Survey of Manufacturing, July 2014

(Michael Schimpf, 613-951-9832)

Job vacancies, three-month average ending in June 2014

(Jason Gilmore, 613-951-7118)

September 17

Travel between Canada and other countries, July 2014

(Frances Kremarik, 613-951-4240)

Health Reports, September 2014

(Janice Felman, 613-951-6446)

September 18

Employment Insurance, July 2014

(Dominique Pérusse, 613-951-4064)

Canada's international transactions in securities, July 2014

(Éric Simard, 613-951-1864)

September 19

Consumer Price Index, August 2014

(Michèle Lanoue, 613-951-9606)

Wholesale trade, July 2014

(Rhonda Tsang, 613-951-0418)

September 23

Retail trade, July 2014

(Kimberley Evans, 613-951-0502)

September 25

Payroll employment, earnings and hours, July 2014

(Jeannine Usalcas, 613-951-4720)

September 26

National tourism indicators, second quarter 2014

(Anne-Marie Bridger, 613-951-5342)

Produced in Communications Division, September 12, 2014.

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