Upcoming releases

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January 23 to February 3, 2017

This list is compiled for planning purposes only. The list may also be updated periodically online. Releases are published in The Daily each working day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. For information, contact Media Relations at 613-951-4636, or at STATCAN.mediahotline-ligneinfomedias.STATCAN@canada.ca.

January 23

Wholesale trade, November 2016

(John Burton, 613-862-4878)

January 24

Study: Skill requirements of jobs of postsecondary graduates

(Cindy Renaud, 613-291-1459)

This study examines the relationship between occupational skill requirements and educational attainment .

January 25

Study: A look at immigration, ethnocultural diversity and languages in Canada up to 2036

(Laurent Martel, 613-951-3257)

January 26

Payroll employment, earnings and hours, November 2016

(Anne Milan, 613-220-5440)

January 31

Gross domestic product by industry, November 2016

(Allan Tomas, 613-790-6570)

Industrial product and raw materials price indexes, December 2016

(Steve Morrison, 613-882-1457)

February 3

Stocks of principal field crops, December 31, 2016

(Todd Mulligan, 613-614-2607)

Note to journalists:

Statistics Canada has updated the Release and Concepts Overview, 2016 Census of Population: Population and dwelling counts release. The link to this product is located in the "Looking for 2016 Census reference materials?" box on the Reference materials landing page within the census web module.

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