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October 5 to 16, 2015

This list is compiled for planning purposes only. The list may also be updated periodically online. Releases are published in The Daily each working day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. For information, contact Media Relations at 613-951-4636, or at mediahotline@statcan.gc.ca.

October 6

Canadian international merchandise trade, August 2015

(Nita Boushey, 613-404-4965)

October 7

Building permits, August 2015

(Mariane Bien-Aimé, 613-951-7520)

Study: Political participation and civic engagement among the youth, 2013

(Media Relations, 613-951-4636)

Study: The impact of mental health problems on family members, 2012

(Larry Ellison, 613-851-3711)

October 8

New Housing Price Index, August 2015

(Mélanie Beaupré, 613-867-7057)

Study: Unincorporated self-employment in Canada, 1989 to 2010

(Huju Liu, 613-863-9756)

October 9

Labour Force Survey, September 2015

(Vincent Ferrao, 613-951-4750)

October 15

Investment in non-residential building construction, third quarter 2015

(Mahamat Hamit-Haggar, 613-883-0643)

Study: Social assistance receipt among refugee claimants in Canada: Evidence from linked administrative data files, 1999 to 2011

(Marc Frenette, 613-864-0762)

Trends in offences against the administration of justice, 2013

(Marta Burczycka, 613-854-9083)

October 16

Canada's international transactions in securities, August 2015

(Éric Simard, 613-219-5932)

Monthly Survey of Manufacturing, August 2015

(Michael Schimpf, 613-863-4480)

Upcoming products

Measuring Employment and Unemployment in Canada and the United States—A comparison (will be published with the Labour Force Survey release, October 9, 2015)

Produced in Communications Division, October 2, 2015.

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