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Canadian Megatrends: The fall and rise of Canada's top income earners

Released: 2016-12-16

Canada's top 1% of income earners have seen their share of the total income pie shrink and grow several times over the last century. This month's issue of Canadian Megatrends takes a 10-decade look at the highest earners in society.

The article not only looks at the market income share of the highest earners, but also examines their income sources and the differences between the income of high earners and that of median earners by census metropolitan area.

In 2014, to be a member of the top 1%, earners had to have a market income of at least $225,100. That year, just over 268,000 taxfilers earned the equivalent or more than that amount.

Men made up almost 79% of members of this group in 2014. While women (22%) accounted for a smaller share of the top 1%, their proportion was more than double that of the early 1980s.


The article "The fall and rise of Canada's top income earners," which is part of Canadian Megatrends (Catalogue number11-630-X), is now available.

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