Consulting Canadians

Statistics Canada regularly engages with Canadians to seek input on projects and initiatives, and test the usability of website, web tools, and mobile applications.

We collect feedback through discussion tables, usability testing, and online questionnaires.

Statistics Canada's engagement activities, findings and results are published on this webpage. Please visit the Government of Canada's Consulting with Canadians website for a complete list of government engagement activities.

Consultative engagement activity types

Discussion tables
This type of consultative engagement activity collects feedback and input of stakeholder groups and/or the general public on Statistics Canada products.
Usability testing
Usability testing helps Statistics Canada ensure its products are functional, intuitive, and meet user needs. This type of consultative engagement activity usually involves one-on-one interviews or group discussions.

Consultative engagement activities

Recent consultative engagement activities are listed below. For the complete list of consultative engagement activities conducted by Statistics Canada please click here.

Open consultative engagement activities
Closed consultative engagement activities
  • 2026 Census of Population Content Consultation
    Before each census, Statistics Canada initiates an extensive consultation program that allows data users and interested parties across Canada to share their views on how they use census data and the type of information they believe should be available from the census.
    Closed: March 31 2022
  • 2026 Census of Agriculture Content Consultation
    Before each census, Statistics Canada conducts an extensive consultation and qualitative testing process to ensure that census content reflects changes in Canada's agriculture industry and remains relevant for agriculture data users.
    Closed: December 2022
  • Statistics Canada seeking perspectives on the use of linked administrative data
    Statistics Canada is conducting a deliberative public engagement research event on administrative data and data linkage in support of current and future statistical programs. Statistics Canada is engaging with Canadians from diverse perspectives to seek feedback on the use of linked administrative data for social insights.
    Closed: November 2022
  • Statistical Geomatics Centre seeking input on Census Geography's products and services
    Geography is central to the dissemination of Census-related information, and we would like you to share your experience with us to ensure that our users can leverage and use our substantial library of products and services to their full extent.
    Closed: October 2022
Recent results of consultative engagement activities

Participate in consultative engagement

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a consultative engagement activity?

A consultative engagement activity collects feedback from Canadians on specific topics which directly support the development of Statistics Canada projects and programs. These activitiesare executed through discussion tables, usability testing, and online questionnaires.

Consultative engagement activities have now shifted to virtual-only platforms to allow Statistics Canada to collect input fromparticipants across Canada.

2. Why does Statistics Canada consult with Canadians?

Statistics Canada regularly holds consultative engagement activities with allies, stakeholders and the general public to continually improve Statistics Canada products and ensure their usability, and seek their input on programs and initiatives.

3. How do I contact the Consultative Engagement team?

Questions or comments? Please contact Statistic Canada’s Consultive Engagement Team at

4. Is participation in a consultative engagement activity voluntary or mandatory?

Participation is voluntary. However, Statistics Canada strongly encourages Canadians to take part in its consultative engagement activities as it provides an opportunity to contribute constructive feedback.

5. Can anyone take part in a consultative engagement activity?

If you would like to get involved in a consultative engagement activity, please refer to the page Participate in consultative engagement. Individuals and/or organizations are carefully selected according to the requirements of the project.

6. Are the results of consultative engagement activities available to the public?

Yes. Consultative engagement findings are available to the public on the consultative engagement activities page.

Consultative engagement results are also posted on the Consulting with Canadians government website, a portal that provides links to the consultation results of all federal departments.

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