Video - Happy Holi-data

A Holiday video from Statistics Canada!

The Chief Statistician of Canada writes a letter to Santa on behalf of the agency and all Canadians. Check it out!

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Happy Holi-data - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada logo, Canada wordmark and the title: "Happy holi-data" appears on screen.)

Dear Santa, I hope this letter gets to you in time…

(The words: "Dear Santa, I hope this letter gets to you in time…" appear on screen)

What a year it's been for Canadians!

I have a few requests for you this festive season…

First of all, the 2021 census data tells me there are 6,012,795 children under the age of 15 in Canada.

(The words: "6,012,795 children under the age of 15" appears on screen)

Lucky for them, we don't survey their parents on whether they were good or bad!

I do know Canada produced more than 3.8 million tonnes of coal in July of this year alone.

(The words: "3.8 million tonnes" appears on screen)

But in order to save our precious natural resources and minimize environmental impacts, I recommend everyone gets something nice... if they have asked you for it.

Don't forget, there are 7 million, 848 thousand, 820 people in Canada who speak languages other than English or French.

(The words: "7,848,820 speak languages other than English or French (As a mother tongue" are on screen.)

Let me also remind you the census counted 1.8 million First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples living across this great land.

(The words: "1.8 million First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples" are on screen)

That's 5 percent of Canada's population! If it's not too much trouble, have translators work with your elves to communicate with everyone in their preferred language.

(The words: "Happy holidays" is written in multiple different languages)

Keep up the great work delivering joy to all Canadians! And we'll keep delivering data that you can use to plan your important work.

Signed, your friend, the Chief Statistician of Canada, Anil Arora.

Dear Anil,

It's always great to hear from a fellow information gatherer.

Thank you for writting me with your suggestions. I'm all for tradition, but feel free to email or send me a message on your favourite social media platform. After all, I've downloaded and love your StatCan app! I keep up with your data and insights daily. You all at StatCan are the best!

Your old pal, Santa.

(Canada wordmark is on screen.)


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