Data Science Centre

In this rapidly-changing digital era, statistical agencies need to find innovative ways to harness the power of data. Statistics Canada is embracing the possibilities of data science to better serve the information needs of Canadians.

Data science at Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is one of the leaders in the Government of Canada’s adoption of data science and artificial intelligence. Find out about the benefits of data science and how they are being used at Canada’s national statistical agency.

Data Science Network for the Federal Public Service

Join a community of data science enthusiasts to learn all about data science in the public service, collaborate on projects, share information on the latest tools, and much more.

Mission: building data science capacity

Learn about Statistics Canada’s mission to expand the capacity for data science within the Government of Canada and beyond.

Data science expertise

Discover the various areas of expertise of Statistics Canada’s data scientists who are leading the way with cutting-edge research and development.

Data science projects

Explore some of the agency’s innovative projects that are fueled by data science using natural language processing, satellite images, neural networks and other cutting-edge techniques.

Data science resources

Learn more about data science with these helpful resources.

Data Science Fellowship Program

Statistics Canada is increasing data science capability across the Government of Canada. Learn more about the Data Science Fellowship Program and how to become a Data Science Fellow.


Contact the Data Science Centre for more information about data science at Statistics Canada.

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