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Data-stories - Past events
Date Location Series Event information Panelists Presentation
2018-12-10 Halifax, Nova Scotia Talking stats Postsecondary education, a Maritime perspective Yigit Aydede, Dawn Gordon, Philip Leonard, Casey Warman View presentation
2018-10-02 Whitehorse, Yukon Talking stats Yukon: Beautiful, complex and changing Keith Halliday, Clarke LaPrairie, Sébastien LaRochelle-Côté, Lise Rivais, Shawkat Shareef View presentation
2018-06-13 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Talking stats First Nations, Métis and Inuit Statistics: The Way Forward Heather Dryburgh, Kelly J. Lendsay, Candice Pete, Rhett Sangster View presentation
2017-11-14 Winnipeg, Manitoba Talking stats Canadian agriculture: evolution and innovation Bruce Burnett, Dr. Derek Brewin, Patty Rosher, Sandrine Prasil View presentation
2017-10-19 Calgary, Alberta Talking stats Oil Prices and the Canadian Economy – Events and impacts Martha Hall Findlay, Jason Parent, Dr. Jeffrey Peter, Larry McKeown View presentation
2017-03-17 Edmonton, Alberta Talking stats Aboriginal Data at Statistics Canada: An evolving relationship Ali Abdelrahman, Chris Anderson, Jacqueline M. Quinless, Cora Voyageur, Marc Lachance N/A
2017-02-02 Vancouver, British Columbia Talking stats Canada in the Global Economy – A new perspective Denis Caron, Keith Head, Ronald Jansen, Martin Monkman, Ken Peacock N/A
2016-10-13 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Talking stats New data and research at Statistics Canada for evidence-based decision-making Alton Hollett, Doug May, Marie E. Ryan, Grant Schellenberg N/A
2016-03-24 Guelph, Ontario Talking stats Recent Trends in Canadian Manufacturing Kevin Hallahan, Gerard Peets, David Prescott, Michael Schimpf, Jeffrey Smith N/A
2016-01-20 Ottawa, Ontario Talking stats Profile of Canadian agriculture and challenges ahead Martin Beaulieu, Hélène Brassard, Paul Glenn, Bertrand Montel, Rodney Myer, Greg Peterson N/A
2015-10-20 Ottawa, Ontario Talking stats Health Statistics: How do Statistics Canada's Data Impact the Health of Canadians? Josée Bégin, Douglas Haines, Dr. Allana LeBlanc, Martin Lemire, Dr. Doug Manuel, Dr. John McLaughlin N/A
2015-05-28 Toronto, Ontario Talking stats Innovation in Canada Louise Earl, Joe Leibovitz, Richard McDonald, Greg Peterson, Greg Spencer, Pierre Therrien N/A
2015-03-19 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Talking stats Insights on mental health and contact with police: A statistical portrait of Canadians with a mental or substance use disorder and their contacts with police Yvan Clermont, Dale McFee, Dr. Cordell Neudorf, Cathy Trainor, Clive Weighill N/A
2015-02-24 Ottawa, Ontario Talking stats Government Finances and their Importance in the Canadian Economy Claudia Dziobek, Tyler Minty, Philippe Samborski, Dr. Enid Slack, Jim Tebrake N/A
2014-10-02 Vancouver, British Columbia Talking stats Environmental statistics: measuring natural capital for the long-term well-being of Canadians Carolyn Cahill, Frank Came, Elisa Campbell, Dr. John Nyboer, Jay Ritchlin, Kevin Roberts N/A
2014-06-17 Halifax, Nova Scotia Talking stats A Nation of Contrasts: Recent Regional Demographic Trends in Canada Yvan Clermont, Dr. Janice Keefe, Dr. Michael Haan, Dr. Howard Ramos, Laurent Martel, Thomas Storring N/A
2013-11-15 Toronto, Ontario Talking stats Canada's Health Care and Aging Demographic Ms. Susan Eng, Dr. Michael Hillmer, Dr. Raina Parminder, Marie Patry, Claudia Sanmartin, Dr. Samir K. Sinha N/A
2013-10-10 Edmonton, Alberta Talking stats Energy in Canada Abha Bhargava, Marie Brodeur, John Nyboer, Stephen Rodrigues, Michael Scrim, Katherine White N/A
2013-05-03 Montreal, Quebec Talking stats Canadian Youth Julie Carignan, Étienne Gauthier-Lafrenière, Marc Lachance, Sylvie Michaud, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay N/A
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