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Host: Tegan Bridge

Listen to the Eh Sayers podcast to meet the people behind the data and explore the stories behind the numbers. Join us as we meet with experts from Statistics Canada and from across the nation to ask and answer the questions that matter to Canadians.

Season 3

Episode 3 - Green Houses, Not Gases

Andrew DeFazio, Climate Change Advisor at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) joins us to explore how we can climate-proof our housing strategy and home-proof our climate strategy.

Episode 2 - Why Haven't We Ended Poverty Yet?

It used to be that Statistics Canada didn't measure poverty. Not exactly. Poverty is complex, and there wasn't a single definition that everyone agreed on. So while StatCan did measure low income and other income inequality indicators, it didn't measure poverty per se. That is, until 2018, when the government chose to use the Market Basket Measure, or MBM, as Canada's Official Poverty Line. That means that the government now uses the MBM to track its poverty reduction targets.

Episode 1 - Sylvia Ostry: Lessons From A Legend

We're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Ostry's appointment as chief statistician. In this episode of Eh Sayers, featuring interviews with her sons, Adam Ostry and Jonathan Ostry, we are pleased to introduce you to this remarkable woman and to share with you eight pieces of advice inspired by her life.

Season 2

Episode 3 - Dude, Where's My Semiconductor?

Over the last few years we have seen plenty of service disruptions, closures of services and delays. But what is the real cause of these disruptions and what is the supply chain that everyone is talking about?

Episode 2 - Doctor's Appointment? There's an App for That!

Virtual healthcare was a rarity before COVID-19 but immediately after the pandemic hit in March 2020, Canadians were forced to rethink how they access healthcare. Dr. Gigi Osler joins us to explore the barriers to virtual healthcare, the changes we saw during the pandemic, and what's being done to make virtual care permanent, rather than just a temporary COVID-19 measure.

Episode 1 - Created Equal

In this episode, we turn a critical eye to the ways that cognitive bias risks perpetuating systemic racism. Statistics are supposed to accurately reflect the world around us, but are all data created equal?

Season 1

Bonus Episode - Why Should You Care About Inflation?

Our guest, Taylor Mitchell, an economist at Statistics Canada, speaks with us about why you should care about inflation, its impact on different population groups and the cost of living.

Episode 4 - Who Wins and Who Loses in the Gig Economy?

This fourth installment of Eh Sayers focusses on the growing market of gigs and their place in an ever-changing landscape of job flexibility and/or instability.

Episode 3 - The Craft of Crafting in Canada

In this episode we talk about the Craft of Crafting in Canada, its renaissance and its necessity.

Episode 2 - Unravelling: Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian families

In this episode, we try to unravel some of the impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian families.

Episode 1 - Talk about the barriers, not the disability: Activity limitations and COVID-19

This first episode of Eh Sayers is a heart-felt discussion on disability in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the realities of people living with disabilities, their challenges and all the changes that the pandemic has brought in their daily lives.

National AccessAbility Week 2021

New barriers and new freedoms: A conversation with StatCan's Champion for Persons With Disabilities

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