Video - Data Governance: Responsible privacy

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Data Governance: Responsible privacy - Video transcript

(The Statistics Canada symbol and Canada wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Data Governance: Responsible privacy")

(The words: "income inequality" appear on screen)
(The words: "aging population" appear on screen)
(The word: "urbanization" appears on screen)
(The words: "technological change" appears on screen)
(The word: "globalization" appears on screen)
(The words: "renewable energy" appear on screen)
(The words: "emerging issues" appear on screen)

There are many challenges facing Canadians today: income inequality, an aging population, urbanization, technological change, globalization, a shift to more renewable energy sources, and even emerging issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. To be able to respond, Canadians need data they can trust.

(The words: "timely and reliable data" appear on screen)

As Canada's data experts, Statistics Canada understands the need for timely and reliable data in a digital world.

(The words: "Traditional" and "Alternative" are on screen)

That's why we use both traditional and alternative data sources to get Canadians the information they need.

We also have great respect for the importance of information--and for confidentiality.

(The word: "trust" appears on screen)

Maintaining your trust is our highest priority, so when you provide us with your data, protecting your privacy is our top concern.

(Statistics Canada's Trust Centre web page is displayed on screen.)

That protection starts before we ask for any data. We have built transparency into our governance framework so that everything we do prioritizes and safeguards your privacy.

(The words: "Legal", "Policy" and "Privacy" appear on screen)

Our experts carefully consider legal, policy, and privacy concerns every single time we ask for information.

(Statistics Canada's The Daily web page is on screen)
(The word: "You" appears on screen)
(The word: "StatCan" appears on screen)
(The words: "Timely" and "Reliable Data" appear on screen)
(The word: "You can count on it" appears on screen)

Producing high quality data ends with us, but begins with you. As you put your trust in Statistics Canada, we will continue to produce timely and reliable data that helps all Canadians. You can count on it.

(The Canada wordmark is on screen.)