Statistics Canada is making some of its application programming interfaces (APIs) available to developers. The content of these APIs is updated every release day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time. The response format is JSON.

There are three types of Web APIs currently available: indicators, schedule and the home page carousel.


Hundreds of indicators are available in JSON format. These indicators are shown in The Daily, on home page and in My StatCan.

Web services - Indicators
Web service Description
ind-all.json Returns the entire set of indicators available from The Daily.
ind-econ.json Returns all major economic indicators available from The Daily.
ind-hp.json Returns all indicators available from the home page.


The release schedule for major economic releases is available in JSON format. This release schedule includes future release dates. The release dates may be seen in The Daily's release schedule.

Web services - Schedule
Web service Description
schedule-key_indicators-eng.json Returns every release date of major economic indicators since March 14, 2012. Includes future release dates.

Home page carousel

The carousel that appears on the home page is available in JSON format.

Web services - Home page carousel
Web service Description
daily-banner-eng.json Returns the list of The Daily releases present on the home page carousel.
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