DLI Survival Guide

This Guide was developed to serve as a reference document for DLI Contacts in participating institutions across Canada.

The Guide contains nine sections:

  1. About the Data Liberation Initiative - DLI program, the members, and committees
  2. Administration - DLI Licence, passwords, travel subsidies, and the program's administration.
  3. Role of DLI Contact – Areas of responsibility, Alternates, graphic identifier, and training opportunities.
  4. Resources - Additional sources of information - Contacts, resources to help answer questions and other reference materials (newsletter, repository of training materials, etc.), DLI graphic identifier.
  5. Data Concepts - Data types, statistical methods, classification systems used at Statcan.
  6. Working with Data- Using microdata files, statistical software, different types of geography files available in the DLI Collection and some tools to work with these files.
  7. Accessing and Citing DLI Data – Contents of the DLI Collection, how to access the DLI Collection and how to cite the materials used in research.
  8. FAQ – Frequently asked questions, including how to handle a technical problem, troubleshooting the listserv, and how to request a password reset for the EFT.
  9. Glossary - Glossary of frequently used terms.


The DLI would like to thank all those who have actively contributed to the development of the Survival Guide. The maintenance of the DLI Survival Guide is in collaboration with the members of the Professional Development Committee.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and recommendations regarding the Survival Guide.  Please report any comments to the DLI Team. Thank you.