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Title Type Release date
Say cheese(burgers)! Databyte 2023-09-15
The grass was a little greener in the sod industry in 2022 Databyte 2023-09-11
Grandparents’ Day, by the numbers Databyte 2023-09-08
Counting it old-school Databyte 2023-09-07
Where the buffalo roam Databyte 2023-08-31
Barbecues and birdwatching: More Canadian households are enjoying parks and public greenspaces Databyte 2023-08-28
Latest ‘Eh Sayers’ podcast episode: Capturing gender identity in the Census of Population Databyte 2023-08-22
Millions of peaches, peach stats for free Databyte 2023-08-02
You say tomato, we say statistics Databyte 2023-07-25
Lettuce have a look at some numbers Databyte 2023-07-20
Hot sun and summer fun Databyte 2023-07-18
Wholly green leaves Databyte 2023-07-13
Win (for) diesel: Moving the economy cheaper in 2023 Databyte 2023-07-07
Air conditioning: More Canadians keep cool, but costs heat up Databyte 2023-07-05
Art, music, pizza, pasta and so much more! Databyte 2023-06-27
Great Canadian Summer: St. John’s Databyte 2023-06-15
Great Canadian Summer: Îles de la Madeleine Databyte 2023-06-14
Rhubarb: A traditional medicinal vegetable now often paired with fruit Databyte 2023-06-12
Great Canadian Summer: Prince Edward County Databyte 2023-05-30
Great Canadian Summer: Muskoka Databyte 2023-05-26
Great Canadian Summer: Penticton Databyte 2023-05-25
Celebrating Vaisakhi in Canada Databyte 2023-04-14
Chag Pesach Same’ach! Passover in Canada Databyte 2023-04-05
No joke – here are some foolish numbers Databyte 2023-03-31
Canada and the United States: The numbers on a unique relationship Databyte 2023-03-21