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Title Type Release date
Canada and the United States: The numbers on a unique relationship Databyte 2023-03-21
Cigarette production, sales, smoking rates trending down Databyte 2023-03-17
Pie chart, π-chart: A slice of stats Databyte 2023-03-14
And the Oscar goes to…the recovering industry Databyte 2023-03-09
Holi Hai! On March 8, let’s celebrate the Festival of Colours! Databyte 2023-03-08
Winter wheat: The grain that grows beneath the snow Databyte 2023-03-01
Data to keep in the diaper bag Databyte 2023-02-15
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust Databyte 2023-01-27
Before and After School Care in Canada Databyte 2023-01-26
Child care on weekends and evenings Databyte 2022-12-13
Agog about eggnog, and the grog that adds punch Databyte 2022-12-08
Bullying victimization is higher among sexually and gender diverse youth Databyte 2022-11-23
Check out the new and improved Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics Hub Databyte 2022-11-21
Virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experiences of health care workers Databyte 2022-11-18
Sort out these stats: Doing your laundry at the laundromat or at home Databyte 2022-11-04
Fall into this pile of data, all raked up—we’ll leaf you to it Databyte 2022-11-03
These stats are not a waste of your time: How do Canadians dispose of hazardous items? Databyte 2022-11-02
Halloween by the numbers Databyte 2022-10-31
Peeling back the numbers: Canada’s apple statistics Databyte 2022-10-28
Latest ‘Eh Sayers’ podcast episode examines Canada’s 2020 poverty rate drop Databyte 2022-10-26
More jobs in culture and sport Databyte 2022-10-25
Women’s full-time employment in Canada, 2007 to 2021 Databyte 2022-10-24
Vet these numbers: Pet care in Canada Databyte 2022-10-21
Federal boundaries, they are a changing Databyte 2022-10-18
New condominium prices generally rising in the West, and are flat or falling in the East Databyte 2022-10-12